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Author has written 60 stories for Pokémon, Crash Bandicoot, Super Smash Brothers, Sly Cooper, My Little Pony, Lion King, Sonic the Hedgehog, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Misc. Books, Oliver & Company, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Kingdom Hearts.

Hi! The Name's Dream the Fox! I love Pokemon, Spyro, Crash, Sonic, Kingdom Hearts, South Park, Warriors and Seekers.

I'm 17 years old.

I love to read and write.

I'll comment on all the stories I read.

I mostly read: Pikachu stories, cuz I love him.

Some OCs I made up are:

Dream the Fox, who is a light-blue-and-white fox with purple eyes. He's 10 years old and cousin of Tails. He's side-kick to Fury the Hedgehog, and his younger "brother". He's always ready to help people in need. He can use the power of Chaos, like Sonic and Shadow can. A red aura will appear around him and his eyes will glow red and a red ball will appear in his hand. You'll never see him without a little brown fox with him.

Tales the Fox, who is a brown one-tailed fox kit that's 3 years old. She looks up to Dream like he's her older brother, even though they're not related. She's always ready for adventure.

Fury the Hedgehog, who is a red hedgehog. He's 17 years old and Sonic's cousin. He's adventure loving, and ready to help everyone he can. He saved Dream from Dr. Gloom. He's a good-hearted hedgehog that will put his life on the line for others.

Summer the Rabbit, who is a yellow rabbit with blue eyes. She's 9 years old and Cream's couisn. She acts just like her in very way.

Jewel the Hedgehog, who is a yellow hedgehog with green eyes. She's Amy's cousin and 16. She has a crush on Fury, but doesn't do all the things to him as Amy does to Sonic. She's like an older sister to Dream and Tales, and she doesn't mind it at all.

Blade the wolf, who is a black-and-white wolf with green eyes. He's 16 years old and works for Dr. Gloom. He's a short-temped wolf, so don't piss him off.

Dangger the Fox, who is a red two-tailed fox with red eyes. He's 10 and Dream's evil look-a-like. Yet, he's super evil and is always thinking of ways to get rid of him. He has the power to use Chaos like Dream, but only it's more dangerous..

Dr. Gloom, who is Eggman's cousin. He's 54 years old, just not as fat as Egghead is. He acts a lot like his cousin though.

Dirt, who is a robotic wolf. He was made to be like Scratch from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog to try and get Dream and Tales every not and he. He never can.

Dust, who is a robotic wolf as well. He was made to be like Grounder from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog to try and get Dream and Tales too. Never can.

Dream Doll, who looks just like him, but more doll-ish. He also has a green gem on his head instead of red. He's just like the Tails Doll. His theme song is Creepy Doll.

Thunder, who is the Bandicoot/Pikachu in the background He was made by Devial, in hopes of him helping him take over the world. Thunder didn't want to so he got away and went to live on Dango Island with his sister, Crystal, mask friend, Rika-Rika, and Violet.

Crystal, Thunder's younger sister. She is very smart for being 12. She loves to play on her lab-top and look up stuff. She always loves to ask Thunder to do thinks for her, like Coco does to Crash.

Violet, Devial's neice, who came to live with Thunder to keep him safe from her evil uncle, who won't hurt Thunder as long as she is with him.

Rika-Rika, Thunder's, Crystal's, and Violet's mask friend and protecter. He's golden with black eyes and purple, red, green, and blue feathers on his head.

Fiz-Zle an evil female ice element mask who is VERY powerful

Devial, who is a lot like Cortex. He made Thunder in hopes of that he'd help him take over the world, but Thunder didn't want to, so now Devial tries to kill him most of the time.

Rizelda Bandibat-a northern brown bandicoot/megabat hybrid and Fiz-Zle's helper to trick Thunder. She started out to hate him, but soon started to really like him.

Ratta Roo, part rat and krangroo, who is like Ripper Roo, just with gray fur and red eyes. He's not as crazy as Ripper Roo, but still pretty close.

Sade Tiger, a female tiger that isn't dumb like Tiny. She is very strong, and tough, and she's always ready to try and get rid of Thunder, like Tiny does to Crash.

Rai-Gin, a Raichu that looks like N. Gin. Part Raichu, part robot. He is Devial's right-hand man.

N. Trap, she speaks in a Russian accent and she is just as evil as Cortex and Devial. She puts traps all over the place to try and stop the good guys from stopping her.

Ringoidlle, he looks just like Dingodille only light blue with purple eyes.

Sae-Rah, an old witch that tried to take over the world over a million years ago. She has a crystal ball that will allow her to see into the world of the living. She is very evil and will try and get you to help her.

N-Gio, he used to work for Diveal but he quit, and now tries to help animals instead of using them.

Now for my other story..

Ruby, an orange-furred Bandicoot with green eyes, a yellow shirt, blue dress, and red shoes. She was made by Chrono to help him take over the world. She didn't want to and got away and now lives on Jade Island with her brother, Lightning, and mask friend Reo-Reo.

Lightning, yellow-furred Bandicoot with green eyes and black lines on his side that look like lightning. He lives on jade Island with his older sister Ruby, and Reo. He is very smart and loves to use his lab-top.

Reo-Reo, an orange, yellow, and with red eyes, mask. He is a witch doctor for good, and he's ready to help his friends and stop his evil brother Oer-Oer.

Chrono, a black panther that made Ruby and her brother. He wanted Ruby to help him take over the world, but she didn't. Now, he tries to get rid of her and take over the world.

Zuritan is a 16 year old vampire mouse with red eyes. His mother and father gave him to Mickey and Minnie, and he's their "grandson" and he lives with them and their wolf friends, Kayn and Moonriver, who is his protecter.

Moonriver is the daughter Kayn, she grew up with Zuritan and she is his protecter, she will lay her life on the line to save him.

Symon is the grandson of Oswald, he always has a knife and gun with him, just in case he needs to use it, and he's always hanging out with his "cousin" and his friends.

Emily just moved to Main Street, and she already made friends with Zuritan and his friends. she hangs out with them along, and has a crush on Zuritan.

Kayn. She grew up with Mickey and is his protecter as well as Zuritan's too. She is the mother of Moonriver, and is VERY protive over her and her friends.

Some stories that I'm really into right now are:

Pikachu and Snivy: Princess of Dreams. Snivy gets Poke-napped and turned evil. Now, Pikachu must go and save his love again. Can he? Read to see!

I even made fan-art for my Pikachu and Snivy story and this one. Looky.

Another story is..

PokePark: Pikachu's Return.

After the battle with Darkrai, Pikachu leaves his new friends, and goes back to the old PokePark to see what had happened there.

All the zones, Maedow, Icebrag, Haunted, Lava, Flower (I made that one up), Sky (made up), Water, (made up), Rainbow, (made up) Dark (made up), are in ruins.

All the Pokemon there are.. Dead.. UN-DEAD to say the least. Zombies, real ones with fresh missing, hanging off, and what not.

They blame this all on Pikachu. They all want him dead or to hurt hime badly. Or to keep him captive. Everyone in the old PokePark hates Pikachu now for something he didn't do.

Follow Pikachu as he goes through PokePark trying to figure out what happened and to stay alive...

Another is..

Sonic Generations: A Rift in Time.

Takes place 2 months after the game. Everything was gone back to nomral un till Classic Sonic and Tails are attacked by a formailler figure and are sent back into the future.

Another one is.

Tails' Adventure.

Every wonder what Tails' life was like before he met Sonic and the others?

Another one is:

Sonic Generations.

MY Way. Everything will be fun, happy, sad, weird, and random. Enjoy.

Well, that's all for now! See ya!

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