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Apparently I'm an offensive reviewer. So offensive, in fact, that people seem to block all communication avenues with me when I give them legitimate criticism. After, of course, they insult me to show their "superiority" over me. Which is amusing because by blocking me all their doing is showing their inability to accept criticism or continued criticism over any of their stories, no matter how twisted/creepy such criticism is.

I'm going into philosophy and psychology. I don't constantly look at things in one way; I keep trying to look at them in multiple ways. This doesn't mean, however, that I'm always able to. "I'm trying" are the important words of that sentence. Sometimes I can't think of another way to look at it, so I seem belligerent. If you think this is the case, please tell me. Explain to me your reasoning for something, tell me I'm being offensive (and please explain why or how I am, I don't always know I'm doing so).

If I seem insulting, please don't take it personally. I am used to saying things bluntly and I know that's sometimes hurtful but it's often the most expedient way to get a point across without misunderstandings. If I am hurtful, please tell me so since I sometimes am unable to fathom that being blunt can also be hurtful.

If you would like me to add to any of these sections, please PM me with what you want added and a thought out argument about why it's not true (or proof when it can be provided). I've only done Naruto (so far) because I know that the best and the cliche's are all ones I've seen.

If you have another series' you would like added and cliche's you can disprove, send them to me and I will add them.

If you have helpful advice you would like me to add, send it and if it's truly helpful I likely will.

If you find common mistakes and want me to post them up on my profile, send them to me.


A) Helpful Advice (for writing).

B) Common Mistakes in spelling in fanfiction that shouldn't be common (in fandoms I read).

C) Things brought about by Fanon (just Naruto for now).

D) Things that bug me about Canon (just Naruto for now).

A) Helpful Advice for writing fanfiction (or any other type of story):

1) If you are not completely sure what a word means, look it up. Especially if that word is in another language. Google, Yahoo, Answers(.)com and other search engines are your friends. If you are writing a story you should write it as best as you can.

2) Don't use words in another language unless completely necessary and you either are fluent, have a trustworthy translator a click (or arms reach) away, or your beta/proof reader(s) can help you. This is more of a guideline than a rule though.

3) Get a Beta/proof reader. Sometimes more than one. This is simply because even if you have memorized all grammatical/spelling rules (and/or exceptions) when it comes to your language (and/or the one(s) you write in) that does not mean you do not make mistakes. All of us make mistakes, it's part of being mortal.

4) Don't dismiss bad reviews automatically. If they provide no reason or advice and just say things like "OMG! U SUCK!" or "THIS STORIE IZ TEH LAME!!" over and over again, then you can go ahead and dismiss/politely ignore them. However, if you can find any bit of advice for your writing, then take it and absorb it. You don't have to respond, just make sure you read and take what you can from it. This is what separates the authors that will always be bad from the authors that have the potential to be good, and the authors that are good from the authors that have the potential to be great, and the great authors from the ones that have the potential to be Awesome.

Also, if you don't take criticism well, then you don't really need to be writing and publishing things to the world. Criticism is anything that says "this would be better." For instance, "this story would be better if it didn't switch Points of View every two or three paragraphs" is criticism, because it gives you advice on how to make the story a better read (by sticking to one, maybe two, PoVs and not changing it constantly). In addition, "this is weak, you could improve it" is also criticism. It's stated negatively, instead of positively, but it's still criticism.

In addition, when someone is first reading your story, they may give reviews that don't take into account later chapters. This is called "reacting as it's read." If you bitch at these people, you really need to take into account that they're are reviewing your story AS THEY READ it. This means they are pointing out what may be flaws at the time it was written, or from somebody that had read it as it was first uploaded.

This means that when you explain something LATER they haven't gotten to it yet. So this would probably be, y'know, a good thing to ignore. For the time being. Or to say that it's explained later, instead of calling them an idiot right of the bat. When you respond to these reviews and call them stupid for not reading the story all the way through, you are being a troll, or an idiot. This site was made so that you can review EACH CHAPTER, and that's what you are supposed to do.

5) When writing fanfiction that diverges from canon, tell us where the diversion happened. Don't just start out saying "oh, Naruto's a sociopath that's going to murder the entire world." Give us a reason that he's a sociopath bent on murdering/going to murder the entire world. What happened in his childhood to make him want to do so?

If you have Inuyasha despise humans just as much as his brother, what brought upon this reaction? Was he raised by Sesshoumaru's mother? Was he taught by Sesshoumaru himself in his childhood about humans and their selfish hatred of anything different than them? Did Inuyasha not know his mother, which would remove all good human influences (that we know of) from his past?

As long as there's a reason for it, it can usually be explained, and if it can be explained you have less of a chance for plot holes. Which means better writing/stories, which leads to you improving yourself. If you don't want to improve yourself, you can go ahead and ignore this and stay stagnant.

6) Stick to one naming convention. If you are going to use the Western naming convention (Birth Middle Family) then use only the Western naming convention. If you are going to use the Eastern naming convention (Family/Clan Birth) then use only the Eastern naming convention. Don't switch back and forth between them because you'll only confuse and frustrate your readers, and nobody wants to read a story that makes them work at figuring out the naming system.

What I would think is common courtesy, but most people seem to ignore or outright disregard:

Don't block people when you want them to reply (most people block them right before or after they send a message, with half of it begging a reply).

Don't block people when they give you criticism, only when they flame you without reason. There is a big difference between saying "this is weak, you might want to improve it in this or that way" and "this sucks" without giving a reason for why it sucks or how to improve it.

7) Know the difference between two ways of writing things in narration. Sometimes it's not a big deal, however, at other times the implications can be rather big. For example, there's a difference between "widened her/his eyes" and "her/his eyes widened" and their implications.

The implication with " Widened her/his eyes" is that they chose to do so voluntarily. A person that is "widening their eyes" doesn't do so out of reflex from surprise/horror (or anything else), but because they are likely acting and/or deceiving somebody. In other words, the implication is "I widened my eyes to convey surprise to my audience" (like one would when telling a story) instead of something like "My eyes widened [involuntarily] out of surprise/dismay/horror" like it would be if it was "her/his eyes widened."

Little things like this can completely change the narration and tense and setting of a story.

B) Common Mistakes in spelling in fanfiction that really shouldn't be common:


Misspelling Zanpakutou as Zanpaktou, Zanbaktou, or something similar. Regardless of the early translations misspelling it in the manga, they are wrong and have since been corrected.

Misspelling Kisuke as Kiske. Just because the "u" is silent doesn't mean it isn't there.

Misspelling Shinigami as Shishigami, Shikigami, Shimigami, or Shinegami. I'm pretty sure Shishigami is really just a character from Princess Mononoke (and means "Lion-Spirit") while a Shikigami is something completely different (something to do with paper, iirc). I have no clue what a Shimigami would be, and all I know about Shinegami is that it's completely wrong.

Misspelling Reiatsu as Reitsu, or riatsu.


Misspelling Inuzuka as Inuzaku or Inizuka.

Misspelling Aburame as Aburami or Abirame.

Misspelling Tsunade as Tsunande, Tsuande, or Tsuniade.

Misspelling Chakra as charka or some thing similar.

Sharingan as Sharigan or Sharrigan.

Misspelling/misusing Bunshin as Bushin. Bushin doesn't mean Clone/Doppleganger; Bunshin does.

Misspelling Hitai-ate (which is the Forehead Protector they wear) as something else like Hi-ate, or Hitei-ate.

Misnaming various people, such as Morino Ibiki being misnamed as Morino Hibiki.

C) Things brought about by Fanon:


SS-rank and above anything: They don't exist. If you want a reason why, go ask the creator. S-rank missions already "concern state-level confidential matters" so I'm not seeing how you'd put something above that. The Daimyo is the highest authority in the Narutoverse, after all.

Kage are the highest rank as well, so saying something is beyond that doesn't mean anything because there's nothing beyond that. All it earns is, maybe, a fancy title, like Sarutobi Hiruzen's "God of Shinobi" title and the Sage of the Six Paths' title as "Savior of this world" title.

The "Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan" giving the recipient Immortality/Agelessness: There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that suggests this besides the name (which isn't really suggesting that; morons just stop thinking when "Immortality" is mentioned). Madara wasn't Immortal (proven by how he was dead of old age in canon until he was revived via Edo Tensei); that was something Itachi perceived because of how Tobi was deceiving everyone. Remember, Itachi said "what you believe makes up your reality" and Itachi was either tricked into believing it or trying to make Sasuke believe it and gain fear/wariness of Tobi so Sasuke would avoid that person.

The "Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan" is quite simply just a "Mangekyo Sharingan" that will never "lose it's light to darkness (ie, won't go blind afer prolonged use)" unless forbidden techniques like Izanagi and Izanami are used. This was explained by Itachi and in the back story Tobi gave about Madara.

Jiraiya not having money saved up being the reason he takes Naruto's money: This is incorrect. I'll have to find it again, but I'm certain Kishimoto has said that Jiraiya has about the same amount of money saved that Tsunade has in debt,

"Namikaze" being a Clan of some sort: There's absolutely no mention of Namikaze being a clan anywhere in canon. This probably came about to make Naruto seem "more important" to Konoha in fanon and justify the bashing of everyone and everything within or around Konoha in fics. There is no "Namikaze" clan and I am relatively certain Kishimoto himself does not call them the "Namikaze family." I have heard of him referring to them as the "Uzumaki family" but I am unable to find the interview for this so far. Naruto likely wouldn't take "Namikaze" as a surname even if he could, and one reason is because it was likely his father's choice to become an Uzumaki through marriage and I can't see Naruto disregarding his parents' wishes like that without major personality change.

In addition, I've never seen an example of a Japanese person using two last names to continue a line. Nor have I seen it in any historical case.

Tsunade being Naruto's Godmother, or close to Kushina and/or Minato (brought up by Vanex): Highly unlikely. While Tsunade was related to the Uzumaki clan, it was through her grandmother, and Tsunade was likely out of the village and roaming around or completely depressed by the time Kushina came into the village. We don't see her during the flashbacks of the Kyuubi attack, nor does anyone talk about her during the "Third Shinobi War" flashbacks. Since Tsunade's little brother (Nawaki) and lover (Dan Kato) died during the Second Shinobi War, it isn't unreasonable to think she got away from the village immediately after it ended, if not sometime during the war. This would have made it nearly impossible for her to have known Kushina and/or Minato through any medium other than brief visits to the village (unlikely), messages from Jiraiya or Sarutobi (probably unwanted), updates about the Third Shinobi War (likely avoided because of her depression and binging), or similar things. She likely did know them in some capacity, but it was probably through reputation (this personality, that jutsu, this fighting style they used, etc.) or Jiraiya (who might have told her stories in an attempt to cheer her up when he wasn't doing other things).

Minato secretly being the child of Jiraiya and Tsunade (brought up by Vanex): Rather unlikely as well. Not only is the hair color wrong (on both ends), but Minato does not resemble either of them. Neither were the two ever romantically involved. Tsunade is still very much in love with Dan nearly 30 years after his death (Dan died at 27, she's 54 in Part 2), and Jiraiya is highly unlikely to have even tried to take advantage of her in any way. These two things together remove the possibility of Minato being their child.

In addition, I can't see them both abandoning their child. And the whole "for his own protection" crap doesn't hold water at all either. They were two of the "Legendary Three Nin" and if they can't protect their own child then no child would have been claimed by their parents (even in clans) in the history of the world in Naruto.

A Summoning Realm: I have never seen any proof of this. Myōbokuzan is hidden, just like Ryūchi Cave is, not in another dimension or realm. Kakashi's dogs, if I remember right, live in his house and he takes care of them.

All Summons being part of a Summoning Clan: I have never seen any proof of this.

Naruto being a Saint-like being/person in the beginning: Naruto was not a good, saint-like guy in the beginning of the manga. He was just as much an asshole as Sasuke, and had just as many flaws as the rest of the Team he was assigned to. Naruto was an arrogant, over-bearing, self-centered, moronic jerk in the beginning of the manga. Over time he has improved drastically, just like Sakura has. However, Kakashi has barely improved (he is still lazy, caught up in/concentrated on the past, and a number of other things I could say though recently has seemed to improved) and Sasuke seems to be have started going on a downward spiral since he got the Cursed Seal, which seemed to have increased his aggression and jealousy and negativity. The 3 days of torture at the hands of his brother in Tsukuyomi probably didn't help.

Rock Lee's mangled chakra coils: Rock Lee can use chakra (as evidenced when he walks on trees and water in the manga/anime). The misconception brought about by Fanon is that he can't use chakra because of mangled/destroyed chakra coils. However, he is stated, in canon, to have "no talent" for ninjutsu and genjutsu (by his teacher Gai and the Databook). "No talent" at an aspect of energy manipulation does not mean the same thing as "completely unable to use" said energy, despite what many people may say.

Also, destroyed chakra coils? Yeah, that would be something close to saying he's dead. Everything has chakra. Apparently, even animals and plants. The coils are so intertwined with the body, in fact, that to mangle them would probably mangle organs and those are pretty vital. So if they were mangled/destroyed, you can bet that the body would also be mangled/destroyed and Rock Lee (or anyone else) wouldn't be using Taijutsu either.

Sasuke saying "That power should be mine!": This is completely false. Not once did Sasuke rage over somebody else getting/having a power that should "rightfully be his because he's an Uchiha" or something, at least not that I can recall. He only started to show extreme pride in being an Uchiha in Part 2, and before that showed pride in his Sharingan, and the pride in his Sharingan is rightfully earned (though it's a bit excessive). The Sharingan is an extremely powerful tool and bloodline limit, no matter what others say. Sasuke has said "What is this power!?" before, but not "That power should be mine!"

Naruto being beaten before Canon/as a child: There is no proof for this whatsoever. We know he was ignored and disliked/hated, but we do not know if he was beaten. All evidence points to the opposite, in fact. If it's punishable by execution to call him names that could be even associated with the Kyuubi no Yōko, what the hell do you think beating him or cheating him would get them? Most likely executed or tortured to death, maybe even both.

Heck, we don't even know if he was hated, really. Everyone seems to know all about Naruto's heritage, so it could very well be that he was just ignored instead of disliked/hated because of that. As a jinchuriki, he would have been hated. However, as the son of a Kage and a descendant of the Uzumaki clan, he would be watched for instability but otherwise ignored.

Naruto living in a crappy, broken down, old and moldy apartment with graffiti on the walls and broken windows and other various things: This is completely incorrect. In fact, in the databooks, there's a floor plan of where he lives and it's a rather nice, big place, if a bit sparse. It looks a bit run down and somewhat moldy, but that could be because it's a sketch. The anime gives a bigger look into his apartment though, and that's based on the databook entry.

Naruto's Apartment from the databook:

I'm not entirely sure about this one, but I think this was also mostly ripped from the databook:

Orochimaru's last/family name being Mitarashi: Big fat Fanon. We don't know his family/last name. Besides, I'm pretty sure it was explicitly stated in canon (most likely databooks) that Anko was Orochimaru's apprentice/student, not his daughter or of any relation to him.

Naruto's obsession with Ramen: This isn't nearly as gigantic as many fanfictions make it out to be. I'm pretty sure that the first time this showed up was because it was done for humorous purposes. That...sadly, isn't how it is now. Now, it's just gotten ridiculous, cliché, and old. Make him like Ramen, make him love it, but please don't make him have it as the only thing he eats (nobody could live solely on Ramen, even a Jinchūriki), with him keeping Ichiraku's afloat by himself. That just can't happen.

I'm starting to think that some of these author's have never eaten a bowl of Ramen, and/or read the ingredients and nutrition labels on them, even more so when I keep coming across stories where he's apparently eating instant ramen for every meal, and stand-ramen only once a week. The American equivalent would be eating McDonald's (or Burger King's, or Taco Bell's, or Sonic's, or Dairy Queen's, or Arby's, or Pizza Street's, etc.) for a month or two for every meal. You'll either get extremely fat and have tons of health problems, and/or die from the consequences if not the intake.

Chakra control degrading: This seems to be one of the BIGGEST problems with fanon. When one gets more chakra there's no indication that the control one has "degrades" or "goes away" or any sort of thing. If this happened, all Jinchūriki would have problems controlling their abilities, but they don't. There's no indication that Naruto has to do tree-climbing (or water-walking, or kunai-balancing, or leaf-floating) every day for hours at a time in order to keep his chakra under control. It's not like a muscle in that sense, you don't "use it or lose it" at all from what we've seen.

One only receives an advantage or disadvantage when starting exercises depending on their level of chakra, but you always ends with the same control. You don't get "certain degrees of control" from an exercise. And there's no point in having him get "degrees of control" from an exercise either. It adds nothing to the story in any way whatsoever.

It's like doing a stretch designed to increase flexibility. People will start out at different levels, but in the end they are all going to be able to complete the exercise if done long enough and well enough. And since ninja use their chakra for nearly everything, there's no chance that it's going to degrade like the flexibility of the body might if you stop exercising.

Only One Summoning Contract Per Person: Looking only at the surface, there's more to suggest that people can have as many summoning contracts as they want. The Summoning Technique apparently makes a contract between two or more beings. This being said, there's nothing to say making such a contract would restrict one from making another such contract. Nagato had quite a number of summons, though those could be dead bodies of giant animals he possessed with his Chakra Receivers.

We even have evidence of being able to summon people. Iruka was summoned by two scrolls after the Forest of Death, Konan was summoned by Nagato at one point, Jiraiya and Naruto can be summoned by the Toads (though it's called "reverse summoning"), and it's even been suggested that Minato based his Hiraishin technique on summoning. If you could only have one summoning contract, then that would mean whoever made the above examples likely would never be able to make another contract, unless somehow it was miraculously made into a "one-time" contract (though there's no evidence to suggest there's such a thing).

One problem with having multiple summoning contracts would be that it's not a very plausible thing to do, in addition to the fact that most summons probably don't get along well. Just one Boss Summon requires a ridiculous amount of chakra, so much so that it's practically impossible for most people, even with better-than-average control. The characters that can summon in Naruto are all characters with ridiculous amounts of chakra, or that have a special tie with their summon. Kakashi literally owns and houses the dogs he summons (according to the databooks, they live with him), Nagato's bodies were all dead and controlled by his chakra (including his summons, apparently), Orochimaru became "part snake" thanks to his experiments, Hiruzen Sarutobi's personal summon was Enma, Hanzo of the Salamander's personal summon was Ibuse.

I will admit, however, that there's nothing to suggest it's possible either. Sasuke's transferal of summoning contract from Snake to Hawk non-withstanding because that was metaphorical just as much as it was literal--we have no idea when he got it, or if he was forced to give up the snake contract beforehand (though with him killing Manda that's entirely possible), and he hasn't used it since.

Sealing Requires Ink and Paper: Not from what we've seen. Sealing requires Chakra, Blood, and Hand Seals from what little we've seen. Minato was able to tag a person's foot with his Hiraishin seal by touching him for less than a second, and did so again in a flashback to Killer Bee's tentacle. He didn't have ink supplies in his hand either. The Summoning Technique has never required ink in any of the times we've seen it. The Contract seal Minato used on Madara only required Madara's blood (iirc), Minato's chakra, and physical contact. The Dead Demon Consuming Seal used to permanently seal away half of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's chakra into the stomach of the Death God only requires Hand-Seals and Chakra (and one's soul). The Eight Trigrams Sealing Style (derived from two Four Symbols Seals drawn together apparently) used to seal the other half of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's chakra into Naruto required Chakra and Hand-seals as well, though it might have required a bit of blood but the scene it was used in was rife with blood anyway.

So yeah, Sealing does NOT require Ink, or some special kind of paper, or anything like that.

Uchiha Sasuke being spoiled by the Council after the Massacre (reminded by Van der Ay): This is not only highly unlikely, but also completely implausible. Since the only "council" in Konoha is the Council of Elders, and they ordered the massacre of his clan because his clan was apparently (and I only say apparently because it's Madara, who is a lying liar that lies out of his lie hole, that told Sasuke this) going to start a civil war in Konoha. Taking in the state of the Elemental Countries that most likely would have gotten everyone in Konoha killed. I highly doubt a council consisting only of members that ordered the execution of his clan would attempt to suck up to the last survivor of the clan. They had wanted him dead.

They never wanted a "last loyal Uchiha" they wanted "all dead Uchiha" only. And they wouldn't have been feeling guilty enough to suck up to him, either. They've likely done things they regretted, but that hadn't stopped them from doing those things. Koharu and Homura were more like Danzō then they were like Hiruzen Sarutobi, and even Hiruzen Sarutobi didn't feel any great guilt about the entire thing. So yeah, none of them likely felt guilty. And if they had, they likely just shoved it aside or consoled themselves with "they were going to get everyone killed." Danzō likely just said "Emotion leads to Hatred. Hatred leads to War."

Civilians Hijacking/Ruling the Council (reminded by Van der Ay): There is no evidence to suggest that civilians, merchants or "royalty" or anything else, have ever been on the council. There are only two councils we know of. The Council of Elders (Utatane Koharu and Mitokado Homura), who advised the Sandaime, and the Council of Fire, which convened to find a new Hokage when Tsunade was temporarily incapacitated in the manga. The only technical civilians on either of those councils were the Daimyō and his advisers (as far as we know) on the Council of Fire. Otherwise, you had the AnBu Commander, Jōnin Commander, the Council of Elders (see above), and Danzō on it. All of which were ninja at, at the very least, one point in their life. In other words: Ninja Villages are Dictatorships, not Democracies. And the same goes for the countries they reside in, actually. So yeah, the entire Elemental Countries are Dictatorships, not Democracies, no matter how much you think they are.

Alternative names for Elemental Country ANBU: BOULDER/ROCK, MIST/HAZE, SHOCK/STORM/BOLT, and SAND/GRAIN/DUNE are the ones I've seen so far. I'm pretty sure you can guess from the rather unoriginal names the countries they are for as well.

"ANBU" stands for "Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai (暗殺戦術特殊部隊)" and is shortened into "ANBU (暗部)" and the full name means "Special Assassination and Tactical Squad." The shortened version can be translated as "Dark Side" which is signifying that they are covert and mysterious, which is only compounded by their masks and uniforms.

None of those exist as alternatives to ANBU. If they were coded for the different villages, then it wouldn't be "ANBU" it would be "LEAF/EMBER" or something. So no, BOULDER/ROCK, MIST/HAZE, SHOCK/STORM/BOLT, and SAND/GRAIN/DUNE are NOT the official/unofficial names of the other villages version of ANBU. ANBU is the name of their version of ANBU.

And if they did use them, which they don't, what the hell would they stand for? I can't think of a single thing in either language that would translate to "covert and mysterious organization" with the anagram "SAND" or "MIST" much less one for "BOULDER" or "BOLT." Not to mention the fact that you are projecting your own language onto another language rather horribly. Just use "Spec Squad" or "SATS" or something instead of ANBU if you don't like using ANBU.

If you change it so they do use different ones then be consistent. Change "ANBU" as well to something like "EMBER" or "LEAF" or something similar.

Ninja have to dress in black to be considered competent:Bullshit. I don't know where people get this idea from. NOBODY IN NARUTO dresses completely in black besides Akatsuki (and even they have color), who are a criminal and mercenary organization that dress the way they do for symbolic reasons from their past as a peace-seeking organization, and maybe ROOT/Ne, who apparently do not officially exist.

Also, it's obvious that ninja in Naruto doesn't mean "assassin/thief/spy" to most unless it's got either ANBU or Ne or "dark side of ninja" around it (like Danzo). That wouldn't get ninja jobs from citizens that want them to walk their dogs, or weed their gardens, or protect the . Which are all jobs THAT ARE (manga) CANON (and that's not including anime jobs). Ninja are obviously considered body-guards, messengers, medics, item retrievers, delivery people, and so on by civilians and most other "light side" ninja. Mercenaries that aren't going to turn around and kill you out of nowhere once the job is done.

ANBU, Hunter-nin, and (counter) intelligence are all "dark side" and likely go "unseen" by civilians because it would hurt reputation.

Dressing completely in black as a ninja would be, in fact, counter-productive in Naruto. They want to be seen, especially by the clients they want to hire them.

The stereotype of ninja in Western culture of somebody wearing all black? That originated from, if I recall correctly, Kabuki plays where people wore black body suits and moved around in the background as a signifier that they weren't there. In other words, they were people that moved things around back before they started using wire rigging and such to do so. In addition to that, they may have been "assassins" sometimes in plays where a person dies on cue. A real ninja wouldn't have worn such things because it would make them stand out. If you're going to assassinate someone or steal from them you obviously do not want to stand out. You want to be a forgettable servant, or somebody that belongs there--that nobody would give a second thought to.

I will be updating this as I go along and come across them.

D) Things that bug me about Canon Naruto:

Gold and Silver Brothers being eaten by Kyuubi: When the hell did the Gold and Silver Brothers(Kinkaku and Ginkaku) get eaten by the Kyuubi? With the timeline as it is, the only time they could have had that happen from what I can tell would be before Uchiha Madara summoned/controlled it with his battle against Hashirama. That's before the Villages formations, or almost right after it, but if it's after it that makes no sense because we're told that Madara summoned it in battle against Hashirama for the right to be Hokage and that means the Kyuubi was most likely sealed at, or right after, the Villages formation. And even before that, Hashirama had apparently subjugated every single Bijuu even before the formation of the villages, according to Madara. After becoming Hokage and the emergence of the other villages, he'd apparently handed every single Bijuu except the Kyuubi out, and that's because the Kyuubi was in his wife at the time.

Which would mean that Mito either let the Kyuubi rampage for a while (which I highly doubt), it escaped at some point (which I doubt even more than the first option), or that they had tried to capture Mito, and she let it go wild for the battle (which is even less likely, considering the amount of damage it could have done and the flashbacks we've seen via kyuubi about Hashirama's, Mito's, and Kushina's thoughts on his power) and at least two weeks after the battle.

And if it's before, that means they would have been ordered to capture it before Kumo had been created, since the Senju and Uchiha clans coming together to make Konohagakure is what made other clans go "OH SHI--" and make their own villages. Which means they would have been ordered to capture the Kyuubi by the Shodai or Nidaime Raikage before he became their leader, which means they were in the same clan, which means they killed their own family in battle a lot, because they were famous for "using deceit and killing allies" in battle in order to emerge victorious.

So we've got:

Bijuu Subjugated by Shodai/Kyuubi controlled by Madara -> Senju and Uchiha Peace Treaty/Ceasefire -> Village Formation -> Battle for Shodai Hokage title -> Kyuubi sealed into Mito -> Bijuu handed out to other villages by Shodai

And somewhere in there, "Gold And Silver Brothers Eaten" but I can't figure out where. Maybe before they were subjugated by the Shodai?

Anyone else having trouble figuring this one out?

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