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Author has written 13 stories for Fruits Basket, Naruto, Eden of The East/東のエデン, Death Note, Black Cat, Hotarubi no Mori e/蛍火の杜へ, Attack on Titan/進撃の巨人, Monster, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, and Junjō Romantica.


Why hello, visitors, I hope you come in peace. *Readies laser gun*

I'm a 20 year old university student. A derpy otaku with a firm preference for the fictional world over reality. I'm a huge fan of anime and have been writing fan fiction for 5 1/2 years!


Name: Usagi (online), Kei-chan (IRL nickname)

Age: Old enough to drink booze

Occupation: Creative Writing student, professional magical human

Music: Ozzy Osbourne, System of a Down, Bon Jovi, Disturbed, Nightwish, The Fearless Vampire Killers, Versailles, The Gazette, Kyary.

TV: Doctor Who, True Blood, Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, Black Books, PLENTY of anime.

Books: The Books of Pellinor, The Vampire Chronicles, Battle Royale, A Clockwork Orange, Enduring Love.

Films: The Silence of the Lambs, Interview with the Vampire, Paul, Shutter Island, Little Nicky, The Labyrinth, Bill and Ted.


My ultimate, the love of my life...

Anime I have seen/manga and favourite characters: (18/02/16- CBA to add characters' names anymore!)

Naruto- Itachi Uchiha, Nagato Uzumaki, Neji Hyuuga, Hashirama Senju, Sai.

Dragonball Z- Vegeta, Bardock, Future Trunks.

Inu X Boku SS- Soushi Miketsukami, Ririchiyo Shirakiin, Zange Natsume.

Death Note- L, Light Yagami, Misa Amane.

InuYasha- Miroku, Sango, Inuyasha.

Hotarubi no mori e- Gin and Hotaru Takegawa

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood- Edward Elric, Ling Yao, Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye.

Fruits Basket- Yuki Sohma, Katsuya Honda, Kureno Sohma, Momiji Sohma.

Say 'I love you'- Yamato Kurosawa, Mei Tachibana.

Black Cat- Train Heartnet, Saya Minatsuki, Sven Vollfied.

Kamisama Hajimemashita- Tomoe :D

Kaichou wa Maid-sama!- Takumi Usui, Soutarou Kanou.

Shugo Chara- Ikuto Tsukuyomi, Yoru, Amu.

Vampire Knight- Senri Shiki, Zero Kiryuu, Takuma Ichijou, Kaname Kuran.

Air- Misuzu Kamio (RIP)

Ouran High School Host Club- Tamaki Suoh, Haruhi Fujioka, Kyoya Ootori, Mitsukuni Haninozuka.

Black Blood Brothers- Jiro and Kotaro Mochizuki.

Black Butler- Sebastian, Finnian, Alois Trancy, and of course, Ciel Phantomhive.

La Corda d'Oro- Len Tsukimori, Kazuki Hihara.

Clannad/Afterstory- Nagisa, Tomoya and little Ushio :')

Special A- Kei :D

Gravitation- Eiri Yuki, Shuichi Shindo.

Junjou Romantica- Akihiko Usami (Usagi-san!), Misaki Takahashi, Nowaki Kusama. (Usagi X Marimo = match made in heaven XD)

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi- Kou Yukina (yummmm), Shouta Kisa, Masamune Takano.

Kyoukai no Kanata- Mirai Kuriyama... is so cute. So. Freakin'. Cute.

Noragami- Yato, Hiyori Iki, Kofuku.

Betrayal Knows My Name- Luka Crosszeria, Takashiro Giou, Shusei, Hotsuma.

Attack on Titan- Levi, Eren Jaeger, Petra Ral.

Dengeki Daisy- Teru Kurebayashi, Tasuku Kurosaki.

No. 6- Nezumi, Shion, Inukasha.

Higurashi no naku koro ni- Rika Furude, Shion Sonozaki.

Steins;Gate- Rintaro Okabe, Shiina Mayuri.

Baccano!- Claire Stanfield, Firo Prochainezo, Maiza, Jacuzzi Splot.

Monster- Johan Liebert, Wolfgang Grimmer, Kenzou Tenma.

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu- Tsubaki Hibino, Kyouta Tsubaki.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun- Mikoshiba, Seo, Sakura.

My Little Monster- Natsume, Shizuku, Haru.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica- Kyouko, Homura, Madoka.

Death Parade- Decim, Chiyuki, Nona.

Psycho-Pass- Akane Tsumemori, Nobuchika Ginoza, Shinya Kogami

Sound! Euphonium- Reina Kousaka, Natsuki, Sapphire, Taki.

Gakkou Gurashi- Yuki, Miki, Taroumaru.

Charlotte- Nao Tomori, Yuu Otosaka, Kumagami.

Higurashi Kai- Rika Furude, Rena Ryuuguu, Shion Sonozaki.

One Punch Man- Saitama, Genos

Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!- Yumoto!

No Game No Life- Sora and Shiro, Stephanie Dola.

Golden Time- Oka Chinami

Dog Days


Sunday Without God


Flying Witch

Princess Jellyfish


Space Patrol Luluco


Sweetness and Lightning

Yuri On Ice

Midori Days


1. Monster

2. Inu X Boku SS

3. InuYasha

4. Hotarubi no Mori e

5. Naruto

My favourite MANGA is Fruits Basket. It tops even all of the anime I've seen because it's so gorgeous!!!! The anime hardly does it justice. I'm also in love with Dengeki Daisy. It's beautiful and a perfect mix of mystery, conspiracies and romance. I can't recommend it enough!

My favourite romances are Say 'I love you', Junjou Romantica (yaoi), Inu X Boku SS and Air. My favourite psychological one is Monster. If you haven't seen this show, WATCH IT NOW. Seriously, it's one hell of a ride.

As you can tell, my main forte is Shoujo, but psychological comes in at a close second. Also- I love feels. Any anime that will tear my heart out- I'm so there.

I'm also heavily into yaoi. Yep. I said it. Some I mentioned above already, but here are the yaoi (some shounen ai) I've seen/read:


Junjou Romantica

Sekaiichi Hatuskoi

Hey Class President

Puchitto Hajiketa

Koisuru Boukun


Close the Last Door

Ikoku Irokoi Romantan

Maiden Rose

Winter Cicada

My anime/manga OTPs:

Levi X Petra

Hotaru X Gin

Kisa X Yukina

Ririchiyo X Soushi

Yukito X Misuzu

Misaki X Usagi

Teru X Tasuku

(Why do half of my OTPs include someone who died? *sobs* It's heartbreaking that so many pairings did not get the happy ending they deserved. What 'could have been' is one of the most painful things to imagine...)

All-time favourite characters from any anime/manga: Itachi Uchiha, Levi, Johan Liebert, Ririchiyo Shirakiin, Soushi Miketsukami, Misuzu Kamio, Kureno Sohma, Gin (Hotarubi).

Uchiha Itachi crossed a road. No one dared question his motives.

Uchiha Itachi does not sleep, he waits.

Lightning never strikes in the same place twice because Uchiha Itachi is looking for it.

Uchiha Itachi doesn't actually write haiku, the words assemble themselves out of fear.

Uchiha Itachi can divide by zero.


Uchiha Itachi

6/9/87-3/14/08 xx

QUOTES (A mixture of funny and serious, anime, songs and literature)

“Love is one of the true mysteries,' he said at last. 'The truest and the deepest of all. One thing, Maerad: to love is never wrong. It may be disastrous; it may never be possible; it may be the deepest agony. But it is never wrong.” - Cadvan of Lirigon, The Books of Pellinor

"I could cut off your head and stand on it. Then I'd be taller." - Thomas Cale, The Left Hand of God

"Evil is a point of view. God kills indiscriminately, and so shall we. For no other creatures under God are as we are, none so like him... as ourselves." - Lestat de Lioncourt, Interview with the vampire

"Why are you saying such shitty things when you're supposed to be stripping?" Masamune Takano, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

"I have no power... and little merit. I'm the worst kind of man." - Shigure Sohma, Fruits Basket

"As long as you never give up, there is always salvation!"- Kakashi Hatake, Naruto

Louis: You're a perfect devil, Lestat! That's what you are! You are the devil himself!
Lestat: Yes, I know. And I love to hear you say it, Louis. I need to hear you say it. I don't think anyone will ever say it quite like you do. Come on, say it again. I'm a perfect devil. Tell me how bad I am. It makes me feel so good!

"Doctor Tenma said... Tomorrow's gonna be a good day!"- Dieter, Monster

"I simply added a bit of fuel to the flame born when people come together... It was easy."- Johan Liebert, Monster

"My good opinion, once lost, is lost forever."- Fitzwilliam Darcy, Pride and Prejudice

"How art thou, thou globby bottle of cheap stinking chip-oil? Come and get one in the yarbles, if you have any yarbles, you eunuch jelly, thou."- Alex, A Clockwork Orange

Thank you for reading my profile. Like my stories? Awesome, welcome aboard ;) Don't like my stories? Well that's nice. Go read some other stuff.


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Everything To Do With You by Destinies Entwined reviews
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Noragami/ノラガミ - Rated: T - English - Romance/Supernatural - Chapters: 2 - Words: 5,178 - Reviews: 17 - Favs: 59 - Follows: 39 - Updated: 1/24/2016 - Published: 3/4/2014 - [Hiyori I., Yato]
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Pride and Prejudice - Rated: K+ - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 12 - Words: 15,439 - Reviews: 109 - Favs: 101 - Follows: 329 - Updated: 2/9/2015 - Published: 8/14/2014 - Elizabeth, Georgiana, Mr. Darcy, Jane
Perfect Recall by Boidogan reviews
The battle between the Jyuubi and Naruto ends in tragedy, even with the turned Sasuke's and the four Hokages' assistance. Sasuke and Sakura are given the chance to change the outcome, and they take it. The two are sent back to their Genin days, and now the future is tentative as the two struggle through hardships, new and old. Major SasuSaku Minor NaruHina
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 27,259 - Reviews: 72 - Favs: 86 - Follows: 100 - Updated: 5/10/2013 - Published: 4/5/2013 - Sasuke U., Sakura H.
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Bleach - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 4 - Words: 37,576 - Reviews: 72 - Favs: 159 - Follows: 34 - Updated: 9/30/2011 - Published: 8/12/2011 - G. Ichimaru, R. Matsumoto - Complete
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The Restless Rabbit reviews
Usagi is forced to go to America on urgent business, leaving Misaki alone in the apartment. Misaki is confronted with the emotion of missing his lover, and after a heated phonecall, both men are desperate to be together. What happens when Misaki finally decides to board the plane himself? Misaki X Usagi, fluff, three-shots.
Junjō Romantica - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 3 - Words: 4,630 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 39 - Follows: 32 - Updated: 8/25/2015 - Published: 7/24/2015 - Misaki T., A. Usami
Kisa's Treat reviews
Kisa has had an awful time at the Emerald Department's tense Christmas party. He just wants to go to sleep, but Yukina has other ideas. He prepares an evening of festivity for Kisa. Food, decorations, and romance are all coming Kisa's way! Yukina X Kisa, fluff. Enjoy.
Sekaiichi Hatsukoi - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,669 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 15 - Follows: 7 - Published: 12/17/2014 - Shouta Kisa, Kou Yukina - Complete
Wrap me up reviews
When Gin disappeared, Hotaru thought that was the end. But what happens when the mountain God grants Gin the chance to return? Will they at last get the ending they hoped for? Gin X Hotaru
Hotarubi no Mori e/蛍火の杜へ - Rated: T - English - Romance/Spiritual - Chapters: 20 - Words: 37,626 - Reviews: 94 - Favs: 179 - Follows: 120 - Updated: 12/16/2014 - Published: 6/10/2013 - Complete
The Monster's Footprint (Discontinued) reviews
Johan has vanished from the hospital, after being handed to death for a second time. No trace has been left of his whereabouts, but Nina and Tenma discover something hidden in the town of Ruhenheim. It is a small envelope, and it contains letters… letters from Johan to those who knew him.
Monster - Rated: T - English - Suspense/Tragedy - Chapters: 3 - Words: 3,021 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 9/28/2014 - Published: 9/8/2014 - Johan L., K. Tenma, Nina F.
Jashin Baby- A Hidan Love Story (Discontinued) reviews
Hidan lay in pieces in the soil Shikamaru buried him under. Little did he know that Mia, a young girl with no home, would dig him up and sew him back together, all with a smile. Hidan is back, he is alive, and he's returning to the world with a girl. But with this one, he's going to get a whole lot more than he bargained for. Hidan X OC!
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 12 - Words: 15,426 - Reviews: 63 - Favs: 31 - Follows: 43 - Updated: 9/18/2014 - Published: 4/26/2013 - Hidan
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Yuki X Machi one-shot. It's Yuki and Machi's first official date, and Shigure and Ayame soon appear to interfere. Amidst the antics of the Sohma family, Yuki and Machi find time alone to learn what it means to support one another. (Machi's POV, flufftastic)
Fruits Basket - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,832 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 1 - Published: 8/23/2014 - Machi K., Yuki S.
Beauty in Hell reviews
AU in which Petra lives through the tragic ordeal of her team in the forest. This follows both her and Levi as they attempt to continue their lives without their teammates; because they never knew how important they were to each other, until each other was all they had. Levi X Petra
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Chasing Vermilion reviews
When Itachi joins the Akatsuki, he receives the shock of his life, a precocious pupil named Kana. Soon an unbreakable bond is forged between them and not even Itachi's death can stop his legacy from dissolving. And for the battle that is to come, his legacy will need to stand and fight for the cause that she believes in.
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Adventure - Chapters: 20 - Words: 51,731 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 13 - Updated: 11/15/2013 - Published: 11/5/2012 - Itachi U. - Complete
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Eden of The East/東のエデン - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,827 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 25 - Follows: 2 - Published: 1/1/2013 - Saki, Akira - Complete
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Fruits Basket - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,140 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 24 - Follows: 3 - Published: 8/15/2012 - Machi K., Yuki S. - Complete