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Me: Hola!! I'm back with internet connection. (Thank the Lord...) And I'm also back with a few new things. Like not letting other people, who will remain nameless *CoughLALAandLIZandMEGCough, make me write in a certain way so they look good. So, from now on, the truth about some people will come out. I'm discontinuing all fics, and concentrating on... Other things...
Also, what do you think of when you see LEMONS???

Meg: *Walking into a wall* Lemonade??

Liz: *Killing a poor wittle puppy* Lemonheads??

Lala: *Filing her nails* Sex?

Me: Lala's right!! And everyone, she writes Lemons!! She has a disgusting mind!! Beware of her lemon fics!! If she ever posts them up!!

Lala: *Throws her nail file at me* I TOLD YOU TO KEEP QUIET ABOUT THAT!!!

Meg: So it's true!! I could understand Lauren and Liz, but YOU!!??

Lala: >_ Liz: *Now putting the innocent wittle puppy wog in the food processor* What do you mean You'd expect it from me??

Meg: *Trying to stand on her head* Well, your even younger than Lala, and your not a virgin!!

Liz: *now turning the food processor on and turning the cute wittle puppy wog into a blood mess* Your point?

Me: Uh... My Bio??

Meg: And we call her b...

Me: *Holding up ye big ass throwing ninja stars* What. Did. You. Say.?

Meg: Nothing!!

lala: *Now painting her nails purple* cough cough meg...

Me: All of you shut up. Lala, stop being a prep, Meg, stop being stupid, and Liz, stop the mass murder!!

Me: So...

Felix: *Runs and carries me away* SHELTER IN YOUR BEDROOM!!!

Me: Well now... Felix... There's people over...

Liz: *Stops making Dog puree long enough to gag*

Lala: Oh lookie... It's Lief!!


Lala: ... Am I missing something???

Liz: Yeah... A life, a brain, and everything else...

Lala: WHAT!?

Big bloody fight occurs between Liz and Lala*

Meg: Pretty coins...

My name is Lauren, and I like to write Lemons/Limes/Slash/Femme Slash/Yaoi/Yuri, and all that good stuff!!

I'm not one of those Insane ppl. I'm friends with some but...

I'm 17. And single. *hinthint!*

I like to write... But I don't read. In plainer terms, I write fanfics, post 'em up, then I go. I don't read 'em.


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