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Forgive any spelling errors on this page, fanfiction's editor interferes with Firefox's spell check...

Name: David.
Age: 25
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Naruto, Bleach, Stargate, Star Wars, others that I have forgotten...

Other info that might be of interest: If you are ever updating your profile, be sure to Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C before you save it. I was glad I did just now since it made me log in again when I tried to save it. And lost all the changes I made.

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If I have reviewed, and complained about your story containing lime and/or lemon content, read this: http:///2011/04/pride-and-prejudice-and-porn/


Harems Rant

So, what is with all the fics out there that have harems? I thought we lived in an age that emphasized the equality of the sexes. Harems, by their very nature, give more power to one sex. Most fics I've read justify it by having the women convince themselves that the guy has too much love/sex to give for one woman. Talk about degrading... Plus, I usually get the feeling that the author just can't stand to have one of the girls/guys have their feelings hurt when they get rejected. That's a lack of writing skill, or just cowardice on the part of the author.

Then there's the unreality of it. Who, in their right mind, would ever want to share the one they love with another? No way would I want to share my girlfriend/wife with another man. And I dearly hope she would never want to share me with another woman. Humans are made to be monomangus. That's when we are most happy and live the best. Sleeping around and all that stuff is always detrimental to our health, mental and physical. Yes, I know that isn't what most people think anymore, but lies have a way of getting popular...

There is one type of harem that isn't bad though. The kind where one person has several of the opposite sex pursuing them romantically, without them deciding that it's ok to share. In the end, one of them wins. (Or none...)

Lemon Rant

Ok, if you don't know what a Lemon is, it's a sex scene. Porn. And I just saw a Teen Titans fic that said it had a lemon in it. Am I the only one who sees this as horrible?! Even ignoring the fact that lemons/porn in and of itself is just stupid, writing a lemon with characters from a show/comic aimed at young teens is practically criminal. Teen Titans is about teens. Which means that they are minors. There is very little difference between writing about kids having sex, and taking pictures. If you don't agree, ask yourself what the difference between imagining sex and watching sex is. Hence, a lemon about minors is basically child porn. Which not only is morally wrong, it's illegal.

So, we've established that any lemon with minors is evil. What about if it's about adults? Number one, if the characters used are still minors in canon, then it doesn't matter if you say they are now adults. People will still think of them as kids. So bad. Number two, the only reason people read/write sex is to get turned on. You can say it helps the plot, but it still is about getting turned on. 'Cause that is what happens, and it seriously detracts from the story. Every story I have read that ended up having sexy stuff in it, lost a lot of quality afterwards. Because getting hit by the sexy stuff made me want more of that, instead of the actual story. Number three, all the sexualized stuff in the entertainment culture seriously detracts from life. There have been many studies done that show how detrimental it's been. Unfortunately, sex sells, and thus the media has done what it can to keep people from seeing the truth. It's really rather sad, since it shouldn't take that much thought to see that sex outside of marriage is really stupid.

Oh, yeah, and as for what age someone is not a minor. It should be 18. I know some countries have it at 16, or something else. But I believe the majority of readers on this site are in the USA. So just stick with 18.

FanFiction Ownership Rant

So I just saw a paragraph in a profile saying that the screenname that person used came from another author's story, and that they would change it if asked. This annoyed me. Why? Well, think about it for a minute. This is a fanfiction site. Fanfiction is all about stealing other peoples worlds and characters for your own use. Everyone on this site does it. Yeah, so, the whole "I'll change it if you want" thing should be a given. Instead they should say something like "This sn came from this story, read it!"

All that brings me to what I really want to rant about. Unfinished stories. Everywhere I go in the fanfiction world there are thousands of unfinished stories. Some of them are really good, and beg to be continued. And yet, hardly anyone ever takes up the challenge. It seems like there is an unspoken rule that stealing other fanfictions is evil, in spite of the fact that fanfictions are theft by definition. I mean, many fics get their start because the authors are impatient for the next installment of canon. So they write their own. Why can't the same thing be done with fanfictions?

Then there is the whole "stealing ideas" thing. Oh no! This person read my story and decided to write their own with the same idea! How horrid. Yeah, well you just read/watched canon and decided to steal ideas from that... So why not steal ideas from other fanfics?

Or the "I don't own the canon characters, but I do own my OC's" thing. Um, sorry, but no. If they are created in the same world as the canon characters, then they are simply part of that world that you do not own, and you really don't own them. On the other hand, if you wrote an original fiction and then wrote a crossover with your original fiction, then you would own them. Also, if another fanfic author likes your OC's so much they use them, then you should be flattered you did that good of a job. Since they are doing to you what you did to the canon author. Same thing can be said for different powers or weapons.

So basically, I just get tired of people thinking that Fanfiction is anything but blatant plagiarism. I did a little reading a while back and found that the standard disclaimer means nothing legally. It's simply functions as a polite notification that the world doesn't belong to the fanfic author. So, yeah, if you write fanfiction, please don't act like you own anything you write... It's just not true.

Grammar Rant

Ok, so one of the reasons fanfiction in general is horrid, is that most authors do not bother to use proper grammar. It is extremely annoying. For instance, I just read a story with a good plot, that had bad grammar. It's driving me nuts because I hate the grammar, but find the plot interesting. So the question becomes, do I pollute my mind with horrid grammar just for a good plot? I mean, I have found myself expecting certain grammar errors when I ream reading regular books... It's kinda sad.

So, if you are a writer, here are a few things to keep in mind for the most common grammar errors I have found.

Spelling, I have seen MANY spelling errors that would be caught by the most basic spell check. That is inexcusable. If you don't have Microsoft Office, is free. If you don't want that, there's AbiWord. Or, heck, you could just paste it into a form in Firefox and use that spell check. Seriously, just spell check. If you don't, don't post your story.

Second, tenses and point of view. I have seen so many errors where some one is writing in third person and suddenly drops into first. Or in past tense and suddenly drops into present. It's horrid. And should be easy for anyone to fix just by rereading the chapter first. People who miss these things seriously have some problems.

So if I have reviewed your story and mentioned grammar, keep these things in mind. Oh, and don't make excuses. If you are young and haven't had much experience, get someone to help you. If English is your second language, get someone to proof read for you. Basically, just don't post unless you have good grammar. You can find forums on the net where someone would likely help you out. is not the place for that, it's designed for readers. Not writers.

End rant.

Slash Rant

Um, yeah, I am extremely frustrated right now with the number of slash and yaoi fics on this site. I understand that some people like that kind of thing, but I don't. So it is annoying to have to scroll though hundreds slash fics in order to find a regular one. I have emailed support asking for a new filter that would let me filter them out, but haven't gotten any response, so if you are like me, email them too:D

On to why I don't like slash. Number one reason is that homosexual acts are not healthy. Feel free to disagree with me, but I have seen evidence to back this up. Only reason this hasn't gotten into the news is that there are very few homosexuals out there, and they have a rather loud propaganda machine. Anyway...

Second, very few of the fandoms I read in have shown any indication that any of the characters are homosexual. Naruto for example. Every single male character that gets any real time is obviously interested in girls. Zabuza and Haku have more of a father/son relationship than anything else. Sasuke just acts about like I would with fangirls, and I am straight. And yet most of the Naruto fics on this site are yaoi. It's the same for Bleach, the characters either show no interest in relationships at all, or are interested in the opposite sex.

Third, the summaries for most slash fics seriously disturb me. One I just read had Ichigo, from Bleach, apparently falling for Aizen or Grimmjow after being captured by them. Um, yeah, Aizen is the villain who was planning on killing one of your best friends, mind raped one of his subordinates, and sent his minons after Ichigo to kill him. Grimmjow was one of those minions that was trying to kill him. That makes for such a good relationship... Sheesh!

Then theres the fact that many of the pairings are pedophilic. Harry/Snape from Harry Potter for instance. I mean, Snape is old enough to be Harry's dad for goodness sake! That's not only ew, it's also illegal! As in against the law! Not to mention the fact that Snape seriously dislikes Harry. As in goes out of his way to be nasty to Harry.

So apparently if you are homosexual, you like to break the law and abuse the person you supposedly love... At least according to fanfics.

Third, fanfiction is about taking canon story and changing it into something different because you love the story so much you want more. That indicates that you hold at least some respect for the author. How is taking two or more characters and having them do something so completely out of character showing respect? Yes, you can rewrite the story so that it isn't out of character, but then, what is the point? You have different characters now, just the same name... In the same vein, is this something the author would want the target audience consuming?

Fourth, if the number of slash fanfics out there was an indication of reality, then any hot guy would be homosexual. And thus the world would soon be depopulated since no one would have an babies. And no, male pregnancy doesn't work. It just gross and wrong. shudders

So, if you are an author/fan of slash/yaoi, would you please be really nice and warn those of us who aren't fans in the summary? And if you are really really nice, could you ask for a slash/yaoi filter here on Please?

On a final note, there could possibly be some one out there who read this rant and now thinks I am homophobic. No, I am not, that would imply that homosexuals were something to be afraid of. Homosexuals are just like anyone else out there. They just have sex in a way that is dangerous. If I found out that someone I knew was that way, I would be uncomfortable for a while, then I would just treat them the same way I did before.

Update: I found a good resource on homosexuality that generally takes an objective view. Narth dot com. There are several papers on that site that explain how many homosexual's become homosexual. So if you want to actually think about why you like or don't like slash and yaoi, check that site out. Don't just listen to the media, school, parents, or pastors. Think!

This is a link to a paper that summarizes the stats from a bunch of studies. Food for thought. http:///docs/CPASSAmarriage.pdf

High School/Fantasy Prince Princess Rant

I scan through different fandoms here on and find myself wondering about people. There are all these summaries where it's "main character one is the most unpopular guy in school, then he gets the attention of main character two who is the most popular girl in school". And in canon, the characters don't even go to school. Or the whole one is prince of blah, and two is princess of blah blah, thing. I honestly don't get it. If you take these canon characters and take away their canon powers (fantasy fandoms at least), how are they still the same character? It just strikes me as stupid and annoying. I guess I could put vampire fics in this rant as well. Seriously, what is with peoples obsession with making main characters vampires? How exactly can you have Naruto be a vampire when they don't exist in canon? OK, so it is a fanfic, you can do what you want, but still. How does being a vampire make the story any better? All it does is make the reader go huh! Oh, and add more angst. As if they needed that...

92 percent of the people reading this will copy this into their profile if they are told to. Copy this into your profile if you are one of the 8 percent who won't.

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