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Super Luigi Fan's Profile

I am Super Luigi Fan. As my name implies, I am the world's biggest fan of Luigi from Super Mario Bros. I dress as Luigi on a regular basis, and I've beaten his game, Luigi's Mansion, dozens of times. I've got a huge imagination, so I figured that I might be a great writer for this website.

My work draws inspiration from my older brother, SquirreLJ, and many sources like Super Mario Bros., Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball Z, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, The Legend of Drizzt, Sonic the Hedgehog, SpngeBob SquarePants, and fan fictions like Stupid Mario Bros., Nazo Unleashed, Super Mario Bros. Z, A SonAmy Story, A SonAmy Story Sequel, and The Flower Child and the Little Brother.

My older brother is SquirreLJ, and you should check out some of his work, like the Sonic and the Master of Chaos series. It's pretty awesome.

I've finished a Super Mario Bros. fan fiction starring Mario's little brother, Luigi. It's called Super Luigi Fan Fiction. I'm currently working on its sequel, New Super Luigi Fan Fiction. SquirreLJ helped me write the first book, and he's helping me with the sequel, but don't think that I'm lazy for accepting his help!

Please review my work. Any input would be greatly appreciated. And don't forget to look at my awesome book. Because... well... it's awesome. And don't forget to look at Sonic and the Master of Chaos. 'Cause that's a cool book too.

Here's some other random bits of information about yours truely:

As you can tell, I am a man.

I've got green, sometimes blue, eyes.

I've got a pretty big noes.

I'm growing a mustache.

I'm trying to be the best writer I can be.

My favourite color is green.

I hate violence.

I'm a tad bit of a coward.

I'm fragile both emotionally and physically.

I'm phycic @_@... Sort of.

I'm a pretty good guy at heart.

I hate to do wrong because the guilt destroys me afterward.

I love doing the right thing because it makes me feel all cozy inside.

I guess you could say I spend a little too much time playing videogames.

Whenever my brother's girlfriend is sad, I do my best to try to cheer her up.

When I'm sad, I want to make others happy because I don't want them to go through what I'm going through.

I'm very modest. Say, for example, there were two umbrellas and three people. I would give my umbrella to the person next to me.

Also, as I'm sure you can tell, I'm soooo much like Luigi. I've got his looks, his horrible luck, his bad carma, and even some of his fame. There's one thing I don't get, though. If there are so many Luigi fans out there like myself, how come nobody appreciates the real Luigi? Of course, I'm not the real Luigi, I just have alot in common with him. Well, I guess that's Luigi's luck for you, he's famous but nobody appreciates him. That's what happens to me. If you have a question about what Luigi would do in a certain situation, just ask me. I'll be able to answer it... Most likely.

Well, thanks for reading.

Oh, and I've got a lot more to offer on a different website, suckas. If you wanna check out on my fully orriginal things, go to Here's a link.

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A SonAmy Story by T1Weasel reviews
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Shadowed Love by Mily reviews
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Forgotten Feelings by Mily reviews
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The Traveling Gentleman reviews
A man by the name of Varren discovers a machine that can understand the concept of infinity. Through this machine, he travels through many different worlds, such as the Mushroom World, Hyrule, the Fire Emblem world, and even gets a chance to speak to the countries of planet Earth! However, the machine is not all he discovers. Join him as he finds out hidden secrets about himself
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