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Author has written 4 stories for Charmed, Ranma, and Sailor Moon.

I started writing fanfiction in high school in 1997, where I started my first fanfiction arc, which would carry me to 2007. Starting with "Vengeance" a story proposed on the FFML that I ran with... for 9 years. The sequel to Vengeance carried me through the summer, called "A New Life," which was then followed by my ridiculous megafic, "Misery Loves Company." I started it in fall of 1998 and stopped writing it in 2007. I started several other fics, but mostly only wrote that arc, which I called "Search for the South Star" -- also renaming the two previous fics, to "Shade of Redemption" and "Mists of Jusenkyo." In 2007, I attempted to end the series, and considered it complete, but no one ever felt it was really "complete" because I never really revealed the deep secrets of the story, and didn't show the next step.

I'm here to correct that now. I am currently writing the epilogue to Misery Loves Company. Additionally, I revived one of my old first chapter story arcs, called "My Love's Flame," which I am primarily writing. I love writing character pieces, incidental romance pieces and growing friendships... and also fight scenes. I also enjoy writing stories with a twist at the end, so a little mystery and surprise is always there, too.

If you have ideas about my stories, or have comments, review or PM me anything. I love feedback of any kind, as long as it's honest and not demanding. I also love reading fanfiction, as long as it's well written and well thought out, so if you wrote one, or know of one, then let me know.

About me: I live in Southern California. I write as panacea for my soul when I'm not at work or at home working my work-from-home second job.

Currently Status (Bolded task is my current one):

My Love's Flame: Chapter 26 - The chapter is done, but I'm holding off any updates until I can find time to write again. My two jobs are keeping me too busy to even keep up with those let alone write afterward. Apologies! Misery Loves Company: Part 5: The Kiss

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