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I like Digimon, CCS, Shaman King, Rurouni Kenshin, Inuyasha and some other animes. I also like Harry Potter.

My favorites couples are: Pokémon: AshxMisty, CCS: S+S, E+T,Rurouni Kenshin: KaoruxKenshin, and so on.

My birthday is November 19th. My pen name is because I like the name of Kasumi and Li because I like Li Syaoran a lot.

Anyways, my favorite boy is Kouji Minamoto from Digimon Frontier and in second place, Kouichi Kimura. My favorites bishounens are: Kouji Minamoto, Kouichi Kimura, Li Syaoran, Matt Ishida, TK Takaishi,Ken Ichijouji, Kenshin, Miroku, Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha and a bit Kaede Rukawa.

I also like another characters:

Digimon 01 & 02: Jou Kido, Tai, Miyako (because of the slaps)

Digimon 03: Ruki

Digimon 04: Takuya and Tomoki

Inuyasha: Inuyasha,Sango,Kikyou, Kouga

Shaman King: Yoh, Hao, Anna, Lyserg, Horo Horo, Chocolove Rurouni Kenshin: Kaoru, Sanosuke,Yahiko, Misao

CCS: Eriol, Sakura, Yue, Kero

Least favorite characters:

Digimon 04: Izumi (I know she's the only female character but her attitude reminds me of...someone I dislike and I feel sorry for Junpei)

Inuyasha: Kagome (Sorry for all those who like her but I dislike the way she acts and she also reminds me of a person I hate)

Shaman King: Jeanne

CCS: Meiling (I don't know how to spell her name)I dislike her because she annoys the cute Syaoran

I like: Reading, writing, drawing,listening to music, sarcasm, funny quotes, math,spaguetti, chocolate, sugar, anime, anime boys (*starry eyes*), certain senior...(I know, I know...but I can't get over him...*cries anime style*), and a lot of more things.

I dislike: Some of my classmates, (my brother and my mother when they're angry), some vegetables, some of my teachers, Geography (the subject), etc

March 14th The lonewolf meets his match is coming to its end. I'll miss that story a lot, it's made me happy and I've enjoyed writing it. It'll probably end in chapter 23 but I'm not sure. Well, that's all for now.

April 19th It's finally done! I haven't updated since March 28th but now I've updated THE LONEWOLF MEETS HIS MATCH! The final of a story of 23 chapters plus I'll write a THANK YOU chap. Thanks to all those who reviewed. Thanks a lot!!! --Li Kasumi

November 12th

Gee...I'd really like to post something but I can't organize my ideas. I wish I could but the story I've got in my head is really big. Besides, I've got so much homework, a few exams and I've been so depressed lately (mainly because of some problems...) -_-

By the way, what was FFNET making to the page of the settings? I guess I'll have to check a few things... =(

Anyways, I hope I can post something soon. Bye.

Li Kasumi

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