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Hello peeps! Mags here! I write a LOT, I have a lot of stories written. I get writer's block often, so if I don't update a story for a while, it's because of this.

Thunder Bomber FTW!

I love the following:

The Legend of Zelda games, Pokemon anime AND games, Bomberman games, Bomberman Jetterz (ANIME!), Tutenstein (Yes, that weird kid show), Phineas and Ferb, Kirby games and Anime, a bit of Mario, Sonic games, Sonic X, Pucca, kitties, Yogscast, P-Bat, NintendoCapriSun, Minecraft, exploring new places, bugs that are NOT FUDGING MOSQUITOES, making up creatures, making up Fakemon, writing stories, Drawn To Life, Disgaea, Inuyasha, Naruto, Monster Rancher games and anime, Xiaolin Showdown, and nomming on food.

I'm in love with the following characters:

Wilfre, Vaati, Silver, Thunder Bomber, Meta Knight, Bowser JR (He's cuteee ;w; You can't blame me), Israphel (...D-don't ask), Sessomaru, Gaara, Hiten, and Jack Spicer.

Reasons why:

Wilfre: He's a cute gray fox-thing, and he totally didn't mean to turn evil! ;w;

Vaati: Hot evil guy that was once an adowable Minish. What more do you want?

Silver: He's not really evil, persay, he's kinda rude at first but I think he got that from his dad *COUGHGIOVANNICOUGH*

Thunder Bomber: He just wanted to do what Mujoe and Bagura wanted him to do. ;w; He didn't mean to be evil.

Meta Knight: Acts evil, then acts nice, then acts evil again. And absolutely adorable without his mask~

Bowser JR: Whaaaat! He's cute! Shut up!

Israphel: I found out he likes long walks on the beach. I've always wanted to go to the beach.

Sessomaru: He owns a sword that can bring people back to life and is sweet once you get past all that anger.

Gaara: He really did just want a friend. I looked it up, he really did.

Hiten: Okay, he's pure evil and stuff, but duuuude he actually stopped his younger brother from cooking Kagome alive!

Jack Spicer: He's got cool glasses, a jet-powered backpack, and he's self-proclaimed as an evil boy genius. What more could you want?

I really, really hate the following:

Barbie, Barney, Bratz, the color pink, girls who try to get boys to swoon over them when everyone's watching then talk shit about them privately, boys who are pretty but are complete jerks, bullies, people who assume because I'm a girl I like dolls and dress-up, and promises being broken.

I especially hate the fifth thing on my list of things I hate. Have you ever had friends who you thought were super-nice 'cause they were nice to a boy you may have a crush on, and then later on they start whispering nasty crap about him like "I bet he's actually a she" or "He's really ugly, I feel sorry for any girl that ends up with him"? Yeah that happened recently to me. Shallow girls will only end up getting cute boys that are more than likely total jerks.

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