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Bio: Male, British.

Prefer JKR-style Harry Potter fics
centred around original main
characters, years, and locations.

I strive to be different, to write as much new story plot as possible and push the old story as far into the background as possible or change it completely. Most Potter fic authors strive to copy the same original story plot over and over and over again, often scene by scene, often with nauseating detail but with tiny modifications: Harry is smart. Harry is strong. Harry is a girl. Yet this character still behaves much the same way, still has the same scenes in Diagon Alley and on the Hogwarts Express, still saves somebody from the troll, still gets detention in the Forest, still tries to protect the Philosopher's Stone (why?) and still tries his heart out to win the Triwizard Tournament (why?) and still totally forgets that someone is trying to kill him. And still these 'authors' believe they are writing a new story.

I need to clarify and emphasise that none of my 'Walkaway' fics are serialised together. Each is an independent story and they can all be read in any order. The only connection between them is the 'Walkaway' theme which basically means Harry has his own agenda and says NO to the manipulation of Dumbledore. He walks away from being controlled and does not necessarily walk away from Hogwarts. This evokes originality and strives to be different from JK Rowling's story plot that so many Potter fics blindly copy and paste. I love that story but I don't want to keep reading slightly-modified versions of it! NEW is GOOD!

Below is some extra info about my stories.
Links and normal summaries below that...

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This is a powerful, slightly-dark Hermione-centric fic where she is given the chance of another lifetime and Peggy-sues back to her childhood to save Harry and the world. But that will only be the background theme and there will be new adventures and villains to deal with.

No Horcruxes in this one so no Voldemort, no Dursleys, no Philosopher's Stone, no Chamber of Secrets, no Triwizard Tournament etc., hence the title 'All New Adventures.' So, I've cut out most of the repetitive stuff but the fic still covers the same years as the books and has the same gang of six but with new interest.

The fic will be one FFN story but subdivided into 8 books. Book 0 is Hermione up to age 11 so Books 1 to 7 are the same years as the original books.

Lots of fun to be had, fluffy pairings for all the 6 (but not necessarily with each other) which would all be spoilers so I'm not revealing them (apart from Harry/Hermione obviously.) Hope you enjoy it! :)

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Harry Potter canon mostly at Hogwarts with the usual main characters in the 6th year. Nothing to do with gothic ritualistic killing but is to do with villains sacrificing something to achieve their aims instead of the usual hero. That's not to say that the good guys won't sacrifice something as well.

Short novel length nearly 60,000 words. Wish I'd not made the chapters so short though.

I feel this is a good story and there are some sections I really enjoy re-reading myself but this was my first fan fiction and it's not very well written. By that I mean it's not very descriptive and probably some sections could be boring for some readers. It's 'sequel' Dark Will Linger is both a better story and writ more goodish. You don't need to read Dark Sacrifice to make sense of DWL; you can just skip straight to that if you prefer and maybe come back to DS later. So long as your expectations are not too high you won't be disappointed.

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This is about how the ideas of evil people like Voldemort can still have influence even after they are dead. Sort of based on Shakespeare's 'The evil that men do lives after them...' although in this case Voldemort's will is more concrete.

Canon and usual main characters. Lengthy novel of over 200,000 words; big chapters average 6,000-ish words though first few are half that.

I'm pleased with this story. I think it's an excellent plot and the storytelling is much better than Dark Sacrifice. Although DWL is a sequel to DS it is not necessary to read DS to make sense of DWL. It's simply that there is one OC in both and one activity that is carried over. DS is 6th year; this is 8th. It does start at Hogwarts but I'd describe it as an action adventure drama mystery with romance and friendship.

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This is a humorous short story about Harry presenting his CV at a muggles' job centre after he finishes Hogwarts with no magical qualifications. I wrote this fairly quickly then then after revising and re-reading it twenty times I reached the point where I thought "m'eh - only mildy amusing shall I even bother posting it?" And yet it has proved to be very popular and gave readers lots of laughs. But you'll probably go "m'eh" after you've re-read it twenty times so only read it nineteen times.

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Very short story I dashed off after thinking how boring the triwizard tornament would be for the spectators - so who better to give a commentary than Luna to make it more interesting?

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Is this the start of a warm romance between Neville and Luna? Please bring a box of tissues with you when you read this.

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I believe a lot of people think the relationship between Harry and Ginny was very understated in Death Hallows. They kiss then Ron interrupts them and they never really speak again. Apart from looking at the Marauder's Map, Ginny might as well not exist. At the end in the Room of Requirement, Harry doesn't speak to her when they first see each other. He passes her by outside. Her embrace after Voldemort's death is lost amongst many others. He ignores her later and goes with Hermione and Ron. End of story. Tack on the end an epilogue that they've been married for years. Ginny who? Come on - Harry is deeply in love. Ginny is not an afterthought. So, this story tries to redress the lack of feeling described in the original books (worse in the movies!) but also tries to stick to canon. No smut. This is Harry Potter.

If you prefer reading this in French then there is a translation HERE.

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This short story is almost entirely a Potterwatch live broadcast of the Battle of Hogwarts and turned out really well. I think I captured some of the fear and horror and confusion of battle; even the commentators don't understand everything that is taking place. One can imagine the rest of the wizarding community on the edge of their seats glued to the radio awaiting to hear their fate.

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This is a lightweight Weasley family short story. In DWL at the start of Chapter 9 there is a poignant scene where I mention that Arthur got his daughter her desk that is referred to briefly in Deathly Hallows. The Weasleys are not rich. This story is about how much trouble a loving father will go to for his daughter. If you don't like affectionate family stories then don't read it or you'll be bored.

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Humorous short story spinoff from Half Baked but not so funny. Don't expect too much; accept it as lightweight fun and you won't be too disappointed.

I included Cho in DWL then later realized she was a year older than Harry (I never knew that before) so she had already left Hogwarts. D'oh! Anyways, it got me wondering what kind of job would she be doing and how easy would it be to suddenly drop everything and race back to Hogwarts for the Great Battle. I did a bit of research and I think she married or at least dated a muggle later on so I figured she'd be mixing more with muggles and might even have a muggle job. It struck me as funny to imagine her asking her boss "Oh could I have a few hours off work please - it's to go to war - I'll be back tomorrow."

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Kickass Super Harry sorts out Umbridge. Come on, you know you want to. This will be three chapters themed: motivation, training, payback and it's set at the start of Order of the Phoenix so you know the story and can skip browse any sections you want without confusion.

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A semi-parody covering all seven books in abbreviated form. If Neville's gran's criticisms can hold back her grandson's character development then think how the Dursleys might have suppressed Harry. Friendless, bullied at school and at home and kept in a cupboard except to slave for them. No wonder he grew up cautious, unadventurous, unambitious, and reluctant to take risks unless unavoidable. But don't underestimate him. He has high ideals and courage deep within that passive surface. He had learned his lessons well: keep your head down and your nose clean and avoid getting into trouble. How on earth can Voldemort ever be vanquished? This story will explore the idea that most of Harry's problems were caused by his own rebellious nature and if he just kept his nose out and did what he was told then everything would resolve itself anyway — and maybe better!

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This is a deeper exploration of the close relationship between Harry and Hermione. Might their friendship be even deeper than romantic love? This is mostly Hermione-centric with sections from Harry's POV. There is an immensely strong bond between them. Isn't that a better basis for a lasting partnership than romantic attraction which so often does not last? I think the idea began when I was writing Noble Spirit and realised how interestingly they sparked off each other on the Horcrux hunt. Since which, of course, even JKR wonders if Hermione would have been better partnered with Harry than Ron. Personally, I think the original is better literature though Ginny's character should have been developed more in the final DH. But still...

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