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6-30-2013 Apologies

I have deleted my stories for the time being. I felt bad about not updating in months (years), so I took them down. Life is currently more important and more time consuming. I have also set myself to writing a novel of my own and hope to see it/them published (either professionally or self-published). That being said, I still hope to complete these stories on FanFiction, but until then they will not be returned to this site. Thank you for your patience.

My stories are unbeta'd so any insight and grammer corrections you can give are much appreciated. Even if it is simply a misplaced comma or switched/extra words. Please inform me of the smallest of mistakes so I can fix them immediately. Thank You.

Reviews are appreciated, but not needed; unless you give useful information. Please do not ask me to update. I will update when I get the time and as soon as I feel I have given my best to a chapter. No amount of begging will change that. Sorry.

That being said, flamers are not needed. You have something to say, say it in a polite and mature manner. If I do not like a story, I stop reading it. I do not, however, feel the need to bash and destroy anyone's ideas. Everyone here is growing, myself especially. We are all here to help each other on our journeys and not to hinder.

Ultimate Disclaimer: I do not own anything that is recognizable. I only own my ideas and the occasional original character.