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Hey all! Gravekeeper here, what's up? I've decided to stop being so lazy and to write something a bit more constructive here.

I've always had an overactive imagination and an average ability for drawing so, ever since I was a kid I spent most of my classroom time drawing out simple slapstick comics for whatever fandom I happened to be really into at the moment; Tiny Toons, Sonic, Pokemon, etc. These comics didn't even have speech bubbles--I'd actually memorize the entire dialogue for the comic and then I would show my friends the comic, recounting the tale as a story with images.

This went on pretty much all throughout my school life up until getting into college. Along the way, I had created a lot of stories and universes with many characters for each of the fandoms, specifically Sonic and Pokemon--and they were (and still are) all in my head, mostly. I have so many unfinished story ideas that I don't even know where to begin writing or drawing them down.

The first story I ever did write down was Amber's Journey, which was about an original character Pokemon trainer going through the paces of the game's story. I wrote it out of my pure nerd rage against the Pokemon anime, and the way it played so fast and loose with the Pokemon canon. So far, Amber's Journey is my longest running and biggest story, but it's mostly confined to simple comic form and to my head, after a disk failure took down all the chapters I had written at least 10 years ago. Having all my work go down in flames like that turned me off from writing for quite a while.

After that, I took some of the secondary characters from that story and turned them into Sonic-style characters (ewww furries run for your life!), and created Miles Away: A Change of Pace (formerly 'The Legend Continues' because I couldn't think of a title). It's a story set quite a few decades ahead from the Sonic game canon, featuring some original characters of mine as descendants of Tails and Knuckles. That one I started writing down, but by that time, I was swamped with college work, and nearly stopped drawing and completely stopped writing, so only one chapter ever made it to the public before I summarily put it on hiatus. Of course, that story is still swimming in my head, with quite a lot of development that would take me a while to sort out--we're talking years of in-story time.

After putting that one in hiatus, I mostly became a lurker, not even visiting DeviantArt, despite all the sketching I do whenever I'm idle at my house. Or at school. Or at work. I drifted from community to community, watching from the shadows and mostly staying out of the way... until dem ponies.

The Ballad of Twilight Sparkle

It took a lot of needling, but one of my friends made me pony-curious enough for me to burn through the episodes back during late April. As expected, I was quickly bronified. Now, this friend, he and I usually like to bounce around ideas for stories for our characters (usually in the context of possibly making a game), so it wasn't long before we started playing with ideas for pony-related matters as well. It got to the point where almost any joke I made or any idea we discussed made me think, 'Huh, that'd make for a pretty funny scene or story.'

The Ballad of Twilight Sparkle was born from a discussion my brony friend and I were having about the possible uses and limitations Twilight's teleportation could have. I cracked a joke about Twilight having issues about teleporting under pressure, and that in itself became a joke about her having 'problems performing', and next thing you know, I was coming up with an entire framework for a story revolving around Twilight having some sort of erectile, er, horn dysfunction, as it were.

Trixie just had to be there because let's face it, she is a ball of obnoxious awesomeness, and her attitude is something that is fun to play with--a literal Ensemble Darkhorse!

-- To My Reviewers --

I read every single one of your reviews, and I thank you all for your support, praise, and criticism; your reactions are what fuel my drive to keep writing! Trust me when I tell you that I don't consider myself a writer, so I never expected such a warm reception. I wish this site had a more elegant way to reply to you all, but if you'd like to discuss the story with me, or just hit me up for a quick chat, there's a number of ways I can be reached! I check my email every day, and I'm subscribed to The Ballad's post over on its Equestria Daily page, so don't be afraid to drop me a line!

(Profile links are disabled now for some reason, but you can find me at the following pages by my Gravekeeper handle)

My Deviant Art page

Equestria Daily page for The Ballad

FiMFiction page for The Ballad

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