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Stories written: About 4, but only one is being uploaded at this time.

Basic Bio:

Three years ago I started up the fic Torment, a Danny Phantom story written in first person, and unfortunately it only got 3 chapters in before I fell off the face of the planet, falling to the dreadful traps and issues of life which sucked all my creative energy from me, and made me despise even looking at Word for longer than a hot minute. I hope to return to writing now, with improvements from over the years and a new outlook on things. I can't promise anything, but Torment may yet become a revived story.

You may call me Ren, or stick with Arty if you know me from when I was still called Artemis, but yeah, hello everyone once again, and I hope to provide some new stories for you all.

Preferred genres:
- Angst
- Horror
- Tragedy
- Humor
- Comfort

Favorite FFN authors:

Current fandoms:
- Danny Phantom
- Kingdom Hearts
- Harry Potter
- Bleach
- Eragon(Inheritance cycle)
- Lion King
- Attack on Titan
- Dogs: Bullets & Carnage
- Koe No Katachi
- Gurren Lagaan
- Pokemon
- Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon Reboot
- Team Fortress 2
- Digimon
- Avatar: The last Airbender

Writing format/style: 1st and 3rd person, narrative.
Favorite format: 1st person.

I dislike:
- Badly written pieces.
- Things that lack emotion, feeling and depth.
- The use of smilies and/or chatspeak in a story.
- Overly long authors notes that aren't really necessary.
- Reading cliffhangers.
- Critiques that aren't really helpful or don't let me know if I should continue. (I.E."That was great!" or "I didn't like it.")
- Critiques that crit my grammar, spelling and punctuation when the critique itself is badly written, and I'm forced to decipher what it says.
- Dramallama and/or Mary/Gary sue/stu stories. Angst is good, not when it's Mary sues or Gary stus.
- Stories that have OCs as the main/supporting characters. Cameos are fine, but not in the actual plot. Just, no. Okay? Just, no.
- Overly long dislike lists-- wait, crap...

I Like:
- Drawing.
- Animating.
- Writing. (Durp)
- Well written stories that keep me going and going.
- Stories that make me think, something that can slow up my reading. But not in a bad way.
- Long, complex plots with unexpected twists and turns.
- Fight scenes, battles.
- Scenes where emotions run high.
- Stories where the character's mind breaks, and their emotions are explained and how the character feels throughout their experience.
- Character depth, a history behind the character I'm reading.
- Writing cliffhangers.
- Those little moments of happiness, 'fluff' where it just makes you smile. A simple action between parents, siblings, a family. Even if it's corny, if it makes you laugh and smile in a good way, then its done its job.
- Grammar.
- Stress relief writing.

Other sites I can be found at:

*Works in Progress*

Story: Torment
Genre: Angst/horror
Category: Danny Phantom
Rating: T
Summary: Danny wakes up in a place he definitely doesn't want to be. Mysteriously, he's also in ghost form, when he doesn't remember transforming. Before he can escape, something appears, and little does he know what kind of torment that simple thing would bring.


Story: Final-Limit
Genre: Suspense/Angst
Category: Kingdom Hearts
Rating: K
Summary: Two friends meet in a dangerous dance, one filled with anger, sadness and confusion, and the other with a resolute but unknowable goal. The chase is on; will Roxas make it? One-shot story.

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