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Hello, I'm Mikazuchi!

I'm a Canadian fanfic writer, and a huge fan of anime, manga and video games. I first started writing on 'The Pokemon Tower' years ago and have been doing so ever since. If you're familiar with my works, then you would also notice elements common in all of them, such as including the character 'Ebi', but most of all, the hero's struggle to overcome insurmountable odds. In doing so, I also have a tendency to 'break tradition' in whatever story I write (for instance: introduction of 'Rupture Battle' in Pokemon, or bringing in foreign enemies of different fighting styles in Naruto). I am also very strict about pairings, and will ONLY write about ones that I truly support. I work hard to create stories of epic proportions, and I hope you enjoy reading my works.

Current Stories in progress:

Naruto: Way of the Ninja- Pairing, Naruto and Hinata

Completed Works: "Pokemon: Ultimate Adventures!" and "Pokemon: Shadow of the Deceiver"

My favourite couples are:

Ash-Misty (Pokemon)

Naruto-Hinata (Naruto)

Recca-Yanagi (Flame of Recca)

Sena-Suzuna (Eyeshield 21)

Ranma-Akane (Ranma 1/2)

Edward-Winry (Fullmetal Alchemist)

TK-Kari (Digimon 01 and 02)

Syaoran-Sakura (Card Captor Sakura/Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle)

Genki-Holly (Monster Rancher)

Ikki-Erika (Medabots)

Cless-Mint (Tales of Phantasia)

Lloyd-Colette (Tales of Symphonia)

Genis-Presea (Tales of Symphonia)

Crono-Marle (Chrono Trigger)

Lan-Mayl (Megaman Battle Network)

Sora-Kairi (Kingdom Hearts 1, CoM, 2)

Renton-Eureka (Eureka 7)

Hibiki-Dita (Vandread)

My least favourite couples? Any of the above, paired with someone else!

Anyways, enjoy the fics!

Also an announcement regarding my current ongoing story, "Naruto: Way of the Ninja" in regards to a great deal of reviews I have been receiving... this explanation shall be handled by Ebi.

Ebi: Hello everyone. Now I realize there was a great deal of confusion in the story regarding the titles of sennin, something I posed as for a duration of the story. Part of the confusion lay simply within the words, sennin-sannin, both of which had different meaning, but the main issue would be the sennin mistakenly being considered a ninja rank. I would like to point out that Mikazuchi acknowledges this error. I would also like to point out that I've made it clear that I am NOT or was ever a real sennin, whether it was a ninja rank or a different warrior class, I was merely pretending to be one, this act part of the plot since the begining. I know that this message will probably go unseen by most and people are still going to send reviews and PM's chastising him about the whole issue, but to anyone who does happen to see this, Mikazuchi understands the mistake and he’s been embarrassed enough about it already, so PLEASE stop telling him what a hundred others have already said! Thank you. (Walks off muttering) Freaking loser's not man enough to make his own announcement... he makes his OC do it for him...!

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