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R.I.P. SSJ04 Mewtwo

From: California

Age: Too old for the guys with free candy

Gender: Male

So I got bored and this happened...check it out you might like what you see! My Tumblr!


Goals as a writer (saw someone do this so I thought I'd do it myself)

1. Be proud of one of my fics (X)

2. Write at least 1,000,000 words ( )

3. Review 500 times (X)

4. Get 1000 reviews on one fic (X)

5. Have 10 fics posted and finished ( )

6. Write an advanceshipping fic (X)

7. Write a pearlshipping fic (X)

8. Have a collaboration fic ( )

9. Have Drew be a good guy in one of my fics ( )

10. Write a fic about a different anime ( )

11. Mentor someone ( )

12. Write a fic people consider 'one of the best' ( )

13. Have Red in one of my fics (X)

14. Rewrite one of my fics ( )

15. Take over a dead fic ( )

16. Beta read a fic (X)

17. Have my name be known amongst the greats ( )

18. Kill off a main character in one of my fics ( )

19. Write pokemon game show fic ( )

20. Become a good writer ( )

Top 5 Favorite Shippings:

5. Specialshipping: Yellow's so nice, she'd do anything for Red.

4. Ikarishipping: I don't like it when Paul is a soulless asshole, but when he's nice he makes a good fit for Dawn.

3. Pearlshipping: Even though this shipping doesn't have the strongest hints doesn't mean it can't happen. I just think they look nice together and Dawn must have gone through a lot of effort to put on that cheerleading outfit for Ash.

2. Armourshipping: It's quickly becoming one of my favorite shippings. It's a unique one in that it goes farther than just them meeting in Kalos, the fact that they met when they were just children is really interesting. It opens the door for a lot of shipping material and it will play a large part in my next fic.

1. Advanceshipping: My favorite shipping and in my opinion the best shipping. They just seem right for each other because Ash has really been a mentor for May and he's helped her become the 'Princess of Hoenn.' This shipping has some of the strongest hints out there but I'm not gonna go down the list and name them all but the whole 9th Pokemon movie is one giant advanceshipping moment. Also, you can't forget the ribbon, just saying.

Shipping that I'm not going to say I don't like them but I hate them:

Pokeshipping: Yeah it's the most popular shipping when it comes to Ash but it's only because most people stopped watching the show after Misty left. But I will admit Misty does have her moments but their relationship just seems like where they would be arguing all the time.

Brunettshipping: There are no hints for this one and I just don't like Gary.

Penguinshipping: Just because they're childhood friends doesn't mean anything, Kenny's annoying and should just leave her alone.

Max x Dawn: Do I even have to say why this shipping makes NO sense.

Shippings I don't have any feelings for:

Contestshipping: I know that there are a bunch of hints for this shipping so I'm not blind. To be honest I don't actually mind this shipping. I used to really hate Drew but now, I find to be a chill guy who has a fetish for roses. I have no hate for this ship and as long as Drew would take care of May, then I'm completely fine with it.

Cavaliershipping: Meh, I still don't like Gary.

Ashshipping: Ash x himself, I find it funny

Bangshipping: Misty x her mallet, I also find this one funny

Ash x Melody (KissShipping): She was the first girl to kiss Ash besides his mom.

Top 5 favorite animes:

5. Death Note: It started off amazing, but after L died the cleverness and greatness of the show was nonexistent.

4. Infinite Stratos: So this anime certainly isn't for anyone, it's more or less ecchi. That being said, it's still really funny and entertaining and it's worth a watch.

3. Dragon Ball Z: This one goes without saying, without it anime/manga would be a lot different today.

2. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood: Great plot, characters, story-line, can't say enough good things about it.

1. One Piece: It's so much better then any anime/manga out there, Oda is a true genius and if you haven't watched it yet, do it now.

Top 5 favorite characters of all time:

5. Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchemist): He's awesome and cool, what else do you need.

4. Future Trunks (Dragon Ball Z): The best Trunks in my opinion.

3. L (Death Note): The greatness of Death Note died with him.

2. Trafalgar Law (One Piece): Saved Luffy, destroyed Vergo, and a truly epic speech afterwords.

1. Roronoa Zoro (One Piece): If you've watched One Piece then you would know why this needs no explanation.

Top 5 fanfics I've ever read

5. Final Challenge by Matkin22: The ending almost made me cry, but I held back the tears. That's all that needs to be said.

4. An Infatuated May: The Ridiculous Kind of Love by Razgriz89: The funniest story I've ever read with some nice yuri mixed in.

3. Mysterious Stranger by Midnightmoon602: The plot was one I'd never seen before and just an overall awesome story.

2. Within Attraction by selh: MOST UNDERRATED STORY OF ALL TIME! DESERVES THOUSANDS OF REVIEWS! Seriously though you gotta read it.

1. The Champion is Never Forgotten by Gerbilftw: Do I even have to explain? And it's also the story that inspired me to write.

Beta Readers: Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis for The Betrayed Champion from chapter 7 to chapter 10.

Yin-Yang Yo-Yo for The Betrayed Champion from chapter 11 and up.

If you have any questions about anything, whether it's my stories or you want to talk about your stories I'm always here to help.

Super Effective Rants:

1. I just don't understand how contestshippers, pokeshippers, and ikarishippers can keep using the same overused plot over and over again. It's either that they all go to high school and fall in love with each other or that the guys are in a boy band and fall in love with the girls. Advanceshippers might be fewer in numbers but our stories are way better and the people writing the stories are way cooler. Every person who's using the same damn cliched idea are all annoying fan girls who can't think of a story by themselves. You might as well have all OC's because the way those people portray our beloved anime characters is horrible. They're all OC and should get the hell out of fanfiction and go post their piece of shit somewhere else.

2. Look at how long CS, IS, and PS chapters are. Pretty much all of their chapters are 1k-2k at most. I'll see a story that has 35k words with 28 chapters...what the hell. That is bullshit, they just want more reviews for there awful stories that has the same overused plot as all the other ones. I love pearlshipping and would love to read more fics that has that pairing but everytime I check, they are all shit. Why can't these 12 year old girls get it through mind that there's no respect in just using a overused plot, why do you people put me through so much shit.

3. One of these Pallet Town trainers is not like the other. I am of course talking about the most overrated trainer of all time, Leaf. Yes I know Leaf was never in the anime but, there are a lot of people on this site that make her seem like a gift from god. Hypothetically, if Leaf was one of the four trainers that left Kanto the same day as Ash, then we all know that she is a terrible trainer. Professor Oak even said that besides Gary and Ash, the other two trainers which includes Leaf couldn't even get past the sixth gym. So I refuse to believe that in some fics she can just show up and be a great trainer because I'm sure we would have heard about it in the anime and she couldn't even get past the sixth gym!

Super Effective Tips:

Here's some quick tips if your just starting off on your fanfic career. Make your profile page interesting and memorable so that casual readers will remember you, this might not seem important but before I started writing it was Gerbilftw's profile that kept me interested and had me reading his fics. Also there's nothing more important than being unique. I'm doing a very basic, tired, cliché story where the plot centers around a return fic but I made it my own. I've written things that I have yet to see in other fics and turned my return story into something so much more.

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