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HELLO! :) Welcome to my profile!

1st name: Courtney

Gender: Female

Age: 20

State: Texas

Favorite things to do: Draw, read, write, and watch my favorite shows. (:

Favorite shows: Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, The Fosters, Chasing Life, The Flash, Austin & Ally, Gossip Girl, Teen Titans, Melissa & Joey, Baby Daddy, and Young & Hungry.

Movies I like: Tangled, FROZEN (& the other Disney princess movies), Despicable Me, The Hunger Games, Princess Diaries (1st & 2nd), A Walk to Remember, Anastasia, She's the Man, Twilight series, Gnomeo & Juliet, 27 Dresses, The Ugly Truth, Oliver & Company, Aristocats, Scamper the Penguin (:P), The Avengers, Iron Man movies, Captain America, Thor, Green Lantern, Aquamarine, Matilda, and many others! Too many to name here! :P

Other interests:

  • I love The Legend of Zelda games! :D I have played Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time. I also like to read Zelda stories. If they are really good or at least a decent ZeLink story. ;) Playing Hyrule Warriors now! The characters look so good in this game and it's pretty cool. I wasn't completely sure if I would like it since I haven't ever played Dynasty Warriors, but I love it. I think it's pretty fun, interesting, and challenging. :p
  • Voltage Inc. games!!! :D I have all the apps lol and I love them so much :)

  • Other info (About me or random things):

    Okay before you start reading the rest, let me just tell you... I tend to ramble and get really into things. So yes, there will be a lot that I will talk about (kind of) and some things may be a bit random. I apologize in advance for stupid, unnecessary, or possibly offensive things I say. Honestly though, there shouldn't be anything offensive lol, but just in case. Okayyy read on if you want...

    Im not really a writer, I mostly just read stories on here. One day I might post something but yeah... idk about that. I basically made an account so that I could review stories, keep better track of stories I read, and just so I could have a profile to write some stuff on. I do like to write, but knowing me.. I probably won't ever post any stories of my own unless I feel super confident in it. I do have some stories that I write but I haven't finished any of them or even gotten close because I don't usually work on them.

    I seriously don't know what I would do without FanFiction, I love it so much lol (: But seriously i'm so thankful to whoever even came up with this site in the first place... bless your soul lol and i'm thankful to all the people who actually write all the amazing stories (cause I don't write any since I suck XP). Seriously thanks guys. :)

    There haven't really been many ATLA Kataang stories lately. :( It makes me sad. Hopefully that will change and people will get back into writing some fanfics, because there's never enough. PLEASE. lol : I like typing in bold letters... :p We need as many Kataang stories as possible!! :D

    Some people really need to learn how to go by this rule: If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all. Critiquing someones writing is fine and giving your opinion on something is totally okay. But there is a line you don't cross when doing those two things. There's a difference between just giving your opinion and then just flat out being disrespectful, attacking someone, and/or bashing something. Seriously just think about it for a minute... you wouldn't want anyone sending you hateful reviews/messages or attacking you for just having a different opinion... so don't do it to someone else. Also another thing some people need to learn: Everyone is allowed to like or dislike whatever they want. Just because you disagree on something or dislike something, doesn't mean someone else has to dislike it or disagree on it too. Everyone has different things they like or dislike and there is nothing wrong with that. Don't let anyone tell you what you have to like or dislike. As long as it makes you happy and it doesn't cause harm to yourself or anyone else then it is perfectly okay. Don't make someone feel bad about what they like. There are good and bad qualitlies in well... almost everything if not everything. So there's always going to be disagreements, but that doesn't give you the right to put someone down. There are so many many reasons for so many things. You may not understand why something is important to and loved by someone, but that does not make it wrong. Stop focusing on what you dislike or hate and instead focus on what you like and love. Seriously there's no need to put your time and energy on things you don't like/hate. There is already enough negativity and hate to go around, don't help spread it and make it worse. Take a minute to think about why they might love, like, or agree with it. Think about how the other person may feel and/or try to think of the good qualities in whatever you disagree on. Or if you just can't understand and see it from their point of view or you don't want anything to do with it then... don't. Simple as that. Don't worry about it. You can't control what others like so don't even give it another thought. There's no need for you to stress over it, get angry over it, or try to force your views/opinions on the other person. Like I said you can't control what others like, dislike, love, hate, agree on, disagree on. Yes, sometimes you can change someones mind on something and that's okay, but just don't force your views/opinions on someone. If they disagree... they disagree. So let it go. Let it goooo, let it gooooooo, can't hold it back anymore, turn away and slam the door... err sorry I had to. I love that song and Frozen. XD Seriously though, just let it go and turn away cause starting an argument is not worth it and totally not necessary or fun. Let's all embrace what we like and love. :D Woooooooooooooooooooooo! Okay i'm done. My long speech is over and you can go back to being a hater lol just kidding. That would totally go against everything I just said. Okay i'm done for real now. :)

    If I could be a bender then I would be an Airbender or Waterbender. Mostly an Airbender though, that would be my first choice because I love everything about being an Air Nomad. I like how everyone who is born from an Airbender is a Airbender unlike in other places (the watertribes, firenation, and earth kingdom) where not everyone who is born is a bender. I love how the Airbenders are vegetarians because I sort of am one too so it would work out perfectly. Honestly I would pretty much be okay with giving up meat lol. Unlike Sokka XD haha. I love how they are against killing people/things and believe all life is sacred. I love how they meditate, I don't do that but I would for sure if I was an Airbender. I would want my mind and body to be free and clear. So yeaahhh... I would definitely be an Airbender if I could choose! :D Waterbenders are cool too though, that would be my second choice. I like the idea of being drawn to the moon and water, that seems cool to me. Idk lol. :) I wouldn't ever bloodbend though :o but I would love to be able to heal!

    A:TLA shippings:

    Favorite pairing: Kataang! I love Kataang! Kataang all the way, forever & always. Did I mention Kataang?? :) lol

    Pairings I like: Sukka, Tokka, Yukka, Maiko, Tophxwhoeversheendedupwith. lol

    Pairings I will tolerate: Toko, Zuki, Ty Luko, Jinko, Ty Lokka, TyZula, or basically any other pairings that do not interfere with Kataang.

    Pairings I don't like should be obvious. If it wasn't mentioned above then I probably don't like it, or I at least don't want anything to do with it lol. Main two though: Zutara and Taang. Obviously since I support Kataang 100%. Any that interfere with Kataang are a NO. I don't like incest or crack pairings. I don't typically go for girl/girl or boy/boy pairings, but definitely don't have anything against them.

    As you can see i'm not as picky with any other pairings besides Kataang.

    Kataang: Katara and Aang are such a beautiful couple. They are always so cute together too :P All the fluff that comes out when they are together is ridiculous, but funny & perfect at the same time. Their love is so amazing and extraordinary, words can't even explain. They bring out the best in each other. They help each other and are always there for one another. They understand each other so well. They know everything about each other and accept one another as they are, flaws and everything. The love they have for each other amazes me. I would literally give anything to be loved like that... to have the beautiful loving relationship that they have. They would do anything for each other and wouldn't be able to live without the other. They are perfect for each other. They are perfect together. They make each other better and into the best possible person that they can be. Their love is everlasting and the kind of love people can usually only dream about or that you read about in books or see in movies/tv shows. I wish that I could explain it better, but this is the best that I can do. This is basically why I ship them so hard and why I love them so much as a couple. I am a hopeless romantic, so I go for the pairings like this. I don't usually go for pairings that will just be full of lust and forbidden romance, but i'm definitely not against them. I go for true love, the kind of love that lasts a lifetime.

    What I have to say about Aang and the other main characters:

    I LOVE AANG! Words can't explain how much I love him! Seriously he is my favorite character and if he was older, had hair, no tattoos (not that I don't like them but in real life they would be a bit odd lol (could be different tattoos though)), and was real he would be my ideal/dream guy ;) lol. He is too cute and sexy when he is older haha. I know it might seem stupid but its true. Don't judge me. If you love Aang like I do (which is A LOT) then you know what I mean;P I also love the name Aang, it's a cute name:)) I wish some people would be more understanding when it comes to his character. I hate when people say he is weak or stupid for not killing Ozai. 1st of all: That would be against his beliefs and everything he goes by as a Air Nomad. He stood by his beliefs through the toughest situation in his life and he was only like 13, plus everyone around him thought he should just kill Ozai but he found another way and kept to his beliefs. He is so amazing and brave for that. 2nd of all: ATLA is mostly supposed to appeal to a younger audience and what kind of message would that send to kids if Aang had just went around killing people? A horrible one. Anyways I think Aang is amazing and I love him! He will always and forever be my favorite character from ATLA or out of any other characters. Ohhh... and he is the BEST Avatar ever! ;D

    Katara would probably be my 2nd favorite character. No surprise there probably lol. I have to admit that one of the reasons I like her so much is because she ends up being with Aang but that's definitely not the only reason. Underlining and using bold letters so that people will pay attention to that and wont be like... "wow you only like Katara because she is with Aang, blah blah blah." No it's not like that at all. I'd still like Katara a lot even if she didn't end up being with Aang. I love how she represents feminine power, she is really strong and doesn't back down. And yes I know she isn't the only one to represent girl power, there is Toph, Suki, Mai, Ty Lee, and heck even Azula lol. Katara is just an awesome person though. She is caring and always there for people in need of help. I admire her, she's amazing. Plus she is a kickass master waterbender and she can heal. She is pretty freaking great! If I was to be a character or be like a character in the Avatar world, i'd choose her.

    Sokka is awesome, I love how funny and sarcastic he is lol. Sometimes it's annoying that he is so overprotective of Katara but it's also understandable. I feel bad for him in some stories because people make him seem like a dumb overprotective jerk who can't seem to hold a relationship. They make him seem like he doesn't care about others really. The only time he seems like he cares is when he is being protective over Katara. Sokka is a lot more caring then some people give him credit for and he isn't stupid either. He just has his times when he acts stupid, makes dumb mistakes, etc. I mean I think he would definitely make mistakes and say stupid things in a relationship but not always. A lot of the time I know he would be more caring and smart. He would be more like his father, especially as he gets older.

    Toph is awesome too with her strong character and her witty come backs/sarcastic remarks plus we all know she is one badass earthbender/metalbender!

    Zuko is cool and I admit that without the scar he is pretty good looking but just not as good looking as Aang;) Well at least to me lol. I do like Zuko though, I mean he can be funny and he becomes a better person towards the end of the series. Plus I like his awkwardness lol. Yay for awkward turtles haha. But seriously I don't have anything against Zuko, i'm not just going to dislike him because I love Kataang. No he's great, but it's the people that obsess over him and act like he is the sexiest guy ever and the mean zutarians that I dislike.

    On a side note for Zuko: I like Mai and I think she goes well with Zuko. Zuko really does make her happier and vice versa, you can tell from the show if you really pay attention. I think Mai and Zuko are great together and i'm not just saying that because I don't ship Zutara, it's true. It honestly has nothing to do with other shippings or what I ship, they just really go together and make each other happier. Also although I do ship Maiko, I don't mind shipping Zuko or Mai with someone else. I'm just not serious with it, like i am with Kataang.

    Suki... She is awesome and even though she may not be a bender, she can definitely be a badass too. Just watch the last few episodes. I don't have much to say about her though. But!... she is also nice and caring because she helped Appa when he was lost, alone, hurt, and scared.

    Yue... I of course like her, why wouldn't you? lol I wish she wouldn't have needed to become the moon because I think her and Sokka would have been cute together. There both watertribe and idk it would just be cool to see them together.

    The Legend of Korra:

    LoK Pairings I like:

    1. Makorra (Mako x Korra) My fav. ship from LoK :D
    2. Kainora (Kai x Jinora) Heck yes man, they are SO cute! :p
    3. Bopal (Bolin x Opal) Also a wonderful couple, I mean come on, how can you not like them being together?
    4. Pemzin (Pema x Tenzin)
    5. Varrick and Zhu Li :P dude this couple is perfect... nuff said.

    LoK Pairings I am okay with:

    1. Borra (Bolin x Korra) An alright ship, but I don't really ship it. I'm just okay with it.
    2. Linzin (Lin x Tenzin)
    3. Irohsami (Iroh x Asami) Still think this should have been endgame lol along with Makorra. ;P
    4. Masami (Mako x Asami) Feel the same way about this ship as I do with Borra.
    5. Korrasami (Korra x Asami) Yes even though I prefer Makorra, I think Korra and Asami are good together. :)

    Other pairings I like that aren't ATLA or TLoK:

  • ZeLink (Zelda x Link) - Legend of Zelda
  • RobStar (Robin x Starfire) - Teen Titans
  • Auslly (Austin x Ally) - Austin & Ally (obviously lol)
  • Raura (Ross Lynch x Laura Marano (yes I like Raura, but i know it may never happen and that's okay. I'm not a crazy delusional shipper. I just think they are really cute together. I just want them to be happy and be with whoever they want to be with.))
  • Brallie (Brandon x Callie) - The Fosters
  • Jemma (Jesus x Emma) - The Fosters
  • Diley (Danny x Riley) - Baby Daddy
  • Jelissa (Melissa x Joey (i'm not even sure if Jelissa is their couple name, but idk what it is or if they have one)) - Melissa & Joey (obviously lol)
  • Dapril (Dominic x April) - Chasing Life
  • Lapril (Leo x April) - Chasing Life
  • Jelsa (Jack Frost x Elsa) - Frozen/Rise of the Guardians
  • KristAnna (Kristoff x Anna) - Frozen
  • Eugunzel (Eugene(Flynn) x Rapunzel) - Tangled
  • Chair (Chuck x Blair) - Gossip Girl
  • Derena (Dan x Serena) - Gossip Girl
  • Serenate (Serena x Nate) - Gossip Girl
  • Barry x Iris - The Flash
  • ... and that is it for now :) #TeamDominic & #TeamLeo ;D haha i like both of them! #howdoyouchoose? #help #ChasingLife

    Last few things to say:

    You know I really haven't said much about the actual show itself, I only talked about Kataang, other characters, Aang, etc. so... This cartoon show is amazing and if you don't watch it or at least know about it then you should! Although if you're on my profile then most likely you should know about it lol. I love ATLA/TLOK so much and I will never get tired of it! A big thanks to the creators of the show and all the other people who helped/will help make the shows! I know they won't see this but I wanted to put that anyways because I appreciate everything they did for the show and that they even made/came up with the show in the first place. (:

    If you read everything I wrote then well I love you lol cause you actually took the time to read this! :))

    Also if you want to, feel free to send a PM. I know I don't have any stories, but i'm up for talking with anyone. Unless you're a creep or a hater, then in that case i'm good and you should take this time to exit my bio. Thanks! Have a nice day/night or don't... cause I don't want to tell you what to do. :3

    Thanks for reading if you did or at least for coming to my profile lol. Byeeeeee!! :D

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    The Ambivalent Hero by ZeldaRubix reviews
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    Legend of Zelda - Rated: T - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 62 - Words: 668,279 - Reviews: 1596 - Favs: 201 - Follows: 219 - Updated: 6/9 - Published: 1/5/2013 - Link, Zelda
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