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Welcome Tributes!!

I'm a very big Hunger Games fan. I have some other fandoms that you will see present on this profile as well.

I don't really want to tell you my name or age but I'll tell you that I recently would have escaped the Reaping and I would have been competing with Cato if I was a volunteer. If you want to call me anything feel free to call me Gabe.

Update to Washed Away:

Chapter 18 has just been posted! Chapters 19-21 are already written and will be published about every 5 days to keep this story fresh and not overwhelm with too much material.


Thoughts about SYOTs, submitted tributes, and things I like or dislike:

1. A pet peeve I have is when ever people say that they decide who wins their SYOT randomly. Personally, I enjoy when authors pick characters who will win based on their personality, abilities, strategies, etc.. and yes I know that this means that they will probably pick someone they like, but I like the reasoning and they can then make a story out of it. Picking your deaths first and then trying to write a plot around who dies when, is like putting the square peg in the round hole. It just doesn't work.

2. Muttations. They are something designed by the Gamemakers to push tributes together or give the tributes some sort of trial. They are not mindless killing machines that just wipe out on or two tributes. Now I know what your saying, that in the 75th Quell the monkeys, and the beast killed tributes easily. Yes they did but these weren't ordinary tributes they were the best of the best. As the Quell card says, "to remind the Districts that not even the strongest of them are safe." STRONGEST! That's why the mutts were so powerful. Nothing make me want to quit reading a story more than when giant fire breathing animals swoop down and randomly offs tributes. Tributes can still die to Muttations, just that it needs to be the tributes fault in that there is a way for them to defeat the Muttation. I feel like the most I've seen this happen is in accordance with the above, where someone needs to kill a tribute and they don't know how to do it so out comes the giant crocodiles who breath fire!

3. I LOVE the idea of blogs. I'm actually have one right now for my current story because I think the idea is fantastic and fills some plot holes. During the movie for instance, when they show the faces of the tributes as Caesar reads the training scores, how do they get those face shots. Do they take them before hand? It can't be candid because all the tributes are wearing the same clothes well doing certain expressions at the camera.

That's it for now!


Washed Away

Victors Blog: The Renegades

Honoring the Fallen

Rush Dellarin, 12, District 6 male, Veil of Ignorance: The 36th Hunger Games, by Elemental Evolution, Placed 14th

Kayla Paper, 13, District 8 female, The 110th Hunger Games!, by WiseGirlOnFire, Placed 15th

Griff Forden, 14, District 3 male, Contrary, by nevergone4ever, Placed 22nd

Erich Sporer, 14, District 6 male, The 110th Hunger Games!, by WiseGirlOnFire, Placed 24th

Not Dead Yet

Barric Yule, 15, District 11 male, Forever Bound, by TallTalesInk, in arena(Top 13)

Garrick De Luca, 17, AU SYOT, Blood Money, by JabberjayHeart, in arena(Top 14)

Sutter Pryce, 17, District 8 male, A Messenger's Angst, by nevergone4ever, in arena(Top 18)

Reel Autin, 15, District 9 male, The Taste of Fear - the 60th Annual Hunger Games, by TheOtherLachance, in arena(Top 20)

Kelvin Viper, 16, District 8 male, Free and Forgotten - The 53rd Hunger Games, by jessicallons-y, not yet in arena

Agrippa Arvum, 14, District 9 male, The Song Left Unsung SYOT, by gamemaker99, not yet in arena

Sephora Dokken, 16, District 12 female, The Song Left Unsung SYOT, by gamemaker99, not yet in arena

Estelle Lymric, 14, District 8 female, Facing the Fallout, by TallTalesInk, not yet in arena

Jax Castell, 18, District 5 male, Fear of Falling, by SomeDays, not yet in arena

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