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Author has written 5 stories for Jimmy Neutron, Inuyasha, Doctor Who, and My Little Pony.

Hello peoplez, how are you guys? Anyways, my name is Inuyashalov5. I am 18 years old. My favorite shows are: Moonlight, Bones, Home Improvement, I own every season of Charmed, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Eureka, Touch, Hell's Kitchen, Master Chef, Challenge, and Daybreak. My favorite Anime/Cartoon shows are: Inuyasha, Danny Phantom, Kaze No Stigma, Karin, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Ranma 1/2, This Ugly Yet Beautiful World, Ouran High School Host Club, Air gear, Pokèmon (only the seasons that have May in it), Fushigi Yuugi, My Little Pony, and Jimmy Neutron. I have a twin sister, named Krysie. Her username is Sekki Oji.

I love Ramen, martial arts, my family and friends, Tamaki, Edward ELRIC, and Inuyasha. I hate mean people, Robert Paterson (eww!), Naraku(DIE DIE!), and kikyou (oh my gosh! She's a BITCH! Sorry for my language.).

Normal people: Don't believe in demons, there's no way they exist.

Inuyasha Fans: Believe in them because they are in human form like Sexy Sesshomaru-sama!

Normal people: Don't believe in time travel.

Inuyasha Fans: Shove those people down the bone eaters well.

Normal people: Throw away a rusty old sword.

Inuyasha Fans: Keep it! It could be Tetsusaiga! (Then Inuyasha'll come and get it)

Normal people: Wouldn't take the risk if it meant endangering themselves.

Inuyasha Fans: Go for it! Inuyasha'll protect us! (Or Sesshomaru if you're a friend of Rin)

Normal people: Don't care about the moon.

Inuyasha Fans: Obsess over the moon. It's Inuyasha's time of the month (Well that sounded wrong :P )

Normal people: Think animal parts on humans are freaky.

Inuyasha Fans: Love animalistic features! Ears for Inuyasha! Tails for Sesshomaru and Koga! Fangs for all and claws for all! And Fox feet for Shippo-chan!

Normal people: Call Inuyasha a childish cartoon.

Inuyasha Fans: Instantly duck and cover as the demons take revenge... then join in. Or Even better, become assassins for those who dare to call it a cartoon!

Normal people: Don't realize what the drop in temperature means.

Inuyasha Fans: Know that Kikyo is lurking about eating souls of innocent women. (Zombi woman! Run for your lives! AHHHH!)

Normal people: Say that money is power.

Inuyasha Fans: Wave the Sacred jewel around and wish for more than that. (Maybe a boy character or two...)

Normal people: Hit the person who just groped them and think they are sick.

Inuyasha Fans: Know that it's only Miroku's incarnation or one of his lectures decendants... (Then hit them anyway)

Normal people: Don't think a boomarang could be a weapon.

Inuyasha Fans: Introduce the none believers to Sango in a rage.

Normal people: Think long haired boys are girly.

Inuyasha Fans: Wouldn't ever cut a teenager boy's hair if he looked like one of the hotties!

Normal people: Wouldn't know why the wind suddenly blew them over.

Inuyasha Fans: Know it's Kagura having a hissy fit when someone flirts with Sesshomaru.

Normal people: Would suddenly find themselves knocked out when they flirted with Kagome.

Inuyasha Fans: Would know better and would stay away from 'The hanyou's girl' on pain of death and a lot of Inuyasha beatings for being too close to his koishii.

Normal people: Wouldn't copy and past this because they wouldn't know what the hell this was about because they are NORMAL!!

Inuyasha Fans: Would instantly copy and past this to show the world how proud they are to be Inuyasha fans and would recomend it to all their friends! We Love it!

Favorite songs:

Opening: Colors by FLOW

Ending: Every Heart by BoA

Funeral: Sof Ha'olam (The End of the World) by Lucy Lawless

Fighting: Inuyasha's theme

Love: Love story by Taylor Swift and Cover Girl by Big Time Rush

Break-up: How to Save a Life by The Fray

Rock song: Paralyzed by Big Time Rush

Sadness: Missing by Evanescence

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