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Author has written 25 stories for Winx Club, Naruto, Once Upon a Time, Rise of the Guardians, and Frozen.

Hi, my name is Wendbria,

I don't think you really want to know the real me so i'm just going to skip that part.

And thanks to everyone who reads my stories and a BIG thanks to those who leave reviews. They help keep me wanting to write more.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own either the Winx Club or Naruto...if I did then ONE: There would be more FloraxHelia and NarutoxHinata moments and TWO: I would not be writing my stories on FanFiction.net but actually putting them on the shows. (Sorry FanFic) I also do NOT own Once Upon a Time because if I did there would be a lot more of Rumple and Belle as well as Graham still being alive. As sadly, I do not own the characters to Frozen or Rise of the Guardians, but can you imagine if I did! Oh the amazing Jelsa moments I could create! lol

Winx Club

I signed up on fanfiction to write stories about one of my favorite shows, the winx club. and although i am starting to write about other shows. i still love the fairies.

Flora is my favorite character and the main character for my stories. She doesn't say alot on the show so i think its only fair to give her some stardom in my stories.

Flora and Helia are my favorite couple, but I really enjoy any kind of romance that evolves Flora. Like RivenFlora or OCFlora. I just don't like it when they make Helia look bad in the process of getting Flora with another guy.

I am super excited that Nickelodeon has gotten Winx Club here in the US. I can not wait to see how they are going to bring Helia into the story now. I can't wait to see season 3 on Nick. I have already seen it but it is going to be nice to actually see it on the tv instead of my computer.

A few years ago I started to work on my digital art skills, and it started with the Winx Club. I look at them now and realize that I was pretty bad but if you are interested, some of them are associated with different stories, then let me know and I will send you the link.


It has been a really long time since i watched the show (i never read the manga) so i'm a little blurry when it comes to the details. So please go easy on me.

I have started with a recommendation but i am hoping to work on my own original stories. Pretty much all of them star my shy girl Ms. Hinata Hyuga, but those she is paired up with does change between the stories. So far I have paired her with Naruto, Sasuke, and even the Copy-nin, Kakashi.

Hinata Hyuga has to be my favorite female character on the show. there is something about her that i just love. it might be the fact that she is so shy and quiet compared to the other more loud and outgoing female characters.

The idea of naruto and hinata appeals to me so much i think is because they are such opposites, yet they both have had hard childhoods. And i am a strong believer in opposites attract (and also i am a huge anti narutoxsakura it just seems to predictable for them to get together) Plus the whole fact that Naruto and Hinata are OFFICIALLY TOGETHER AND ARE OTP!! Take that Sakura!

I just started reading some KakaHina stories and i don't know why but i'm obsessed. Something about the couple is really interesting to me. Sure i know that it would NEVER ever happen unless Mishimoto had some short of stroke. My best guess is that Hinata is my favorite female character and Kakashi is one of my top male characters. So far i have written a oneshot and am now working on a timewrap story of the unlikely couple.

Once Upon a Time

My latest addiction is the fantasy/drama show on ABC called Once Upon a Time. Its totally amazing. I watched all of season one in less then three days. I have always loved fairy tales and to see such a modern and interesting twist to the classic tales is intriguing.

My favorite characters have to be /Rumplestilskin, Graham, Mulan, and Belle. I don't know how they did it but they have made it that I love and hate Rumple at the same time. And him with Belle...amazing. Of course that could be because Beauty and the Beast (and Mulan) are my favorite Disney movies. Although I do love the show, there are some things that I don't love about it. Like the fact that they killed Graham. I couldn't even finish that episode because it was to sad.

So my OUT stories will be Grahamma (Graham Emma) based as well as Rumpelle (Rumple Belle) based.

Frozen and Rises of the Guardians

Elsa is my favorite character from Disney. As soon as I saw the movie, I felt a connection with her. I too have a younger sister and she is more naive and immature, so I have always had to be the mature and responsible one. So maybe that's why, or maybe its the kick ass song of hers (you know the one). Either way, Elsa is my girl and I'll love her to the end of time.

When I saw Rise of the Guardians, I thought it was a great story and was really sad when they never announced a sequel but then I heard about Jelsa...and well...I was instantly hooked on the pair. I mean, how can you not? Two people with magical ice powers, its practically destiny.

Come on Dreamworks and Disney, put your differences aside for all us Jelsa fans. PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP?

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