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ACES ROLEPLAYS: My Username is currently SPADES on that site.

Fanfiction Usernames-- --Current ACES ROLEPLAY Usernames* --*Usernames may change overtime.



Cho-Kun -- CLUBS


karo chan-8 -- 0.Fusososo.0

Check out the Fanfiction Usernames above for great fanfictions. xHowling Kittyx has a great fanfiction called Arms which is currently up. She is also currently writing Hetalia and other based fanfictions, some of which are based off of our roleplays. Cho-Kun has a Maximum Ride fanfiction in-the-works called Unseen . Sometimes she has competitions regarding her fanfiction which can lead to you having your Original Character (OC) featured in it. I also co-write Unseen with her. She may or may not be publishing her story Strong as a Soldier on this site as well. Strong as a Soldier is also co-written by me as well. She has taken a LONG HIATUS though, so be ware. RemiDawn98 writes Maximum Ride fanfictions as well. She is the author of Fax Alphabet Soup, Where's Fang?, What Could've Been, and How I became Maximum Ride. All of these Fanfictions are based off of the Maximum Ride series written by James Patterson. The series has also been turned into a graphic novel, which I really enjoy reading.

Current project: ACES in Wonderland. If I write a different summary than the one listed by the story, I would feel like I am giving too much away. Heavily based off of an RPG. Though the RPG will most likely resemble a webcomic in some ways. Mainly SPADES though, her character has been through too many re-designing's for the 'girl' in the first few pages of posts to really be a reliable source of the 'wonderful personality' she presents herself with throughout the entire thing. Most characters are still evolving. So enjoy comparing the RPG and the Fanfiction.


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