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Author has written 5 stories for Beauty and the Beast, Princess and the Goblin, Treasure Planet, and Great Mouse Detective.

Edit November 30/2013

my wattpad account for those who what to read Paradise (my other version of Avalon):

Edit: October/23/2013

Alright so it's been awhile since I changed anything... I haven't updated Avalon in quite some time, I am sticking with it but I'm kinda in a rut, plus I wanted to pay some more attention to Sunriser and Edge of the Silver Blade just because I finally have profile's for some of my characters from that. Any-who, I will be continuing with Avalon eventually, thank you so much for the patience, I'll make it worth while by posting some good writing, until then... thanks for everything

Edit: April/5/2013

Youtube Vid for Treasure Planet Fans, this has nothing to do with my Edge of the Silver blade story though, k, I just put the title on the end of the vid... because I thought it looked cool XP

Treasure Planet Vid

Edit: March/16/2013: I am currently writing six stories, two of which are not on fanfiction, though one of them is in fact a story for the great mouse detective which I hope to create a sequel to.

So because I want to keep myself in check I am posting this list of things I am suppose to do however this list is for deviant art as well as well as youtube and fan fiction, lol :

Fan Fiction (Beauty and the Beast, Treasure Planet and Princess and Goblin)

1. Avalon: Chapter 54: Status: mostly finished

2. Edge of the Silver Blade: Chapter 3 Status: On-going, seeking inspiration

3. Mary and the Troll: Chapter 4 Status: on hiatus due to conflicts with schedule

4. Sun Riser: Chapter 21 Status: On going, taking time due to having to take dialogue directly from movie.

5. The Heart: I am starting on Chapter 1 but until I finish one of my other four stories I will not be posting it.

Fiction Press (Horror/Romance)

6. Nightmare of You: Chapter 2 Status: On hiatus, may not return to it.

Deviant Art

7. Kincaid and Ulalume: Next Chapter (comic)

8. The Heart: Cover Page Status: starting right now

9. Belle's Book: Next Chapter

10. Coloured Image of Thrax and Belle


11. Crossover Disney/Non: Next Episode Status: On-going but will be a long time

12. Thrax and Belle: Next part in continuation story Status: on Hiatus, however will be worked on in some time in April

13. 200 Subscriber Movie: Trying to finish it before 200th subscriber, at 195 right now... might not make it T-T

I guess I should explain myself a little more, I have surprisingly horrific grammar for a girl who's about to graduate from grade twelve, I haven't been to a place I didn't like in the world so I try to use scenery in my descriptions of certain areas so my scene descriptions can be a little dry. I joined...about the same time my sister did, she's about two and a half years younger but she writes this great fanfic about... er killer dolls, if you ever heard of Child's Play or Chucky in general and you like that stuff you can click on it if that interests you, I just brought it up in case someone might want to know.

I have a few other channels on things like youtube and deviant art so I'm kind of spread around a bit, I try videos but I can't really manipulate them very well and sometimes I try to draw out something but it looks...sort of rough.

Anyway, I love hearing from people, doesn't have to be about anything I've written or whatever, sometimes I don't know where to start with reading great and interesting fanfics so if there is anything that people want to recommend I would love to see it.

Oh and I'm a little obsessed with disney and all the awesome stories that they create :D

My Deviant Art account profile page is if you ever want to look me up and drop a message

Update (Date: February 24, 2013)

K so just to clarify I will only be updating certain stories on certain days but I'm giving myself a three days grace for Avalon because sometimes I'm unable to get it up for the correct date, anywho... some more pictures have been added to my deviant art account, however these were from when Avalon was in the very early early stages, to the point that the Sorcerer was based off of the Beast from disney's work more than my own idea: I copied a lot of stuff once upon a time >.>

For Avalon:

so here's the file:

and the list of pictures from first to last is:

-Beauty and the Beast: shadow

-Avalon (old version)

-Avalon Unhappy

-Avalon and Old version Sorcerer Dancing

-Avalon caught in a river

-Sorcerer caught in a net

-Old version prince: Enchantment 1, 2, 3, 4 pages


For Princess and the Goblin:

Character Sketches:

Update (Date: November 27, 2012)

I have some new pictures I've drawn, a couple for Princess and the Goblin and Some for Avalon

For Avalon:

-Passions of the Flesh (Cartoony kinda humour):

-Rescue (humour):

-Monster also titled Rage:

Princess and the Goblin:

King Korum character Sketch:

Queen Mefeero Character Sketch (may be altered): 3

update (Date: October 1/2012)

Some new picture's of the Sorcerer and other character's in my fanfic:

Dark Prince:

Avalon and the Sorcerer: (I couldn't resist X3) (original) and (edited)


Unedited Alternate:

White Maiden and the Alternate:


This is the new Princess and the Goblin video I made (youtube) (Date: 26/06/2012):

Here are some other pictures for my story Avalon, a lot of these are rough sketches but they are all on Deviant Art:

-Beast Half Prince:

-Avalon and Shadow Beast (rough):

-Cursed Prince (Not explained in Story Yet):

-Someone That I Use to Know (I think I stole that from somewhere... possibly a certain song :P):

I'm so ecxcited to do new stories, but the ones I typically have are so long they take forever to write :P so if you guys can be patient with me with my two main stories going on I WILL finish them... it just might take a while.

The next two links are both to the trailers for the Princess and the Goblin Fanfic I am writing currently, they are a little bit more intense than my writing but i hope you enjoy them -

This is the first trailer, I like it but it’s kinda horror/thriller/action: relatively the same trailer but a little bit more romantic, by the way, every voice you here for Froglip is from the movie, there aren’t many points where he speaks but I though it was kinda cool how the voice seemed different when put in a different context.

This is the link to deviant art where I uploaded a picture of the Sorcerer/Beast. This is a little different than the origional idea I had for it but It's kinda close:

And with that, this is a picture I drew of prince froglip for The Princess and the Goblin fanfic, I also have to warn that he's rough and it's just the general idea:

I haven't used these before but I like the stories here and I like to let people know that I thought they were good XD

I will be writing some fanfic soon and just warning you I am a huge beauty and the beast fan plus some movies that I post on youtube seem to always be B&B pairings

Speaking of which I am a huge princess and the goblin fan, I honestly have no idea why but I just found the movie so enjoyable when I was a kid and the book was extremely well written. Just as a warning I am an extreme fan of FoglipxIrene, but I can't say why because I realy have no idea and my favourite fanfic for tPatG so far has been Princess and the Goblin 2. If you like the movie I definitely reccomend it because it's very cute and well written by DarkraixCresselia.

I also have about a thousand beauty and the beast favourites because honestly all of them are pretty good

I love Osmosis Jones but Thrax especially and I also enjoy most of the fanfics that are associated with osmosis jones

my favorite shows are mostly comedies: the simpsons, the muppet show (really old but I recommend it) southpark, that 70's show

My favorite movies consist of anything disney, cartoon and other, Osmosis Jones, almost any Hio Miasaki film (didn't spell that right) and the painted veil (with Edward Norton

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