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What's good? Haruka-Chan here!

"Is you good? Is you okay? 'Cause I wanted to know!" -YouTube User GloZell

Name: Marissa Cifelli, also Known as Haruka Kibou Kaze Satoba, or HaruChan for short. ;)

Age: 18

Place of Residence: Toms River, NJ

Likes: ROTG, Frozen, Queen Elsa, Jack Frost, MLPFIM, One Direction, Sleeping with Sirens, MCR, Cody Simpson, Girl's Generation, SHINee, TVXQ!, Linkin Park, Nickelback, Degrassi, PSG, PPGZ, anime, acting, singing, dancing, writing, drawing, designing outfits, wearing crazy shit to school XD, tumblr, and cosplaying :3

I am mainly known as Marissa, but to my friends, I go by these names! :)

Alter Ego: Marisol Reynolds, who looks just like me, but has Molly's eyes (green with a golden ring around the pupil) and has a silver side-bang

One Perfection (One Direction's female American counterparts): Hallie Styles

One Direction Stage Name (and Nickname): Lori Donovan (since my name doesn't have a name pun, I thought I'd make a stage name with a new name for myself. Lori goes into Spectacular- SpectacuLori) I had also been nicknamed Daughter Direction since I'm the youngest in the group and the only girl

Ojamajo Doremi: Falicity Kirman, or Haruka Satoba

SNSD: Lee Soonkyu, a.k.a. Sunny (yea, I'm the American version of her. Deal with it, oppas. ;) )

My Little Pony- Friendship is Magic: Dramedy Flare, an OC based off of myself, and my abilities to act, sing and dance.

Peter Pan: Patrisha Pan, twin sister of Peter

Pretty Cure: Murasaki Shamaya, Cure Grace (SmPC), or at times, I am Kurumi Mimino, a.k.a. Milky Rose

Haruhi Suzumiya: Yea. I am Haruhi XD

Sweeney Todd: Isabella Barker or Samantha Todd

Wicked: Grayce, Daughter of Galinda

Alice in Wonderland: Chessa, the Cheshire Cat

Lilo and Stitch: Bianca Torres (yes, its a mixture of Bianca and Adams names from Degrassi, deal with it!! :( plus her personality is a mixture of the two. Good girl at heart, but can get bitchy when necessary. XD)

Degrassi: Molly-Rose "Molly" Robinson

Meet the Robinsons: Willa Robinson, twin sister of Wilbur

The Latest Buzz (Season 3): Tori Blue, love interest of Chase the Prince, Wilder's look-a-like, soon becomes Wilder's girlfriend after Amanda and him break up

Digimon Frontier (English and Japanese Versions): Veda Hokabari, with Lillymon as the Human Spirit

Shugo Chara: Miruki Nokanawa

Power Rangers Samurai: Keyara (pronounced like Kiara), the Female Red Ranger

Tokyo Mew Mew (Mew Mew Power): Chocola Itsuki (Alicia Sinclair), The Monarch Butterfly Mew Mew

Sonic X: Felicia the Wolf, the 1st wolf character in the series

Lemonade Mouth: Adriana Goldsworthy (yes, I'm using Eli's last name. So what???)

Beethoven's Christmas Adventure: Trista Martinez

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt: Corset Anarchy, triplet sister of Panty and Stocking

Life With Derek: Lola Pavalon (yea, the English dub name for Love Momozono from Fresh Pretty Cure. Gotta problem with it? >:/)

Rise of the Guardians: Rose Valentina, also known as Cupid/Eros

Frozen/Real Life: Joanna Overland a.k.a. Frost

Quotes from my characters:

Molly: "I can't take this! Beating Mason and I up...treating me like a prostitute...it's gone too far, Dad! But not anymore..." (pulls out gun, and whispers) "Gomenasai...Dad..." (pulls trigger, gun goes off)

Marisol: "Oh-kaaaayyyyyyyy...so now what?"

Falicity/Haruka: "Aw, shnap..." (sweat-drops)

Hallie (Quote 1): "GET OUT OF MAH KITCHEN!!!!"

Hallie (Quote 2): (singsongy) "At the end of the day!"

Felicia: "Hm..how interesting."

Adriana: "Yea, I'm in. But I get 20 percent of the money that we make." (everyone stares) "Kidding! Sheesh, keep your shirts on..."

Alyce: "This. Is. AWESOME!!!!" :D

Corset: "Kuriaratameyou, fuckin' demons!!!" (swings mallet at Ghost)

Lola: "Ya know, I usually make it a rule to not date guys like you...not." (winks)

Bianca: "I am rubber, and you are glue. Whatever you call me bounces off and sticks right to you." (smirks)

Haruhi: "From East Middle School, Haruhi Suzumiya. I have no interest in ordinary human beings. However, if you are a time-traveler, esper, or alien, please come talk to me. That is all."

Veda: "Alright...who's the giant blue squid??" (talking about Calmaramon)

Chocola/Alicia: "Huh?! What's up with this appearance?!" (talking about her transformation)

Keyara: "I may be a girl, but I can pull something like this off! Ha!" (draws out Samuraizer)

Kurumi: "Hey! Who are you and what are you doing with Coco-Sama?!" (anime angry vein)

Patrisha: "The twin sister of the Legendary Peter Pan, I am Patrisha Pan!" (does Peter's rooster crow)

Shamaya: "This is unbelievable!"

Tori: "This is so awestru--I mean, aweSOME! Hehe..."

Miruki: "May I take this seat?" (first line)

Samantha Todd: "No..that is not who I am anymore. That woman is dead. I am Todd, Samantha Todd. And by my cousin's side, we shall have our vengeance."

Chessa (1951 version): "Looose something?"

Chessa (2010 version): "It looks like you ran afoul of something with wicked claws..."

Grayce: "Dearest Darlingest Momsie and Poppykins..."

Willa (Quote 1): "Like Wilbur and I always say, The Robinson Twins never fail! ...but on the slight chance that we do...Hehe.."

Willa (Quote 2): "That...is an excellent question!"

Rose: "Ugh, Demitra, you are the biggest damn diva I know. Can you please stop your bitching for one day? Just ONE day?! Geez..."

Trista: "Ya know, ever since we've moved, it's like you stopped caring. It's like you left and never came back."

Joanna: "Just...just call me 'Frost'." (smirks)

If you ever watched a movie so many times , you know all the words to it then copy and paste this to your profile.

OMG yes I have!! I've watched Peter Pan sooooooo many times that I know it by heart!!! (the original Disney one, not the 2003 version, u bakas.) i also know Return to Never Land by heart as well. :)

If you think that phsyco, emo, murderous barbers are 100 times better than sparkly vampires, copy and paste this onto your profile.

hellz ya!!! XD

If you wish that a fictional character was real, copy and paste this to your profile.

Psh, yea! Heres some characters that i wish were real: Tadase Hotori (Shugo Chara) Eli Goldsworthy (Degrassi) Peter Pan (1951/2002 Disney version), Imogen Moreno (Degrassi also), Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians), Elsa (Frozen) and...well there's more, but I'm too lazy to post. lol XD

If you think that writing Fanfic stories is fun then copy this onto your profile!

Oh hell yea! I love to write!!! it's freaking awestruck! :D

My favorite lists of funny things to do (or not do) in the world of TV and movies!

The Top 15 Reasons You Know You're Obsessed With Sweeney Todd:

1. You make a big production out of dinner when it happens to be pot pies. Bonus points if you actually sing "God Thats Good".

2. If someone asks you to explain the story you start with "there was a barber and his wife".

3. You actually know what a linnet bird is.

4. When you eat a pot pie, you look very closely at the contents first, then wonder what kind of person taste most like chicken.

5. You sing "There's a hole in the world like a great black pit" etc. and replace 'London' with the name of your school or work place when you get mad.

6. When someone or something really peeves you off you shout, "They all deserve to die!"

7. You burst into song when you see a hair loss commercial.

8. You've replaced all your dad's shavers with straight razors.

9. You keep a list of people you'd most like to bake into a pie. (well, a mental one)

10. You loudly sing 'Worst Pies in London' when your relatives bring pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.

11. When a friend or relative says that they just got a shave or hair cut you say shocked,"You survived? You...you...you're not a meat pie???"

12. When your teacher asks you for attention in class, you start to sing "Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention pah-lease!!"

13. While in the meat section of your local supermarket you begin singing "God That's Good!"

14. Whenever someone happens to say, "Whats that?" you turn to them excitedly and sing--"It's priest! Have a little priest!"

15. When someone happens to mention Fleet Street, even if it has nothing to do with Sweeney Todd, you automatically think of Sweeney.

10 Things not to do when in Wonderland! (1951 version)

1) I will not accept a mushroom from the Caterpillar.

2) I will not play "Who's got the button" when the Tweedle Boys ask.

3) I will not say "today's my unbirthday" if I don't want to hear the song over 9,000 times.

4) I will not let my temper take over.

5) I will not let the Mad Hatter or March Hare think I'm going "stark-raving mad".

6) I will not argue with the Queen of Hearts unless I'm about 100 feet high on a mushroom. (hehe, 100 feet high, I see what I did there xD)

7) I will not say "I painted the roses red!" unless I want my head chopped off.

8) I will not allow the Cheshire Cat to give me directions because then he'll just fucking confuse me.

9) I will not let the Cheshire Cat play pranks on the Queen and have him blame them on me.

10) I will not chase the White Rabbit down the Rabbit hole, even if I AM curious.

10 Things not to do when in Wonderland! (2010 version)

1) I will not remind Tarrant of the destruction of his clan and deny that some of it was my fault.

2) I will not steal the Red Queen's tarts, even if I AM hungry.

3) I will not allow Stayne to seduce me, otherwise I'll get my head chopped off.

4) I will not let the March Hare throw a teacup at my head.

5) I will not let the White Queen spit in the next shrinking potion she makes for me.

6) I will not let the Dormouse accuse me of being the "Wrong Alice".

7) I will not say to Bayard that his wife and pups were killed. I love the fella! (*heart*)

8) I will not let the Tweedles point me in the wrong direction when it comes to Queast and Snud.

9) I will not steal the Oraculum from the Red Queen.

10) I will not let the Cheshire Cat be a creepy weirdo around my friends.

Btw, guys, I decided a while ago that I was discontinuing All or Nothing, so only Molly and Mason will be my OC's for Degrassi. Sorry dudes :/

My Shugo Chara OC's! :D

Misao: My Shugo Chara based on my desire to be an amazing inventor. She wears magenta overalls, has lilac hair styled like Aiko's from Ojamajo Doremi, wears butterfly-shaped goggles, little purple gloves, tan Ugg clogs, and has little lilac smudges on her face. Her Chara Change chant is "Design, Create, Invent!" and I become a more creative person, making things above my own artistic level. I also gain a pair of goggles. She usually helps me if I'm stuck on an art project. When we Character Transform, I become "Misora Inventor". I wear a magenta jumper with yellow buttons holding down the straps, lilac boots, goggles, my hair flips, I gain a smudge on my face that's shaped like a butterfly, and I wear work gloves that are fingerless with butterfly symbols on them. My weaponry consists of a Large screwdriver with a butterfly symbol in the middle that I can throw like a boomerang, and the attack is called "Boomerang Extraordinaire". I eventually gain two twin guns called Screwdriver Snipers, and use an attack called "Screwdriver Shoot". Her voice actor is Grey DeLisle.

Dramedy: My Shugo Chara based on my desire to be famous, either in singing, acting, TV, theatre, whatever floated my boat. She wears a turquoise dress that shimmers and wears white gladiator heels. Her hair looks like Rarity's from MLPFIM. Her Chara Change Chant is "Act, Sing, Dance!" and I suddenly gain a heightened improvement in performing. I also gain a little golden star by my right eye. She normally helps me when I get stage fright (which is rare, but even still...) When we Character Transform, I become "Glamorous Performer". I gain a beautiful turquoise prom-dress-esque outfit with white gladiator heels and little white wings on the side of the shoes and large white wings on my back. My hair becomes curled like Rarity's and gains purple streaks in it along with aqua green streaks. My weaponry consists of a keyblade with the masks of Comedy and Drama, and it splits into two so I can put extra hurting on X-Characters, and I can use it to perform the atttacks "Act One: Stage Swipe" where I can teleport myself anywhere I need, and "Intermission" Which slows down time when I smash the Keyblades together. Eventually I gain a power-up and I am soon able to perform the attacks "Act Two: Photo Finish" and "Performer's Finale", where I wipe the X's off the eggs and return them to normal without Amu's help. Her voice actor is Tabitha St. Germain, the voice of Rarity from MLPFIM.

Ayame: My Shugo Chara based on my belief in magic and fairy tales. She wears a little lavender dress with light pink wings, her hair is magenta and is curly with a bow in it, and she carries a wand and wears Tinker Bell-esque shoes. Her Chara Change chant is, "Beauty, Memory, Magic!" and I become a more positive person. I also gain a wand, and little butterfly symbols under my eyes, like Rima and Kusukusu with the shapes. When we Character transform, I become "Fairy Beauty". I wear a dress similar to Ayame's, only frillier, fluffy boots with the Tinker Bell pom pom on the toes, and my hair turns curly and I get a yellow bow in it, like Ayame. My weaponry consists of a staff similar to Stella's from Winx Club, but the colors of it are lavender and yellow, and I can wave it and use an attack called "Pixie Pummel" where the X-Eggs get frozen for a second, and then I put the hurtin' on them! I eventually gain a fairy-esque mallet that's double-sided and I can use the attack "Fairy Fury" which is very similar to "Pixie Pummel". Her voice actor is Tara Strong, the voice of Bubbles from The PowerPuff Girls.

Lilac: My Shugo Chara based on my desire to be a leader-like person, like a queen. Basically, she is the girl version of Kiseki, Tadase's Chara, but she's a little more level-headed than Kiseki. She wears a lavender dress under her purple fluffy cape, wears a tiara, has purple hair like Kiseki, and wears little magenta ballet flats. Her Character Change chant is "Present, Genuflect, Royalty!" and I gain a tiara similar to Lilac's and I become a leader-like person, like Kiseki and Tadase in the normal Character Change. However, since she's like Kiseki, there's also the flaw in the Character Change where if someone utters the word "Princess", whether in English or Japanese, I will become an egotistical, destructive character that wants one and only one thing: world domination. It gets worse around Tadase and I because then we go absolutely nuts. When we Character Transform, I become "Amethyst Royal". I have an outfit similar to Platinum Royal, only instead of pants, I have a frilly skirt and ballet flats, and instead of a large crown I wear a medium-sized tiara. My weaponry consists of a staff like before, and it can turn into a sword, which I can wield to perform the attack "Royal Saber", like Tadase, and I can also use the attack "Healing Escalation" to help Amu purify X and Mystery Eggs. (yes, it's Sailor Moon's first attack. Deal with it. -3-) Her voice actor is Alicia Josipovic from TV's Degrassi.

Shizune: My Shugo Chara based on my desire to be more agile, cunning, sly and swift. Basically, she's like the girl version of Yoru, Ikuto's Chara, but she's a little less air-headed than Yoru and a little more clever. She wears a similar outfit to Yoru, only it has a midriff baring top, grey paws instead of navy, a white outfit instead of black, and a four-pointed star instead of a cross. She also wears a white cap with cat ears and has blonde hair. Her Character Change chant is "Slink, Sly, Nyapu-Nyapu!" and my hair turns white and I gain a pair of white cat ears and a tail, and I become a more agile person, and I am able to perform parkour and easily get out of conflicting situations. When we Character Transform, I become "White Lynx". I have an outfit similar to Black Lynx, Ikuto's transformation, only I wear a pleated skirt with stockings attached, like Amulet Spade's stockings, I gain silver combat boots, a single blade on my wrist instead of a Wolverine-esque claw, the outfit is white and silver instead of black and navy, and instead of a cross on my chest, I have a four-pointed star. My arm warmers end finger-less, like Ikuto's. My weaponry consists of the blade on my wrist, and I can perform "Swipe Claw", a variation on the attack "Slash Claw" that Ikuto performs. Her voice actor is Kotono Mitsuishi, the voice of Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon, and Hummy from Suite Pretty Cure.

Starry: My Shugo Chara based on my desire to fly like Peter Pan. My first boy Chara, he is basically the miniature version of the classic Disney Character. His Character Change chant is "Faith, Trust, Pixie Dust!" and I gain a red feather in my hairl, and I become a more airheaded and childlike person, and I am able to fly. When we Character Transform, I become "Never Land Fantasy". I wear an outfit similar to Peter's, only I wear a headband instead of a hat, green stripey gloves and dark green Converse boots. My weaponry consists of a sword in the sheath on my belt, and I can perform "Starry Skies", where I can temporarily blind someone before hitting them with my sword. His voice actor is Chase Ellison, from the movie The Boy Who Cried Werewolf.

Yea, they're all cool, i know. XD

Now, onto the next thing, which is...

Stories in the works! :D

Clare in Wonderland: When Clare Edwards falls down the rabbit-hole just like Alice in the Tim Burton version of the Disney film, she finds some very familiar faces, especially one dark-haired, green-eyed Mad Hatter. In progress, just on hiatus until I can get the next chapter up. :D

Haruhi in Wonderland: Yay, more Wonderland spin-offs! Ha ha! Now, you all know how Haruhi is oblivious to the fact that she has that ability to alter reality at her own whim...what if she imagined the same "World of Wonders in One Great Picture" like Alice? She comes across some familiar North High faces, as well as her fellow SOS Brigade members. In progress, probably may not update. :/

My Day at Degrassi: A dream-turned-fan-fiction that I thought would be funny to post. It's the story of how Molly Robinson came to be, and how I, Marissa, got along with the other cast members of Degrassi, and mainly the misadventures that happen to us along the way! Mainly Comedy, although there will be love and drama. There always is when it comes to Degrassi. XD. Plus there may be some MC Squared (Munro x Me, since we share initials. I'm not tellin' ya mah last name though. Lol. :D) In progress, just hoping writer's block doesn't get the best of me. :/ (actually it's on hiatus. Sorry guys.)

Doremi Mouth, a Lemonade Mouth SpinOff: A spinoff to the popular DCOM, starring Falicity a.k.a. Haruka as Mo! Yay! :D So there's going to be light pairings, nothing too crazy, so there will be some fluffy Shojo-ai, some romance, drama, humor and other fun stuff. Lol. In progress, updating soon! (hopefully...)

The Four Alices Issue: A songfic based off of the song Alice Human Sacrifice by Vocaloid. Starring Tori as well as the cast of The Latest Buzz, Tori has a crazy dream about the 4 Alices, each being a fellow Teen Buzzer and when she wakes up, she tells them all about it...but was it really a dream? (complete. ONESHOT.)

Misfit Human Sacrifice: The misfits of Degrassi star in this oneshot about the same dream that Tori had in the oneshot, The Four Alices Issue, but this time, Clare is the Alice of the Red Spade, Eli is the Alice of the Blue Diamond, Molly is the Alice of the Green Clover, and Gracie and Adam are the Alices of the Yellow Heart. Yes, I made Gracie and Adam twins. Thought it would be easier for the story :) enjoy!

Marissa and Morty: A Creative Story About Driving Distractions: Yea, I kinda just came up with this one randomly. I had originally wrote this to be a creative story for driver's ed class, but I thought it was so cute that I had to make it a oneshot. I did change the last part cuz I didn't want to turn my creative story into a romance. lol. Me x Eli. ;D

Night of the Were-Witch, HaruChan Style: Basically it's my take on the hit story, Night of the Were-Witch, originally by PrettiWitchiMegChanChi, and replaces Jou-Sama with Haru-Chan (me ;D) and Poppu with Hana! When the girls encounter picture-crazy ghosts, hilarity ensues! :D (in progress)

You Had Me At "Hello": AU. It's basically when Eli and Molly first meet. Molly gets a new song on her iPod that is very familiar to Eli's ears, and when he hears her amazing voice chanting the lyrics, a friendship between the two is born. Two shot. Elly friendship.

Nightmare: Molly has a nightmare about Eli, and has to make a choice- does she kill him and face her fear? Or does she let herself get eaten by the Eli-turned-wolf that's hellbent on her getting ripped to shreds? Rated T for violence.

Chapters to Come for my Stories:

Clare in Wonderland: Ch. 7- One Helluva Queen and Other Madness

Doremi Mouth: Ch. 2- The New Girl and Detention Slips

Night of the Were-Witch: Ch. 4- The Picture Becomes Clearer

Stories to come! :D

Molly Robinson, or The Girl Who Won't Grow Up: Molly stars as Peter Pan in this hilarious spin-off and she takes a few special Degrassians to a place where anything can happen. (pending)

Molly Robinson in Return to Degrassi: sequel to The Girl Who Won't Grow Up. Molly returns to bring the new generation of 2 certain Degrassians to the place where they escaped, the place where anything can happen...Degrassi. (pending)

Patrisha Pan: The gender-swapped version of the 1953 classic that warmed everyone's hearts. Join Patrisha Pan, Wesley, JoAnne, and Michelle Darling, Terence Bell and the Lost Girls as they fight the evil Lady Hook and her first mate Miss Samantha, while along the way they meet familiar faces and have a very merry old time. (pending)

Patrisha Pan in Return to Never Land: Sequel to the one listed above. Patrisha returns in the gender-swapped version of the 2002 film, and introduces James to the picture, the son of Wesley Darling, who doesn't believe in the stories, but a certain flying girl may change his mind.

Beethoven's Christmas Adventure 2: Holidays in Danger: Mason, Cristine, Hank and the big fella himself return in an all-new adventure, featuring some new faces, with Haru-Chan herself (me) as Trista Martinez, the new girl in town, and the voice of Alicia Josipovic (no copyright intended) as Trista's Labrador companion, Molly. (also pending. may start sooner than later ;D)

Alice in the Future of Wonderland: 6 years ago, when Alice Liddell was only 9, she fell down the rabbit-hole into the mysterious and fantastical world of Wonderland. Now, living in New York City, in the year 2011, Alice, now 15, returns to Wonderland to relive the whimsical nonsense-filled adventures she had there, and meets some old faces, along with some new ones. However, the Queen of Hearts has some plans for our blonde, blue-eyed daydreamer and with her new powers, Alice must defeat the Queen...but at the cost of losing her head. Based on the 1951 Disney animated film, with a few spices of Tim Burton's version. (pending)

Patrisha Pan, or the Girl who Could Fly: Patrisha Pan finally gets her own tale as she joins her twin brother Peter in a quest to save Never Land from the evil Captain Hook...and his daughter??? You'll see the Lost Boys, Tinker Bell, Mister Tick-Tock the Crocodile, Mister Bubbles the Octopus (from Return to Never Land. And, yes, folks, I gave him a name.), Captain Hook, Mister Smee, and introducing the Lost Girls, Terence, and Captain Hook's malicious daughter, Lady Hook, and her right-hand girl (Smee's daughter) Miss Samantha. You'll want to read this story over and over again! (pending)

Beautiful Wish: Eli Goldsworthy is a surfer, skateboarder, and self-proclaimed "ladies man". But when he hears a girl singing a song on the sea, will he dig as deep as he can to find the mysterious voice and who it belongs to? AU, Degrassi-based Mermaid Melody-similar story. Molly is a mermaid in this story, and she is like Luchia. (pending)

Lilo and Stitch: The Movie from Another Perspective: Bianca Torres, dancer and student at Los Angeles Performing Arts High, comes to Hawaii for vacation with her grandma, but when she meets Lilo, and later on, Stitch, what kinds of crazy chaos will go down? AU.

Panty, Stocking and Corset with Garterbelt: My retelling of PSG with my OC, Corset Anarchy, the hipster sister of Panty and Stocking that they never knew about, and hilarity ensues!! Corset can turn her corset into a giant mallet that looks like the one from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, the one that Ramona has. XD (pending)

Digimon: New Frontiers: My retelling of Digimon Frontier including my OC siblings Veda and Logan Hobakari, who become the Spirits of Nature and War, Lillymon and Gargomon! Yes, I'm using Digimon from seasons past, but I love those two and they deserve a little more screen time!! XD (pending)

One Perfection: Marissa Robinson is a junior at the Performing Arts Academy and has 4 other Directioner friends who, under her and her best friend Mandie's management and founding, create a tribute group spoofing/tributing the world's largest boy band of 2012. What happens when one of the famous 5 discovers one of the girl-group's videos? Hilarity ensues! :D Rated K for now, pending.

Marissa Cifelli and the X-Factor Dream: Since she first saw the show in 2009, Marissa has always wanted to go on X-Factor. So when her mother finally signs her up, what crazy things could happen? Will she win? Will she lose? AU X-Factor 2013.

Rise of the Guardians: Awaken Saint Valentine: When 17-year-old Rose Valentina gets called upon by the Guardians as a new member as Cupid, her already upside-down life goes even wackier! Her friends and family lust over her, animals follow her wherever ever she goes, can her life get any crazier? (pending)

The New Girl at Shermer High: A Breakfast Club fan-fiction. You see us in the simplest of terms, in the most convenient of ways, a brain, an athlete, a basket-case, a princess, a musician, and a criminal. When senior Hayley Simmons gets thrown in detention, what will she discover about the other students that accompany her? (pending)

Current Idea for Series!

The 1Disney Project: A series of tales with me, my best friend Mandie and the boys of One Direction, as well as some friends of theirs, as Disney characters and more! Here are the names of the stories and the people portraying the characters! (As well as couple pairings, teehee :3)

Cinderissa: A One Direction fanfic and my first 1D fanfic in the 1Disney Project, the story is set around Marissa Edwards, Perrie Edwards' daughter who soon becomes known as 'Cinderissa' by Lord Zayn Malik and his two daughters, Mandalina and Nicoletta Malik. Mice Liam and Niall see poor Cinderissa's situation, and with the help of Louis Tomlinson, the Fairy God-Brother, Cinderissa has the time of her life at Prince Harry Styles' Royal Ball! Based loosely on the 1950 Disney Classic 'Cinderella'. 1D, HarryXMarissa :) Pending.

The Little Merma1D: A One Direction fanfic in the 1Disney Project. When the mermaid Princess Lori of the undersea kingdom, Pacifica, rescues the handsome Prince Liam from a terrible storm, she almost immediately falls head over heels for him. However, King Simon, her father, disapproves of the humans and forbids Lori to see him. Zayn the Evil Sea Wizard sees this and decides to use Lori to be the king's undoing. When Lori goes to Zayn for advice, will she get what she wants? Or will she fail and ultimately betray her father? Based loosely on the 1989 Disney film 'The Little Mermaid'. 1D, LiamXLori (Me). Pending.

ALoridin: A One Direction fanfic in the 1Disney Project. ALoridin, an ordinary street rat and her primate partner in crime, Harry are always on the corner, stealing to stay alive. When she encounters a strange young man on the streets and he is revealed to be Prince Zayn Malik, Lori is almost sure she'll never see him again. But when she goes to the Cave of Wonders with a seemingly nice old prisoner (really the Sultan Simon's evil vizier, Liam) for a magic lamp, crazy things happen, and with the power of the Genie of the Lamp, Louis, will Lori be able to make her wish come true? Based loosely on the 1992 Disney film 'Aladdin'. ZaynXLori (Me) Pending.

Sleeping Lola: A One Direction fan-fiction in the 1Disney Project. Finally a story not Lori-centric, but her best friend Lola Atkins (Mandie) is the main character of this classic love story. As a baby, Lola had a curse placed upon her, that on her sixteenth birthday, she'd fall into a deep sleep and die. However, the fairies, Harry, Lori and Louis, reverse the curses ways and make it so she doesn't die, but falls asleep for a hundred years, and only the kiss of true love would wake her up. So, when an old friend of Lola, Prince Niall shows up in her life again, Lola discovers she's a princess. But when Lola actually does prick her finger and fall asleep, will Niall be the one to wake her up? NiallXLola. Pending.

Louis Tom: A One Direction fanfic in the 1Disney Project, and a variation on TheFanficGiant's Louis Tom. (Hopefully they won't mind me using the name... :/) Lori and her bandmates, Harry and Niall are always coming up with adventures for a character they have always dreamed was real, by the name of Louis Tom. When the young man of their dreams appears in their house one night to retrieve his shadow, Lori is asked to come away to the mystical world of Never Land. LouisXLori. Pending.

More to come soon! :D

Current Collaboration Project!

The Barber Shop: Co-written with Saphire Bethany Stacy Skyle, this story follows the lives of the Verona Twins, Naomi and Rosabelle, who are polar opposites, as they travel back in time to the era of Sweeney Todd, and will meet some more familiar faces, including some from a certain town in France in the time of the June Rebellion... ;) Les Mis, Sweeney and fun goodness, this is going to be one helluvan adventure u don't wanna miss! :D up on Saph's page, but will be on hiatus for a little while, just until we can update. Sry gaiz

Potential stories will be in the works and until then,

This has been a little something from HaruChanSatoba. I'm Haruka, and I approve this message.

Ladies and Gents, you have my demands, peace out. *Peace sign*

Hey guys! Little message for y'all at the bottom.

Sorry I haven't been on in a while. I've been really busy with like, everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING. But I am in progress of a brand-new story, that'll be coming soon: a fanfic based on the Don Knotts movie The Incredible Mr. Limpet! I'm so excited.


Until then, annyeong, my darlings readers! See you soon!

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