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I guess I'm an average girl, writing fanfiction in her spare time. I love movies especially old black and white ones. I also love TV shows from my childhood like Teen Titans, Code Lyoko, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, Strange Days and Blake Holesly High, Avatar: The Last Airbender and Avatar: The Legend of Korra. I also like Arrested Development, 30 Rock, Downton Abbey and I just into Homeland(holy shit that show's intense!!) and I'm struggling to find Code Lyoko: Evolution with English dubs. And now here's some stuff you probably don't care about:

Code Lyoko




and sometimes if I'm adventurous OddxUlrich :/

Character I hate: Yumi. She is so damn boring also I don't like the way she dangles herself infront of Ulrich and then runs of to hang out with William. Ulrich does it too, but Yumi at least has a permanent guy she runs too. Ulrich stays mostly faithful.

Character I love: Ulrich. He's a strong warrior and a good and loyal friend. He also kicks ass and I love the way he and Odd protect Aelita

Teen Titans

RobinxRaven-my OTP

CyxBee to a lesser extent

Character I hate: Starfire. She just irks me.

Character I love: Raven. She has one of the deepest story lines and is one of the most complex characters and the seasons that focused on her was one of my favorites.IMO i also think she has the best powers. I also likes the episodes that focused around her too, like Nevermore and the one where she let her fears take control of her powers.

Strange Days

CorrinexMarshall-so pissed they didn't end up together

CorrinexZ cuz I'm weird

Character I hate: Josie. She's probably the most annoying person. Period. Yeah she's smart and kinda pretty or whatever but she treats everyone like shit. She takes people's stuff, goes against what they kindly ask her to do and is just like whatever I don't care and everyone forgives her but when someone does something to her its a whole different story. I also hate Lucas because he's such an asshole to Vaughn. Yea his dad was thought to be evil but Vaughn was at least trying to help take down his goddamn FATHER

Character I love: Z. He's the most stable out of all the weird fuckers running around the school. He makes learning interesting and I wish I had him as a teacher and a friend


Zutara all the way

Character I hate: I don't really like Mai but when you think of what she had to go through I cut her some slack

Character I love: Katara in the 3rd season got so badass and it was nice to see how a little girl floating on a block of ice in the South Pole became a critical player in a war.


LinxTenzin and thats it

Character I hate: Korra and Mako together and separate. Mako practically went out with Asami when he KNEW he liked Korra and then when they kissed and Bolin witnessed it he blames Korra. I know she kissed him but it takes two to tango and he held it for a little too long. Korra to me was just a cocky pig headed girl. And the way she treated Tenzin sometimes was repulsive. He's always there to clean up the mess she's made and he wants to protect her inexperienced ass from the dangers of Republic City and she blames him for her lack of patience and balance to air bend?

Character I love: Bolin. Bolin should get more some more love. He introduced Korra to pro-bending and is an overall nice guy who watched the girl he really liked get snatched by his 'hotter' brother while he discards another pretty girl. He's only comic relief to some but if the writers tried a bit harder they could have explored his reaction to his parent's death or something

Downton Abbey

I pretty much ship everyone with everyone else

Character I hate: Vera Bates. Oh my God that woman is the definition of malignant maliciousness. I also hate Mary because she's a total bitch and yes she grew out of it during the war but she acts like a spoiled bitch and the show focuses too much on her.

Character I love: Edith, Anna, Mrs. Hughes, Robert, Violet, Thomas and O'Brien. I love Edith, Anna and Mrs. Hughes because of their perseverance through the things they've been through. The world is against Edith but she still fights back against it, Anna has to work as a housemaid and a lady's maid and she has to help bust her husband put of jail. Mrs. Hughes facing a terminal disease at a time when it was still trying to be figured out. I liked Robert up to season 3 since he was so nice and caring and understanding, minus cheating on Cora with Jane, but i ship it. After season 3 in went downhill. Throwing away so much money in one investment, his cold reaction to Sybil's death except for that one time he cried with Cora in the Dower house and his unnecessary reaction to being told he can't run an estate. I mean if you just lost so much money because of your investment which other people told you not to do, you're obviously doing a shit job. Violet cracks me up. My favorite lines are her her lines. Thomas and O'Brien and sssssooooo bad I love it. They're so cunning, cold and calculating it keep the show interesting.

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