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September 18th 2016

Time I faced facts: I highly doubt I'm going to finish several of my stories at this point.

I love all these characters and so much wanted to give them epic adventures and powerful moments-but in the end I let them-and you, my readers-down.

I have crafted everything for each story in my head a dozen times over, but the desire to write-to bring them to life on page-just isn't there anymore and you and the characters deserve more than that.

So over the next few weeks I will be posting a final entry for the following stories in which I'll explain what was going to happen, the twists and turns, the big reveals and whatever I had planned for a sequel so each story has some sense of closure.

It's not good enough-for either my long time readers or the characters, but I feel this is the best I can do at this moment in time.

Not every story is being ended; there are a few I still want to try and finish properly but there's no guarantee of that right now.

Stories I will be ending:

Of Crests and Planets-The Matt/Amy (Ami Mizuno) story

Say the Word-alternate reality Kim Possible Story

To Tame a Different Dawn (Tamers/Naruto fusion)

The Greatest Trust (SRMTHFG story-Story is finished but had plans for a sequel)

Stories I am going to continue:

The Unfolding Future (conclusion to 'Cave of Wonders' series)

Ashes to Ashes (Swat Kats)

Magic in the Stars (Billy Batson/Stargirl/JLU story)

One Universe Over (Jackie Chan Adventures/Digimon Tamers/Kim Possible X-over)

Special Stuff

Sunrise Reflections/Final Redemption (the follow up)--merging into a one shot which leads into a forthcoming chapter of Unfolding Future

Instead of continuing each story I'm going to do a one shot that ties them both together and Unfolding Future will pick up from there

Other stories-Any not mentioned are so old I doubt anyone is wanting more but if you were a fan feel free to ask what I had planned in a PM and I'll let you know.

Again, to all my longtime readers I am sorry, but for now I need to close the books on some of these stories. I love those characters, but I just don't think I can finish them all so I need to streamline and refocus my efforts to complete what I can.

Thank you EVERYONE who has stuck with me for so long. You guys and gals are the BEST!


September 18 2016

May 31st, 2015

Wow. It's been a while, hasn't it.

Still alive I guess. Been a busy two years. Still no excuse for not getting more done.

Anyway, still trying to get part 4 of Unfolding Future to sound right; I see it perfectly in my head, and it comes out crap on paper. All I can do it keep plugging away and apologize (again) to everyone waiting.

Did a quick re-do of the Summary for One Universe Over. No content change, but wanted to it read a bit more interesting-also since you can only pick two categories for crossover needed to make it a bit more accurate on who it stars.

Anyway, off to work on Unfolding Future again. Thanks for sticking with me guys; it really means a lot to me.


November 3rd 2013


Been kind of homebound last few days due to being sick, but all that I've tried to write I haven't really felt good about.

So I'm asking YOU GUYS and GALS what story do you want to see a new chapter for next?! (Not Counting Unfolding Future and Magic in the Stars)

(Assuming anyone actually reads this)

You can email me at the link WAY down below, or if you leave a review for any of my stories just put it in that.

Thanks again to everyone for their reviews! It means more to me than you can ever know!


Once more into the breach, dear friends.

First chapter of 'The Unfolding Future' will be up later on today (after one more proofing). This will mark the final story in my series set in the Tamers universe that began with 'Rage of the Heart". I still have "Sunrise Reflections" to finish, as well as many non-Digimon stories to complete.

I'm trying to get back on the horse; it's just once I get up there I'm still debating on if I want to ride or not.

As always, to my long time readers thanks for staying, and for my new readers thanks for giving me a try!

More sooner ( I hope ) than later.


Oct 28th

July 7th 2012

Well...let's try this dance again!

Here we go!

Newest update: Sunrise Reflections part 4

Aug 7th 2011

Damm. It's been nearly a year since I updated? Crap.

Well, I'm trying to get back into writing...again.

Small chapter added to 'To Tame a Different Dawn' .

The next chapter to Cave of Wonders aka The Unfolding Future is wrote out in my head. I just have to get it typed out.

To everyone who's still reading my stuff I appreciate it. Thanks for sticking with me during my ups and down.

More to come, hopefully soon!


August 9th 2010

New small chapter for Sunrise Reflections

Next up: new chapter for To Tame A Different Dawn

Sorry for being gone so long. Back now and trying to get more out ASAP.

Thanks for reading!

December 18th 2009

Cave of Wonders is done.

18 chapters and six years.


I've pretty much put all my thoughts into the authors notes at the end of Cave's final chapter so I won't rehash them here. But I would like to add one name to the 'who I should thank' list that I meant to add but forgot.

Chris McFeely of the Digimon Encyclopedia.

His dedication to all things Digimon has been a godsend to me through the years. Proper spellings, descriptions, powers-all of that at one point needed to be researched and it was his site that helped me out. I know he's moved onto a lot of TransFormers stuff, but his love for Digimon can never be discounted and I'm forever grateful for his help, even if he's not aware of it directly (at least until now!)

To everyone out there who's followed me through the years I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

May you all have the best Christmas possible, and nothing but good tidings to you in the New Year!


Update September 9th 2009-

My computer crashed and I've lost all of my stories.

I had a few backed up, but for the most part everything I've been working on for the past few weeks is gone.

I'll try to get back on the horse as soon as I get all the bugs worked out, but I thought you all should know.



Update Feb 27th 2009

Hello everyone!

Hope your 2009 is going as well as you planned! So far mine's a mixed bag, but that's part of life ya know?

I've updated Chapter 2 of 'To Tame a Different Dawn' my Tamers/Naruto fusion. A few weeks ago I updated "Magic in the Stars', my JLU Billy Batson/Stargirl centered fic.

I've got total writers block on Cave of Wonders...again. I'm hoping getting "Dawn' out of my system will help.

I'm also hoping this Captain Marvel kick I'm on will carry over to 'Say the Word' but I'm not going to promise that at the moment.

As always, thank you to everyone who's read and reviewed. I appreciate it more than I can say!!

Update December 14th 2008

Well, it's Christmas time again, so a heartfelt MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone here at FF.N! May your holiday be as stress free as possible and that everyone has a safe and happy time together!

If you're in retail like me, you can know what work is like this time of year. If you don't, suffice it to say it's making a hard job that much more difficult to get through at times. So when you're out shopping and see that poor young (or not so young) man or woman doing their best to help everyone please take a moment to say 'Hey, I know you're going through hell this time of year, but try to have a great Christmas (or if you perfer the more PC 'Holiday Season' ). It's a little thing, but it might make someone's day a little bit better knowing that someone out there knows it's no picnic in the park.

(gets off his Holiday Soapbox)

First off, some thanks are due:

To CrazyEight for some great feedback on 'The Cave of Wonders' and some insight on the budding relationship between Henry and Renamon.

To Isoner, for totally and compleatly shredding my most recent draft of 'Cave' helping me realize that I really needed to come at it from a totally different angle. The end result is Chapter 15b that was just posted tonight.

I'm not going to post what I'm working on next after I finish this installment of 'Cave of Wonders' but I'm going to go back to some of my older stories and try to get them updated and go from there.

Thanks to everyone who's read/left a review/been so paitent!



Update September 21st, 2008

Not a whole lot to tell right now other than it's been work work work for the past few months as we're changing everything around. So it's been the 'all new, all different, here we go again' syndrome all over again.

It's like Deja Vu having Deja Vu. Ugh.

Just posted a new story "To Tame a Different Dawn', a Tamers/Naruto fusion. Like 'Say the Word' not sure where it's going to go but I hope the ride is nice.

Big ShoutOut ot Lord ARchive for some major help on 'Dawn' . I uploaded the chapter before I realized I didn't toss my thanks in there so I'm doing it here for now. It was his Naruto story that made me want to try my own with a hint of Tamers flavor. :)

Thanks to everyone for reading, and I really hope you like what's coming up!

'Cave of Wonders' is next, with 'Greatest Trust' and 'Say the Word' lined up after that.

Update 3-12-06

Well, it's been a interesting couple of months since my last update. My father passed away on Jan 8th of this year after a year long bout with lung cancer, so as you can imagine most of my days off was spent helping Mom deal with things around the house.

The only 'upside', if you can call it that, was having him sick for that year gave us time to prepare and knowing he's out of pain has helped the healing process immensly. Mom is doing as well as can be expected, but after them being married for 48 years-well, it's going to take a lot of time

A few of you out there already know and I appreciate your condolences. It's helped in so many ways and I do thank you for your thoughts.

'Say the Word' part 2 was posted about two weeks ago, and I'm currently working on part two of 'The Greatest Trust' my SRMTHFG story. It's going off in a slighty different tangent than first though, but it's actually going to be a stronger story for it. 'M' rated stories are hard for me to do since it's hard to balance the emotions I want to convey vs well, some of the subjects a story gets an 'M' rating for in the first place, but I think it's going to work out well. The sequel is already sketched out and is titled "Monkey See, Monkey Two.." whose core concept was suggested by fellow author Isoner here at FF.N. The end of "Greatest" will be a dead giveaway to wehre the Hyperforce is going to visit, but I think the surprise will be a pleasant one.

'Sunrise Reflections' is going to be on hold until I get 'Cave' updated with the end of Leomon's story and a revelation that's going to shock Rika (but not those who've read 'Final Redemption').

I don't mean to be putting off the 'Dinner' from 'Cave of Wonders', but to be honest that is going to be a BEAST to write, along the lines of chapter 10 and that sucker was 30 typed pages so I'm going to try and write as fast as I can w/o slipping into a writers coma.

As for my other stories, I just cam going to have to go with 'as soon as I can'. I know that sucks but it's the best I can do right now.

Anyway, thanks as always for being paitent with my posting scheudal and I hope everyone has a great Easter!


Update 12-26-2007

Woo! 'In the Shadow of Love' is done! Again, a great many thanks to all my loyal readers who've been so paitent for the ending. I truely hope the finalie was worth waiting for! Some beta reading thanks to VampireNaomi and some plot idea thanks to Don Redmon for some stuff WAY early in the story that I don't think I ever gave him credit for.

The Kim Possible Fannies are coming up soon, so I'd like to invite all Kim Possible writers and readers to join in the voting! There's an entire forum on the matter as well as a link to the Fannie official ballet for when voting begins on Jan 1st. While I'd love to win one, there are just way too many uber-talented writers (both old and new) who put out some GREAT stories this year so read as much as you can and vote for who you think did the best!

My aspirations over the next few weeks/months:

Whew, the holidays are over and working retail we finally get a little down-time, so my overall plan is to finish my KP story "Between a Kim and a Hard Place' before first of the year.

Next up will be the next chapter of "Say the Word' where we see that the old man who rescued Ron has secrets of his own...

"Cave of Wonders' will get updated along with/right after a new Chapter for "Sunrise Reflections'. In 'Sunrise' Renamon and Grandmother have an interesting talk; but Renamon is unaware of the drama unfolding across town as Henry and Janyu have their own problems to overcome since Henry's little blurt-out about him and a certain Digimon...

In 'Cave', Renamon finds out when it comes to having feelings for a human she's not alone. Jeri and Rika finish their conversation. Then all eyes turn to the Dinner, and...well...just baten down the hatches okay?

I MAY do small updates to 'Ashes to Ashes' and "Of Crests and Planets' to take a break from the above. Not sure right now...

I hope everyone had a great Holiday season, no matter what faith you are. My best wishes for everyone in the coming New Year as well. Please don't forget to vote in the 'Fannies' always...thank you for reading my stories!


August 23rd 2007

Hi everyone! Small update to Cave of Wonders. I'm going to finish this thing! I promise! If I don't, you can beat me to death with rubber chickens and stuffed Renamons.

'In the Shadow of Love is being edited and trimmed. Doing the fight scenes with Wong and T-Girl are talking a lot longer than I wanted but it's getting there. And I make no apolgies for the Optimus Primal joke.

My Kim Possible muses are driving me crazy! 'Between a Kim and a Hard Place' and 'Say the Word' are coming soon, hopefully in the next week. Just gotta stop falling asleep at the keyboard after work. Kind of hard to write when you fall asleep at 8pm and next thing you know it's half past midnight.

Big shout out to Chris McFeely, dub director of the US version of Digimon: Savers. Chris: YOU ROCK! Just get me a date with Rika, and my life will be..uhm..wait..was that outloud?


On a personal note: I did some tweaking to 'Moonlight Passions' and brought it back over to FF.N under the 'M' rating. A lot of people have looked at it, but I haven't gotten any reviews. It's the forerunner to 'Sunrise Reflections' so I thought that might fill in some blanks. What do you all think? Good? Bad? Way too out there? I'd like to know!

Again, thanks to all my readers for being there!

July 6th 2007

Botcon was a blast! This chest cold...not so much.

We got to see the Transformers movie a few days before anyone else and even if I wasn't a long time TF fan, I'd say to see this movie. It's a perfect summer action flick, and hearing Peter Cullen back on the big screen as Prime was just icing on the cake.

Thanks to everyone for the kind reviews on Sunrise Reflections! But I've only gotten two reviews since the new chapter was posted; are mixed Digimon/Human couples not that popular, or is this story just flying under most everyone's radar?

What I'd like to hear from everyone is your thoughts on 'Pillow Talk'. I've only gotten one review (if you can call it that with the language and pure drivel it leaks) but almost 200 hits. Is it a bad story, or did I miss the mark on the couple? I'd really like to know please!

What's up next: (no perticular order)

Small Swat Kats update as Tobias make his move to aid the Princess. Out of the past a new legend is born as Felina and Sami take up the mantle left by Jake and Razor--The Swat Kats are Reborn!

Over in 'Sunrise Reflections' Renamon and Rika's grandmother talk.

Rika herself goes to pay a vist to see Jeri in 'Cave of Wonders" to try and explain what happened between her and Takato. But Rika's not the only one with secrets as an old friend (from Final Redemption) has made it back to Earth..and into Jeri's heart.

New Story-The Power is Possible!

On one distant parallel Earth, the death of its Spirit signals the end of an era. One another, old heroes are chosen to fight new challenges; but are Wade, Kim, Jim, Tim and Ron able to stop a threat to their whole planet?! Only if they work every sense of the word.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who's been reading and if you have any questions shoot me an email!


June 1st 2007

Another small update, this time to Sunrise Reflections. Henry and Janyu talk about Henry's late night disappearances! Will his secret love with Renamon be revealed?

'In the Shadow of Love' is up next with the conclusion! Will Paco and Jade survive their battle with Dalong Wong? And if so, will Xu-Lin be the one to pay the price for victory??

After that: More Cave of Wonders--THE DINNER!

Later on: My first Kim Possible fic! What's it about? Well...sometimes it takes five people to bring forth change-five special young people.

With five magic rings...

Thanks for being paitent everyone and I can't wait for you to see what's next!


April 25th, 2007

Another small step in getting me back into the writing biz; a small chapter to Cave of Wonders is first, with plans for an update to Sunrise Reflections to follow.

As some of you might remember there for a while FF.N didn't support the 'M' rating and a lot of fics were taken down. They've since reinstated the rating, but I've been hesistant to bring my only two true 'M' stories-Moonlight Passions and Pillow Talk ( a Kari/Yolei story) -back to FF.N. Having been gone for a while I'm not sure how much mature settings a story can have before it pushes the envelope too far. For those of you who have read these stories over at I'd like to hear from you how they compare to other 'M' rated Digimon stuff you've seen here, since you all have been around more than I Any feedback you can toss my way would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to leave your opinions in reviews or email me at

Woah! Someone's actually looking at my profile and maybe...just maybe...going to read one of my stories? Woo! ahem Sorry. First off, I'm Fortress_Maximus and I am a writer with more idea floating around in my head than will ever seen pen on paper (so to speak...). I mostly write Digimon, but future plans call for the conclusion to my Swat Kats fanfic (from three years ago!), a SERIOUS Captain Planet story (YES, your not mis-reading that!) as well as a TaleSpin and Monster Rancher story. You might even find a TransFormer story or two (one co-wrote with Isoner here at FF.N). Of course I will be finishing up my Digimon stories along the way. My personal passion are TransFormers, of which I have nearly 800. I also collect animation cells (when I can afford them). That's really about it other than thanks for checking out my stories and I hope you like them!
And as always remember...THE POWER IS YOURS!

Just as a quick note: After seeing a great many stories rated 'R' that are graphically a lot worse than my own NC-17 stories I will be bringing the ones I moved from here to back with an R rating. These stories are suggestive but by no means as point blank as some here currently.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Hereafter by ScaraMedn reviews
Heaven and Hell! Angels and demons! Wagers, warfare and ancient evil! Add fox and rabbit. Sprinkle with roasted humor and diced banter. Stir, simmer and watch the drama unfold!
Zootopia - Rated: M - English - Romance/Supernatural - Chapters: 20 - Words: 106,900 - Reviews: 247 - Favs: 266 - Follows: 359 - Updated: 6/15 - Published: 11/2/2017 - Judy H., Nick W.
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Digimon - Rated: T - English - Fantasy - Chapters: 56 - Words: 165,513 - Reviews: 282 - Favs: 140 - Follows: 115 - Updated: 6/10 - Published: 3/26/2014 - Takato M., Jenrya L./Henry W., Ruki M./Rika N., Shiuchon L./Suzie W.
The Masked Fox by Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps reviews
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