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Author has written 5 stories for Harry Potter, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

I am 14 years old and am in grad nine .

I am about to start the first year of my O LEVELS,I will dead in three years,

I love to read books i have already read again and again .

Every body who knows me says im the wierdest person theve ever met.

Hobies: swiming,reading,singing,making up random wordsand eating

Hates : studing,studying and some more studying.

weak points: spelling,clumsines and neatness

Favorite words : oddment tweak nitwit blubber

favorite compliment : awesome

Star sign : sagitarius

Sagittarius :

The centaur that depicts your zodiac symbol represents the partial animal nature in you, and also your spiritual and philosophical craving for the all important truths of life. You are thought of as brave, enterprising and foresighted individuals. But still, you have an uncivilized taint to your personality and somehow tend to get into fights and arguments.
Your adventurous character is backed by a great inner enthusiasm and optimism which shows in your interactions and work. You tend to be a little irresponsible in your dealings and interactions and don’t apply your farsightedness to the repercussions of your own behavior. You have an impeccable honesty and this only instills in you a feeling that you are not answerable to anyone, and need not be afraid of anyone; this tends to make you a little outspoken too.

You have a huge self-respect that works in a inward sense and makes you quite independent and straight-forward. You also have a generous and nature-loving side to yourself that is not quite noticed. Your idealistic nature makes you very frank and fearless, but it also makes you tactless, unsophisticated and inconsistent in your work. Also, your impatience and boastful aggression help the situation. Perhaps a little more patience and sensibility will help you in your professional and domestic spheres.

Qualities that make you lucky are fearlessness, self-governing, sharpness, and gutsy. Qualities that hinder your success are aggressiveness, full of yourself, over-confidence, and contradictory.

It is very characteristic of Sagittarius to fall in love, or fall in something of the kind, and then feel that may be it’s just a temporary thing, a phase. What’s happening here is that you are naturally in love with your physical and emotional independence, to a degree that you can’t imagine. So, when those feelings crop up inside you for someone, there is some part of you that always tells you not to risk that freedom of yours if it’s not worth it. So you keep telling yourself that this one is not the one. You stop yourself from pressing on, and the other person gets the feeling that you are not so into him/her. Being too much into someone too fast is not too good either, but your at the other extreme. So you need to do the balancing act. And experience teaches you how. You teach yourself that the only way to find out if someone is the one, is to try even at the risk of a heartbreak!

Once in a relationship, we again see Sagittarius vigorous and enthusiastic side. That’s right – you are too sexed up not to get bored in relationships. This can happen in a variety of situations – say if the partner is not imaginative sexually, or if there is little else to the relationship other than the sexual act. In both cases, you will enjoy yourself for as long as the initial spark lasts, and after that start to feel unfulfilled and restless. At this point, you will give in much more easily than others to the boredom, and end the relationship.

There is also the disturbing trait of duality in relationships exhibited by Sagittarius. To the world, this can be seen in the form of two simultaneous relationships. Of course, if at all you do it, you will do it just to reassure yourself of your independence from any one person. You would want to tell yourself that you don’t need anyone emotionally. But that is not a very healthy line of thought. Moreover, the companions will see it as an act of betrayal.

The first thing one would observe about a Sagittarius is his/her amazing frankness and practicality. Generally people who call themselves practical tend to be polite in the more diplomatic sense, but for these guys, the practicality seems to stem from the frankness. Actually, if you cut open a Sagittarius (I mean psychologically), you’d find that what drives them most is their broad outlook, and their quick, positive grasping power of almost any kind of problem. But mind you, the one inclined to get the whole larger picture is liable to miss out on the minor details. They always thirst for challenges in life, and most of the time are restlessly looking for one. Another thing that makes them restless is the endless pursuit of something better. One moment, they might be completely happy with what they’ve got for themselves and the very next moment, they wish they could have had better.

Sagittarians are very caring and lively towards their loved ones, and have a great tendency of understanding their mistakes and learning from them. One very important thing the partner needs to understand here is that they love their freedom too much. Here the word freedom is used in a very different sense. The freedom does not refer to individuality or not wanting to change one’s way of life, it refers to the way in which a person wishes to express his/her love for his/her partner. And another aspect of this need for freedom is fear of closed spaces, in the psychological sense. Excessive possessiveness may take it’s toll on the Sagittarius.

Children of this sign happen to be a little prankish and need to be tamed. Otherwise, they are very brilliant and take their studies very seriously. The only thing is that at an early age, there should be a balance of studies and outdoor activities for proper development of the individual. The parents have the responsibility of ensuring this.

As a friend, the Sagittarian’s greatest gift is his/her liveliness. Sagittarius are very enthusiastic and diligent, and for this reason, they can very easily encourage their friends to keep trying and making the most out of their opportunities. They love to see their friends fighting with all the spirit and verve, and derive strength from their strength. That’s why they say enthusiasm is a very infectious thing.

But if you are in the Sagittarian’s position, the enthusiasm will sometimes come in your way of trying to listen to your friends.The thing is sometimes, you just don’t need to lift up their spirits or anything, you just need to lend them an ear. You, out of all, will find that hard to understand, and learn only with time. Instead of listening, you give your friends ideas and tell them what they already know, and they think you are playing ‘Mr. Fix It’. Of course it’s hard for them to appreciate it all the time! Another problem that arises from this facet of yours is your inability to share your problems with others. Burying them will seem to help for some time, as you maintain your ‘giver of light and hope’ kind of image; but at some point, you just need to let go of your ego and lighten up, spit it out.

Another thing about the Sagittarius is that he/she loves challenges and cannot stand the sight of a talent being wasted. So, they need friends who are hustling and bustling and busy all the time; people who take their lives easy, and do things half-heartedly are not for them. They hate half-hearted! But as you may see, given a friend group, there will always be the ‘laid back Jim’. Besides, it’s not always about the friends living up to your expectations – it’s about you measuring up and adjusting to your circle of friends that you picked with your own hands. So, Sagittarius need to learn to keep boredom and restlessness out of their demeanor – these things will only bring frustration to the them and their peers, and lead to no constructive activity.

Cheers to all the Sagittariuses out there. We are rather awesome, aren't we? ;dd

Favorite Books

Harry Potter

percy Jackson

Artimes Fowl

Da vinci code

Twilight and breaking dawn( the first and last)

jane eyre

pride and predujice

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Miss You reviews
Set between Lost hero and Son of neptune the time when Annabeth has Just figure out what has happened to percy. She is worried her brother Malcolm comforts her Just accut sibling moment
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The End reviews
The boy who lived died
Harry Potter - Rated: K+ - English - Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 252 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 1 - Published: 7/26/2011 - Harry P. - Complete
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