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Author has written 5 stories for Fairy Tail, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Misc. Anime/Manga.

About Me:

I like anime, like bleach,naruto,digmon,code geass,and more, i also like rock and video games, i'm 17 now


Favorite Pairings:NatsuxErza, LuffyxRobin, GajeelxLevy, AllenxLenalee, NegixChachamaru

Occupation:dont have one

Companies:only 17, to young to be in one

Schools:why do you want to know?


Movies,Shows,Animes:Hellboy 2, darkknight, the mask, freakazoid, drawntogether, code monkeys, bleach, south park, code geass, kamen rider, fairy tail,one piece, super sentai, and many other shows and animes

Music:rock,some hip hop,but mostly rock, not alternative, well some is my favorite

Books:manga, any kind,except yaoi along with harry potter

Quote I live by: "

"Human nature is not war. It is conflict, and conflict can be resolved in many, many ways. Human nature also happens to be the intelligence necessary for making smart decisions in the matters similar to the one stated.

Humanity, while maintaining some great strides, has fallen morally and intellectually. It must rise, as should we."

Five Bits about me:
1) I'm a huge fan of Tokusatsu, that means things like, kamen rider or super sentai (original japanese version of power rangers), or godzilla
2) I can never really say I hate something, all I say is that it's not that bad
3) I've always wanted to go to japan its been a tiny dream of mine to go to Japan some day
4) This is kind of a weird one, for some reason I always get obssesed with one thing for a certain amount of time, whether it be an anime or a tokustasu show,then one day I get obessesed over something else and the process repeats itself
5) I love villians, even though I think heros are cool, heros would be nothing without a good villian, my most favorite villian would have to be the Joker

Top 10 Characters I'm obessesed with forever:

1) Lightning from Final Fantasy 13

2) Bigby Wolf from Wolf Among Us

3) Deadpool from Various Marvel Comics

4) Ellie from The Last of Us

5) Revy from Black Lagoon

6) Snake from The Metal Gear Solid Franchise

7) Luffy from One Piece

8) Toph from Avatar the Last Airbender

9) Tommy Oliver from Power Rangers

10) Ruby Rose from RWBY

Honorable Mention: Tafalgar Law from One Piece

Stories I plan on making or finishing (and yes most of them might be romance like stories because I AM A SUCKER for romance fanfics):

When did it start: Being Processed
A One Piece story where the pairing is LuffyxRobin, the story is where Robin starts to realize she's in love with Luffy and questions herself on when it all started for her.

The New Strongest Team: On Hiatus DX
Four OC's (Including Mine and Yachiru Hatake's but I'm accepting two more) Enter Fairy Tail and decided to see on who is really the strongest team, but will Romance develop between the HotHeaded DragonSlayer and the new Earth Mage?

Inspiration from A person that came from down below:
This is another one of my horror movie stories on how the New Scream Movie plot happend the way it did.

Boiling Waters: Finished
I really want to finish this story as soon as possible but I'm wondering if i should end it in the next chapter or make two more, PM me and tell me what u think i should do

Harem for a Starwhat: Being Processed
This is one idea i have had for a while, everytime i saw the girls around Luffy I keep thinking if they are so grateful then kiss him, give him something that actually shows your thankful to him, not a smie or a talk! Come on give the guy the love he deserves! So yeah this is a what-if story where the girls that Luffy really made an impact on fell in love with him

Three Hats, and Goggles:
Other fanfictions open the ideas for new characters or different version of other characters, for example Luffy, but what happens when the other versions of Luffy actually met one another?

A Joke Taken Too Far: Being Processed
A simple day turned into a horrible misunderstanding as Gray not only joked about Natsu's parents, he even made fun of Igneel, how will Natsu react to this and what will the guild do as well?

A Rose's Journey:
A story about the assassin Eva and her quest to find her "father" but will she end up losing her life on the way, or make new friends?

The Jester Family:
The Vongola Family is the most Powerful Mafia in history...or are they? What if a simple circus jester wishes to dethrone this supposed unbeatable family, and what if he hires 5 member from different universes to fight them, well it means the start of a new mafia family with the boss being a not so ordinary circus jester

Journey of the Phoenix: Being Processed
Marcus Anderson is the newcomer to fairy tail we will follow his adventures as he joins the strongest team in the guild and tries to balance having a harem at the same time...wait, what?

Ten Piece: (dropping the story)
I've made people wait way too long, I've been going through college, mom and dad getting divorced, I have too many problems personally and as a writer for me to have this story happen, or to make it work, I deeply apologize

First Original Character I've made:

Full Name: Marcus Anderson

Nick Name: The Speed Phoenix

Age: 16

Appearance: Black Hair and a bit spiky like Gray with black eyes and a navy colored scarf he keeps wrapped around his neck, black dress shirt with rolled up sleeves and a red tie, dark blue jeans with a chain on the left side and white/red sneakers also black fingerless gloves he's a bit taller then Natsu (this is what he looks like http:///#/d4rq4ll)

Guild: Fairy Tail

Guild Mark: Palm of his hand and the color is blood red

Personality: really nice and kind, but shy when it comes to Erza, he can be really energetic as Natsu at times espcially when it comes to partying but can still sit down and enjoy a book when the time comes

Class: A to S class, he's mostly A because he usually messes up S-class missions, he's as strong as an S-class

Magic: Fire Mage, his fire magic is unique since he can change the form of it at to turn them into a sword, spear, bow and arrow or shield etc. but still can use any fire attacks he can think of, the magic is called Flame Armaments, he can also do combos with his super speed, his fire is also as strong as Natsu's which is one reason he usually messes up S-class missions, he also posses a very powerful technique called blaze possesion where uses a lot of magic but can become different forms of flame creatures

Other Magic: Super Speed, he can also move fast enough to create wind like attacks along with that he can also use his super speed to spin fast enough to make a tornado or turn himself into a torndao

History: Marcus grew up on a farm, as a kid he loved the openess of the world and wanted to explore it, he learned magic from his father who was a former S-class wizard of blue pegeasaus, his mother was a retired mercenary who wanted to settle down and have a normal family life, in the day time he helped around the farm, in the afternoon he played with the other kids in the neighborhood, and in the evening trained himself in magic (while trying his best not to burn the barn and his house down) when Marcus hit 13 years old he wanted to go out and explore the world and most of all, join a guild but before he left his mother gave him the scarf she use to wear as a mercenary and Marcus has worn it ever since.

Likes: Sushi, Parties, Playing, Running and Reading

Dislikes: Rain, Cocky People, Liars, and Rumors

Other: He always noticed whenever Erza was there he couldnt take his eyes off her, not to the point where he is obsessive but he just cant help but feel weird whenever she's around

How You Got Into Your Guild: While exploring Magnolia he ran into Fairy Tail by accident, when he went inside, all he saw was people arguing with each other, fighting, and alot of broken stuff, but instead of doing the normal thing and leaving, he thought it was the funnest place he's ever seen and decided to join, during the time he was there he made friends with everyone in the guild (despite the weird habits of some of the members)

Second OC, this time for One Piece:

name: Eva Moore

nickname: È sorto l'Assassino (Italian for the Rose Assassin)

age: 19

sexuality: She's bi but loves women much much more then men

stereotype: Gets nervous around beautiful women

country: Sabaody Archipelago

hair: Short brown hair

eyes: blue

built: a girl with a normal body and a normal sized bust

scars/tattoos/accessory: Wears a bandana along with a seashell necklace she made

height: 5ft tall and 8 inches

casual clothes: Black Shirt with a picture of Blue Roses and vines on it, a silver hooded vest with navy jeans that looked ripped up and black shoes (This is what she looks like http:///#/d4kqnwz )

swim suit: a red normal swim-suit

formal attire: A black and white dress

summer clothes: Wears a orange shirt that sais "Piss Me off and you die" with grey shorts and sandals

winter clothes: Wears a red scarf a green sweater and brown cargo pants with her regular shoes

autumn clothes: Wears her casual clothes but along with her scarf

tropical clothes: Wears her swimtsuit but has a cloth wrapped around her waist to cover her bottoms

desert clothes: Wears a cloak and hood along with clothes that resemble an assasins outfit

personality: A tomboyish girl who is very nice,kind and caring but can be pretty scary if she gets mad but keeps a smile on her face at same time she gets really nervous around a beauitful girl or a group of girls, but seems completely fine when she's around men, she knows how to cook and is very good at hiding and parkour, she usually is alone whether its for reading a book, writing in her journal, sharpening her daggers and arrows, or just simply mediatating she usually did it by hserself but still talks to the others on the ship but mostly stays with the girl she likes to try and find a way to make the girl fall in luv with Eva

likes: Talking, Cooking, Killing Marines, Training herself to fight, Sharpening her Weapons, and Women but not as perverted as Sanji

dislikes: Waiting, Telling the truth, Secrets

talents: Hunting, Rowing, Gardening, Skating, and Camping

do you want to be paired up: Yes

if yes with what kind of person: A girl who would actually liked her back and help her with her past

and how would your character act around them before and after: Before she would act very nervous and talk to her while trying her best not to look at her, but after if she gets paired up she will do everything she can to protect her even if it cost her life (yeah i know pretty cliche)

devil fruit/way of fighting: She has the fear devil fruit which allows her to make her enemies see her their greatest fears and lose sight of everything around them, so while they're guard down she kills them she is also very good at close combat, despite numbers she can take on a hundred marines all by herself and she can do it without them even knowing she's there

weapon: Two daggers she keeps behind her back and a bow and arrow she uses for range, along with smoke bombs she keeps in a bag besides her

explanation of powers/way of fighting/weapons: She uses assasin like techniques when it comes to fighting her enemies, always striking before they get the chance, killing them while they're guard is down, but even if she is out in the open she is fast on her feet and can easily defend herself but is most lethal when her enemies dont even know she's around, she can even use her bow and arrows in close quarters or far-ranged

what will you be: Assassin

will you be brave or chicken or in between: Very Brave, except when it comes to girls lol

anything else im missing: Her bounty is 77 million beri due to the fact she kills marines and always breaks in to their bases to find info on her missing father, also after she assinates her target she sais "Bare the sins of your fate."

phobia: She's a bit scared of the celestial dragons but hates them with all her heart

history: Her father died before she was even born since he freed some of the slaves that were being auctioned at the sabaody archipelago, her mother hid herself from the city since the celestial dragons searched for her, and when she finally gave birth to Eva, she had to put her in front of an orphanage since the celestial dragons killed every single one of her family members, while she was still in a basket an old man by the name of Amedeo Romano found her in front of the Orphanage, he was going to leave her alone, but he saw the marines coming and out of panic accidentally grabed the basket Eva was in and hid, he was going to find a family for her to be in but because of all the marines around not only looking for him, but for her he decided to take her instead, the old man was actually an assassin who collects bounties on the most nortorious of criminals, but was a caring man with no friends or family, but despite being an assasin he still knew what it was like to raise a child, and raised Eva as his own, and as she got older, the old man taught her everything he knew about being an assasin while also teaching her everything about the italian language, history of the Grand Line and so on, but whenevr she asked about whether Amedeo was her father he never answered, when she was finally 19 Amedeo was 68 years old and as the years he raised Eva, he learned everything he could about the family she came from, but as he found out the fate of her family he kept it as a secret for all the years, but since she was almost 20 he thought it would be fitting to tell her the truth, he knew she would get angry and leave, but it was for the best since he loved Eva like a father would, and Amedeo may be an assasin who only killed criminals, he was still a criminal himself, but before he got the chance to explain anything to Eva she went out to look for a present as a thank you for her "father" but when she got back, she found the house she was staying at was burning to the ground and as she searched the rubble Amedeo was no where to be found, so she sets out on a journey to find Amedeo and find the reason why he left her

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because of me you lost your memories. i dont deserve to be with or even love you anymore! if i do it will only hurt me and you more. i cant be in fairy tail until i get stonger to be able to save you and go train! " ...l..u..c..y" he said in his sleepcry
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