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I assume you came here to learn things about me. Well, leaving you empty-handed wouldn't be nice, would it?

First of all, this is an FF account created because I lost the login information to my old account, which is located here. I guess I COULD recover the login information to my old account, xXLeration, if I spent a couple hours digging through my huge pile of papers which contain a lot of personal info, but I decided to create a new account because I am wonderfully lazy.

My penname, Mobius Brown came on the top of my head while I was thinking on what to call myself. I thought about Mohorovicic, which happens to be my username for DCW and DCTP forums, but I decided against it. Then, I happened to remember the Mobius loop (for those of you who don't know what a Mobius loop is, here's an explanation. It's a surface with only one side, so if you happen to draw a marker on one side and keep drawing a line with that marker throughout the surface, you'll end up on the opposite side, and if you keep going, you'll meet up with your starting location). So, I decided to call my self Mobius, but I decided I needed a "last name". I considered "Shi", "Granger", and probably a couple hundred others, but I settled on "Brown". "Brown" comes from the Encyclopedia Brown mystery series, a rather toned-down mystery series for children that features a young kid named Leroy "Encyclopedia" Brown. This series was the transition early in my childhood to more hardcore mysteries and my addiction to Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle. I eventually lost interest because ALL of the mysteries involved finding ONE factual error within a suspect's alibi, story, etc. and some of the factual errors were in fact, not factual errors. So, my penname became "Mobius Brown". And I was immediately fond of the penname, probably fond enough that I'll never use my old penname, xXLeration, again.

Anyways, I will primarily be writing fanfics for the Japanese anime and manga Detective Conan. Detective Conan's plot essentially consists of teenage master detective ("Meitantei", in Romanji) that was poisoned by a mysterious syndicate which is later called the "Black Organization", likely because of their attire. The poison was SUPPOSED to kill him, but of course didn't, shrinking him down into a 7-year old form of himself. He takes on the alias "Edogawa Conan" after "Edogawa Rampo" and "Arthur Conan Doyle", and lives with his childhood friend Ran Mouri and his father, a hopeless drunkard by the name of Kogoro Mouri. To try to get leads on the mysterious syndicate, he stays with Kogoro Mouri in the hopes that a case relating to the Black Organization would show up. Of course, since Kogoro is a drunk sheltered up in his messy office, no cases show up UNTIL coincidentally, Kogoro's favorite TV idol Okino Yoko shows up for a case. After Conan accidentally knocks Kogoro out during a case, he mimics his voice with a voice-changer (that looks like a bowtie) made by a family friend, Hiroshi Agasa, Conan decides to, for the most part, stick with this "knock him out and use his voice" to point out the culprit in the 500+ cases he comes upon. Of course, Kogoro's reputation quickly grows as that "Sleeping Kogoro". That's the general basis of the series; I highly suggest that you take a look at this, it is not to be ignored.

I'm also considering writing for other series, namely Yu-Gi-Oh, but I'm currently putting my fanfic ideas in that category on indefinite hiatus.

I should mention, I take a while to update stories. This may mean if you subscribe to me, you may not get any new updates from me for periods from about a week (if you're lucky) to possibly months (if you're not). Part of the reason why I am slow at updating is because I sometimes don't have a lot of time to write new chapters, being a college student and part time website developer happens to take away most, if not all, my time. Another reason is because I prefer to look over my stories again...and again...and again. I try to get each and every chapter as good as I can try to get it.

My writing generally tries to pack some meaning within each and every word I write. If you look carefully, you may see recurring themes and very subtle foreshadowing.

Favorite quotes of mine:

Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking. William B. Sprague

You see things; and you say, "Why?" But I dream things that never were; and I say, "Why not?" George Bernard Shaw

Some writing tips I have to offer:

Always keep something to write on in case you get an idea: This doesn't have to be a notebook or something, heck, this is the digital era! If you can, use a note-taking application. I use Catch for Android. I highly suggest this because sometimes, you can get really good ideas where you least expect it.

Keep blood circulation: If you keep blood moving through your body, your brain works better. Do some exercise. If you really need it, and I don't suggest this, drink coffee (or tea). Never drink soda when writing.

Act it out: This is a fun part. Sometimes, act out scenes of your fanfic. And by act out, I mean ACT OUT. Voices, posture, gestures, all of that. You may figure out how to formulate ideas better. Also, you may get new ideas from this. Just try acting it out once.

Take breaks: Exhausting yourself will tend to weaken the quality of ideas that come out. You may find yourself getting writer's block more often if you're tired. Don't write late into the night.

Do your homework: This is extremely important if you're writing a mystery fanfic. Look up facts. Is your method valid? Is the culprit's motive valid? This part shouldn't be ignored if you are not writing a mystery fanfic, either. You may want to look at the original series you are writing about, and try picking up more subtle details about the characters. This helps with descriptions, and also helps makes characters stay in character.

Revise: Revise, revise, revise. Not a lot of people write perfect stories on their first shot. If you look over your stories with a keen eye, you may note mistakes, ways to improve your fanfic, etc. I tend to write stories, move onto something else, then come back to the original story I was working on. This tends to freshen the mind, and the sharper your mind when revising, the better.


The Deaf, the Blind, and the Dead: A three-part mystery where a man is murdered by poisoning him, then throwing him off the balcony. A case involving a motive in the past. Detective Conan fanfic. Current progress: In progress (not yet published).

Detective's Pursuit: When Conan finally gets a lead to the Black Organization, he unwillingly reveals a conspiracy that spans time itself, and the chilling goals of the syndicate. Detective Conan fanfic. Current progress: In progress (not yet published).

The Detective Game: A mysterious client calls Conan and Heiji along with 27 other teenage detectives to solve a case that has gone cold after many years. The investigation suddenly goes bitter when the detectives called are murdered in various ways... Detective Conan fanfic. Current progress: Planning.

Mechanical Revolution: A group of cyborgs from the future come to the past to transform the Earth into a mechanical factory. The only ones in their way are a bunch of kids with great spirit. Yu-gi-oh fanfic. Current progress: In hiatus.