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Author has written 3 stories for GUNxSWORD, and Samurai Champloo.

( Do you like my picture? I drew it myself I am also an artist...anime artist lol.) Anyways...I love to write! I enjoy composing stories about romance and adventure for... I picture myself as one of the characters... I was always a dreamer.. haha. I am usually a social person... but I am not social about these things... I keep my writings secret. It helps clear my mind from all the pressures in my extremely busy life... I'm 14 years old... yes a young author indeed. I endure a very hectic life, full of basketball 24/7, volleyball and school! It is impossible for me to do anything else, let alone spend some time with my friends. Writing... well it helps me sooth things out, let out my anger that I wont tell anyone else... or feelings... writing is my secret life (:


I am in love with the show GunxSword, as you can see by my username. (Go check out my GunxSword story if you are into the show... it is pretty good) . I do love anime, such as Fruit baskets.. although I haven't read that series in a while so I probably would have a hard time writing a story on it. I love the movie Princess Mononoke! She reminds me of me when I was litte, I always wanted to live with the wolves... or tigers for that matter, but alast there are no tigers where I live so I resorted to wolves. I also love Samurai Champloo.. if you like gunxsword than I would advise for you to watch it.


I do love anime very much but not just that. I love to read romance, action, adventure, fantasy, suspense stores and more. I am a huge Harry Potter fanatic; read all of J.K Rowling's books when they came out! I am also into many other series such as: Inkspell series, Hunger Games series, Pretty Little Liars series (Hey I'm a teenage girl, what else do you expect?) , Tiger's Curse series (I especially love this one since tigers are my favourite animal... and when I was 4 I always wanted to be married to one... or for one to turn into a human and become my prince)


My Favourite Characters:

My favourite characters out of GunxSword would be : Van- the handsome, hard going mysterious guy that I fell in love with while watching the show, and of course Wendy- his small companion..(I always wished I was her in the show and that Wendy and Van would get married one day

My fav character in Samurai Champloo- Jin, he is my dream guy I suppose, besides the fact he is an anime character... I love him dearly he is quiet, sensitive, caring, good looking, strong and wise... ahh perfect haha

In the Tiger's Curse I would say Ren in my favourite character... but then again I also am falling in love with Kishan... what can I say I have a thing for tigers and boys haha :P

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