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The reason why you might be looking at my profile is probably because...

1. You have read one of my stories and liked it

2. You have read one of my stories and wanted to flush it down the toilet because you couldn't believe how much it sucked

3. You felt like it

4. You accidentally clicked on my username.

Well whatever the reason, welcome to my profile. Feel free to read/review/favorite/follow any of my stories ;D

Here is a bit about myself:

Name: My previous username was XxWinterRosexX, due to various reasons of unimportance, I have changed it to what it is now :)

Age: I was born around the time Naruto was published.

Gender: Well, based on what my stories are like, it should be pretty obvious.

Likes: Anime/Manga, mochi, ice cream, and DANGOS O.O

My favorite anime girl character is Sa-ku-raaaaaaaaa from Naruto! :D I really disliked her and thought she was really annoying at first (like most people). But after the chapter "Sakura Blooms", where she cuts off her hair, I go like >O

OMG SAKURA IS AWESOME!!!!! :D Of course, I feel like half the world disagrees with me, it really hurts my otaku heart that so many people bash Sakura like that :'( But hey, it's their opinion, chillax guys. We don't need to rage over some person bashing your favorite character or fanning over the character you loathe. But yeah, back to the point, I love Sakura. She is just someone I can relate to and admire so much at the same time. I hear people hating on her, saying how she's ugly, weak, annoying, and completely infatuated with Sasuke. Lemme show you why I like Sakura so much.

1) Ugly? No, she is not, or in my opinion at least. Supposedly, she's really cute with a wide forehead. I was glad they made her have a wide forehead, it kinda gives her a realistic feel. You see all these perfect characters like Sasuke in the mangas, but seriously, when do you find someone like that? Even beautiful people have imperfections. And beauty is all in the eye of the beholder anyways. I think it is really shallow to hate a character because they're not "pretty" enough for the leading protagonist.

2) Weak? Well, it is the truth that Sakura's skills are limited in comparison to all the other characters. BUT LET'S FACE IT, she ain't from a clan, so that puts her at a disadvantage D: I mean, you got Hinata (I like her so-so) whose from the freaking-god-of-all-clans Hyuuga Clan. Then you have Ino (err... not my favorite character, but a nice friend :)...) who's from the I-read-your-mind-and control-your-soul Yamanaka Clan. And in comparison to TenTen (I LUV TENTEN TOO!) who is also not from any clan, Sakura is considerably stronger (via Narutopedia xD). She's just a normal girl who rose to the tops in the medical-nin world :D I mean, she's probably second to Tsunade as a medical nin. She's got super strength, but yeah, its getting overly done. I admit, she needs to learn some more jutsu. I want her to learn how to summon slugs and that awesome immortality jutsu thing Tsunade has :D

3)Annoying? Nah, I don't think so. Yesh, she was at first. I disliked her with a passion at first, but grew to worship her :3 I think Sakura is just a really honest girl. I mean, I find honest people really admirable. They don't hide anything and you know their true selves, not hiding anything. Sadly, most people find honest people annoying because they say anything. When Sakura gets mad, she won't pretend to be happy. When she is happy, she will be happy. When she is sad, she will be sad. She will always speak her mind, which makes me really admire her confidence. I wish I had more of her honest nature in me... I like to hide my true self since I get embarrassed easily.

4)Completely infatuated with Sasuke? At the beginning yes, but later, she really fell in love. Most fangirls see their idols are a perfect model and refuse to accept anything other than perfection. Sakura learned of Sasuke's faults and still fell in love with him, how often do you have that happen? I honestly feel my heart wrench, love isn't something you can control. You love a person, and sometimes you don't even know why or how it happened. Don't blame the girl for loving someone. I do feel sad towards Naruto and Sakura. They both have such huge unrequited loves, its so tragic. People often hate on Sakura because she can't help but be in love with someone who will never love her back. But when I hear them say this, I can't help but think that Naruto and Hinata are both the same as her, so why is she getting scrapegoated? TT.TT

Recently, I have started to like stories where the main character has an unrequited love, makes the story more real in my view. I just experienced one recently and trust me, it's not fun.

Dislikes: Mary-Sue characters (cause they annoy the crap out of me since they usually are helpless)

I dislike really depressing stories, like make you-wanna-quit-life kind of depressing.

I really am more of a shoujo manga type girl, but only when the protagonist has an unrequited love. I just feel like it is more realistic that way, I can relate more easily with them in comparison to a girl who is in a love triangle with two hawt guys. I mean, you see girls fighting over guys all the time, but hardly do you ever see two guys fighting over the same girl. *Shrugs* Maybe I'm wrong, but hey, my opinion :P

But yeah, I tend to write fanfictions for shounen mangas more even though I like shoujo a bit more X.X

Let's introduce my stories now :D

Naruto Fanfiction:

The Undying Blossom:

It starts with Sakura's parents: her dad being Hizashi Hyuuga and mom being a character I made up named Masako Haruno. Yeah yeah, I know, it's really weird that sakura's dad is Neji's dad. I actually don't like adding too many OCs in my fanfictions, it's really confusing for me xD I often get the names mixed up and forget which character is which. I didn't want to make an OC dad, so I thought of all the "old guys" from Naruto. At first I was wondering whether to do Kakashi as her dad, but I brushed the idea off. I mean, I like Kakashi, but he's like... 29, and that would mean he had sakura when he was 13... suspicious...

So then I was racking my brain and started scrolling over Narutopedia, and then I was suddenly on Hiashi Hyuuga's page. Then I was like, "Wait a momento, doesn't this guy used to have a twin?...!"

And so, there you have it, Hizashi Hyuuga is Sakura's dad :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

But I'm scared I'll get flames because I just twisted up the entire plot of Naruto in the first chapter... >.

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