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:.:last updated: 23rd January, 2003:.:

Snippet of Wisdom for the Day: Life is what happens to you while you're making other plans. (Big thanks to Mr. Lynch, English teacher to the world, for that one ... words that totally changed my life)

Okay, so shock horror, I'm updating this profile thingy because it's been ages, and like all of the information that was on here is so very out of date.

Okay, so here we go. Kayley's profile, take two ... aaand action.

What to say? Well, let's start with the fact that I graduated finally, made it through the horrors (okay, not true, it was awesome) of Year 12 and managed to sneak away with an 87.75 ENTER score and an offer to study at LaTrobe University. Yes, if nothing else, I am testament to the fact that one can not go to class, not study and basically be a bum and still do better than 87.75% of the state.

But we're moving on.

For those unfamiliar, my name is Kayley Laskitt. Well, to be truthful, the Kayley is a nickname but I like it and who the hell are you to judge? I'm a raging eighteen years old and enjoy things that all 18 year girls should: Drinking, parties, clubbing and guys. Yes, I am deep, thank you for noticing. I just graduated from a girls school in Victoria, Australia and had to give up my position as college captain in order to do so. *tear*

Onto fanfiction. I read it, I write it, occasionally I review it. As of late, the writing is happening somewhat less than occasionally. I'm not pathological about writing - if I have an idea, I'll write it down. If not, it can bite me. Healthy little work ethic, isn't it?

If you read below, you'll see I've kept my list of past, future and no-future fics ... just because I think it's way too funny to delete. It truly is ... champagne comedy.

:.:the past:.:

With The Angels - A half-assed X Files tale of death, deception and babies named after Star Trek characters. Purely tragic, but it did, if nothing else, remind people of how f*cking awful writing is when the author is 12.

Adversities of Affinity - I don't know if this was the title, something along those lines. I read the 'A' section of my Year 7 English Dictionary till I found an appropriately convoluted title. Yet another half-assed X Files fic, one that went for waaaayy too long considering how bad it was.

Some bad BtVS fic - Okay, I don't remember what this was called but I wrote it with my ex-friend Krista (who honestly believes she's immortal, the nutbar) who made it some bizarre kinky love story between two vampires she made up. Whatever.

The Watcher - Creative title, hey? An X Files/Buffy crossover. Yes, it was as bad as you imagine. Giles dies, Mulder becomes the new Watcher. Tragic.

The Fine Line - A purely terrible Neon Genesis fic about Asuka spraining her ankle and the soft squishy feelings that follow between her and Shinji.

EG2 - A sequel to Evangelion. Didn't work because I had no idea what I was talking about.

Unnamed NGE fic - An Evangelion fic I never finished or named. Explored the realm of Hikari being all unstable because of pressure. Rejected because of gratuitous swearing ... in retrospect, I could have just deleted the swearing. Whatever.

We're Going Out Tonight - An almost amusing Evangelion fic about hamsters named Shinji and Asuka and the confusion that follows. Almost amusing. Almost. The fact that I scored the title from one-off punk band Frenzal Rhomb added nothing to the credibility.

I think I'm going to stop before I further damage my reputation. Let me move swiftly to my plans for the future. They're (I hope) a lot more viable.

:.:the future:.:

Down Slow sequel - Am feeling minorly compelled to write a sequel to Down Slow, my first gymshippy. Don't hold your breath.

Passport to Paris - The concept for a HP fic that starts with an academic competition in Paris and continues with much high-jinks and mayhem and evil is in my mind. I'll probably write 300 pages of it then decide it blows.

Words Can't Express - A half-written and abandoned egoshippy (Kasumi x Shigeru) fic that I want to pick up again. It's Kasumi's birthday and Shigeru doesn't know what to buy her. Inspired by Tripod (

If You Don't Believe In Love (what do you hold onto?) - Overly long titles make a comeback with this egoshippy fic. Finding love in all the wrong places. I finished it ages ago, but it needs some work before the public sees it.

1248 Peregrine Ave - Partly written and lost when my dad donated our old computer to someone. Gary, Misty, Ash and Brock living in a sharehouse. Watch the hilarity ensue. Inspired by Head Start ( and 204 Bell St. Should pick this up again ...

:.:no future:.:

I had so much fun writing my past and future fanfic things, I've come back for more. For my entertainment, here is a list of fics that I will never write but sure as hell had fun summarising.

Cold As Ice - A songfic exploring the depths of Ash and Misty's love, set to the lyrical genius of (the often underestimated) Vanilla Ice and his hit 'Ice Ice Baby'

Harry Potter and The Mocassins of Doom - What do you get when you cross Harry Potter with the great Australian bush-cop show Blue Heelers? A 12-part extravaganza with gratuitous use of the words 'crikey', 'blimey' and 'strewth'.

On A Night Like This - How the Second Impact of Evangelion affected the Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Spice Spice Baby - A reflective piece on how leaving the Spice Girls has greatly improved Geri Halliwell's credibility as an artist.

Card Captor Yahoo-za - Underappreciated comic Yahoo Serious makes his comeback chasing Clow Cards throughout the world whilst making jokes about his pants.

Yentl As Anything - A deeply moving Pokemon fic in which James accepts his sexuality and starts a Barbra Streisand tribute band. (Note: The phrase 'Yentl As Anything' is borrowed with reverence from Tripod)

Party Out The Front - Brock's efforts to win over the ladies suddenly become effective when he goes and gets himself a mullet. You'll laugh. You'll cry.

The Retro Card - Sakura goes to great lengths to capture the Retro Card, a mischievous card that causes everyone to speak in obscure lyrics from the 1970's ('...at the Hotel California, where I am the egg man, buying a stairway to heaven ...')

More to follow . . . stay tuned!


Pairings I like. Quite simple, really.

Pokemon - egoshipping (misty x gary), indigoshipping (misty x richie), gymshipping (misty x brock), hirosato/leagueshipping (ash x richie), kitchenshipping (delia x brock)

NGE - asuka x shinji, shinji x rei, rei x kensuke, touji x hikari

Other - hermione x draco (HP - most of the fics in this pairing are subpar, but there are a few that stand out that i quite like), sakura x li (CCS), sakura x tomoyo (CCS)

Well, I'm outta here kids! Till next time I get bored enough to update!


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