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[UPDATED Feb 6, 2014]

So it's been a long time since I've done frequent updates (over a year, in fact), so I apologize to anyone who's waiting for me to update a story on something. Ever since I got into university/college I've been busy with a whole bunch of things. Also, as I get older, I find that writing about some of the pairings I used to be really into becomes sort of weird and creepy - not that I don't enjoy these pairings - but I guess my tastes have changed. For the most part, I've lost track of many of the stories that I started.

I guess what I'm saying is, don't expect much coming me :(

I do still enjoy reading other people's fanfics, though. If I ever get a lot of spare time and some brilliant idea, I'll get back into writing stuff.


Anyways, about myself!

Age? 19

Name? Not telling... it starts with an 'L'

Gender? Male

On my mind right now? I wish Nintendo would release a cute RPG for the WiiU

Some favourites of mine...

Favourite games: Mother 2&3, Pikmin series, Zelda series, SSB (Not melee so much...), Ni no Kuni, Bastion, Starcraft, Age of Empires, LoL, HoN, DotA

Favourite animes: Last Exile, Evangelion, Nichijou, Baccano, Minami-ke, K-ON!, Steins;Gate, Daily Lives of High School Boys, HunterxHunter

Favourite mangas: Hourou Musuko (dissapointed at the ending...), Variante, Kimi to Boku, Mirai Nikki

Favourite books: Catch-22, Blindness, Harry Potter series

Favourite things: Bentos, Snow, Polar Bears, Rockin', Bass, RHCP, Maximum the Hormone, Love, Ice cream, Physics, Putting on clothes fresh from the dryer, Rare meat, White hair and red eyes, Tomboys, Waking up without an alarm, Scarves, Public transportation, Autumn, Rice, Good teachers, Purple, Yellow, Farmer's markets, Waking up before anyone else, Going to sleep after everyone else, Apple juice, Head-banging.

Pairings I like...

[SSBB] NessxLucas (All time OTP right here. I blame it on Lucas being a total pansy in subspace emissary)

[Mother 3] ClausxLucas (or vice versa. You know, when inter-dimensional space-time travel isn't possible and Ness never meets Lucas)

[Hourou Musuko] NitorixTakatsuki (after much internal debating, I decided she was the best match for Nitori)

[HunterXHunter] KilluaxGon (I love the contrast, and they're such a great bromance)

On a side note, I think Poo from Mother 2 is really hot.

One last thing (disclaimer): I don't own the series of anything I write about, blah blah blah obviously.

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