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Author has written 35 stories for Inazuma Eleven, Inazuma Eleven/イナズマイレブン, Kingdom Hearts, Blue Dragon, Danbōru Senki/ダンボール戦機, and Cardfight!! Vanguard/CARDFIGHT!! ヴァンガード.

"Standing, I'm a meteor; sitting, I'm the sun. When I walk, I'm Andromeda! I am known as Cosmic Pretty Reina! Here, I land on the solar system's third planet!" -Cosmic Pretty Reina


I started to write my profile in English cuz I'm starting to write english fics, lol XD, it goes...

Name: Cosmic Pretty Re-ina(pen name)/Ina(that's my nickname in facebook...but it's not entirely my real name)

Country: Indonesia

Age: I'm 17 in 2015

Hobbies: watching anime, reading, writing fics, editing pics

Fic genres: Me? I'm into just about anything. But I mainly write about Romance, Friendship, and Hurt/Comfort for English. For Indonesian I write Romance, Friendship, and Humor (I suck at English humor...probably =w=). Although for some of my Indonesian always ended up friend said that I have a sharp mystery aura o_O. Dakara, I'm planning to write a Mystery fic soon enough...I already got the idea though...but not sure when to write since I'll be busy with school these two semesters. (Check number 5 in Story Ideas for more info)

Status: HALF-HIATUS. Well, it's all because of school and stuff, and the national exam and the university-entry test is getting near, so I can't do much, sorry.

Contacts: I'M NEARLY EVERYWHERE! Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Fanpop, Wikia, Blog, Tumblr...yeah, I think I'm almost a social-media addict. If you want to know any of those; let me know.

Fave anime: Inazuma Eleven, Bakugan, Blue Dragon, Deltora Quest, Cardfight!! Vanguard, Danball Senki W/WARS, Brothers Conflict, Mikagura, Mekakucity Actors, UtaPri, DiaLovers, DanDevi, Starmyu

Fave game: Kingdom Hearts, Tekken, Ensemble Stars, Ai chuu, Idolish7, Shall we date series

Fave characters:

Inazuma Eleven

-Midorikawa Ryuuji, he's my first fave character...I don't like him when he's in Reize form, but his true personality is soooo cute!! I started to like him since he showed up for the first time in episode 68!!

-Suzuno Fuusuke, he's extremely cool!! At first, I only use his pic as my prof pic on facebook. Since then, a lot of people call me 'Gazelle" or "Gazelle profile pic", and I started to like him ever since.

-Kogure Yuuya, he IS a bit sneaky. But somehow he's cute to me. I feel sorry for what happened to him a long time ago, though. But when he started to trust the others...somehow, I like that attitude!

-Fubuki Shirou, seriously...who doesn't like Fubuki? HE'S SO KAWAII!!(that's cute in Japanese) But seriously, his voice in English dub version needs some work out #kicked# and I LOVE his character song, Ice Road...I cried when I first heard it.

-Kazemaru Ichirouta, is it just me or Kazemaru is actually handsome? Well, he is the most expressive character in the anime...(or at least that's what my best friend said), but I think that's what makes him cute!

-Kiyama Hiroto, he's just so cool! I really like his chara song, Starline...which is my fave chara song. He's also a close friend with Midorikawa, and his kindness really makes my heart melt.

-Fidio Aldena, he's just cute. And I like how he's related to Endou...he's just so friendly with everyone!

-Ichinose Kazuya, I don't know why I liked him. He's so kind to his friends, and maybe because he came from America, cuz I've always wanted to go there...

-Handa Shinichi, a 'minor' character...but still worth it! I like his slightly 'cute' personality

-Zaizen Touko, one of my fave anime girl..she's tomboy but doesn't like jewelry much...which a bit similar to me...

Inazuma Eleven GO

-Matsukaze Tenma, my brother!!! He's so cute!!

-Kariya Masaki, ah! My best friend in Turn Me Into A Prodigy. Though I'll discuss our past later. He's very cool, seriously!!

-Shindou Takuto, Shin-sama!!! Seriously, who can resist Shindou?? (I know some of you guys hate him because he's a crybaby -w-)

-Tsurugi Kyousuke, hey there, ex-SEED! #kicked# Yeah, he's also my best friend in Turn Me Into A Prodigy.

-Kirino Ranmaru, if he's a girl, I'll definitely put him on the spot with Shindou!! (Shindou: what??)

-Ichino Nanasuke and Aoyama Shunsuke, (I put them together since I like them pretty much the same) I love Ichino...he's cute! And for Shunsuke...I mostly think of him as my son, but ah well. He's as cute as he your Britannia Cross guys!

-Kageyama Hikaru, ah, same for you! If you're a girl, I'll definitely hook you up with Masaki-kun!! (kariya: WHAT??)

There are actually more, like Shinsuke, Kishibe, Yukimura, Miyabino, and others...but I don't wanna spend much space, so...yeah...

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

-Fey Rune, FEY!!!! ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!! (Kinda creeps me in his keshin form...but still awesome!!)

-Alpha, hey there koala! X33 //slapped// your 'NO' is really something

-Gamma, you're fabulous and you know it mister //slapped



-Beta, kinda creeps me at first, but starting to like her until the end of the season

-Einam, always follows the leader, Alpha, eh? :3 //pokes

-Meia, pretty :3

(( I must admit they have a lot great characters in this season. ASUREI IS HANDSOME, HONESTLY (( a lot of people say that )). Giru is filled with ikemens...and Garu is filled with shotas...//dies ))

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

-Matatagi Hayato, NYAAA!! WHY DO YOU LOOK LIKE TENMA?? But more handsome :3 //slapped// I'M GOING CRAZY FOR THIS GUY

-Ibuki Munemasa, ah...who doesn't like him?? He's a total ikemen! And I love his spirit :3 although he's SO stupid for dribbling the ball in a basketball style in the first episode //kicked

-Minaho Kazuto, I previously just like him because of his seiyuu (Yonaga Tsubasa-san)...but then, he's also pretty interesting, a detective, hello??


-Ryugel Baran, HE'S AN ALIEN AND WE DON'T CARE! HE'S AWESOME! //shot (Gandales is also cute btw :3)

-Sarjes, it's just me or he's actually pretty cool...? No, seriously

-Katra Paige, she's pretty :3 and kind

-Lalaya Obies, cute :3 /shot/ and her relationship with Kyousuke is really something-- I'm so jealous

-Acrous (young form), I'm telling you...young Acrous is so cool.

(( and then...yeah, this season also has tons of great characters. Not to mention that Sazaanara's filled with cute creatures :3 Powai and Hilary's also awesome...and Rodan's...not bad XD ))

Bakugan Battle Brawlers

-Shun Kazami, I don't really like him at first...thanks to his 'cold' attitude...but I later discovered that he's actually really sweet and kind. He's also smart AND cool! You rock, Shun!

-Alice Gehabich, honestly, she's very beautiful(or at least that's what most of the boys think)...she's also the 'real' Masquerade...which is also my fave character

-Danma Kuso, he might be a bit stubborn...but Dan is still worth it...he's actually pretty cute if you look closely, and he's a good guy

-Hydron, antagonist- sure...but he's so cool!!

-Ace Grit, ah!! A second Shun type!! (okay, no). Like ur attitude!!

Blue Dragon

-Shu, at first I prefer Jiro...but Jiro's a bit too...harsh #kicked# Well anyway, from the people that I've asked...all of them prefer Shu to Jiro

-Bouquet, she's the one who chased Shu everywhere...too bad Shu's with Kluke, I like Bouquet...somehow she's a bit cuter than Kluke

Cardfight!! Vanguard

-Sendo Aichi, too cute to resist!! (Man, I'm totally freaking out for this guy!!)

-Katsuragi Kamui, I don't really know why I like this boy. I guess his 'cool' attitude gives it in

-Taishi Miwa, kinda minor in a way...but I love his style!

-Sendo Emi, Aichi's little sister. No wonder Kamui-kun has a crush on her...XD

Danball Senki W

-Oozora Hiro, OMICHEESE, HE'S SUCH A SHOTA!!!! I personally also love his otaku side though X33

-Haibara Yuuya, second favorite. You're so cool during B.C. Extras... //dies

-Kaidou Jin, HE'S SO COOL

-Kojou Asuka, nice!! Love your Vampire Cat kiddo!

-Alice, love your cosplay as Cosmic Pretty Reina...zxcvbnm //don't mind this side of mine//

Danball Senki Wars


-Kashima Yuno, she's like a mix of Aoi and Kinako...or is it just me...? o_O She's cute either way X3

-Hoshihara Hikaru, he's not like what I thought he would be...but he's kinda kakkoi X33

-Arata Sena, he's so funny XDD

Kingdom Hearts

-Roxas, well, I think Roxas is a bit cuter than Sora...and most of my friends agree with this...too bad he's just a Nobody...but he's my first fave Organization XIII member, the next could be Demyx and Zexion

-Kairi, she's just so kind to Sora...not every girl has that sort of kind of 'strength'

-Sora, I may like Roxas, but I'm a bit to Sora as well...I like his voice when he sings (in Atlantica that is)...but somehow I find it kinda funny when he sang with Ariel and the gang

Fave pairings:


1. IchinosexAki, they're destined to be together!

2. KogurexHaruna, I love this pairing!! Their 'atmosphere' is very special!!

3. GouenjixNatsumi, I don't really like this pairing at first. But when I realized that Natsumi become Endou's wife, I feel like Natsumi is way better with Gouenji!

4. FubukixFuyuka, this is such a crack == but at least it's way better than FudouxFuyuka...I have no idea about it. Fubuki and Fuyuka would make a great couple!

5. KidouxTouko, and again with another crack pairing. There are tons of hints for this one...and I don't really like TsunamixTouko...I don't know why!

6. ShuxBouquet, I told u earlier...I don't like ShuxKluke! == and I don't want Marumaro to get in their way!

7. AndropovxKluke, yep...that's more I like it! Then everyone will get a share :3

8. DanxJulie, I somehow like this one better than DanxRuno o_O (seriously, what's wrong with me?)

9. ShunxAlice, woohoo!! I'm so into this!! XD

10. JoexChan Lee, it's very obvious!! Kinda jealous though...=w=

11. SoraxKairi, no-one would hate this's really a piece!

12. RoxasxNamine, ah...same thing- err, not!

13. TenmaxAoi, I kinda like this one :3 Well, they're childhood friends and all (but that doesn't mean I like EndouxFuyuka)...they both look so cute together! I also like KariyaxAoi, and TsurugixAoi.

14. KirinoxMidori, total crack! I know! This couple is interesting and I might make a fic about this couple someday soon...

15. KamuixEmi, rather than KamuixNagisa...honestly ==" Too bad Kamui never really had the chance to fight with her 'personally'...other than that princess thing!

16. AlphaxBeta, not much hints, I know. It's just they would be interesting since Alpha was DAMN emotionless while Beta was like one of those maids in the maid cafe!

17. HiroxRan, THIS IS MY OTP OF ALL STRAIGHT PAIRINGS! Honestly, I love these guys so much!!

18. ArataxYuno, a better version of TenmaAoi...if one of my senpais said XDD

19. SakuyaxRinko, THIS IS MY OTP FOR WARS, HONESTLY-- //rolls// HINTS--


1. KariyaxHikaru, MASAHIKA!!!! I don't really support this one at first...since there's no really absolute hint. But when I heard the song 'Houkago Chemistry' and saw the lyrics...I was like "these two are so cute when they sing together!!". And remember the word 'chemistry' honestly...that was so ambiguous! And there are more hints in the end of GO...and then in Chrono Stone!! This couple is the only one staying alive during Chrono Stone episode 1! However, I'm also a bit into MasaRan since that's what my first shounen-ai fic was all about.

2. ShindouxKirino, a.k.a. Rantaku or TakuRan. Seriously...KIRINO IS SO GIRLY! #kicked by all Kirino fans# Well I also like him as a guy in one way or another, but...that appearance that makes me started to like yaoi. If only Kirino was a girl...I'm still wishing that! I don't want Shindou to end up with Akane...NEVER (though considering this might happen in the future). Urgh...I'm getting a headache every time I think about it. (I'm also a bit into IbukixShin now though X33 )

3. TsurugixTenma, or Kyouten for short. This couple is really sweet :3 There are TONS of hints in the anime if you pay attention closely. And this is that caught my attention most: in Chrono Stone episode 7, Tenma was running with Fey while practicing Keshin Armed...and then Tsurugi was just glared at them...and I think HE'S JEALOUS! HONESTLY! ( though KyouTaku and TakuTen is not bad IMO )

4. IchinoxAoyama, my two faves!! X3 Seriously...I wish people would make more fics of these two...

5. MinamisawaxKurama, a sad...

6. HamanoxHayami, I actually don't really pay attention to this one. It's just cute how one is damn optimistic while the other is currently obsessively pessimistic!

7. HirotoxMidorikawa, HiroMido is so cute!! They suit each other, seriously!! Though I think Hiroto's in love with Endou (for real) because one of his dialogues: "I'm in love, Endou-kun...with those eyes of yours!" And that's when HiroMamo became such a trend. But hey, we're talking about HiroMido here. So I think they suits together most since Hiroto and Endou went their separated ways...and Hiroto always showed up with Midorikawa til now.

8. BurnxGazelle, no-one would hate this one (except for some people with their 'problems'). They are really match for each other!!

9. HakuryuuxShuu, I almost forgot about this one...the part when Hakuryuu hold Shuu's hand during the match was like Shuu's rejected love XD (I don't understand what they're saying since I watched it in Korean). They would play out well, I know it.

10. HandaxMax, yeah...I kinda like this one. Not much hints, but can be DAMN popular...I wonder why.

11. KaixAichi, at first I prefer KamuixAichi (Gouki caused me this) and KaixMiwa, but when Aichi started to suffer psyqualia...I can see Kai was so concerned towards him. THIS IS LIKE A VANGUARD VERSION OF KYOUTEN!

12. AlphaxFey, this only showed up for a short while...but I wonder why people suddenly turned their heads into these two. I'll kill Alpha if he really hurts Fey, though. I also kinda like FeyxTenma (due to the 'Tsurugi's jealousy' earlier). I might make a fic about it later :D But now I'm a bit into SaryuuxFey...hmm...

I don't really have taste for Yuri...I read some fics about it; but I don't really like them that much- seen FuyuAki doujins...I also kinda like FuyuHaru and ToukoRika. But honestly, I'm not into Yuri. Not much guy-looking girls...probably, that's why :v

OC File (please do note that the appearance on clothes here are their casual clothes)

1. Hopper

Appearance: He's no more than a rabbit! He has orange-chestnut fur with black eyes. He usually wears a red bow tie on his neck.

Personality: A hard-worker and has great fighting spirits. He refer to the others using "-sama"


-Virluna Kick (SH), he jumped into mid-air and moved his feet backwards in the shape of a crescent moon. It's indeed, powerful and can pass Fubuki's defense.


-Aliea no Sekai. In this story, he became Endou's stuff-doll. But he is actually a sakka-doll (a doll who defends soccer...kinda like Resistance in GO). Seeing the ANT (Aliea National Trainer) system, the sakka-dolls can't help he went to Earth to protect soccer there. Endou got him as a Christmas present 5 years before the story happened.

Main crush: (Nobody...he's a rabbit, hello?)

Relations: Endou (master), Aliea Academy members (arch enemies)

2. Hiroshi Ina (surname may change in every story)

Appearance: Blonde hair which tied into pigtails with red scrunchies, green eyes, a sleeveless red casual dress with the skirt reaches 5 centimeters above her knees (the skirt part also has some white gathering fabric at the bottom), white socks, red shoes.

Personality: Sweet and loyal, but also can attack when the situation is demanding. She normally can't control her feelings towards someone that she likes.


-Harmony Star (SH), surrounded with blue-gold musical notes background. The musical notes then merged and gave force to the ball, which results a powerful shot. This shot was originally taught by Shindou.

-Fire Mane (DF), first used in Turn Me Into A Prodigy. It made Ina and the opponent surrounded by a ring of fire and when Ina made a move like throwing away something, a lace of fire twirled the ball which was in opponent's possession and then brought it closer to Ina. And the ring of fire made it easy for Ina to escape, since it's just an illusion that the opponents haven't known of. Monster needed: Magmare (ride).

-Kage no Sasayaku (SH), while jumping in mid-air, making the ball surrounded with a shadow. It is very smooth and undetectable like a shadow's whisper (or so Kishibe said). First used in Turn Me Into A Prodigy. Monster needed: Zaal (ride).

-Snowflake Horn (SH), a bit like Kirino's La Flame at first (although it shows snowflakes, instead of flames). It also results a recognizable cold breeze, in which was the specialty of this hissatsu. First used in Turn Me Into A Prodigy. Monster needed: Dolphus (ride).


-Turn Me Into A Prodigy. She's the main character here. In this story, she has a crush on Shindou and is afraid to admit it. But with her best friends (Kariya, Tsurugi, and other OCs) and her brother (Tenma)...and more drama ahead...will she be able to deal with it?

-Under The Snow. In this story, she recorded the 'scene' in the morning and uploaded it on which Kariya wanted to kill her (lol)

Main crush: Shindou Takuto (Inazuma Eleven GO)/Kishibe Taiga (Inazuma Eleven GO)

Relations: Tenma (younger brother-Turn Me Into A Prodigy, Under The Snow), Kirino (older brother-never used), Fey Rune (cousin-never used), Shindou (crush-Turn Me Into A Prodigy), Kariya (best friend-originally), Tsurugi Kyousuke (best friend-originally), Aoyama (older brother-unpublished fic), Kishibe (boyfriend-Unexpected, ex-boyfriend - Turn Me Into A Prodigy), Hiroshi Yuuji (older brother-originally).


-She's actually a monster warrior...which means she can change forms to different types of monsters to attack. (watch Ben 10 for a better imagination...the monsters are based on a DS game called Monster Racers, however- which is clearly not mine).

-She's the most popular girl in every school she's transferred to. Moreover that she's not very strong, so she always has some 'hidden' accident. (in Raimon, it's Kariya and Tsurugi; and Kishibe in Kidokawa Seishuu)

3. Tsubuki Atsuichi

Appearance: Short, white hair; a light blue long-sleeved shirt; blue vest; beige pants; brown sneakers; pink eyes.

Personality: He's easily in love with girls; despite his cool attitude. He sometimes makes the other OCs mad...especially girls (thanks to his motto: 'speak before you think'). Often rumored as Kazuki's boyfriend.


-Turn Me Into A Prodigy. He appeared for the first time in chapter 6 with Yukimura. He went to school in Hakuren and often come to Ina to report on stuff.

Main crush: Meia (Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone)- in which he hates Gillis so much (apparently Hiroshi likes Kinako too, so Tsubuki decided to give up on her and went to Meia instead).

Relations: Yukimura (close friend-every OC fic), Meia (crush-originally), Gillis (arch enemy-originally), Kazuki (rumored-girlfriend - originally)

Others: He's a Hakuren student...and this may never change except if there's an AU setting or something.

4. Arasawa Kazuki

Appearance: Long chestnut hair (which sometimes tied into a ponytail), red eyes, black long-sleeved shirt, red skirt, black boots. (Her design is inspired from a vocaloid, IA)

Personality: Tsundere type. She's boyish in a way and often made guys scared of her with her amazing fighting skills. Often rumored as Tsubuki's girlfriend.


-Players of God Eden Sacrifice. On this fic, she became a manager for Inazuma Japan. The night before the FFI finals, she told the team a ghost story based on a vocaloid song, Hitobashira Alice. However, the main character in the story (Shuu), was none other than Kazuki herself.

Main crush: Oozora Hiro (Danball Senki W)

Relations: Tsubuki (rumored-boyfriend - originally), Hiro (crush-originally), Shuu (same person-Players of God Eden Sacrifice)


-She has high-ninja better think twice before messing with her; not to mention her great physical abilities.

-Rumored as tsundere.

5. Sakamoto Hikari

Appearance: Long blue hair which usually tied into long pigtails, blue eyes, green T-shirt (like Kirino's), blue denim shorts, white socks, white sneakers. (his fashion sense wasn't very good, I know)

Cover appearance: Long creme hair (with cat-ears), pink T-shirt, (the same) blue denim shorts, beige sneakers (yes, he covers as a girl). (kinda similar with GO's scout character, Sugoi Atari, eh?)

Personality: Often being mistaken for a girl for his appearance. However, girls fall for him easily. He doesn't like it when there's another guy who steal all the girls' attention, just like Tsubuki. He likes to trick Kirino.


-Turn Me Into A Prodigy. He supports Ina and Shindou in their relationship and hooks them up along with Kariya and the gang. Once frustrated because his sister returned from Okinawa (to which Kirino didn't believe that Hikari has a twin sister).

Main crush: Kojou Asuka (Danball Senki W)

Relations: Yami (twin-originally), Kirino (arch enemy-originally), Kariya (rival-originally), Asuka (crush-originally), Tsubuki (rival-originally).

Others: He and Yami are orphans. They both live in different orphanages due to not much empty spaces left. He originally stays in an orphanage in Hokkaido.

6. Sakamoto Yami

Appearance: Short blue hair, blue eyes, black sweatshirt, denim pants, black shoes.

Cover appearance: Short black hair, black-purple T-shirt, black pants, black shoes. (This design was inspired by Shuu from Inazuma Eleven GO The Movie XD)

Personality: Mostly serious about everything, likes to share darkness aura with the people around him, but is actually very kind and generous. Often being mistaken for a guy.


-Hypnotizing Dark Trap (DF), made her and the enemy trapped inside a dark aura. Then, the enemy was shown an illusion of Yami saying, 'how will you escape now?' and it will keep repeating until the enemy realizes by his own that it was just an illusion. The real Yami, however, will probably already in front of the goal by then. First used in Turn Me Into A Prodigy.


-Turn Me Into A Prodigy. She joins Raimon in the match between Raimon vs Kidokawa Seishuu, and approved by the seitei. She's there to protect Ina from 'someone'.

Main crush: Kirino Ranmaru (Inazuma Eleven Go)

Relations: Kirino (crush-originally), Tsurugi (best friend-originally), Hikari (twin-originally), Shuu (best friend-originally)

Others: -Hikari and her are orphans. They both live in different orphanages due to not much empty spaces left. She originally stays in an orphanage in Okinawa.

-Her interests are kinda different from teenage girls in general.

7. Yuna Aldena

Appearance: Long blue hair which mainly tied into a ponytail, long-sleeved black shirt, black skirt, black boots (plus black mask for cover appearance) - yes, she's very similar to Hikari.

Main crush: Kazemaru Ichirouta (Inazuma Eleven)

Others: As expected from her surname, she's Fidio Aldena's sister. I wrote about her in my Indonesian Facebook fic, S.E.C.R.E.T in which she became the most top-rated fujoshi in Inazuma Town. For some reasons, she became a fujoshi after Fidio left for Italy to play soccer. This OC was first created for an OC submission for a Gundam Facebook fic. And then used again in Inazuma Wishes by MangoSparkles through OC submission as well. She hasn't taken part in any of my fics in fanfiction, so no info for the plot.

8. Egamura Eiji

Appearance: Short black hair, a bit tanned skin, orange eyes, considered to be good-looking by most girls.

Personality: Love to get lady's attention, a bit of narcissist type, he'll do anything to get what he wants, and won't think twice not to hurt somebody that his crush likes.


-Out of Sight (OF), Egamura turned into a shadow and suddenly joined the shadow hurricane which is surrounding the enemy. And once the timing is perfect, he will become human again and get the ball from the enemy. First used in Turn Me Into A Prodigy.


-Turn Me Into A Prodigy. He first joins Kidokawa Seishuu and appeared in the second half after Raimon scored the third goal. Recognizing Shindou as Ina's crush, he keeps blocking Shindou from getting nearer to the goal.

Main crush: Ina (OC)

Relations: Ina (crush-originally), Yami (enemies-originally), Kariya (enemies-originally), Shindou (rival-Turn Me Into A Prodigy), Kishibe (frienemies-Turn Me Into A Prodigy)


-He's the most popular boy in any school he goes into. Once he met Ina (the most popular girl) and he thinks that she's the only girl who fit him the most. That's why he's always chasing her, but neither Yami nor Kariya have any idea why he can be so attracted with that girl.

Story Ideas:

(These are some ideas that came to my mind yet I'm still to busy to write them. I've started to write some of them, but I haven't published it due to the fact that this may not be interesting (I'm still traumatized by that random critic! ==) Anyway, if you think I should upload any of these...let me know. Note that the title and all may change. If you want a translation of any of my fics, let me know too)

1. The Singing Soccer (English). Crossover: Vocaloid x Inazuma Eleven. Starring: Kazemaru & Miku/Kirino & Miki. Summary: What if the Vocaloids and the soccer players live in the same world? What if someone accidentally 'borrowed' Miku's time machine and went to the future? What if someone was not into soccer anymore? Read to find out!

2. Hajimaru no wa Sayonara (English). Fandom: Inazuma Eleven. Summary: What will happen when 7 GO brothers have their own problems with 7 OC sisters? It all starts with a will they solve it? GO timeline.

3. Ore wa Alice Ja nai! (Indonesian). Crossover: Bakugan x Inazuma Eleven. Summary: Tatkala para Battle Brawlers ingin mengadakan drama tentang Alice in Wonderland dan Alice menghilang...bagaimana jadinya?? Haruskah meng-summon orang dari fandom InaIre untuk membantu mereka?

4. A Twisted Romeo and Juliet (English). Fandom: Inazuma Eleven. Starring: Kariya M. / Kageyama H.
Summary: This story was inspired from the classic Romeo and Juliet, and also the animation Gnomeo and Juliet. But this time, it has a twist of whether it ends tragically like the classic, or ends happily like the modern animation? Shounen-ai, MasaHika and some others.

5. Monster Guardians (English). Fandom: Inazuma Eleven. Starring: Kirino R. / Kariya M. Sumarry: The life of Monster Guardians are in danger, even Kirino has to move away from Japan for his own good since Shindou and his family died. With new friends in a different country and Monster Guardian friends...will they be able to stand up against Libra Universe; an organization that want to capture all of the Monster Guardians for selfish uses? AU

That's all my fave characters and info about me (and my OCs)...


(Okay people, this I copied from people's profiles so...sorry if there are any inconvenience. And I'm too bored also, so I decided to do this :P and I love RPs XD)

Pick any 10 characters in Inazuma Eleven GO.

1. Fey Rune

2. Shuu

3. Tenma

4. Kariya

5. Shindou

6. Kirino

7. Hakuryuu

8. Kyousuke

9. Taiyou

10. Saryuu

5 shows up with flowers

I was listening to music; like I used to.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. I opened reveal...

"Taku-senpai!" I shouted. It's not because he showed up...but he

"Hey, Ina," he said and came into my room.

"What are you doing here??" I asked, still confused. "Oh, I came to bring you these flowers," he admitted and gave some tulips to me.


"You did say you need some for biology class, right?" he asked in sweatdrop mode. And I quickly facepalmed for my random thoughts.

3 and 9 are eating ice-cream while 1 and 4 are spying.

"Ten-chan! Taiyou-kun! Here are your ice-creams!" I told them as I gave the chocolate and orange flavored ice-creams to them.

"Thank you, onee-chan!" Tenma thanked me, and Taiyou smiled. I also ate some vanilla myself and left them alone.

Though when I was walking pass the crossroad, I heard some noises.

"Kariya-kun, are you really serious about this? You really think Tenma's dating Taiyou?" asked Fey; who's wearing a disguise.

"Of course they are, and I need to tell Tsurugi about it!" Kariya replied as he started to pull his cell phone out. I only shook my head at their actions and went home.

10 called you.

One day, Saryuu was bored...and he called any random number in his contact list.


6 picks up.


"Hey Ina, Second Stage Children needs your help again. Come and lend us a hand some time."

" Stage Children? Who is this?"

Saryuu recognized that the voice was not Ina's...or maybe she's having a sore throat.

"Hello? Hello?" Kirino frustratedly turned Ina's cellphone off because she doesn't want her little sister to be stalked by some random 'Second Stage Children'...nor did he remember who that was.

4, 7 and 8 are going out. Role Play this.

"I'm bored..." Kariya sighed once he got out of the food court.

"You ate too many, that's why," Hakuryuu joked, to which the rest of them laughed.

"Anyway, wanna go to the movies? I heard Tenma and the others are already there," Kyousuke said once he checked his last e-mail.

"Ah, good thinking Tsurugi-kun. There's a good horror movie right now. Let's go!" Kariya was probably the most fiery one out of the three, and Hakuryuu and Kyousuke was having a hard time to catch up to him.

2, what should I do with you?

"Shuu-sama!" I yelled.

"Y-y-y-yes, Ina??" he stammered, probably surprised by my yelling.


"I DON'T! HE'S JUST A BEST FRIEND!" and he has that spirit-eyes-no-jutsu my plan failed...AGAIN.

"Okay, I'm sorry, Shuu-sama...let's go get some waffles," I said and dragged him away.

Eat watermelons for me please 2!

"Shuu-sama!" I called out.

"What is it again, Ina?" this time he was a bit irritated.

"Eat these watermelons...NOW!" I ordered while pointing at a huge box of watermelons.

"Wh-where did you get these MANY watermelons??" Shuu's eyes widened..a lot.

"From Tsunami-san, duh. He gave way too many, I know. Now be a man-spirit, and eat up!"

9's sad. You should comfort him.

"Taiyou-kun?" I asked when I saw him sitting near the riverbank.


"Why do you look sad? Is something wrong?" I asked as I sat next to him.

"Ina," he started up.

"How will you feel when your crush loves someone else?" he asked, and that really shot me like a blade.

"...yes, Taiyou-kun...I feel you..." I said as I pat his shoulders, and he also pat mine.

10 lost his phone


"WHAT?" I jumped from my bed because I heard someone yelling my name.

"WHERE'S MY CELLPHONE?" he asked which made me fell out of my bed literally. "Honestly? That's it? Cousin Fey borrowed it..."


"In El Dorado's base, why??"

He said nothing and quickly left...with his face all red.

You caught 2 and 6 having *.

I was walking along the apartment hall...and I heard some suspicious sounds.

Is this...moaning...?

"A little bit more, Shuu!"

"Shut up, Kirino! I'm trying!"

I tried to peek in but it was too difficult to do so.

But yet...from the noises, I think I know what they're doing.

For the sake of Saryuu in ballerina's clothes and dancing to Harlem Shake with honey cheese waffles on top...

In 7's room!

"...Kirino's imouto, right? What are you doing here?" the room owner asked me.

"Hakuryuu-kun! S-sorry, I was just...wondering whether you're at home," I lied.

"...oh, okay," and he was about to open the door-

"WAIT, DON'T!" I yelled.

"...wh-what is it?"

"Um...err...there's a bomb in there!!"

"Okay..." Hakuryuu left with a sweatdrop.

Phew...that was close.

You accidentally kiss 3.

"Ah, s-sorry, Ten-chan! I didn't mean anything, you know that!"

"...onee-chan, we're siblings...what's wrong with that...?"

"Ah, right...don't mind me."

6 and 10 are keeping away from you. Why?

"Ran-nii! Saryuu-san!"

...none of them responsed.

"OI!! You two are so mean!!"

"He spotted me and Shuu having *"

"He let Fey borrowed my cellphone and now ALL OF EL DORADO KIDS HAVE MY SECRET PIC!"

6 is reading and suddenly heard the word "darling"

"Um? Who is that?"



"Hey, Ran-nii, what's up with you? I was just playing with you," I giggled, in which he probably wanted to kill me, but ignored doing so due to Ina's dangerous cuteness...again.

9 is celebrating his/her birthday. What will you give to him/her?

"Taiyou-kun! Happy birthday!" I said as I gave him a soccer ball-like music box.

"Thank you, Ina! This is very nice!" he said and hugged me. And I hugged him back as well.

4 went on internet and saw something which made him blush.

Kariya was opening his Facebook account...when suddenly...

"Hey, Masa-kun...why are you stalking Hika-chan's Facebook profile?" I asked to which he blushed.

"SHUT UP!" he said and suddenly turned the laptop off and left the room.

"What's wrong with him...?"

Are there any 5 x 7 fic?

ShindouxHakuryuu? I don't think so o_O"

Do you want to date 2?


"Ina..." Shuu could only mutter with a sweatdrop.

Type a summary for 3 x 4.

TenmaxKariya, huh? These two are quite close friends, although Kariya doesn't really wanna admit it that he's actually friends with that soccer freak XDD

Is 7 a gay/lesbian? What made you say that?

I personally think Hakuryuu is gay for liking both Shuu-sama and Kyou-kun.

"Excuse me?" Hakuryuu suddenly glared.


10 accidentally hit you.


"HEY! Watch where you're go-"

"...ouch," I rubbed my head while still lying on the ground.

"I-Ina! Sorry! I wasn't looking!" Saryuu apologized while helping me to stand up.

"N-no, it's fine. My bad," I sweatdrop-smiled and left.

1 is pregnant. Who's the father?

"Cousin Ina?"

"Yes? What is it cousin Fey?" I asked. It's not like him to be this shy...what's wrong, I wonder?

"...can you keep a secret?"

"Yeah, sure. Spill it."




Then he shush-ed me.

"Calm down! I didn't know what really happened, but all I know is that Saryuu was lying next to me on my bed this morning!"

"Wow...congratulations then," I said...which made him sweatdropped.

8 and 9 are getting married.

"Guys! I have an announcement to make!" Taiyou said in the soccer club room. And we all stared at him.

"...Kyousuke and I are getting married!" he announced. Some of us were shocked, some us smiled, and Tenma was the only one who fainted...not sure what's wrong with that kid these days...

3 suddenly confessed about his love for you!



"I love you."

I titled my head a bit.

"Sure, I know that."

"No, onee-chan, I really mean it! I love you! In more way than siblings!"


"No, onee-chan! Please believe me! I do love you!" this time he had a full grip of my hand.


But 5 is your boyfriend!

"I hate to do this...but I have to do it again."

And suddenly a soccer ball went to Tenma's way and it hit him quite hard.

"T-Ten-chan!" I yelled, and suddenly a figure appeared before me.

"Just this once, you can't steal it from me Tenma! Ina is mine!" and that person was...

"Taku-senpai!" okay, I couldn't believe this. He really accepted my as his girlfriend...? And I thought he didn't even like me in more ways than best friends!

1's not appearing anymore.

"Hey, anyone has seen cousin Fey?" I asked to the El Dorado gang.

"Nope," Gamma replied. "Nuh-uh," Beta shook her head.

"...I heard he's gonna apologize to Saryuu for borrowing his cellphone without permission..." Alpha explained.

"Ah, right..." I said while trying to hold my laugh due to the memory of that event.

1, tell 5 that you love him/her!



"I love you."


"As a best friend."

"Oh yeah, love you too Fey," Shindou said and then pulled my arm and ran away.

(Question maker: //facepalm)

1 x 8 or 7 x 8?

FeyxKyousuke or HakuryuuxKyousuke? HAKUXKYOU FTW!! //shot// Honestly, the Drama CD has a ton of hints about them!

4 tell us who you love!

"I love Junjun."

I sweatdropped, "...other than that. That's obvious enough."

"Oh, then I love-"

"The person you stalked at Facebook the other time...?"

"SHUT UP, INA!" he shouted and then chased me until we reach eternity(?).

What title should a 2 x 6 story be?

Fatal Betrayal XD Honestly, Shuu really shouldn't be having...that at his own lover's house! Not sure why did he do that in the first place anyway...

Well, that's about it! Give yourself and 10 a BIG hug.


"Yes, Ina?"

"Can I hug you, please??"


"Because you're so awesome!"


And THERE, Saryuu and I gave each other a BIG hug.

And THAT's the end of these random questions.

Even when you can't see Him, GOD IS THERE!! If you believe in God, then put this in your profile.

Did you know that 98% of teenagers will not stand up for God, and 93% of the people that read this won’t repost it

(more Inazuma randomness XD copied from The Liker's profile :3)

Inazuma Eleven Challenge

1. Your favorite character

Matatagi Hayato or Fey Rune or Ryugel Baran

2. Your least favourite character

Someoka Ryuugo //shot

3. Character you’d date

Matatagi Hayato or Shindou Takuto or any other handsome/cute guys there is in this anime //kicked

4. Character you’d like to go shopping with

Sorano Aoi (well, any Inazuma girls BUT Rika //ifyouknowwhatImean)

5. Character you’d like as your child

Nishizono Shinsuke :3

6. Character who would probably be your rival


7. Character you have the most in common with

Cheerful as Tenma, serious as Kyousuke, but I'm most in common with Shindou Takuto :3

8. Character you look like the most


9. Character you’d bring home to your parents

Kogure-kun XD

10. Character you’d never bring home to your parents

Zanark know what I mean XD

11. Character you’d become best friends with

Nanobana Kinako

12. Character with your favorite voice/seiyuu

Male seiyuu: Minamisawa Atsushi, Ichinose Kazuya, Fudou Akio, well you know the drill

Female seiyuu: Rococo

13. Character you’d go camping with

the whole Raimon (GO) gang XD //effectsoftheDramaCD

14. Character you wouldn’t mind being roommates with

Aoi or Kinako or Haruna or Aki //hey

15. Character you’d want to cook for you

Gouenji XD

16. Character you wouldn’t mind prancing naked for you


17. Your OTP


18. Character you wouldn’t mind having as a parent

Endou Daisuke XD

19. Character you’d like to go karaoke with

The whole Inazuma characters :) //oi

20. Character you wouldn’t mind having as your butler/maid

Again, the whole Inazuma-- //stuffedwithwaffles

21. Character you’d have in your party if you were in a RPG

MINORI :DD //therealone

22. Another OTP of yours

MUNETAKU-- /hit/ um...KusaKono maybe o.O

23. Your favourite character of the opposite gender of #1

Nanobana Kinako or Katra Paige or Lalaya Obies :3

24. Character with your favourite uniform/ outfit

Nanobana Kinako :3 and I kinda like Giru's uniform for unknown reasons XD

25. Character who would be your band-mate if you were in a band

SHINDOU!!! /shot/

26. Character you wouldn’t mind having as your boss

Endou Mamoru :D

27. Character you wouldn’t want to run into in a dark alley

Kusaka and the real Minori...and Someoka (just in case /?)

28. Character you’d want personified into a dog

Kageyama Hikaru X33

29. Character you’d want personified into a cat

Matsuno Kuusuke aka Max :3

30. Character you’d want to cosplay as

Hilary Flail or Nanobana Kinako :3

(MORE Inazuma randomness, from SapphireSpade's profile :3)

Inazuma Eleven Challenge: (all season applies for me)

1. Your top five favorite characters.
2. An episode that really affected you.
3. The most memorable quote for you.
4. The soccer match you liked the most.
5. A favorite pairing ( or two, or three, or several ).
6. A character you wish were ( or were not ) on Inazuma Japan.
7. The eleven players that would be your Ina11 dream team.
8. Your favorite group and solo hassatsu techniques.
9. Your favorite OP / ED songs.
10. How you would summarize Ina11 to someone who didn’t know the series.
11. One thing you would change about Ina11 if you were one of the creators.
12. Five characters and what they’d be doing if not involved with soccer.
13. One character you wouldn’t mind dating.
14. What got you into Ina11 and what keeps you into it.


1. Matatagi Hayato, Fey Rune, Ryugel Baran, Shuu, Matsukaze Tenma
2. Episode 102 (Inazuma Eleven...I always cry when watching it)
3. "Nanto ka naru!" -Matsukaze Tenma
4. Legend Inazuma Japan vs Atarashii Inazuma Japan (InaDan) WE WANT MORE, WE WANT MORE /OAO/
5. Yaoi: MasaHika, SaruFey, MuneTaku, ManaMina, etc Straight: HakuKina, KyouLalaya, KyouKina, TenAoi, etc
6. Kirino :'3 (for SIJ)
7. GK: Ibuki Munemasa DF: Kirino Ranmaru, Nanobana Kinako, Kariya Masaki, Manabe Jin'ichirou MF: Matsukaze Tenma, Shindou Takuto, Fey Rune, Midorikawa Ryuuji FW: Matatagi Hayato, Shuu
8. Group: The Earth (Infinity) Solo: ASOKO NI UFO!
9. OP: Raimei Blue Train, Supernova, Kandou Kyouyuu, etc ED: Hontou ni Arigatou, Arashii Tatsumaki Hurricane, Fashion Uchuu Senshi, etc
10. It's a super-dimensional anime, mostly talk about soccer, and penguins, with slight shounen-ai.
11. I'd add more MasaHika //shot
12. Huge episode 1 of Chrono Stone reference XD
13. Matatagi Hayato //shot
14. THE FEELS :'3 (and the shotas :3)

See ya in the next dimension, make it up to four...

-SuzuRyuuji in disguise- Baran Brothers Addict

(if you find that around, that's my (new) signature. Previous pen name: MidoPikoSendoTenma if there are any misunderstandings. Thank you)

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