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Author has written 7 stories for Ouran High School Host Club, Tokyo Mew Mew, and Gakuen Alice.

Hi!!!!!I am oasisblue. I LOVE anime. I have a series i'm writing called True Love or Heart Break??

The first book is called True Love at first sight?? Which is about seven girls Ayame,Sakura,Yuri,Mima,Mayumi,Kagami,and Haruka. They are in the hostess club in Maria Rose Academy. They destroy and conquer any clubs the bother them but when they meet the host club in Ouran Academy.Will the be able to conquer and destroy or will they fall in love. The story centers around Mayumi.

The second is called Together forever?? Now that the host club and hostess club are going out with each other things seem to be fine but that's not the case. Karou catches a glimpse at some thing and misunderstands and breaks Mayumi's heart. Hikaru and Mima get in a fight about their siblings' break up and whose at fault. Sakura and Kyoya get into a fight after a contest they had. Honey and Yuri have a battle of pride and stop talking to each other. Kagami and Takashi have a fight about their cousins' fight. Tamaki stumbles on Ayame's secert and feels betrayed. What happens when the siblings of the girls don't approve of the relationships. Will their love prevail or will they be doomed with heart breaks.

The third book is called Painful Reunion. Mayumi's friend of the past shows up but in front of Karou and the host club(plus the girls) and he kisses her and tries to ruin her relationship with Karou too. How will Karou react? Will he win or will Karou Believe her no matter what? What this about Mayumi and Mima's triplet sister and mother? Are they dead or alive?

HEY Gakuen Alice fans I've written a story for called The Friends of Mikan.

Also Tokyo Mew Mew fans I've adopted a story called Mew Ebony Metamorphsis.

Okay as most people who have read my author note. I AM SOOO SORRY blame the editor. (jk...well sorta) Any way i have wrote a new story that is edited and everything for GA (Gakuen Alice) fans. Called Life without You (LWY) there is a poll here VOTE PLEASE. Another one with come out called Where's Daddy, Mommy? Nothing like Life without You (LWY).

Where's Daddy, Mommy? is about when Ruka disappears one day after his daughter's sixth birthday. His wife and daughter are devastated. Natsume and Mikan are happily married or at least what Natsume thinks and suddenly the happy marriage is gone when Mikan 'dies'. What happens when these two 'widows' meet? Will the be just friends or more than just that?

I am going to put one for Ouran Fans because my computer that has that story is a GIANT meanie and won't let me have a chance to copy down on my email or flashdrive before it crashes.(i'm writing on a different computer) I can try and and just copy it and rewrite all the chapters i had wrote before it crashed. I will give another story too Ouran fans that is long and it has bad words like curseing but the weirdest thing is i hate swearing and such but this story called for it. Actually i have two stories now that i think about it. One called Welcome to Japan. My fav to write so far in Ouran: Hidden Behind the Eyes.

Welcome to Japan is about seven girls that transfer to Ouran because that won a contest. They meet the host club. Life is good and so it the adventure until Mima gets a phone call one day and everything goes downhill. HostxOcs and OcxOc

Hidden Behind the Eyes is about Takashi and Honey's cousin who comes back after about two years aboard in America. Only thing is that she is cold and heartless to all of the host club. She purely hates her cousins but what is her secret. Will the host club help her before it is too late?

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (Wall Flower) Fans I have a story that is on the MEANIE (!!!T-T!!!) computer.

It was called that The Wallflower and The Rose. Summary: What happens when Sunako's friend comes back after not seeing her about five years and she here to make her a lady but the mission's already done the second she steps in the door. This girl brings out the Girly side of Sunako out. She isn't just anyone she is a famous model and ballerina who sings and acts too. (not a marysue (guess what i learned yesterday what that meant)) This girl is on the run though from her abusive ex-boyfriend. What will happen when he finds her? What happens when she falls for Yuki? Just enjoy the roller coaster ride of life. It is being rewritten and I am doing I pretty good job so far.

It should be posted when i updated the stories the are now in heavy editing. My friend didn't mention that she doesn't have summer school (starting today) anymore so she is do nothing but editing them all. she doesn't give my chapters back (paper copy) until she is done with every thing. so you can be excited cuz it will be edit very soon. YEAHH!!!! I called her earlier and she screamed at me (literally) very loud about how she is trying to edit my things and if i call again she won't edit them. then she turned off her phone. SO I will have my stories back soon. Don't worry I email them but she likes them paper copy so i give her a paper copy too. she then goes through everything and changes them and sends me the electronic copy and the paper copy back. well more like she bangs the door of my house down (practically) and i answer before my parents get mad and she hands them or i come over but she is very reliable. she also draws what the characters look like FROM MY MIND perfectly. i can draw but she is amazing. so she is very busy and i have tons of summer homework because i take a lot of honors classes.

I AM SOO SORRY!!! For the updating chapters problems

Let's see what else... oh i know my favorite animes. Ok let's start

-Sailor Moon (all of them)

-Tokyo Mew Mew

-Itazura na kiss

-Shugo Chara(all of them)

-Gakuen Alice

-Clannad (all of them)

-Full Moon wo Sagashite

-Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

-Kimi ni Todoke

-Lucky Star

- The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (all of them)

-Good Morning Call

-Mermaid Melody(both seasons)



-Princess Tutu

-Peach Girl

-Ouran Highschool Host Club

-School Rumble

-Special A

-Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

-Yumeiro Patissiere

and many more!!

I AM SOO SORRY!!! For the updating chapters problems

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