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I'm a TV whore and slasher. Fuck haters, we have rainbows. I especially like Destiel, Kurtbastian, Merthur and Huntbastian. Haters to the top right, more accuretely the 'close' button, thank you very much. As the wise say, 'don't like, don't read'.

Castiel's church member. Mixing fandoms is the family business, two slushies in the face.

And, oh, I don't understand all I say, so don't even bother. Randomness for life \o/

17 year old (why old, tho? I think I'm still young, thank you very much), Brazilian, name's Gabriela, nickname's nobody, likes maths, physics and trains (not), studies a lot and nothing at the same time, gets nice grades for an unknown reason, gets excited easily, is a stereotypical geek and has no prejudice (except for making jokes about an historical rival of ours xP ) , oui.

Misfit, quotes without even realizing it, likes Alternate Realities (and bat romances), says 'dig din' for another unknown reason (or perhaps the same...?), watches anime, reads manga and sings along (badly, but there is no rule to stop) to J-songs, has a fanfiction notebook which no one never touched, socially awkward, self-conscious, sometimes a critical bitch, loves computers more than people, Gleek since the very start, GhostFacer since 12/09, dreams to become a computers' scientist, loves to earn things, not just get them for nothing, music addicted, never left the country, writes but mostly keeps to herself (thinking of publishing, tho), ships couples since their first scene together (romantic or not), West Anaximander Colins is the most awesome person/kid/rat/whatever in the world, whatever you think is irrelevant, likes meeting people, "gay is okay", thinks a lot, is herself.

Amen, Padalescki.

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