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I'm a rather normal American young adult with quite an eclectic taste. In "real life," I'm currently a second-year graduate student, getting ready to start a job in the spring. In the past, I'd spend a lot of my free time caving, canoeing, and the like, but I don't really expect to have much free time as a full time student & employee!

Unfortunately, I'm also really, really lazy about adding new favorite stories/authors and about reviewing. I'm very sorry about that!

It means that my favorites list is actually pretty unrepresentative of what I read these days. The list I've made below of my favorite fandoms is more up to date--you'll probably notice a theme on my favorite characters, too! :-)

I'll try to add to the list my favorite story or series from each fandom whenever I get a chance (note: most contain mature content).

Favorite TV Fandoms/Characters:

Alias (Irina)


Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Night Watchman: Faith AU series. The single best Faith, Cordelia, and Xander characterizations I have ever read. And I've read over a thousand Faith fics.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Crossovers
The Dido Chronicles: Buffy/Highlander AU crossover. I don't usually like Buffy-centric stories, but the historical detail and
unique plot ideas made me love this series.

Burn Notice

Violated: Case-file fic starring Sara. The murderer's method is highly disturbing, but the story itself more than compensates.
Saints and Sinners: Unique AU series. Stars a serial killer female OC who works as a coroner at the lab. I don't usually like OCs, but this story is original enough to change my mind!

Dark Angel
Left Behind: AU Max series. What if Max had never escaped? A very unique take and excellent plot.

Dollhouse (Echo)

Highlander (Amanda and Cassandra)

House, M.D. (Thirteen)

NCIS (Ziva)

Star Trek: Voyager
(B'Elanna and Seven)

Stargate: SG1
Honor Amongst Thieves: AU Vala/Daniel series. What if Vala found Daniel right after he was un-Ascended?

Favorite Comic and Cartoon Fandoms/Characters:

Batman (Catwoman/Selina Kyle, Batgirl III/Cassandra Cain, Harley Quinn, and Ivy)
Cat Tales: Catwoman/Batman AU series. What if all those crazy plot twists in the Batman universe were just tabloid stories? An astonishingly long and detailed series of well over 50 stories that make the Batman universe into what we all wish it was like.
Psalm of the Lark: Harley Quinn AU. Very original plot and truly excellent characterizations.
Sleeping Beauty: Cassandra Cain fic, slightly AU. This fic is set during Cassandra's early time with the Bats, and the author does a great job getting into her head as she tries to fit in with normal people while keeping her pride in who she is.

Gargoyles (Demona)
Family Shame: AU Demona fic. What if a Canmore loved the "Demon"?

Kim Possible
An Unacceptable Sitch: AU Future Shego/Kim 6-part series. Outstanding character portrayals and unique plot.

Teen Titans
(Raven and Jinx)
Red: AU fic from the most outstanding author in the Teen Titans fandom, CalliopeMused.

(X-23, Emma, Jubilee, Kitty, Psylocke, and a few others)
Broken: X-23 fic. Disturbing but well-done background story for X-23. It's in keeping with canon but develops it much further.

Favorite Book Fandoms/Characters:

Harry Potter (Tonks)
Nymphadora Tonks and the Kiquor of Jacmel: Tonks fic. Somehow, this mystery story manages to stay within canon while developing Tonks and the Harry Potter world to a degree unmatched by nearly every other fic.

Tamora Pierce
(Alanna, Kel, and Beka)
Fallen: AU Kel fic. Starts out as a normal "Kel goes to the convent" story but quickly morphs into an amazing adventure.
Desert: AU Daine/Numair fic. What if Daine had been sold as a slave in Cathark rather than rescued from her village?

Twilight (Alice and sometimes Rosalie)
Yes, I finally gave in and started to read Twilight fic.

Wicked (Elphaba)
Easier Said Than Done: Elphaba/Glinda AU series. Ever felt that the Wicked universe lacked depth? After reading this series, you'll wonder how you survived without the incredible background and character development. Warning: the beginning chapters are shaky as the author develops a writing style, and there are very mature topics dealt with in this fic

Favorite Other Fandoms/Characters:

A crossover between one of the previously mentioned fandoms and just about anything

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