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Name:yukiko(call me yuki)
birthday:30 september 1000000000 B.C
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I'm afraid to accept facts of math, i'm afraid of insects, i'm afraid of cooking, but if i don't open up my eyes and try, how am i going to conquer my fears? how am i going to stop it, how am i going to not be afraid of everything? How am i going to see actually, how beutiful the world is? We all have fears, but we have to conquer them... DON'T BE AFRAID, spread your "wings" and fly ;)

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japanese intro(in letters):
yourshikei mina san,watashi no namae yukiko ^^ hajimameshite :3
watashi daiski neko,sushi,bento to roy and riza :D

chinese intro(in han yu pin ying):
da jia hao,wo de ming zhi shi yukiko ^^ hen gao xin jian dao ni men :3
wo xi huan mao,sushi,bento hai you roy he riza :D

nice to meet everyone,my name is yukiko ^^ it's a pleasure to meet you all :3
i like cats,sushi,bento so as roy and riza :D

aku nama yukiko,aku dadaku melayu(ahahahahahha)

updates:sorry,but i have school,i won't be that free but i'll try to post a story every month :x or during the holidays :)

YESH,im a cat person :3 i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee cats :3 so as dogs,but i'm much more of a cat person :P like wad i said already...i like to draw animes,maybe if i have time,i'll draw one for u :) i don't really mind,he he he.I watch different animes,but it seems like i don't have time now :L hehehe,but i'll tell u some of the animes i watch :D they are
fullmetal alchemist brotherhood
shugo chara
fairy tail
angel beats
black butler
naruto(used to,but i don't like it now :L)
The avatar,the last airbender(that was when i was 10 :@)
kilala princess(also when i was 10 :@)
maid sama

Well,i like fmab the most :3 espeacially when u talk about roy and riza well,if u wanna noe something random of me its this,when i get bored,i start doodling,maybe i would sing a song o.o...

I HATE being poked =_= and tickled,i can't help it D: and,I HATE being called names,but i dun mind if u call meh a cat :3 i love it too much,obsessed wif it.

my horoscope is libra :) hehe, and im a cow! moo~ i love my country, cause we are multi racial, and we are also known as the tropica playland ^^ but the best thing here is that we are known as the little red dot :P, although we are small, we are known as a city :) hehe

What do i usually do?

play comp [xxxxxxx] (YES YES COMPUTER MUAHAHAHAHA xD)
draw [xxxxxx] (obviously, no drawing=im not ALIVE XC)
play sports etc {handball, netball} [xxxxx] (always :))
go shopping [x] (only when i need clothes :do i play X-box? [xxxxxxxx] (WHENEVER I CAN! :D)
love music? [xxxx] (i love it manz, no music = NO LIFE)
play piano? [xxxxxxxxx] (YESH! :D)

" I don't give a damn, even if you are black, white, gay( juz dun freak me out), lesb, bisexual, young, old, ugly, pretty, if you treat me nicely, i will do the same."

and there is a chinese sentance i find very meaningful its " 一个时刻丢失,永远无法回到检索。" - by me xD LOL

actually the real one, i can't type it out cos of my comp == anyway, in han yu pin ying, its "yi cun guang yin, yi cun jin, cun jin nan mai, cun guang yin."

another quote, but in japanese is "私はあなたが誰であることのためあなたを愛して。"

be nice to others and others would do the same, be mean to others, and you get karma.

when it's time to be serious, be serious about your work, when it's time to have fun, play hardcore, when it's time to be lazy, be a lazy bum, when it's time to shit over the teacher's head, shit over the teacher's head hardcore LOL.

i love a quote by my math teacher when he got angry with us its " Don't climb all over my head and shit there."



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ok, try saying M without letting your lips touch, try it...now u realize u can't complete the M without ur lips touching, try again...AHA! I GOTCHA! seems like when u tried doing that, u sound like a old granny without her fake set of teeth. xD

(THIS IS THE BEST ONE!) {too me~}

A guy went to a coffee shop with his friends, since he drank too much coffee, he felt like giving out his gas. Since he was with his friends, he thought that it was really embarrasing...but then he realized that the music was really loud, so he decided to fart to the beat. After giving out his gas and was satisfied, he looked at his friends to see them staring at him shocked...then he realized that...he was listening to his MP3 all this time...


I won't be updating my story anytime soon because

1. I am going to my Grandmother's house to stay for two days

2. My piano Exams are coming

3. My School exams are coming

I will try to write it... well, on the paper, something like a draft, then later I will type it here :)

Almost done...

That's all for now,

Yours sincerely,





OH! by the way!



Don't blame me for being late, Cinderella came back home at midnight.
Don't blame me for being lazy, Sleeping beuty slept for a long time.
Don't blame me for stealing, Alladin was the king of thieves.
Don't blame me for taking things from strangers, Snow White took a n apple from a stranger.
Don't blame me for lying, Pinnochio had a long nose for lying.
Don't blame me for thinking that a stranger is someone i know, little red riding hood thought that the wolf was her granny.
Don't blame me for being playful, the boy who cried wolf, did the same.
Don't blame me for being a little sarcastic, i pickedit from Roy Mustang.
Don't blame me for blame me for being loving, Romeo and Juliet's love was deep.

All these reasons are simply from the story books we, as young children read, monkey see, monkey do, don't blame us.

Respect me for who i am, not for what i have.
Respect me like a friend, not dirt.
Respect my opinions, not criticize it, people have different opinions.
Respect me for what i like, not talking behind my back.

But just you know... you can critisize me all you want, talk behind my back all you like, show your anger towards me all you like, but i will just treat it as if you are a dog, barking at me for no reason.

Respect my pillow-kun, like how you respect me. Something which is precious to you is more valuable them an gem/gold/ money could buy, and that's love.

You love something/someone, you treat it like you never did to others, and you care about it more then anything. If you like someone, you should really go tell them, if you have anything you wanna say to anyone, then go tell, because when time comes, and they are gone, or they like someone else, then i'm so sorry, but i think you have already wasted your chance. Opputunity knocks on the door once in a LIFETIME, so if you don't chase it now... 后悔 来 不 及 了 。 ( it's too late to regret.)

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