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You can call me Styx. Why the name? Well, I like to think of myself as an artsy person, so I spent an embarassing amount of time thinking up the most creative 'artsy' name I could, only to sign up here and find that the name (and several other variations) had already been taken.

That was a bit of a blow to my over-inflated self image, let me tell you. But not only am I artsy, I am stubborn. I persevered. I put some numbers on either side of the name and crossed my fingers. Hurray!

So that's me. I'm an 'artsy' stubborn person (tricky me - didn't put my gender!) who is a little bit obsessed with fan-fiction. I've been telling it in my head since good ol' Prince Charming fell for the lovely Cinderella. Recently I started writing it down. Then I went totally high-tech, surprising even myself, and mastered the mysteries of Microsoft Word. (Did you know you can change the color of your font? Fascinating!)

I tend to be a shipper. I'm a romantic, and when I find an interesting romantic subplot, I'm all over it. My first love, lasting a whopping two and a half obsessive years, was Max/Fang from the book series Maximum Ride. And, kids, when I say obsessive, I mean obsessive. I ruined my entire vacation by only borrowing the first three books from the library and going into series withdrawal. It's the sad, pathetic truth, but I've gotten over it! (Mostly due to the severe decrease in quality of those books. Seriously, who are you and what have you done with the real James Patterson?!)

Anyway, I've moved on to the awesome TV show NCIS. I love the show way too much. I think its got something to do with the incredible hotness of Michael Weatherly. I also love the Tony/Ziva tension, even if it has been stretched out a little too much for me to consider the writers entirely humane. Honestly, don't they know how many fangirls die of Tiva starvation every Tuesday???

Actually, now that I think about it, there really has been healthy amounts of Tiva so far in Season 9. But there can never be too much. SO.

Have I bored you all to death? Does anyone actually read these? I don't really care, honestly. I reread it on occasion so that I can remember who I purport myself to be. :) So far I think I sound pretty rambly and bizarre. We'll say I'm quirky and confident and leave it that, okay?

The one thing I am insecure about is my writing. I want to be a writer more than anything else in the world, and people have told me I write well. (Don't you just love over-supportive English teachers?) I even won a trophy last year in a CYO essay contest. I mean, yes, it was plastic, but it made me feel happy. Even so, I don't let anyone read my stuff. My desk drawer is stuffed full of notebooks that have never seen the light of day...well, that's not true, cause I don't write stuff at night...okay, so they've seen the light of day, but only...oh, forget it. I don't let anyone read my stuff. This is new for me. So be nice, por favor? Constructive criticism, yes. Gushing reviews about my brilliance, *crosses fingers and remains optimistic.* But, seriously, no flames. Oh, and, please, no language.

I'm a G-rated kinda girl. I don't write anything profane or provocative. I just don't. I don't ask you to do the same, but could we keep the language to a minimum around here? Mi madre thanks you all.

I am really interested in psychology for some reason. I guess I can see the irony in that - the psycho who likes psychology. Whatever. The point is that most of my stories will at least have an element of introspection or character study to them.

I have a couple different 'genres' of writing, if you want to be snooty and call it that. Basically I write random, angsty one-shots whenever I get the inspiration. (It's been lacking of late, let me tell you...) Most of these one-shots are in present tense. Yeah, I don't know. It just happens.

Then there are my multi-chapter fics. As of now, January '13, I've got five running. Their updates are irregular at best, but I try to make a point of updating at least one story every weekend. These stories are all written in past tense. (Except for Dear Diary, which is... I have no clue. It's diary format. Whatever.) Simon Says and Mouse Trap are team-fics, with Tiva because I can, and center around a case. Highschool Hazards is, obviously, an AU high school story, but it does have a plot to it, and I've been told it's pretty true to character. Dear Diary, DiNozzo Style is the atrociously sarcastic diary of Tony and Ziva's adolescent daughter. Then we've got my first Victorious multi-chap which is an indulgent, sugary chick flick of a Bade story called The Inherent Danger of Girls Night Out. Check them out and then let me know what you thought!

I try to reply to all the reviews that are left, because honestly that make me so absurdly happy that it's truly sad. I encourage readers to review, letting me know what they liked and what they didn't, even if they're reading something that I published a while ago. Even if it's ages old, the feedback will still make beam like a fool.

Also, if you've ever received a review from me, you'll know that I tend to ramble. A lot. This is because I am a notorious chatterbox, and love making friends. Seriously, if you ever feel like chatting or just randomly fangirling over the absurd beauty of Michael Weatherly, I'm your girl. Just drop me a line! :)

So I guess that about wraps it up. I'm me and I like who I am. I may not be a brilliant writer, and apparently I am lacking in the 'artsy' department, but I have mastered Microsoft Word, and haven't bitten my nails all summer.

So stick that in your juice box and suck it.

Updated 1/7/13

The Daily Grind, my first Victorious oneshot, has been nominated for a Topaz Award. omgwhateven. Seriously, so floored. I have no expectations of winning, but I'm incredibly flattered! So everyone go check it out and then go vote for my on the forum once the polls open. In the meantime, go nominate your own Victorious favorites!

www-dot-fanfiction-dot-net/ forum/The_Topaz_Awards_2013/108350/

Updated 6/5/2012

Howdy, folks!

So basically this is me being like an obnoxious telemarketer... only you can't hang up on me and I'm not selling crap. This story that I'm advertising is actual pure genius. But don't just take it from me! Listen to all these customers who were compensated for their time and bribed to say nice things about the product!... Oh, wait. No.

Anyway, over on the Hunger Games fandom is this amazing story called Tears of Blood, which is actually a story written by twenty-four authors, each of whom designed a character who was entered into the Hunger Games. The tributes compete for their lives, the authors compete to keep writing in the story, and it's generally fantabulous.

And guess who tried out and won herself a spot in the sequel to TOB? In the Quarter Quell, no less? That's right! This girl! It's coming out soon, and it's called Bring Them to Their Knees, so I'd really appreciate it if you guys would keep an eye out for it and maybe put in a couple nice reviews for my villainous drug addict of a character? *bats eyes prettily, so that now it is impossible for you to say no. literally.*

fanfiction . net / s / 8235765/ 1 / bBring_b_bThem_b_To_Their_bKnees_b

Just remove the spaces - hopefully it works... If not, just search it under Bring Them to Their Knees. And vote Londyn for victor! :)

Anyway. That's all I had to say. I feel awkward putting this after my lovely 'put this in your juice box...' line, since it really was such a lovely way to close my profile, but it doesn't really fit there.

Also I lied up there. I totally started biting my nails again.

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