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So I've changed a lot over the course of the past two years. My favorite color and simple things have not changed. Im still me, still the girl that wrote everything below but now I've found who I am. I am me. I am not as "preppy" as I used to be, I'm more calm and relaxed. I listen to more rock music now, like Nickelback, Shinedown, Three Days Grace, My Chemical Romance, Hailstorm, and Guns-N-Roses. I wear darker clothes. Not let me tell you, I did not go gothic, well not in that since. i dont want people judging me because of how I wear my makeup, what clothes I wear, and the music I listen to. That does not make me trash like some people choose to think it does. I should not be defined by my clothes and my make up and choice of music. I've been judged so badly these last few years because of my outside and how I've changed. They think I have changed on the inside, but really I grew up. I stopped believing that I have all of these talents that I don't but wish I did. I realized I was trying to be what people wanted me to be and now I am being me. The truth is I am a nerd. I love math and reading and learning in general. Judge me as you may, that does not mean anything to me anymore. Not like it used to. I love playing my flute, It is my life and defines who I am and playing my flute was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Every day I look forward to going to band because it is the best thing ever. I am in the marching band, and that does not make me a geek or a freak. I love to dance and sing it makes me feel graceful and beautiful. I am a photographer, I love being able to capture the hidden beauty behind things. Truthfully, I am saying this because I know none of you, and none of you know me, I am a secret romantic. I desperatly want a boyfriend. I wish guys would stop seeing me as one of them. They see me as a girl because they tell me they love me and that Im beautiful, but they dont see me as in someone they want to date and I wish desperately that they would. I am and always will be a writer that will never change. People need to stop judging others by their outsides, it isnt the outside that counts. It's the inside. You could be the ugliest person on earth, but have the most breath-takingly beautiful personality in the world but no one would ever know because it is human nature to look at someones appearances first. Well I am boycotting that! I say we all stand up today and put aside our differences and urges to judge and get to know someone not by their looks but by their personalities! You might just meet your soulmate, or your bestfriend.

Those of My Fans Know Me as My-Babysitters-A-Vampire I did change my name as I said I would. And I Apologize to those that could not find me because of my name change!!

I am a Singer/Songwriter/Bookwriter/Fashion Dresser/Actress/Nerd

I am the girl of many talents!! :D

BUT do not be fooled! I aint one of those air heads that scream, OWW I BROKE A NAIL!! I am country to the T!!!

I am also a HUGE book nerd/regular nerdish braniac

When my 37 year old parents have math questions, they come to there teenage daughter!!! (Im awesome like that)

I am NOT concieted WHAT SO EVER I like to stay in the shadows, I have stage fright. People tell me I am HILARIOUS!!

My two best friends were arguing over who wanted to be my partner in science class, (gotta love my besties!) and I said, "HOLD ON!! I know Im awesome, BUT if yall cant share me, Ill be someone elses partner!"

My fav color: PURPLE! :D

Haha, I love My Babysitter's A Vampire, Icarly, Victorious, Austin&Ally, Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games

I am Esare (Ethan and Sarah), Creddie (Freddie and Carly) Teck (Tori and Beck) Edward and Bella, Katniss and and ALL THE WAY!!

I Love Love LOVE to write and am actually writing a book! Maybe It will be published one day!

I love reviews! They make me a better writer!

My favorite actresses: Emma Watson, Bonnie Wright, and Jennifer Aniston!!

My favorite actors: Daniel Radcliffe, Patrick Dempsey, and Adam Sandler!!

Favorite Singers: TAYLOR SWIFT! I LOVE ME SOME COUNTRY! Demi Lovato. She reminds me of myself, though I do not cut myself, nor am I anorexic, but I cant say that I havent thought of BOTH before, Demi and My friends gave me the strength to get out of the rough patch I was in at the time, I am a TOTAL Lovatic!! Carrie Underwood, I like TWO of Robert Pattison's songs, Never Think, and Let Me Sign. I am NOT a Beiliber, BUT I do like SOME of JB's songs. (Justin Beiber) Selena Gomez, and A LOT of country singers.

I love Harry Potter and Twilight! I never have really cried while watching a movie, and Ive seen some really sad movies. Its sad, I just cant bring myself to cry during them. But when I saw the last Harry Potter ( Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part two) I cried my eyes out. I had read all the books and seen all the movies and I had a certain connection with the charactors, especially Hermione. And When I watched the First part of Breaking Dawn, I BAWLED when Taylor Lautner Cried.. SO SAD!!

During the movies, my mom and I's conversation:

Taylor Launter Was sitting outside crying because he thought Bella Was dead

I sniffled and started crying

"Why are you crying??" My mom asked hysterically

Pointing to the screen, i said "JACOBS CRYING"

"youve read the books like 8 times! You KNOW what happens by heart!" My mother laughed

"Its still SO SAD!! Taylor Launter should NOT cry!! MY POOR BABY!!!!" I cried (loud enough to make people stare)

Lesson learned, Taylor Launter Crying = Very Sad Me!!!

And my moms right, I HAVE read the twilight series 8 or more times, I know a lot of lines by heart!!!!

If I ever see Daniel Radcliffe, the first thing Id say is, HARRY!!!!

If I ever see Taylor Launter - Id cry that boy is SOO sweet!! and an AMAZING actor! AND HOTT!!!! Id probaby scream JACOB!!!

I love love LOVE to read, and sing! I have been told I have a beautiful voice.

I Play the fluet, I am the best in my class, and I come from a school where they get comments from judges from state championships, that my school has some of the best children flute players in our region! YAY!

I come from a small town, in the middle of NO WHERE!! But I love it out here, and I am a true Country Hick! My best Friends Brother calls this place - Hilbily Hell. But I wouldnt change my life for nothing. It might not be perfect, and I have a pretty hard life. But I have friends that love me and get me through all the stuff I go through everyday.. They help me remember my life is more valuable then some people let on... I Love them to death.

My Favorite First & Middle Names in the WHOLE WORLD:

First Names Girls: Trinity-Faith, Mary-Beth, Jaylee, and Lily

Middle Names Girls: Taylor, Olivia, Ann, Grace

Names Combined 4 Girls: Trinity-Faith Taylor, Mary-Beth Olivia, Jaylee Ann, Lily Grace

First Names Boys: Seth, Jace, Luke, and Daniel

Middle Names Boys: Ryan, Thomas, Micheal, and Luis

Names Combined 4 Boys: Seth Ryan, Jace Thomas, Luke Micheal, and Daniel Luis

My fatal flaw - Not being able to handle life WITHOUT a huge push from my friends, If it wernt for them, I wouldnt be here today... They Helped me realize, that I had to go through all of the bad stuff, to get to the best part of life, to get to where I belonged.

I want to send a shout out to all the kids out there, that dont think theyre good enough, or pretty enough, or smart enough. Because the more you are yourself, the more people are going to except you for who you are. Ignore the negitivity, you are beautiful no matter who you are, and if anyone ever EVER needs someone to talk to about things like this, PLEASE, before any rash decisions are made, PLEASE talk to me, I can help you through the rough spots. Two years ago, a girl killed herself, I'd only seen her in the hall ways, and talked to her once, I didnt even stop to think of how she was feeling, because I was going through a rough spot too. Since her death, I have save three girls lives, and three very amazing girls and my best guy friend, saved mine.

Remember - We all go through bad times, some peoples are just worse than others. Instead of ignoring those that are bullied, you should talk to them, befriend them. Who knows, you could be saving a life.

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