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Here is a petition for a 5th season of the awesome show called Kim Possible.

I hate it when Authors make Kushina 'Namikaze Kushina' instead of changing it to 'Uzumaki Minato' In the series, she stayed as 'Uzumaki Kushina' and Naruto should stay as 'Uzumaki Naruto' instead of changing into 'Namikaze Naruto' because, honestly, Kushina was from the clan and it never stated that women take the male counterparts last name in marriage, especially when the women is from the Clan. Also, Naruto was always 'Uzumaki Naruto' that shouldn't have to change just because his 'dad' (don't hate Minato but a parent is a person that was there for you ). The name 'Uzumaki' is a part of his identity and he shouldn't have to change that just cause of that. After all, Naruto is the Uzumaki heir. Also Kishimoto labeled Minato, Kushina, and Naruto as the UZUMAKI family (Naruto chapter 503) NOT Namikaze. Also in Japanese Asian cultures, kids take their moms last name if the mother had no brother OR if she was from a family who's name had significance (Kushina is from a clan... even if it was destroyed, her name is considered more important than Minato's -especially with it's historical significance)... So Minato became a part of the Uzumaki clan because it NEVER was once stated that Namikaze was a clan... also Minato loved Kushina to the point that he chose to die so that she could see an adult Naruto (the dude made a bad choice but in CANON, Naruto was actually well cared for, the worst he got were glares and that was mainly for civilians, and he seemed to be hated more for his pranks than actually hated -he was a loser in canon, plain and simple-) and if he would sacrifice the chance to see his son grow up so that his lover could view their child as an adult (even for a few minutes/hours) then I doubt he would force her to lose her last name and connection to her clan. Why should the Uzumaki name have to die out just because Kushina is a woman, that's not fair on her at all...

Also, it's rare for people to take 2 last names in Japanese culture (and the kids don't get 2, usually the spouse), but for the case of Minato and Kushina, Minato would have both, not Kushina

I like the stories with a darker Konoha that abuses Naruto (and he hates that village) and I don't mind some bashing (as long as its not overboard... sometimes...).

I like Naruto hates Minato and Konoha fics but I don't like it too much when Minato is perceived as a bad guy but from Naruto's side, can't be forgiven

I like Uzumaki incest in fanfic and like Naruto with harems with older women

I also believe that Natsu and Erza would make a funny and amazing couple

Favorite Anime/Manga Character would be Kumogawa Misogi (from Medeka Box) and Erza Scarlet (from Fairytail) and Kousaka Kirino (from OreImo) but my favorite character for fanfiction would be Naruto and Erza and Kushina and Kirino...

I am an Erza, Kushina & Kirino fanboy

My fetish for women in anime would be if they were older and red heads

My favorite pairings for non crossover pairings:


Naruto X Ayame, Tayuya, Kushina, any of his sisters (I detest when these women get paired with some one other than Naruto... Ever)

Lee X Hinata (those two really are opposites but Lee is also the loser that didn't give up -note: why she liked Naruto-, so if Hinata was a year older and in his class, she could have easily fallen for him)

Neji X Hinata (First, cousins don't count as incest in many Asian countries, including Japan, so pretend that they aren't related. Now, a calm guy would probably be best for Hinata, he's not easily excited or anything, he's not too loud, they have enough similarities that they'd be good together but they also have enough differences. Neji has confidence in himself while Hinata needs some more, but they both work hard, they both care for others and both need comfort from another. But at the same time, Neji would do almost anything for Hinata and he would die for her without trying to do something that might bother her -minus his death-. Neji would be completely selfless for her and die for her, and Hinata could fall for him. Why would it be impossible for Hinata to fall for everyone but Naruto??? In that context, then it could also be argued that Naruto couldn't fall for anyone but Sakura and Sakura and Ino could only love Sasuke who will never love them... in fact, every person that once fell for someone and didn't get their feelings returned would be destined to be alone for their entire lives and nobody would ever move on or like someone else...

I can bear Naruto X Sakura but I really can't support it because I'd really want Naruto to be with an older woman, but I prefer NaruSaku over NaruHina ... I don't like NaruSaku, but if the story is good enough, I could get through it, but I usually avoid NaruSaku unless if any of the pairings I like aren't being updated and I really have nothing else to do


Natsu X Erza (I know I'm a minority but I can't help it)

Gajeel X Juvia (this interests me)

Dragon Ball:

Goku X Bulma (Chichi shouldn't have happened)

Gohan X 18 (Kuririn shouldn't get that lucky)


Negi X Mucho Harem (having to pick one of them just breaks my heart)


Ichigo X Tatsuki


Tsuna X Biachi or Lal Mirch


Yugi X Anzu

Yugioh GX:

Judai X Asuka


Ash X Misty

One Piece:

Luffy X Nami

Card Captor Sakura:

Syaoron X Sakura

Ichigo 100%:

Junepi X Harem (damn, I can't stand seeing him just pick one...)

Cage of Eden:

Sengoku X Harem


... that's too tough

Rurouni Kenshin:

Yahiko X Kaoru

Kenshin X Yukishiro Tomoe (his 1st wife)


Kyousuke X Kirino (darn it, they are made as the most perfect couple, can't hate it)

Though I like Harem manga story lines, I hate the endings because having on girls or guy having to pick just one of the people is hard (yes I don't mind reverse harems as long as their is no Guy X Guy)...

I am okay with Incest and Harems in STORIES - In real life, it shouldn't happen -course, if you are involved in an incestuous relationship, I won't judge you or stop being your friend or anything like that.

I am okay with Yaoi in real life and stories as long as I don't see it or read it... who am I to judge. But, I don't want to see it or read it in pairings or anything of the sort

I love Naruto getting harems cause... I dunno, but I don't like NaruHina or NaruSaku or NaruIno or NaruTema or Yaoi pairs in fiction I'm reading

I prefer Naruto with Older women unless its for Uzu-cest (I do sometimes make exceptions depending on how well the story is written for most pairings and how bored I am; though I will never touch a NaruHina. So it has to be a really good story that I wanna read when i'm really bored, or I probably started it before I became anti-for any of these pairings and not a NaruHina)

It should be noted that I don't really hate Hinata, and I realize that she is a good girl, but she is so well loved that it'd be pointless to defend her

Hinata's introduction to Naruto, how it should be (Warning: this is going to be exaggerated to make a point):

Hi, I'm Hinata. I barely talked to you and had a crush on you, but left you alone when you were obviously in pain. I liked you because you were alone yet you are tough and I want to be tough. Your what I want to be. My hobbies include stalking you and fainting. Please marry me

... does anyone know the problem with this? she was never willing to talk to Naruto when he needed someone, she almost never talked to him at all in the series, she's a stalker(yes that's a bad thing), and she more hero worshiped Naruto rather than actually loved him, she wanted to be him... she only liked him cause he suffered and was still smiling and because she had confidence issues... honestly, Ayame is a much better pair for Naruto. She was one of the few people that treated him like a human when he was young. She actually talked to him. Being a shinobi is tough so having someone to talk to that isn't a part of the war torn world and troubles would be a nice break. She is older than him. Also, if Naruto want to revive the Uzumaki clan (he should) then he needs a girl that is not in a clan... If Naruto married Hinata, his kid would be a Hyuga, if he did Ino, it would be a Yamaka, so that leaves Sakura, Tenten, Ayame, and Temari. Now, Temari has a pretty high position in her village and is a loyal Suna shinobi so she's out. After all the crap Naruto had in his life, girls his age aren't good so there goes Tenten and Sakura. Now, Ayame wouldn't have too worry too much about Naruto's enemies because they are in a ninja village so she could have some protection from them and since she's not a shinobi, whenever Naruto's busy, she can look after the kids... also, Ayame is hot...

Also, it should be noted that in the series Naruto, Sakura WASN'T a fangirl, she was just a little girl with a crush; she was never shown to be delusional about Sasuke being better than everyone (yes, she thought that Sasuke was better than Naruto, but in her defense he really was). She actually was shocked when Sasuke was beating Haku and she didn't completely ignore Naruto for Sasuke, she actually worried for Naruto a lot and while she didn't worry too much for Naruto in the 'Forest of Death', It should also be noted that it didn't really look like Orochimaru did something to Naruto other than just punch him and knock Naruto out (the seal he used on Naruto was practically invisible except when Naruto used chakra and Sakura had no idea about Naruto's seal and she told nobody -but Naruto- about what happened in the forest of death, the Jonins just saw Sasuke's cursed seal and what Orochimaru did was not able to be noticed by anybody and Jiraya only found it by accident... even Naruto didn't know that something happened to him). The only time in the series where she was actually useless (when you could blame her, as some points weren't her fault) was during the wave arc(but it must be noted that she was still just a child, so people shouldn't be too hard on her); she was a genin that was only ready for a C-Rank with some regular bandits. and she actually wasn't considered weak. In the start of the series, she actually was stronger than Naruto and it was not normal for 12 year olds to spout out millions of Jutsu... remember, Sasuke basically came out of the academy at Chunnin level and Naruto improved at a monster rate under Kakashi's training

By the way, Sakura didn't "Abuse" Naruto that much and that "Abuse" is the type that should not be taken seriously, in fact, if you take that kinda comic "abuse" seriously, then you really shouldn't read manga or watch anime. You can't use that comic abuse against her as a reason to hate her. And honestly, how many people would just be attracted towards an ugly person? Humans are naturally more attracted to attractive people, but Sakura did learn to care about Naruto, she'd do almost anything for Naruto. In part one, they way she treated Naruto is very similar to how older sisters treat their younger brothers and honestly, she was the person that showed some of the most care for Naruto in the entire series.

Honestly, in Part 1, Sakura was actually the closest thing Naruto had to a mother/sister. She worried about him, scolded him when he was doing something wrong, and had a desperate wish to protect him.

And while she sided with Sasuke in situations that weren't serious, when the fight actually got serious, she DIDN'T PICK A SIDE! She just wanted BOTH of them to be fine and get along. You know that it's normal for a female to scold their family for being rude to a person they like or a person that isn't family (she didn't allow Naruto to be rude to most people in the series, it wasn't limited to Sasuke).

And people that take the "I hate you" of a little girl seriously honestly need some help. Kids and teens (and even adults) throw those words around carelessly. It is too common of a thing done by people.

Look at the situations she was in: A battle with Zabuza, Orochimaru, & Gaara. Those 3 elements were the only one she was really useless in, and even Jonins have troubles in those situations, so you can't expect much from a FRESH OUT OF THE ACADEMY genin

Sasuke wasn't actually and arrogant piece of crap that thought he was better than everyone and deserved everything, and Konoha never worshiped him (in the Chunnin exams, people just wanted to see really good fights and had high expectations cause it was a long time since they saw an Uchiha battle-- like, the first time in 5 years they get to see the Sharingan in action). Also, His dad was just a strict person that refused to show too much affection and emotion, but he was actually stated to secretly be a softy (as shown when he just let Itachi kill him and his only request was for Itachi to look after his little brother). And why he got pissed at Naruto's power was cause Naruto in the start of the series was probably worse than Sasuke when he was 7, but in a few months caught up to him and had lots more raw power (wouldn't you be pissed if somebody that was way worse than you at something all of the sudden caught up really fast and does in days and weeks what took you years of hard work???) It wasn't that Naruto was catching up, he didn't seem to mind that Naruto was getting better than him, but how fast Naruto was getting better than him; Naruto was improving at a much faster rate than Sasuke, thus pissing him off.

I dislike Sasuke because he was just a tool. That was Itachi's fault, cause Itachi did the "Hate me to gain more power" and showed him killing his parents and family (You got to note that Itachi had a lot of influence with Sasuke, and also probably shouldn't have shown the killing the family thing); of course, Itachi was only 13 and just killed his parents, and as such was probably not in the best state of mind at that moment. Sasuke is somebody that gets manipulated to easily, but when he went as far as to throw away his morals (which before he killed Itachi, his moral code was actually not that bad for a ninja, and he was still surprisingly a good person. Yes, he left Naruto, but he broke off their friendship and left. It was 3 years later after their friendship was no more that he was willing to kill Naruto, so I don't hate him for that; he actually didn't kill anyone before his fight with Itachi... he wasn't even willing to kill anyone but Itachi... but once he decided to sacrifice Karin who was at the time his comrade just to kill Danzo, he lost my respect (when he broke off his relation with Naruto, he just left and spared him)... and the worst part is that he just can't think for himself; he just follows other peoples idea's...arg... glad he's finally calmed down now.

Kiba was never once shown being a pervert(ever), and Shino does go in hot springs.

Kakashi did actually train Naruto in part 1 before the chunnin exams and Esibu was actually considered a good teacher and never hated Naruto (he just thought Naruto was a trouble maker). Also, it was shown that Jiraya and Kakashi actually talked to each other and Jiraya took Naruto from Kakashi so that Kakashi could focus on Sasuke.

Mizuki was shown to actually not want to kill Naruto or hated him (note that he only planned to kill Naruto after he refused to give up the scroll and Mizuki would have used any loser for his goal... Naruto just happened to be the only one who failed at the time)

The 3rd really did do a good job in raising Naruto, the only problem the boy had was that he had no friends his age to play with and was lonely; but he was never attacked and never starved (he really was just a Ramen addict)...

More points you should look at before judging characters in Kishimoto's series, check out Maneyan's Profile, he makes good points that I'm to lazy to type (and I wanna try to be respectful when adressing people): http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1200445/maneyan

Sadly, because of Kishimoto's character development, the only girls Naruto can be with in this point of the series is Sakura or Hinata

Fanfic writers shouldn't make Naruto say in his intro "I hate rape" cause you aren't supposed to like it. Most people are against it, but its not normal to expressly mention it. Would you mention that you like to breath?

And don't insult Sakura for asking Kakashi to show an example of how to introduce each other. She was just trying to learn more about her sensei.

And history is very important, it teaches us the success and failures of the past. We could learn from it and not redo other peoples mistakes.

While I don't really like Naruto X Sakura, I just want to point to this argument before you hate the pair (hate it if you want, but I view NaruSaku as the lesser of 2 evils):


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