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Author has written 2 stories for Powerpuff Girls, and My Little Pony.

Favorite Quotes:

"If you havn't jumped from couch to couch avoiding the lava, then you havn't had a childhood."

"I'm a leader, not a follower, but if it's in a dark place, screw it, you're going first."

"Deleting one 'ha' from your 'hahahahaha' because you thinks it's one too much."

"They say that money can't buy happiness. Well give me a $1000 dollars and watch me smile."

"I like how ninja turtles wear masks, like no ones ganna notice you're a giant turtle of anything."

"Always be positive! I trip down the stairs and it's: WOW! I got down those stairs FAST!"

"I wonder if film directors yell," CUT! CUT! CUT!" when they have nightmares."

"Dear microwave, why is my food cold, but my plate hot?"

"When you drop something right in front of you and then it POOFS! never to be seen again."

"Hey, did you get a haircut?","No. I died the tips of my hair invisible."

"That awkward moment when you're not sure if someone's a boy or girl."

"I hate when sites ask me if I'm human, NOPE! I'm a vacumm."

"I wonder how many strangers have taken a picture with me in the background."

"I went to a book store to find a 'where's Waldo' book. Then I couldn't find the book anywhere. Well played Waldo, well played."

"When life gets ya down, you know what to do. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming."

"Wouldn't it be weird if you choked on a life savor?"

"That moment when you press a button on a toy and it won't stop. WALK AWAY! WALK AWAY!"

"Everyone is intitled to MY opinion."

"Awkwardly flushing the toilet in the middle of the night."

"Yes officer, I did see the stop sign, I just didn't see you there."

About me: I am a girl that usually never finishes anything, I have yet to finish one story in my life so the day I do I expect the world to endfor some sort of zombie apocalypse. I like fishing for compliments and insulting others, finding humor in horror and sad things, and writing poetry mostly since I can't finish anything.

I know I can be a bit strange, I like UFOs, mysteries, paranormal, horrors, Korean movies, any kind of music (I have a favorite in at least one of everything). I hate Bigfoot (Gr. Die Bigfoot.), repetative noises, people who try to shove you into their believes, Sakura on Naruto, mirrors, that one guy in every movie that's in every background shot of a movie or video game.

Top 5 favorite Pairings:

1. GaixRock LeexGaara from Naruto

2. HelgaxArnold on Hey Arnold!

3. Pinkie PiexApplejack from MLP:FIM

4. Rock LeexAnyone else from Naruto

5. DipperxNorman from Paranorman and Gravity Falls

Reason I like to Write:

I love words, words are the adjective, the pronoun, the thing that makes anything possible. I love to describe with beautiful words, words that make you tongue tinge for the food described, or you toes curl at romance scenes, or hair electrify by the psychological words of a killer, even the mood is shifted by one simple word:











Things I wish I knew:

Everything especially math and science and why a=b.

Vocabulary scale 1-50:

22 (still learning)

Spelling Scale 1-10:

3, I always have to use spell check, and if red angry scribble lines mean anything, it sure ain't to commend you on a great job!

Most favorite genre:

Romance and Horror

If I could have three wishes:

1.Everyone I know would be okay in life, successful, happy, healthy the works.

2.I could be ok, happy, the works plus hot sauce (I like a little spice in my life)

3. Anything I wrote as a statement with these at the end-* would come true. (A loop-hole to the whole no wish for more wishes contract ;)

If I could have any magical ability:

MAGIC REFILLS!!! :D Kidding, the ability to make wishes come true. Like MAGIC REFILLS!!!!

Name: People call me many things, That Guy, Hey Dude You're In My Way (Just call me Dunce), You Just Stepped On My Toes Idiot, Hey You, how about y'all just call me what y'all first see me as?

Age: Let me see, the scale says 180, technology doesn't lie!

Weight: Someone told me I look around 16 XD

Height: Let's say it's not a pretty all

Social Ability: Some people have better conversations with mutes, than with me.

Stereotype Flaw: I am subjected to being an American jealous of Canadians, the kid that really thought Santa was real. And the Tooth Fairy. And the Easter Bunny. But if you d* well tell me parents don't f* I've got nothing to live for. Too many disapointments, man.

Real Special Ability (s): Without getting dirty here, I can put my enitre fist in my mouth, I make a mean cupcake, and draw hearts like cupid arrowed himself. (Ah, stereotype flaw)

Most Awkward Moment of Life so Far: When I was riding my first roller coaster, and my brother joked about sounding like a girl. Well, that was a running gag through the entire freakin long line. (I think I grew a beard/mustache/had a family raised a child and sent them college before we finally reached the ride) Then we got on and the coaster started to go up the first hump, and me and him are remarking about how I'll just say my scream echoed when he screams like a little girl, and then it descended...,and then weirdest thing happened.

I screamed like a forty year old man who got a baritone stuck in his throat.

Needless to say my brother did in fact scream like a ninety year old granny.

And then the first two rows of people infront of us all turned around and didn't look away the entire ride.

It was so awkward we couldn't even find it in ourselves to keep screaming lol.

Birth Stone:


Hair Color: Black as night, kidding, night is blue people. Black as pitch void death. Lol, emo moment.

Eye Color: Chocolate brown, and yes, I know I'm delicious with my milky caramel center. (Sensitive over here XD)

Skin: Oh boy, I wonder if this'll cause a problem? I tan like an oreo, tan up and down, and completely white in the middle. Best of both worlds? Sheepish grin.

Favorite Hair Color: Red, dominantly, makes me think of a squished strawberries.

Favorite Eye Color: Black, 'cause who doesn't like spinning in a vertex of bleak dispair? Oh, get away emo cloud.

Favorite Type or Girl: Any that isn't plastic.

Favorite Color: All, why be biased against fractions of light?

Favorite subject: Away from that awkward one with parents, you know, THAT one...

Favorite Time: Boogy Time, do the monkey with me.

Favorite 90s cartoons: Johnny Bravo, Powerpuff girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ed-Edd-Eddy, Hey Arnold!, Darkwing Duck, Stupid Dogs, The Tick, Sailor Moon, Dexter's Laboratory, Superman, The Magic School Bus, South Park, Animaniacs, Spiderman.

Best Ending Line Ever:


Epic isn't it?

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