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The Basics: I have a name and I think it is a boring name (it's Katie) and I'd much rather go by Reina. I'm a junior in HS, 17 years of age, and currently single and lovin' it, although it does get to me from time to time. I have five cats, a dog, and I suppose you could say my brother is an animal...and no, I was not joking about that.

Why I Write: I write because I love to write and I write from my soul. I may be young but that doesn't mean that I don't possess talent or potential. I've been creating make-believe worlds my whole life and bringing them to life from my imagination. When I write, I enter those worlds and I see what the characters see and I try to the best of my ability to then bring them to life onto paper (or in this case, a computer screen). Writing for me is a release of my anger, tension, and stress because I have to give up my problems and then take on the character's problems.
People can slap a couple of lines onto a piece of paper, call it poetry, and have people say that that is a truly great piece of work. For the longest time I did not see see how poetry could even compare to the work of a well-written novel (or fanfic). Now before you send me e-mail flames because of what I just said about poetry, read what I have to say next: that is my sole opinion and I have every right to that opinion and I do like some poetry and have even found that it's an easy way to put your feelings down on paper without having to worry about sentences, punctuation marks, etc. But I would rather write a novel where it draws the reader into the story and creates a parallel/alternate universe for them to escape into.
Writing is not just words on a piece of paper (or computer screen) but rather a doorway into a world beyond on our where our imagination can run wild and our souls can be free. To sum it up, I would have to say the pinned the words correctly: "Unleash your imagination and free your soul." That is how I define writing.

How I Write: I don't like editing, I absolutely hate it, and I know that it's necessary but I'd rather avoid it when I can. So when I write, I take my time and make sure each line fits with the previous line as I write it. I've been known to just stare at a computer screen for minutes on end just thinking on how to phrase a sentence in a particular way. That is why it takes me days to get even a paragraph formed (if you don't count all the sheer laziness I possess) because I want the sentence to flow when I write it. I used to write short, choppy chapters where nothing flowed and I left ideas hanging but now I've learned that you can't do that. My chapters may consist of only 12 or so pages (Trebuchet MS, size 12) but it will take me a weeks to get it typed up because I now take the time to make it all flow and fit together and leave no ideas hanging.
If you could read some of my oringinal writings (I won't post them--they're horrible and I grimace at the thought of them) then you could obviously see that I have vastly improved. I am not being 'arrogant' when I say this because it's the truth. A year ago, when I re-read the original 'Melani' after having finished it for a year, I grimaced at every other word and at that time, I couldn't understand how people liked that. And I, the authoress, could not fathom how I had written such a terrible piece of writing. And thus, I began to re-write it, feeling the need to have that story told in a better, and new, light. The original 'Melani' sadly (actually, I'm kinda glad because I wouldn't have used much from the old story besides the plot and characters) is no longer availible having been deleted by my brother. -_- Yes, he actually deleted that and at the time, my first five chapters, in which the last three had not yet been posted so I had to re-write them and I think I lost more of the cold Melani but -_-''', oh well. The original 'Melani' had basically no real flow, I left ideas hanging, and am still surprised that I even got 100some reviews for it.


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Gomen nasai!!!! I'm sorry but I'm still alive but sadly, no new chapters for Melani T_T;;;;. I'm sadly and most horribly behind on Chapter Five and let's just say that I suffered from major writers block. Or more like supreme laziness. I seem to have lost all inspiration for writing Melani at all and combined with the fact that I'm working on a new original story just for fun and possible novelization, I haven't wrote a word for Melani since like...August. -ducks and hides in a corner from complaints-

I PROMISE that I will finish Melani soon...and I know that if I don't finish it by the time I graduate next year I will shoot myself. That's my new goal along with the thousand of other personal goals I have. Hopefully I will inspire myself to write a new chapter and update on Feb. 18th!

I also blame not having any new chapter because of our new hi-speed internet connection. @_@ I'm addicted to veoh and youtube and watching anime online. -sighs- I'm so pathetic...


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