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me and vix make the bitches crawl

[11:40:59 PM] hinata hyuga (‿): thats disgusting
[11:41:09 PM] Teddy: so r u but u dont see me complaining

Though it's unlikely I'll ever use this account again, I'd like everyone I encountered on this website to be aware just how dear I hold you all to me. My friends who supported me even though I was super annoying and constantly overemotional, and the strangers who reviewed on my first few terrible stories: you are all very precious and have helped me out a great deal.

If you have my Skype or any other messaging system, feel free to chat me up on there anytime.

My tumblr is old-years-eve.

Vixxy; [4/5/2013 8:47:31 PM] Vixenator: I was in Chicago at night LMFAO BAD IDEA and like tthese drunk dudes passed me and were like "hey girl come party with uus" and I did (cool)

Audz; [1:32:26 AM] Audrey G: omfg i probably sounded like an eskimo child for a second there

Teddy; [1/28/2013 7:14:57 PM] Teddy: im in a prostitution-type relationship with rosy

Hanny; [12:36:01 AM] Hannah: if we were twilight i would be bella and rosy gets to be da wolf because i like them the best and teddy is ed because hes pale

Tommy; [5/31/2013 7:31:42 PM] Ace: does he have tatoos? peircings? is he nice to you?

Jake; [4/12/2013 5:52:50 PM] Jake "Ella" Henderson: Rosy is swaggy

Jay-son; [6/17/2013 2:46:43 PM] Corey Tatham: you screeched

Olly-g; [6/24/2013 12:19:22 PM] Olive: same like she is a starving kid in d10 she is not gonna be a fatass

Meggymu; [6/16/2013 3:56:55 PM] Meganaaaa: I LIVE ON AN ARM

Immybear; [6/24/2013 12:04:24 PM] The Resident Grammar Nazi: *sense of humour strikes again*

Sammy; [4/14/2013 11:21:37 AM] Sammy: you are magic rosy
you should go to hogwarts
your letter got lost in the post ok

I love each and every one of them so much, and I would be lost without them!

a story

[5:41:35 PM] Teddy: well there was once a nice, beautiful, and esteemed boy named Teddy ok
[5:41:55 PM] Teddy: and then fawn came alone like prancing and shit like a fawn like the animal ok sand she was like "teddy i like u will u marry me ur cute"
[5:42:06 PM] Teddy: and teddy was like ":P lol bby i know ok but i know you're A FUCKING LIAR"
[5:42:08 PM] Teddy: and then fawn was like "/;"
[5:42:13 PM] Teddy: and teddy was like ":D"
[5:42:20 PM] Teddy: and then fawn pulled out a sai ok
[5:42:32 PM] Teddy: and teddy was like "noh.. noh.. this cannot be happening.. this happens to U not me :O" and then teddy grabs the sai
[5:42:33 PM] Teddy: ok
[5:42:43 PM] Teddy: and then fawn is like "O_O!!! meatheads save me"
[5:43:03 PM] Teddy: and then these two like boys ran over to teddy and like tackled him ok and then out of nowhere you heard a snort and in the corner of the room a tall asian stood there with pink highlights
[5:43:09 PM] Teddy: and then from the ceiling dropped a boy from d8 ok
[5:43:11 PM] Teddy: we dont know his name
[5:43:13 PM] Teddy: but teddy is like ":O"
[5:43:22 PM] Teddy: and then the tall asian is like "yo twig fuck u"
[5:43:26 PM] Teddy: and fawn is like ":("
[5:43:34 PM] Teddy: and then her meatheads are like "ok i save u fawn dw"
[5:43:39 PM] Teddy: and then the one boy died ok
[5:43:41 PM] Teddy: and then the other boy died
[5:43:50 PM] Teddy: so it was just teddy and fawn ok
[5:43:56 PM] Teddy: and the d8 male and the asian
[5:43:57 PM] Teddy: and then ok
[5:44:00 PM] Teddy: here comes a good plot ntwist
[5:44:03 PM] Teddy: out of nowhere...
[5:44:13 PM] Teddy: a loud explosion happened and the words "Swaggy" rang through everyones ear
[5:44:22 PM] Teddy: and then you just wait
[5:44:43 PM] Teddy: and then this random boy who's name was Orlando ok was like "it's me from D-Three :)" ( he was a poet in disguise)
[5:44:45 PM] Teddy: and then he killed the d8 male
[5:44:53 PM] Teddy: so it wa s just fawn teddy the asian and swaggy
[5:44:54 PM] Teddy: ok
[5:44:58 PM] Teddy: yeah ik omfg
[5:45:01 PM] Teddy: anyway
[5:45:08 PM] Teddy: so then fawn was like "ok i have stuff 2 do"
[5:45:14 PM] Teddy: teddy was like "no u gotta go lie ok bi"
[5:45:19 PM] Teddy: and then fawn left abruptly ok idk where she went
[5:45:24 PM] Teddy: and then it was swaggy the asian and teddy
[5:45:43 PM] Teddy: and then the asian was like "cupcakes u arent sweethearts XD" and got so mad and stabbed swaggy
[5:45:49 PM] Teddy: the swag leaked out of him and dripped out of his soul
[5:45:53 PM] Teddy: teddy was like "NOHHHHHHHHHHHH :O"
[5:45:58 PM] Teddy: and the asian was like ":)"
[5:46:03 PM] Teddy: and swaggy was like "X_X"
[5:46:07 PM] Teddy: then swaggy died tbh
[5:46:09 PM] Teddy: just dropped dead
[5:46:13 PM] Teddy: so then it was the asian and teddy
[5:46:18 PM] Teddy: and the asian was like "ayeee teddy"
[5:46:27 PM] Teddy: and teddy was like "no asian im 2 gud 4 u.."
[5:46:34 PM] Teddy: and the asian came closer to teddy ok
[5:46:36 PM] Teddy: and teddy got nervous
[5:46:46 PM] Teddy: and then teddy's natural instic kicked in and he smiled widely ok
[5:46:59 PM] Teddy: and the rays of sunshine reflecting against his perfectly aligned and cleaned teeth blasted into the asian's face
[5:47:00 PM] Teddy: ok
[5:47:05 PM] Teddy: and then the asian was blinded "AHHHH!!!"
[5:47:10 PM] Teddy: so teddy was like "lol :P"
[5:47:19 PM] Teddy: and then the asian fell out a window and teddy was like "o..."
[5:47:20 PM] Teddy: so at the end
[5:47:21 PM] Teddy: teddy left ok
[5:47:38 PM] Teddy: and then met up with Odette ok she's some puta from d4 and then they rode off the animal kingdom in africa ok
[5:48:30 PM] Teddy: cliffhanger:
[5:49:04 PM] Teddy: As Teddy and Odette were riding off into the storm that was abrewing in the distance on an elephant, they heard a few new voices.. the words they were saying sounded like "faustroclobia" :O
[5:49:06 PM] Teddy: ok there it is
[5:49:08 PM] Teddy: come back later for more


starring Cashmere67

[3/15/2013 10:54:45 PM] Teddy: you'REM AKING UFN OMY MATH

[3/15/2013 11:15:01 PM] Teddy: me and her are the rmoe and mjuliet of the 21st century

[3/15/2013 11:15:14 PM] Teddy: i am tianiutm

[3/29/2013 11:24:03 PM] Teddy: hanah tel men r

[3/29/2013 11:50:30 PM] Teddy: ill serneade u

[12:04:14 AM] Teddy: GO TO BED HAMN

[12:05:23 AM] Teddy: ima call u vcalerie from now on

[12:31:41 AM] Hannah: STAPO

[12:02:51 PM] Ace: SHIT UP LOl

[1:07:29 PM] Teddy: laurel sucfks

[6:02:29 PM] Teddy: LMFOA UFCK U

[6:08:43 PM] Teddy: she tinkssg shed's funny

[6:16:42 PM] Teddy: you redmind me quole issa legit

[6:17:26 PM] Teddy: wana comeee aster egg huntign tomorrow with me and trish

[6:37:52 PM] Teddy: r u lbind...

[6:42:13 PM] Teddy: that would be the funneiestst thing ok

[6:52:12 PM] Teddy: ...legit saem

[2:51:11 PM] Olive: what r u speking of

[3:17:26 PM] Teddy: i bet u beleived fawn

[6:10:10 PM] Vixenator: it was a constumed party hai!

[8:19:05 AM] Jake "Ella" Henderson: SHIT UP

[3:05:19 PM] Megana: did you ehar it

[3:10:52 PM] Teddy: int omy van

[7:06:14 PM] Teddy: jzt give am ras eason XD:)

[7:07:08 PM] Olive: teddy typoe slower

[7:11:11 PM] Teddy: we qaz born to die !!

[7:11:23 PM] Teddy: no ur just somebodi i justed to know XD

[7:11:45 PM] Teddy: baganrang

[7:18:04 PM] Teddy: no they're just a gifmrent of tyour iiagmiantion

[7:24:42 PM] Teddy: oh my fgucking god

[3:25:36 PM] Teddy: im ap roefesional hair cutter ok]

[3:27:51 PM] Teddy: rosy tsop

[5:14:38 PM] Ace: Im getting shiped out to the UK tomorrow

[5:18:40 PM] Teddy: lino king 1.2

[3:00:37 PM] Teddy: let me message ya throat 4 u

[8:35:11 PM] Teddy: are you tthateningi me

[11:12:58 AM] Teddy: ithces aint shita dn dey ant say anpthing XD

[6:18:30 PM] Audrey G: andt he rebellioan twouldn't have strated without her

[6:45:00 PM] Audrey G: im relly fglad rosy's not here to record these mistakes on her profile

[12:28:41 AM] Sam Sovereign: You snuck guppy took my bedroom?

[3:39:57 PM] Teddy: her speeling sucks..

[3:45:54 PM] Teddy: she was intoixciated

[3:52:38 PM] Teddy: beidesb ieng written by u

[6:17:24 PM] Megan: shoine bright loike a rubeh (rock)

[7:21:05 PM] Teddy: dont sp[eak 3 me..

[7:24:26 PM] Teddy: i dont talk to myslef

[7:25:12 PM] Jake "Ella" Henderson: i knew you was trouble when you waked in

[5:51:57 PM] Audrey G: omfg r u making the blofg

[6:27:54 PM] Vixxette: i beestz im fa yrap!

[6:30:48 PM] Teddy: you dont Admire Blanrcharad me ;)

[6:32:06 PM] Teddy: do i intimdiatme u ;0

[4:58:44 PM] Audrey G: yuor so men to ne

[5:03:21 PM] I Am Optimist Vix: who da bby fady hale???

[5:05:35 PM] Teddy: you coudl be primorse

[5:05:41 PM] Teddy: Primroes "Rosy" Olivas...

[5:10:30 PM] Audrey G: unl3s shemad it out of beriaz

[5:16:37 PM] Teddy: do not bring up sivler's naresg

[5:19:30 PM] Teddy: almostl ike u

[5:27:37 PM] Jake's Concubine Sussana: sgawp usin cheyenne rn

[5:29:20 PM] Teddy: ...leave hime alone

[5:36:45 PM] Jake's Concubine Sussana: TLLY????

[5:38:22 PM] Jake's Concubine Sussana: I MEANT JOME ALMFAO

[9:04:22 PM] Jake's Concubine Vixellette: im tispy dotn kudge ne

[10:41:22 PM] Jake's Concubine Vixellette: why r u teddu

[11:28:51 AM] Sammy: LOL glorious and heavnly

[6:14:06 PM] Scarlett JoVixen: im squralin so much

[6:18:19 PM] Teddy: KAWAI

[6:45:50 PM] Teddy: ur the bniggest liar

[12:28:35 PM] Berlin: wtf did u sya to me

[7:45:10 PM] Teddy: i wnat cottaon candy

[11:55:57 PM] Teddy: im a beufatufil sinner

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