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Author has written 17 stories for Vocaloid, and Shingeki no Kyojin/進撃の巨人.

Welcome to my profile! It's nothing more than it is, a long page of absolutely nothing but me expressing myself to the fullest.

Read this link. This is for all writers (it says rookies, but let's face it, we all make rookie mistakes) and it's wonderful and I love it. Read it. It's a bit long, but it's very, very helpful.

Forty-Five Flaws of Rookie Writers

Story Notices. VERY IMPORTANT Notices.

I am officially rewriting Roommate, 2D Sunshine Girl, Finding You and Be My Inspiration.



Because I am rewriting my stories, many details will have changed. I won't give away every little thing, but for now, this is pretty much what is going on: (Any and all information here is subject to change)


Roommate will now be told in third person limited (Len) POV!

Rinto is still aggressive, but I'm getting him to show a little more of his softer side.

Rinto is no longer good at soccer, or any sport for that matter.

Len receives a scholarship to the academy.

Len also now has a little sister along with his mother and father!

I also tweaked Len's character a bit so that now he is intentionally awkward whereas before he had virtually no upstanding traits.

Rinto's 'secret' is to be revealed a little later. I also fixed up some obvious openings.

Rinto does not have those hush-hush swimming lessons.

Len will enter the academy starting second semester, so it is around late-winter at the start of the story.

Expect more changes! I will be replacing first chapter very soon!

2D Sunshine Girl and Inspiration will also have changes. Will release information once I have decided on a good plot. Will be out soon.



>I'm of the female gender.

>My birthday is on June 10th.

>My zodiac animal would be the rabbit.

>My astrological sign would be the Gemini twins.

>I am a profile stalker.

>My hobby is writing. I always write, anywhere and everywhere.

>I love to swim.

>I'm small for my age(4"10' Which is about 142 cm), and I'm Chinese which explains my pen name.

>I didn't make up my pen name though, my cousin did. I'm just too lazy to find something else.

>I promise to never change my pen name. This makes it easier on you and me.

>I will, however, change my profile picture very frequently.

>My favorite books are Harry Potter, Warriors and Maximum Ride (and more, I generally love all books.)

>My least favorite book is Twilight. (With the exception of this one.)

>My Favorite movies consists of mainly the Harry Potter series.


>I don't hate any character, I just have a strong irritation for some.

>I absolutely love Suzunosuke's artwork. Complete fan girl for it. Humans should not possess that kind of talent for drawing, and yet it's there, so perfect. From the coloring, to the line-art, to the shades, to the mere expressions on the characters, it's so beautiful. You know, Synchronicity, Trickery Casino, Departures, Karakuri Burst, Corrupted Flower, Alluring SecretBlack Vow, Bad oo End oo Night, and that's only some of her work. You should see the fan-art she does for other songs too, like Story of Evil, it's so (at lost for words)

>My favorite producer is Hitoshizuku-P, hands down, my favorite songs include Synchronicity, Departures, Karakuri Burst, Trickery Casino, Alluring SecretBlack Vow, Corrupted Flower, Bad oo End oo Night... Yes, they are also all drawn by Suzunosuke. Gosh, I love it when they collaborate. It's like a fan girl rage when I find out they were working together again. (oh, and with Yama. Her name is so small, I always forget it, but yama and Hitoshizuku make really good songs together too.)

>I also enjoy Owl City.

>I dislike rap and heavy metal.

>I love classical music.

>I play the flute and am a former violinist.

>I like reading Romance, Humor, Adventure, Sci-fi, and Fantasy.

>I can't stand horror. There's nothing wrong with it, I'm just scared easily.

>I don't usually Fangirl over one character/person/boy it's usually a couple, but... there are exceptions...

>I have a huge Ouran addiction.

>I am in love with Kaoru Hitachiin.

>I have a huge soft spot for Medieval, Pirate and Steampunk themed stories. I am a huge fan of contemporary fantasy though I can't write it for my life...

>I am also a sucker for love/hate relationships. But you probably figured that out.

> I'm slightly Acrophobic, I can deal with Roller Coasters, but when it comes to lifts, air planes or towers...

>I'm absolutely terrified of bugs.

>I like the word nonchalant, I mean, say it! Non and that fancy chalant so awesome.

>I'm a chocoholic. I love all chocolate, all of it, but I'm rather partial to dark chocolate. Extremely dark chocolate is my absolute favorite, give me any piece of dark chocolate higher than 75% and I will love you for the rest of my life.

>I don't like Pickles. They're too sour for me, but cucumbers are cool.

>I lack motivation for everything.

>I have a habit with arguing with my inner self.

>I talk to myself a lot.

>I can become annoyingly sarcastic when I'm in a bad mood. Harmless and not even remotely threatening, but I know it can get pretty frustrating if I'm really sour.

>My imagination is better at night.

>I like naps.

>I also like cupcakes.

>I have a habit of spacing out.

>I like tests more than classwork.

>I check my email every five minutes.

>I am a procrastinator, even now, I'm probably telling myself that I'll write twice as much tomorrow.

>I see the cup half empty, but my impulse is to fill it back up.

>I am very impulsive.

>I don't know if you can tell, but I'm a straight A student.

>I can't stay up late. I need sleep.

>My clothes are always meant for kids years below my age.

>I have a habit of chewing my nails.

>I have an obsession with key-chains and pins.

>I ramble.

>I like using first person.

>My favorite colors are blue, red, and yellow.

>My fashion sense is awful.

>I am on my laptop nearly every waking hour.

>I'm actually quite mediocre (self-proclaimed) in household chores. Forget about folding clothes though, my closet is basically a mound of mixed articles.

>I have an issue with spelling.

>My drawing skills are severely lacking.

>I write more than I should sometimes.


Other Info.

> I try to add a bit of humor in every story, I can't write a story without a comedy-relief.

> I'm a hopeless romantic so I do enjoy writing about love, but at the same time, it's awkward since I've never really experienced it.

> I will mostly write humor/romance fictions. Mostly, not always, mostly.

> Details are very important to me and writing them out is actually a fun thing to do.

> I rush my stories sometimes, or that's how I feel, so if you read my stories and it seems that everything happens so suddenly, sorry about that, I try to fix it, but it's become a habit.

> I love commas.

> I like writing sadistically evil people.

>I have an interesting sense in humor, mostly at the expense of others, and the other part is just dry, random jokes.

> I will never write a fiction that is over rated T


On a More Serious Note

> I don't like it when people try to bait others to review by saying 'I will review all of your stories!' or 'I will favorite you and all your stories!' There's nothing wrong with the common courtesy of returning a favor, but it's better for yourself if you earn those reviews from genuine readers who honestly love your story. It makes you feel happier and more appreciated by others that way. (This also goes for a lot of social media sites, I strongly believe in working for your recognition, not buying it.)

> I will not review anonymously! I will always log in! Unless I'm on my phone and half of my review gets cut off (because my phone is horrible to me) then I will probably add more in an anonymous, but that is the only exception! I will always log in as 'asianchibi99' with a link on my name. Thank you very much.

> I am not so much of an active updater. Well not anymore, as I said, I used to have daily updates way back when I had time. So yes, expect long intervals in between updates. Sorry, I try to get done faster, but when I rush I end up missing words and making huge mistakes. In addition, my parents seldom let me on the computer during school days.


Pairings I Am Willing to Write About


RinXLen (OTP. They are NOT ALWAYS twins. Their relation changes depending on the song, they are mirror images! Rin is the girl version of Len and Len is the boy version of Rin. So please, if you must hate this pairing, at least don't hate it because you think they're twins.)

MeikoXKaito (They were the first Vocaloid pairing I've come to like. Miku and Kaito are more like siblings to me if anything.)

PikoXMiki (Cherry and USB port, sure why not? It's cute.)

LukaXGakupo (Like with Kaito and Meiko, Gumi looks more like a younger sister.)

Any other pairing I did not mention here I am adaptable to. I can read MikuxMikuo or NeruxMikuo, KiyoteruxLily or KiyoxYuki or YukixRyuuto etc. The pairings above are just the ones I'm kind of... picky on?

Ouran Highschool Host club

HaruhixHikaru (sorry Tamaki, but they are just so cute together)

HaruhixTamaki (I don't hate them, I just like the first pairing better, that's all)

There's not a lot of other girls in Ouran and I have this strange possessive behavior towards Kaoru so...

Attack on Titans

ArminxAnnie (Do not argue with me on this one. I get so emotional that it's not even funny.)

ConniexSasha (DO NOT ARGUE)


I am surprisingly okay with LevixEren and JeanMarco, this fandom is really rubbing off on me.

Legend of Zelda

LinkxZelda (It's endearing and canon and I love it.)

MalonxSheik (Male Sheik, mind you, I find it weird yet... totally acceptable.)

SheikxLink (You can determine Sheik's gender all on your own)

There are many, many more fandoms I love but these are at the top. If you have a request for me, please PM me including the pairing and I will do my best to get back to you!


My Ramble Space (Pretty self-explanatory. Some are notifications on my story status. Some make no sense. Just me rambling as usual.)

Ramble #1- The beginning of Spoiled

If you hadn't noticed yet, I tend to write a lot of strange and random stories in my Author Notes. So, I decided to write them here instead so that I wouldn't bore you. So... I want to tell you how I came up with 'Spoiled'.

I was scanning through the Vocaloid FF as usual, I do it every five minutes, looking for a RinxLen fic. There was a lot of good stories, most about playboy Len, and rich boy Len. (Who wouldn't want to write a rich boy Len?) ANYWAYS! I realized a pattern in these stories. Playboy Len always had a cocky, stupid, irritating personality, but also a sweet, mushy, loving heart in the end and rich boy Len was always so sweet, so generous, and hateful towards his 'upper' status.

Now, I also had, still have, a huge love for Ouran. I mean, HUGE. So I was re-watching/re-reading the series when I realized how conceited and arrogant the Host Club was. I studied Haruhi's behavior, constantly, and wanted to try out a similar plot line.

Minus the cross dressing, the harem, the school, the scholarship and the excessive use of roses, I finally came up with the story. Of course, I had plenty of rough drafts I never used. Some of which including scenes such as, a fashion show during the mall scene, an accidental kiss during the Len-in-cat ears scene, and an accidental confession over the phone when Len called 'Miku'. Don't worry though, I'll add extra fluff later on to make up for it.

Ramble #2- Asianchibi's Fluffy-itis

This is a frequently asked question, 'Why would Fluff be so horrible to you?' or something along those lines... Well, let me explain what a 'fluff' is first.

Fluff is that feeling you get when reading a romance novel/fic that turns your stomach into an explosion of tickles. You may start to giggle, squeal or hug a pillow when it happens. Fluff occurs when a part in that romance novel/fic expresses love in the most cutest/sweetest way. It can hit you unexpectedly, or it can grow. Usually, fluff is triggered during a kiss, hug, or confession.

Now, the reason I cannot easily stand fluff. I haven't had a boyfriend and I'm not used to seeing or expressing such a level of attraction. So, when I read something as simple as a hug, I start to giggle uncontrollably because I'm not used to the feeling. Haha, it's a poor explanation, but it's the best I could do xD

FLUFF IS MY RIVAL! Sort of, I can write it out, but if I read it... boy, I'm a mess.

Ramble #3- Oh my lovely Family...

I have about twenty-three cousins, just on my dad's side, and every. single. one. of. them had to be 'special.'

One of them is a pyromaniac. He's a sophomore in high school, has great grades, extremely athletic, but cannot go by one freaking flame without burning a stick, dumping various fuels into it and letting it burn to the high heavens. His older sister, however, is on the swim team in college and has been swimming since she was three. Then, there's their youngest sister, who is a complete fashion-ista to the max. She's a a year younger than me, but has a better fashion sense than I'll ever have in years to come. Oh, and back to the pyro, he's taking hula lessons.

Yeah. The other twenty of them aren't so much better.

Like, I was talking to my favorite of all my cousins. He's a year older than me, a complete game freak, and knows everything about anything. Well, I was talking on the phone with him, and apparently his class watched a two hour video on S* ed. So, in all his distress, he begins to elaborate every detail in that video with very, VERY high description. Yeeeaaah, dinner won't be going to my stomach tonight.

My point? I wish I knew more normal people

Ramble #4- How I met Vocaloid

The first Vocaloid song I've ever heard was Alice of Human Sacrifice. Though, it was a few of my friends who introduced it to me. I honestly thought it was the weirdest song I've ever heard, and I was actually a bit scared after listening to it, but I eventually grew addicted to it.

You see, I thought it was just a bunch of Youtubers coming together to make a song. That's what all my friends thought. Anyways, I was so interested that I eventually learned their names, but I didn't go much deeper than that so I thought those were the names of the Youtube singers.

Anyways, my friends and I loved the song so much, we assigned each other into the four(technically five) Alices. I willingly became Meiko, I really admired her part of the song, and I always loved swords. My friends proceeded to call me bloodthirsty after that, but I just played along and would whack my pencil at them.

I was obsessed with the song. I had symbols of the spade on my folder, I had the color red all the time, and I would look up every related picture on the internet that was about the song. My cousin, who is obsessed with anime, grew interested too, and he liked to listen with me.

Though, as I got older, it became kind of a inside joke that was hardly used. Then, about a year later, My friends and I pretty much forgot about it. I went on life as usual.

Then. During the new year, about two years ago, my cousin showed me a video of Hatsune Miku doing a live concert of World is mine. I recognized her instantly as 'The Third Alice' and immediately did more research as more memories of Alices reappeared. I regrew my fondness for Meiko, I couldn't but laugh at Kaito when I learned of his interests, and finally came the Kagamines.

The first song I heard from them besides Human Sacrifice was Adolescence. Immediately, I fell in love with the song, as well as the couple, and I looked up more songs based on them. Well, not just them, as I learned new Vocaloids I looked up more and more songs until I was absolutely trapped in the musical masterpiece.

Wow. This was lengthy. Oh well, there's my story on how I found Vocaloid. Hope you enjoyed it!

Ramble #5- Realization and Editing

I was editing and 're-writing' Emotionless Love when I realized something. I really was rushing my stories back then. Wow. Just. Wow. Yeah, I know my writing still sucks, but way back then (few months ago) oh jeez... I mean, the fluff was ok, but the love progressed too fast. If you noticed this and couldn't stand it, I don't blame you, I can't take it either...

Oh, and I also learned how I can edit my stories without re-writing the whole thing by hand. Yeah, I know I'm slow, but at least I found out! Anywho, I've fixed 'Spoiled', 'Roommate', 'Karakuri Burst', and I'm currently working on 'Emotionless Love'.

I'm still learning how to write! Please be aware of that, I am not a professional of anything, I am still very much a newbie. If you have anyway to help me improve, please do tell. I don't mind criticism at all, as long as it's constructive criticism. I know I have spelling, grammar and punctuation issues, some plot errors, and maybe some OOC at occasions, so please tell me where I'm lacking!

Ramble #6- My Internet/computer problems SOLVED

Yep. That's right. I FINALLY GOT MY A NEW INTERNET SERVER! YESSSS! Now I can go on my account without having to wait for a week and half for it to load :D I also got a new browser and an anti-virus system because my whole laptop system was riddled with cookies, Trojan horses and the like.

I don't have a computer, actually xD I only have a laptop and my phone for internet access, and the only computer I use is my cousin's, but I don't really go on it unless I have to. Anyways, my laptop is about three years old, I'm guesstimating, but I used it so much it seems like a ten-year old. Ah, I feel bad for the poor thing. Anyways, I got it repaired, so now it's running like new, still looks like a horse stable though, and everything should be ok!

Keep in mind that update dates are still going to be slow though orz. I'll try my best to go as fast as I can, but lately I've been having to delete and re-write chapters because I don't feel they're good enough D: I don't know, my writing just doesn't feel as polished as it should. So yeah, due to my own self-consciousness, updates will take some time. Sorry!

Ramble #7- Overwhelmed and others

FF has had a lot of changes lately, am I the only one who's gaping at the computer screen stupidly right now? I mean, the book covers, logos, image manager, and the new review thingy, wow. Changes are happening fast, eh? But the book covers are pretty useless to me since I can't draw, at all. (You know how all those drawing instructors and books that say, 'Everything is drawn with basic shapes'. Yeah... I can't draw basic shapes.)

Other than that, I am fully aware of my long, long, absence. But I am working on my stories every day, I promise, I just keep adding and deleting stuff so that's why it's taking so long. Plus I'm on break so I'm going just about everywhere.



So please have faith in me for just a bit longer. I am doing things as fast as I can.


Ramble #8- Notice

No, this is not a notice saying that I've died or have left Fanfiction xD It's actually OK news, I can't say good because it's not so great...

Anyways! I'm finally back, as you can see, and the reason I was inactive for a couple of weeks was because of tutoring. I take tutoring classes every summer for my next school year and my parents don't let me on the internet at all. (They take away my laptop and phone) I am rushing to finishing up my stories, finally finishing up, but I'm still trying to get back into my regular pattern so it may take longer (not good news, see?)


I promised I wouldn't leave until all my on-going stories are finished and I am determined to keep to that :) By the way, today is July 27, 2012 so that you guys could keep track.

Ramble #9- No title

Another reason why I haven't been up and about is probably because I've started gaming all over again. My cousin finally gave back my wii two days ago, and I've been playing ever since so... Yeah... Good news is, I'm about half way through Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Don't worry, I'm still writing a lot, I'm just busying myself with other things so I don't write as much as I usually do. Give everything a little more time. Just a little more.

Ramble #10- Cut me some slack

I know. I've been inactive for the longest time ever. But this I'm under a lot of pressure since it is my last year of middle school. My science teacher gives us a test every couple days because of our major science test at the end of the year, my Algebra teacher likes a pop quiz every couple mornings, and my Technology and Art electives give me more homework than my core classes. If I'm not studying, I'm writing an essay, If I'm not writing an essay I'm doing homework and if I'm finished with homework I'm working on my science project.

I try to squeeze some Fanfiction time into my weekends, but nothing will really start updating until the end of December or so because that's when science projects are over. I know, so many months, but here and there I might give out some one-shots to show you guys I am still writing. My actual stories take longer to update because I have to sit down and actually think about the entire story, get back into the mood and get used to the characters.

Long story short: I am very busy and barely have time to get onto my stories, so please don't get too frustrated with me as I am already under stress.

Ramble #11- It's getting better...

Title says all, I'm slowly regaining my free time and my fresh air again during the weekends. Give me a bit and a half, my writing motivation has been spiraling down quite dramatically lately and it's going to take a few days to get it back. I need to rest, badly, literally and metaphorically, I've been getting up way too early and sleeping way too late. But I'm getting it back, my homework is getting a bit lighter as the projects pile up. I actually prefer projects, they just take more time.

Ramble #12- Nothing of much importance

I will be updating things from time to time. My stories if I can, and some other one-shots I'm doing as a gift to friends. Don't worry, it won't interfere with my on-going stories, I have writer block with them and expanding my writing might bring back ideas. Also, I can almost promise more updates after December. Projects lighten after that and everything should be less work

Ramble #13- Go ahead, shoot me, I deserve every dirty word you're thinking for me right now

Last update was false alarm, I'll be strictly writing Vocaloid stories.

ANYWAYS! Yes, yes, I know I've been away, I know it looks pretty bad for me since I haven't updated in a few months. But I SWORE that I would finish ALL of my fics and I will! It'll just take some time (some being an understatement but...) before I can update again. YES expect updates 'round the end of December, that is a definite. NO I don't think I'll update anything at all before that. Sorry for the terrible inconvenience and when I finally update you can scream at me as much as you want.

Until then, just hang on for a little longer. A month! That's all. I'm also planning a few holiday fics (and not like the cheap ones I wrote last year, still one-shots, but not as cliched) so expect that around, say, Christmas or New years, yes? I'll be sure to drown in fluff when I do :D

Edit: I couldn't finish the Holiday fics. *dies* I was never good at writing those things.

Ramble #14- Yaoi (pfft, why am I even talking about this?)

So recently, I learned why my friends like these kind of pairings so much. I still don't like it to the point of extreme fangirling, but I might have squealed once or twice on a specific Yaoi couple (From an anime, not Vocaloid). It's kind of hard for it not to rub off on you when your personal friends are so energetic about it, and I'm very easy to influence. So yeah, I do like this one pairing, but I'm very picky with it. As in, I'll only support their fluff, nothing more. Like unrequited love, hugs, a forehead kiss, smiles, conversations, things like that. Heck, I can't even take a full kiss without feeling nauseated. So yeah, here is my ramble. Pointless, meaningless, probably not very mindblowing. But they can't always be about my tardiness XD

Ramble #15- Story updates!

The new chapter for Spoiled is about half-way done, and I'm pretty satisfied with it for now, for now, and hopefully it'll live up to your expectations I'm on writer's block with 2D Girl. Roommate, I'm playing around with the plot and the characters so I guess half-way done too. Be My Inspiration, I'm working on it, I get little bursts of motivation for it here and there.

GOOD NEWS. If I really try, I can finish my project by this weekend and you can expect updates by next week.

BAD NEWS. Knowing me, I probably won't try as hard as I should and slack off.

Oh, and I am currently working on Christmas story as well, that will be really fun and I have high hopes for it. Its not something I'm used to writing, as in, it's not exactly a comedy or casual toned. It's different and... yeah, different from what I usually write. Look to it! I promise I'll try really hard in writing it :)

Ramble #16- Regarding my DeviantArt account

Yes, I have resurrected it, however, I have to sadly say that I cannot continue 'Our Turn'. It is too much time, too much work to keep it up as I need the participation of every person who I entered. I apologize for that.

On the other hand, I'm using this account to write stories, yes, still Rin/Len fanfiction. The reason why I'm uploading them here is because I want to put all my test stories into there. 'Test stories' being stories with genres I'm not used to such as Tragedy, Horror, Suspense, Mystery, Adventure, etc. I am hoping to get feedback on DA for those stories to improve. If you are interested you can look for me, same username, and please give out helpful comments as I hope to do my best to improve in those genres.

Ramble #17- Childish Innocence

So I've been out of school for about a week now, my project is done and yes I am now active again. I have a small story I want to tell you, I didn't think much of it till now since I'm locked in my room with nothing but a few candy canes.

Two days, or so, before my winter break, I was at my former Elementary school, volunteering to help Kindergartens at the after school program they have there. We had just finished snack time and I had ushered the kids outside of the building already, watching as they played on the play set. The adult supervisor who I was helping, Ms. Maria, was at ease and we had only a few kids to watch that day so she let me run back into the building to grab my homework to finish up. I really didn't have much work either, since school was nearly done, so before I knew it, I had pulled out my notebook/journal and had began writing.

It was a habit for me to be scribbling and playing with plot on this notebook during class, I free wrote anything and everything, ranging from the romantic, slightly humorous stories you know me for, to the more sentimental, dark and suspenseful tidbits I like to insert in my stories from time to time. Needless to say, I was enjoying myself, I always found peace and happiness when I wrote, the feeling of pencil scratching on paper, the endless thoughts that tumbled from my mind to my hand.

I remember specifically what I was writing that day, about a boy lost in the caverns of his own mind, it wasn't anything special, and it was as confusing as all the other stories that came before it, but I was content with it for the moment and went on with hardly a thought. After I reached the third page or so of endless scrawling, one of the little girls came up to me.

I know it's bad to pick favorites when you're taking care of kids, but some of them were really adorable or really mature and I couldn't help but not love them more than the others. This girl, Amy, was one of the adorable ones. She had a speech impediment, replacing her 'r' sounds with 'w' and the like, which no one else in the Kinder group had, and I found it hard not to hug her every time she spoke. Due to this favoritism I showed her, I tended to talk to her more and play with her more, and so she's one of the only one who knows me familiarly.

"What are you witing?" She asked me as she came up to the bench, leaning over to look at my penmanship, her eyes narrowing as she tried to read the words.

"Nothing." I said automatically, since I was asked that question a lot by friends and teachers alike.

"Who awe you witing for?" Amy's eyes peered into mine, innocent and fresh, not at all sleep-deprived or overworked like mine.

"No one." I replied, scribbling a few more words down. "It's just something I'm doing."

"Why?" She asked, "Is it homework?"

"No, I just like writing." I smiled, "you'll get bored, so go play with the others."

"Why are you witing?" She asked again, pulling my notebook closer to her. "I can't wead it."

"Because it's fun to me." I grinned.

"But if no one weads it, then why awe you witing?"

It shocked me. That's exactly what she said, and it really stunned me. I was going to say something back, but couldn't, my mouth opening and closing slowly. At the call of her friends, Amy left me, but I was still pondering over the question and how the little girl came with something so profound. Maybe it was just innocent asking, and it really was, but I couldn't help but think into the deeper meaning.

I was writing an awful lot, every page of my notebook was filled with pencil and eraser marks, but for what? I hardly show it to anyone, and I don't plan on turning them into something big, so who am I writing for? It's not just for the sake of being happy, I write as if I expect to be praised. But who will praise me?

So I sat there, on the bench, just chewing on the question, wondering what compels me to write for an nonexistent audience. I don't think about much the rest of the day. The Kinders go home one-by-one, my mom picks up me and my brother, and then it's nighttime and I'm still thinking about it. I don't find an answer for her question, other than the excuse that says 'because I like to', and it takes an entire morning of pondering for me to find my reason.

Writing isn't just my hobby, but it's an escape. I'm tied by cruel reality, it shows with the bags under my eyes, the sluggishness in my movements, my rude behavior towards strangers and the only way to escape from it all is to create a new world for myself in my mind. Writing keeps me sane, I write with my emotions, and I can vent my frustration and anger through my pen without having to physically injure someone. I build a barrier with my stories, an imagination that builds with everything I learn and everything I feel, it gives me the ability to be myself and let out my feelings without anyone else knowing. I said recently that my writing is based on my emotions, and I realize now on how true it is.

I have no idea why I shared this with you, it was very... melodramatic for me. But hey, it's something worth sharing. Hurrah.

Ramble #18- So I watched a horror game

Needless to say, I have not been sleeping well these past few nights. Just before I go to sleep, I see these big red pair of eyes grinning at me and then I'm up the entire night telling myself they aren't real. Yep. But anyways, despite the entire creepy factor of the game, I really love the storyline of the game, it's little sad and actually kind of cute. Plus, it's one of those games where your actions can change the ending so depending on the ending, it can be a bit tragic as well. At least some of you have heard of it, Ib. I actually didn't see it all that sad, just extremely corrupted and scary, until I heard the song IA sang for it. Then I got all sad.

I'm still fairly freaked out though. The lady is red made me screech a couple of times. The liar room sent chills up my arm. The mannequin head made my heart leap from my chest. Then there's the doll room. The doll room. THAT DOLL ROOM.


I still haven't recovered completely.

Mary isn't all that bad, except for her creepy stalker nature near the end. That kind of disturbed me. But other than that, I feel bad for her. She just wanted to get out, she was stuck in that chaotic art gallery, that would make anyone go mad.

But anyways. To those who haven't watched it, I don't recommend it if you're a paranoid lump like me, because you will NOT forget it anytime soon. But if you're feeling gutsy or if you have no fear, do watch the game play. I didn't play it, I don't think I can without getting a heart attack, but I watched it on youtube and it was pretty good. Maybe I'll play it, in the summer, during the day, if I'm feeling up to it.

Also, don't forget the song. IA sang it, it's beautiful, there are subs, there are beautiful fanmade PVs with subs. I'm not usually one for Vocaloid3 (their voices are lovely, I just don't listen to them often) but that song really was lovely.

Ramble #19- One shot madness

For some reason, I've been writing one-shots like crazy. You've already had one or two, but I've got another one I'm making. I don't normally like writing them, no really I don't, but for some reason, I'm finding myself writing more and more of them. So expect more one shots, I guess, I will still story update, but the plot bunnies have been especially jumpy lately. Not much else to say.

That is all.

Ramble #20- Because I'm bored

My parents were both sick this week, so I've been having to make breakfast and dinner for the entire family (I can't make a full meal from scratch, mind you, just small things like warming up bowls or making oatmeal). My brother also caught a cold, which means I'm currently the last one to succumb to sickness. Hopefully I don't, I hate hate hate getting sick. When I do, I get all sorts of headaches and migraines and my stomach never seems to settle. Plus that nasty feeling of a fever when the other half of you is freezing up, it is torture. But luckily, I'm fit as a fiddle, no signs of anything unhealthy and I'm hoping to stay that way.

Now, onto other news. I forgot to mention this, but I did get a new laptop for Christmas. My old one was given to my brother who broke it the week after, despite the fact I've kept it in good shape for three-four years. Anyhow, my new laptop, which is ASUS like my old one because I love that company, is fast, and clean, and so tidy that it feels so weird having everything done in like a second when everything used to take at least five-fifteen minutes. The only problem is Windows 8. Yes, it is a pretty neat feature, with the apps and colorful stuff, but really, it's complicated. Mainly because just one wrong touch of the track pad will send me to a strange app. I'm used to basic desktop with documents, files, codes, programs, and all that really old stuff.

Other news, I finally beat Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for 3DS, I didn't play the gamecube one, and that one is supposed to be harder, but I'm starting the Master Quest version and it's really fun. (I am such a Nintendo freak, and my favorite series is definitely Zelda.)

Other news, new Spoiled chapter has been proving difficult to me. Situations, personalities, and reactions are jumbling in my head. But it's actually not that bad, expect update soon.

Other news, I completely forgot that I passed my one-year marker of being a fanfiction author XD And I actually planned on writing something for that too! Haha, oh well, there's always next year!

Ramble #21- Flu breakout

I'm scared out of my mind. My family just got better, but I just learned of the flu breakout in America. You can't tell, but I'm actually taking HUGE sanitary precautions to keep myself from getting influenza. There are SO MANY PEOPLE infected this year, it's on the NEWS. Normally, I find the headlines on newscasts rather repetitive or stupid, but this is SCARING me. I CAN'T get sick! Cannot. NO. THERE'S A BREAKOUT. WHY. I've been taking good care of myself! Hair completely dry before I go to sleep, extra layers of blankets, warm food, good food, exercise and all that, but it's getting closer! I'M SO PARANOID.

Ramble #22- Hair awful. Mine is anyway. It's straight, black, and choppy. It hates braids, comes out of curls and will. Not. Stay. Put. My bangs go straight down naturally, so it likes to drape over my face and when I put it up in a ponytail it will. Not. Stay. Ugh.

Well, this isn't entirely about my locks. Another update cast.

Like I said before, all stories except for Spoiled is on STAND-BY. As in, they will not be updated until AFTER I've finished with Spoiled. This is done for me because the story is nearly finished, I want to end well. Len from Roommate is different from Len from Spoiled, and I know I'm going to make mistakes if I write both at the same time. I know my other stories need more attention and love, and it will be give I promise, but first let me focus solely on Spoiled.

New Spoiled chapter will be up within a few weeks! Keep a look out, once again I cannot predict when it will be out, but it won't be long since I'm more than half-way done. That is extremely surprising because I've been having trouble with it. Rin is, as you've noticed, very stubborn. Very, very stubborn. Same goes with Tei, as you may predict, she is also very, very persistent. Tei is violent, Rin's boss was Miku. They're both matched up when it comes to the strong-willed factor. So anyways! Expect update soon enough, or even faster if you two, you know who you are, keep reminding me to work on it.

Ramble #23- My future

So yesterday a lot of my teachers kept pestering us about finding what career we want to pursue when we're older. They gave us lists of colleges and universities and lectured us about what is best for some and bad for others. I'm one of those few who have absolutely no idea what I want to do, where I want to go, and how to do anything. Ever since I was little, I wanted to be a doctor. As in, a surgeon, and a few years ago I decided wanted to become a brain surgeon or a child doctor. However, for a couple months I've been contemplating on whether I should give creative writing a go. I blame this on some of you, since you're all so encouraging and keep mentioning that I could become a professional author, and now that it's in my head, I don't know what I should pick.

Set back on Spoiled, I have to finish something for class. It won't take long, hopefully, but it's still going to take a nice chunk of my free time. So Spoiled is pushed back to another week? YES I AM WORKING ON IT. It's one of my tabs right now, actually, and I'm going to start as soon as I finish this rambling.

Ramble #24- I need a hobby (Rant alert)

Here I was on my cousin's couch, working on some fiction or other, minding my own business. Then he, my cousin, leans over from where he's playing his computer games and stares at the long paragraphs I had manifested. He didn't even read it before turning to me and in a very deadpanned voice says.

"You need a hobby."

Yes, I threw a fit. A very expressive, satisfying fit. I mean, I've known his ticklish spot since I was seven.

But anyway, WRITING IS MY DARN HOBBY. YES I play my fair share of games- not the kind of games my cousin thinks I play (Sudoku, cross-word puzzles, word searches)- but actually games that can kill things, but I STILL WRITE. And while we're on that, just because I write for FUN doesn't mean I'm an absolute know-it-all of the entire world! I HATE it when my classmates look over to the paper I'm writing on, see how much I've written, then talk to me as if I didn't have a life. They say things like 'oh wow, you're really good at math, huh?' or 'you like class a lot, don't you?' or 'you must read the Shakespeare a lot" or even 'you look really smart, can you help me with this?' then I reply to them with a big fat NO and then they go 'you're not as smart as you look'.



ARGH. I HATE IT. Sure I feel somewhat flattered that they think I'm smart, but then they think I have no social life at all. They use all these disguised innuendos like I don't know it, trying to trick me into making myself look like an idiot. What kind of question is 'how do you like your eggs in the morning?' I ACTUALLY HAVE A BRAIN THAT CATCHES UP TO YOUR IDIOCY YA KNOW? UGH. Then there's the people that try to 'become friends with me' and talk to me in what they call 'smart talk'. USING BIG WORDS YOU BARELY KNOW THE MEANING OF DOESN'T MAKE YOU LOOK ANY LESS RIDICULOUS. They go up to me and say 'oh wow, you're an immaculate writer' and I just stare at them. Do you know how weird it is when you say it? You with your fifteen ear piercings, sagging jeans and diamond shirt? No. Don't say it. Just no. If you're going to be my friend, I need to see just who you are and I know you're not someone who says 'immaculate' on a daily basis.

Then there's people who believe I'm a completely foreign being that knows nothing but how to get the good grades in class. I know how to become social in the modern world, believe it or not! I remember talking with some friends in this one period and we bring up a subject we were talking about on Facebook and this one guy looks at me and asks- very bluntly- 'you have a Facebook?'


I'm not completely behind the generation, I'm sure of it. I know I don't pierce my eyelids, or dance to rap, or wear lace leggings, or have make up, or even have a boyfriend, but I think I still know enough about the era of idiocy we are currently living in.

I want scream all of this into my classmates' faces and then exit all coolly like some kind of anime character, but knowing me, I'll just secretly glare at their backs and throw pieces of eraser into their hair. They never know it's me because they don't expect 'teacher pet' me to do that kind of stuff. Not I mind being called a teacher's pet- as long as there's benefit- I just don't like being treated like one.

Yes I am feeling rather moody today. But now I'm feeling refreshed now that that's all out of my system. I'm not mad at my cousin, this actually didn't involve him at all, it just somehow related to the main problem. So yeah, I'm done with my anger now. I'm going to go get a cookie and calm myself down.

Ramble #25-Elsword

This one I blame completely on my friend. I've seen those 'Play your manga!' ads all over and Youtube, but I always brushed it off because it looked very simple and uninteresting. Then one day, I'm talking with my friends and she brings up the game, and she says how fun it is and all that other tempting stuff and of course- being the easily influenced and curious gal I am- I go home and check it out.

I am a softie when it comes to Fantasy games. I have this HUGE crush with anything with castles, swords, quests and knights. The moment I laid my eyes on the characters, their bios, and the general story-line of the game, I was caught. So I decided to download the game, and try it out.

The graphics are amazing, and the characters are amazing, and the things you can do are so much fun.

Or maybe I'm still an immature thirteen year-old who needs to grow up and find some new games. But still. This game keeps me pacified for DAYS on end. Even now, I'm struggling not to play it because I have homework and I need to work on my stories, but it's so much FUN.

I'm not advertising, I'm just rambling, but just saying, Elsword is very addicting.

Ramble #26- Procrastinating. Why must you be so addicting.

Seriously. I have a project that's due on Friday (four days from now) I haven't really worked on it. Not to mention I have to write two paragraphs for Spanish class and another for Science. What am I doing? Fanfiction and listening to Vocaloid.

It's not like I can help it, I'm just so lazy and unwilling to work. I'm kind of panicking, but my brain is telling me I can finish it tomorrow, and I'm starting to believe it. I'm trying to knock some sense into myself, but it's not working. Yeahhh.

On another note, my throat is starting to hurt. Like seriously, it's nearly the end of winter and my throat starts burning now. I'm not completely sick yet, and I've been treating myself extra nicely to avoid that, but it still hurts. I've been swallowing water like a dehydrated hippo.

I'm going to repeat. I. Can. Not. Get. Sick.

I have too many things to do (well things I want to do) and I do not have the time to stay in bed with a cold. STAY AWAY GERMS! DISPERSE.

Procrastinating. Procrastinating. Procrastinating. Procrastinating.

I should go eat something soon, I'm kind of hungry.


Please? Like be my alarm clock that spews cuss words at me every time I slack off. That would be nice. But then you'd run out of insults to use within the first hour.

I should work now, I should, but I know I probably won't. There goes my history grade. Whee It's okay, I'm Student of the Month. YEAH. STUDENT OF THE MONTH. WHOOO. Oh, my history project is also due on my history teacher's birthday. Weird, huh? He said the best birthday gift we can give him is too turn in our projects.

Maybe I should get him flowers. Or a new tie, he likes decorative ties.


Except, the problem is, they took a picture of me with my Hetalia t-shirt. So now the entire 8th grade knows I'm an anime geek, not that I really mind, but it's kind of embarrassing when they come up to you and ask if I like Naruto. Because I kind of don't. Shippuden made me lose interest. Or maybe it's the plethora of episodes that come up, or the fact it's too popular or maybe all three. So yeah. I like Dragon Ball though.


Not much of a tongue twister. Not a lot of tongue twisters with 'r'. Oh well.

I should probably start working now. I'll force myself to finish my Spanish and Science at least. Then I'll see if I'm still alive for history. Or if I'm off playing Elsword. Hahaha.

I'm very tired now.

Ramble #27- Darn.

So I finished my homework and project for all my classes, whoopee, but I managed to get sick. A blasted cold. Ugh.

I really shouldn't be on the computer, I keep getting dizzy spells, but you know, I realized I didn't give a chapter update.

Happy Valentine's Day though. Hope you all enjoyed it with your chocolates and snacks and gifts. You don't need to have a special person, just some really great friends. I got a really amazing Zelda shirt from one of my beloved friends, and I feel really guilty because I didn't get anyone anything...

To you, my Mutti, I'm working on your thank you fic right now, and I will cover it in my love and appreciation for you. Thanks for being such a great friend :)

Anyways, back to story updates.

I'm am working on editing 'Finding You'. Thanks again to POKESPE-FAN for reminding me to do this. I will update chapters for this again once I finish with Spoiled.

I might also be editing 'Roommate', but I haven't checked for major errors so there's a possibility I'll leave it alone. If you want, just ask me to edit it and I will, but if you're fine with it, I might not touch it at all. Until the next update.

2D Sunshine Girl should also be updated soon, and maybe edited. As said above, if it bothers you so much, just ask me and I'll gladly retouch to this story.

'Be My Inspiration' is going steady, don't worry about it, and as said above, if you feel that I must edit it, just ask.

'Spoiled' is this close from being updated, I swear. I'm a little ill, but if I work on it through the weekend, I might update on Monday. MIGHT. Don't take that too much to heart, it's just a very loose estimation. Not too mention I'm a little light headed right now so...

I will be sending in one-shots now and then, and before you get mad at me, they don't interfere with writing my on-going stories at all. I only write one-shot when I'm on a major's writer block so that it help clears my head. Please, don't think I'm ignoring the other stories, because I'm not, they're a huge priority to me, so much that I skipped homework for them (and that was quite a problem. My grade sort of dropped. Nothing major, I brought it back up, but...)

I hope I get recovered soon. Seriously, the letters are dancing right under my eyes. My throat feels so constricted and mind this kind of fuzzy. Hard to think straight, you know? This is why I hate getting sick.

Ramble #28- Spoiled

... IS ALMOST DONE. I mean it this time, I'm not going to predict when (because obviously Monday didn't happen) but very soon. Very. Very soon.


The reason why I kept saying it was almost done then never updating was because I was never satisfied with the beginning part of the story. You remember that Tei and Rin went for a walk and describing that walk has been very difficult. Mainly because it's RIN and TEI. I didn't want to break any of their characters, like bursting into tears, but I didn't want to overdo it as well because they do have strong emotions.

Particularly for Len.

Gosh, Len, he's just sitting there in front of the T.V watching Asian dramas while his two scary-female-friend-lover-things are fighting over him somewhere outside (Spoiler for Spoiled). I kind of want to pit him in a dark room with an eternal thunderstorm and laugh as he dies of fear.

Not really, but still, he needs more action. He's too spoiled. (Again with the funny puns. Are they so Punny?)

Should I put another cliffhanger? You KNOW you love cliffhangers, it's just that the author never seems to update fast enough.

It's not like I want to leave you waiting for six months. I just get lazy and writer's block and other... problems.

Fun fact: Did you know Gumi was actually mentioned in Spoiled only once? Only mentioned though, she didn't even have dialogue. I think. Sorry Gumi, you're just a filler character this time.

I love Until I run out of RinxLen stories to read and then I get very sad.

So anyway, before I procrastinate any longer, SPOILED WILL BE UPDATED SOON. NOT SAYING WHEN BUT SOON.

Or so I hope.

Ramble #29- Not even funny...

So it's the middle of April now, also known as testing season, and then my thought-to-be-dead cold decides to start flaring up again. Mother of Holy Hippos.

Okay, so yesterday I thought it was a bit of an allergy problem, went away by the end of school. No problem. At night, my throat starts to irritate me, but I don't panic and just drink lots of water, by the time I'm sleeping it's all gone, no biggie. Then this morning, I wake up with congestion, a headache and a sore throat. Fantastic. I've made more snot balls out of tissues than I have way back when I got sick in November. It sucks, mainly because it's the weekend, but also because, you know, I've got state test, and an English project due. Why am I always sick when I need my brain the most.

Actually, though the question is how I got sick again. It's not like I went dancing in the rain naked. I have this hate towards cold weather so I'm normally bundled up pretty well. And my health should be fine! Should be...

BLAH! See how short this post was, and blew my nose thrice while typing it, THRICE. And my head will not stop throbbing. Don't get me started on my throat, I can barely talk right now without dying in pain.

I hate getting sick. And allergies, for that matter.

Ramble #30- Ramble. Ramble. Ramble.

Next chapter for Spoiled going as planned. The difficulty level for this chapter is a sharp relief from the previous one.

Anyhow! I feel like rambling about various anime and manga series, want to follow my adventure? I'm tired right now and sort of procrastinating on my English report so... Let's get down to it!

First on the list, Soul Eater, why not? I loved the show, loved the theme, and even though there was nothing romantic about it (the bit of teasing with Maka and Soul in the episodes were infuriating though. You could practically feel their growing relationship and at the same time, it didn't go anywhere.) Ah, I like Chrona though, I never get enough of crazy, insane characters with a bad background. It's... heart-pumping, I guess.

Have you ever heard of the manga 'Mugen Spiral'? I hate it. I read it a while ago, forgot about it, then woke up from a nap today and had a strange urge to read it. The fluff in there is irresistible and reading it would put me in a mushy mood for days. But then, there's that blood-boiling fact that it's practically discontinued and right in the middle of it's climax too. I hate it. So much. Because it's so good and that it's stopped. UGH. This why I tried to forget about it! But no, it's just going to haunt me for the rest of my life!

Anyway, while we're talking about less popular manga/anime, why not Last Game? It's a very cute, fluff-filled, fangirl worthy manga if you're interested in sweet love. This manga actually helps me with writing Spoiled. I love it It's sweet and I have no complaints for it whatsoever! Except for the fact that it's not yet complete, but its on-going and that's what counts!

Black Butler, Kuroshitsuji, whatever you call it, is one where I'm mixed about. I'm not too fond of the anime, it's too much for me, but the manga I adore! In the anime, the Queen is a creepy zombi-fied doll-like lady and Ciel loses his memory and then there's Alois and everything gives me a headache. It's too confusing to keep track of. The manga, however, is a little more reasonable and keeps to its original 'Ciel is the Queen's faithful Watchdog with a demon butler' idea. No strange twist or anything. It is as it is.

Fruits Basket. One of the first anime that I've actually watched completely and loved, I think. I never read the manga and I know that some of the information was twisted in the anime (like Akito was actually a girl and that half of the characters aren't even introduced into the anime) but it was still great! The characters were splendid and it was fun too watch. Not too much drama, a good amount of comedy and some romance (though I prefer YukixTohru, Tohru and Kyo are cute as well!). Nice review for this one.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama. The anime doesn't do it justice, there needs to be a second season, or I will cry of anguish. The manga is so lovely and the latest chapters were enough to have me squealing. The adorable-ness of this couple is high off my charts. Usui has pheromones that leak from the page and Misaki is so manly that it's attractive! They match each other surprisingly well, both are strong emotional and physically, it's an invincible combination! If only new chapters would hurry! But I must keep going!

FullMetal Alchemist. I had my doubts about this one. Very high doubts. Mainly because I hardly knew what the heck an alchemist was and that I never enjoyed sci-fi related stuff. (I assumed the name 'FullMetal' referred to some kind of futuristic machine) So I avoided this for as long as I could. But, you know, I was pressured by friends and it was fairly popular so I decided, what the heck? I'll try it. Turns out to become one of my favorite series. Rather than in a futuristic setting, it's very uniquely steampunk. I love it. Love it, love it, love it. Naturally, I go for the cannon pairings (EdwardxWinry, MustangxHawkeye and all that) and I'm not disappointed by any fan service they give out.

Hetalia. I mean, why not? Sure, it's practically bleeding Yaoi, seeing as GerIta is painfully cannon, but it's so funny that I don't really care. I learn history through this! I know more about World history and European facts than most of my classmates. Plus, I'm dying out of laughter every time I watch the episodes. So this is a definite bonus.

K-On. There was a kid at school who wore a very geeky-looking K-On shirt at my school. He was one of the 'scary-looking-and-popular' type of person, so I had to hide behind my friends to keep from screeching in laughter. It doesn't help that it was lunchtime when we saw him and he sat in front of us for fifteen minutes. I could have sworn that I broke three ribs that day trying not to laugh. But anyhow! The anime and manga itself is very loose and refreshing. There's not really a plot, but at the same time, there's a goal in the series. I like it very much!

Ouran High School Host Club? All-time favorite anime/manga. No arguments. Final word. Who dares to challenge it? It's dramatic, it's clumsy, it's beautiful, it's great, it's got a club full of boys, and it's hilarious. My point has been made. The only thing about the anime is that they didn't continue it till the very, very end. I loved the very, very end of the manga. But I guess Eclair's scene was an okay place to end too... Either way! I loved it all! I admit, I support Hikaru and Haruhi a bit more than her with Tamaki, but I'm fine with it because their characters are so good! Ah I love the Hitachiin twins Especially Kaoru.

Kuroko no Basket? Brand new anime, it's all boys, susceptible to buckets of Yaoi, but hey, it's good. I know basketball-I'm a bit too short to play it though-and I like the sport, plus this anime is so cool. The characters are generic enough, but the thought of indestructible players beaten by a pair of prodigies is fun. And I like Kuroko's personality. And Kise's. And Takao's, while we're on the matter.

So that's it. My stomach is rumbling so bad I'm afraid it'll start eating itself. I have many more I want to review on, but this'll do. For now. Until I update. Oh! And expect a one-shot coming up, alright? I'm making a habit of these, they're a bit more fun than I originally thought!

Ramble #31- Kaito or Len?

So this is a recurring argument between me and a friend of mine. Which is better; Kaito or Len?

She likes Kaito, because of his voice and the fact that V3 sounds dead attractive. Not to mention he's tall, manly, has blue-hair and loves ice cream. And wears a scarf. He wears a scarf. Even I can't deny the greatness of that.

I, however, choose Len. Mainly because he's half of my OTP, but also because of his ponytail. His ponytail. Then there's the fact that he can be both adorable and terrifying at the same time. And his voice, especially append, is so beautiful. Len is wonderful and amazing and every bit of fantasy.

Her and me, we don't fight very discretely. Most of the time, we're yelling the names across the lunch table, getting people around us riled up until they start joining in too. (Although they have no idea WHAT we're talking about) And the other times, we're spamming each other with photos of Kaito/Len.

Ramble #32- An Oath...

You know that I do everything I can to avoid these. But, just this once, I'll do my best to keep it.

Okay, so by my birthday this year, that would be Monday, I will update the next chapter for Spoiled.


I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

Haha, despite my procrastinating nature and pessimistic behavior, I think I can do it. Probably.

Actually, this puts some pressure on me. I'm less than half way through, and I've got less than five days now. I can do this. Yeah. Let's go!

Ramble #33- Ech. Summer.

It's too hot and it's not even officially summer yet. Ugh, I want to go swimming.

Anyhow! Spoiled is actually half way done now, hahaha, I'm making good time with my oath. I might actually be able to do it! Yeah!

Looking back at my other stories, I really miss writing them. I need to get Spoiled done and over with so that I can work on the rest.

Single line paragraphs are fun

Oh! Right, so I got this new phone with all these fancy modern features like touch screen and the home button and apps and stuff so I can go on Fanfiction a lot more. Woo!

I got a new MMORPG game to play. Yeeaaaahhhhh. It's fun. I love it. The graphics are jaw-dropping, the controls are basic and the story-line is great, albeit generic. But who cares, it has nice PvP and PvE features so all is forgiven.

I've got so much to work on this summer!! My friend wants me to finish editing his story, I have Spoiled I want to complete, my mother wants me to write her a story, I've got summer school again, I have to help my cousin with his English studies, my brother is purposely trashing my room, I have high school next year to worry about and just about every other fantastic task that a normal girl has. Oh, and I have to help other cousin to the hospital since she tore something funny in her spine. Great.

Yeah, you've got it. I'm procrastinating. Again.

Spoiled is giving me writer's block. Again. Actually, this is strange since I planned out the entire chapter twice now. I should have a surplus of ideas. But I don't. Whatever, I'll get over it somehow. The best way to cure writer's block, you ask? Go kill a character, reflect on it, then find a scenario that could have avoided it. Or just leave that character dead if it suits you. I don't actually plan my character's future. It's all with metaphorical wind over here.

I'm still procrastinating.

Ramble #34- Vampires and Stuff (Twilight Rant, best be avoided if you like the books)

I think I've told you, but I don't really like vampires. I just can't view them with a straight face anymore, thanks to Twilight. I mean come on, they sparkle. And they're docile. I'm sorry, but I really like my vampires and werewolves when they're dark, suspicious and evil. I like it when vampires are sly and cold, treating humans like pets. It's very sinister, but a love born out of that would be absolutely beautiful. A dominant and sadistic vampire in love with his human food is dead attractive; it's like Spice!Len with fangs, darn. Now that is a fantasy.

I mean no offence to any Twilight fans out there, I just can't take Bella or Edward or Jacob. When it comes to love between supernatural beings like them, I like my blood and fire and agony and near-death experience. I guess the love-triangle idea was okay. I just hate how wishy-washy Edward is and how boring of a girl Bella is. I also hate how easy their love was, like seriously, it was too simple. It's like anyone can just go out, grab their own vampire and date them. No. That's not how it works. Where's my forbidden love? And then what? She gets pregnant? She turns into a vampire? She can resist her need for blood? WHY? It's one thing to daydream. It's another thing to have the best freaking luck ever and the best life ever by turning into an immortal with your family without any bad side-effects. I hate it. I really do not like this book. It infuriates, really throws me off the edge. At least, Stephanie Meyer could have kept to the original idea of vampires and let them burn in sunlight. Not sparkle. Like seriously. It's almost nauseating.

Excuse me, I'm a little aggravated. Just had an argument with my cousin about Twilight, I'm still kind of... ticked off.

Well anyways, I might make a story on vampires, actually. Bu I have a feeling it's not going to be dark or sadistic, since we all know how hard it's going to be for me to write it. Maybe I'll do a love comedy again. With Len as the vampire. But nothing like Edward. I'll have Len shrivel in sunlight, suffocate around garlic, and hunger for humans. But it'll be funny, because it's Len.

I like abusing Len.

Or maybe Rin is the vamp? Huh. I'll think about it.

Ramble #35- So.

You should realize by now that I use these rambles to procrastinate on my work. Hah. Spoiled is about half-way done though and the current writer's block isn't particularly bad. I'm just taking a break.

Anyhow, so it's finally summer (officially) and I'm craving hot chocolate. I have a whole pack in my kitchen with hot water and everything, but I'm too lazy to actually go out there and make myself a mug. It's hot out there but I want my chocolate. I'm a bit conflicted.

Did you know that I tend to write dark themes when I'm alone and bored? I just make up characters with whole back stories and then I chop off their heads. It's actually kind of funny because I'm reading what I wrote last night and it has extreme gore and I'm just like 'I wrote this?' It's crazy.

Moving on. You know, after my last update of Spoiled, a wave of new story ideas started to bother me. I don't know, I just start thinking of these beautiful story lines and I want to write them so badly. Maybe I'll upload them after Spoiled, or I'll at least try to finish another one of my currently on-going stories now. Because I know that a lot of you are ready to kill me for putting a hold on my other stories.

Anyways... Spoiled has only two chapters left with the possibility of an epilogue if I feel like it. I have the whole ending planned so it might not be as bad as my other endings. And I'm also trying to edit the story by cleaning up the errors and grammar and stuff so...

Spoiled is nearly finished!

Ah. Now I really want that hot chocolate. I'm going to go get some.

Ramble #36- Okay, let the ideas flow.

I'm thinking about composing a pile of my drabbles and uploading them for fun. I have a bunch of random crud on my computer and it's crazy how much stuff I add to it each week. But then again... it's really, really random. Some of them don't even make sense.

LAST CHAPTER OF SPOILED IS ON IT'S WAY. I just have troubles with opening it; I've basically got everything else though.

Hm, also I'm rewriting Roommate right now. It's going pretty smooth, so expect full recovery in a bit.

I do have summer school again this year so fanfiction time is being cut, unfortunately. Luckily, though, homework is super easy so there's no problem in finishing early.

What else... What else...

AH. Okay, so lately I've gotten another Elsword streak so I've been playing A LOT lately. I have a lvl 52 Deadly Chaser, lvl 43 Iron Paladin and a lvl 37 Shelling Guardian.

...Yeah I want all three paths of Chung because... it's cool...

There's just something charming about a small, cute thirteen year-old boy swinging around a massive cannon (called the Destroyer) that's taller than him. And his Beserk mode is awesome. Plus his classes are awesome. I love it. You guys should contact me if you play because... I like to dungeon/spar with friends.


In a nutshell: Spoiled is almost done. Roommate is being rewritten. Both are set-back due to summer school. Chung is my favorite character in Elsword.

Kapish? Kaposh.

Ramble #37- Hey guys, it's me!

Before I go apologizing profusely as I always do for my inactivity, let me say this.


Cuss? Bad words? Please. I would never do that...

Guys, I'm sulking.

Anyhow, I am so very honestly sorry for my disappearance this time. For once, it wasn't my procrastination or my need for gaming but it was because school just started and it's hard.

Chibi is a Freshy-man now, guys.

In other words, I have to deal with people who tower over me, the many projects of the IB program, the constant teasing of my short stature and baby-face, and the very daunting fact that I have to seriously plan for my future.


I am half-way done with the new chapter for Spoiled. To the Guest who called out to me in the review saying that you only had two weeks left before you went on that business trip, I am doing my best to finish the chapter, I swear.

But still, writer's block. Ew.

So, in order to clear my head for a moment, I'm going to ramble.

On Monday, while playing basketball, my friend (who I swear was a cape buffalo in her past life) rams into me and sends me sprawling onto the floor. From that incident alone, I get a nasty bruise on my arm and scrapes on both of my knees, particularly my right knee. No big deal, I can live, nothing wrong with that.

On Tuesday, which is my swim day, I miscalculated my jump off of the side and hit the edge of the pool with my right knee as I'm falling to the water. My wound reopens, bleeds a little and my knee is sore for the rest of the day.

On Friday, I'm playing volleyball and the ball pounds onto my bruised arm as I try to receive my friend's spike. It's not too bad, though, and just turns an angry red color.

On Saturday, I'm over my cousins house and kick the corner of his door with my barefoot. I get a nice, clean cut on the side of my foot that drips blood onto the floor. Fantastic.

On Sunday, yesterday, I went to laser-tag with my cousins. I do this weird tuck and roll onto the ground and split both my knees open as well as disturb the band-aid on my foot.

Now, it's Monday and I hurt. A lot. My knees are throbbing, my foot is covered with band-aids, my legs can barely move and the only thing that's gotten better is my arm.

I am a clumsy girl.

Ramble #38- I have a blister in my nose

Well, no, I don't, actually. But seriously.

I want to throw Spoiled out the window right now. I love the story to death but for some reason, it's not letting me finish it up. I'm sad. I want it done as much as you do, you know. I'm just going through serious writer's block, and this time, it's serious.

Lately, I can't write anything decent at all. Normally, I do a bit of drabbling and idea scribbling during writer's block so that my creativity keeps flowing, but for some reason, nothing I write is coming out good. It's so... bland.

Now, it's not because I lost interest in RinxLen and I know that because just yesterday, I was wringing my brother's neck over how cute 'The Wolf who fell in Love with Little Red Riding Hood MMD' looked.

And I'm telling you. It's cute.

ANYHOW. So yeah, I'm in a crisis. I think it's because I haven't actually read anything in a while, save for my biology note cards, but I don't know. I'll figure it out.

Oh yeah, and I am procrastinating again, thanks for noticing. I have a Spanish project due on Wednesday and I haven't even started. Oh well.

Urk. Okay, okay. I'll go back to working on Spoiled. So far, I'm almost done with the second scene. I have about three-four major scenes in this chapter and so that means I am still half-way. I am trying my best trying to write, but bear with me. I want this to be perfect.

Spoiled has been my most successful story so far. Front page on the Favorites of Rin x Len filter, did you know that? I am so proud of myself my head's going to pop.

Yeah. I know. It's late right now and I'm tired. You can tell, can't you?

Ramble number something or other. 39.-GUYS, I LIKE FOUNTAIN PENS.

I'm running out of title ideas. But fountain pens are nice.

Recently, I've been busy with school work, though expect update around Thanksgiving to Christmas. Once the finals are done and over with, I'll be much, much lighter and I'll have time for work.

High school is scary.

OKAY SERIOUSLY. Spoiled has been making progress lately, thank God, and looks pretty good so far. I don't know if you'll notice, but I did change my writing habits recently. I'm proud of myself. Kinda.

I also started re-writing Roommate, Sunshine Girl and Finding You. Progress is meh, alright, better than expected. Though it is quite a bit of work. Not too bad. Bear with me.

Oh yeah and I started Key Club recently. Lots of my cousins are in it so I was forced into it at first, but it's actually really fun. I actually enjoy doing community service and I'm wanting to 'expand my social circle' so this is perfect for me. You guys should really try it out if your school has it; it's really worth it.

And before I forget.

GUYS. MY INBOX IS NOW ACTIVE. As in, you PM me and I'll get back at you ASAP. If you PMed me before and for some reason I stopped replying, it's not because I hate you or I'm annoyed or anything like that, I'm just really busy and I haven't found time to actually sit down or think properly. I really love messages, they make me all fuzzy inside.

Feel free to talk to me about anything. Stories, concerns and I'm even welcome to any ideas or advice you may have for me. Don't be shy! Feedback is what an author (should) crave for!

Last thing. Because someone asked me earlier and I forgot who (I'm and idiot for deleting that email, I'm so sorry!) but yes, I will write stories for someone if its their birthday. Mind you, my expertise is Romance, Comedy, Family and generally light and happy stories and I like writing RinxLen, but I can write a good gory story once in a blue moon. Tell me that person's preferences, birth-date, ideas and other stuff and I will try my hardest to make that date. ONLY ONE-SHOT THOUGH.



Okay so I am working on a one-shot right now just for you, it might take a while, but yeah. I will update another one-shot very soon, maybe today even, but that one is of another fandom so do not worry about it too much. The one I am hoping you will like will be published in, hopefully, a week or so. It is not something I am familiar with writing so I am really excited for bringing it out. Hope you like it!

Short Ramble.


You read, or skipped, through my entire profile, congratulations! That was basically a summary of my entire being, and you read, or skipped, all of it. You deserve a pat on the back for that :D

Mush Luvve


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Hello, I am nobody. My mother died in a car accident and my father is an abusive alcoholic. I should be the one dead instead of my mother, is what everyone tells me. I believe them. Did I mention that I am mute? - Len Kagamine
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complete and utter garbage
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Maiden in Waiting reviews
She would not be humiliated by him, of all people. She admired him too much for that. So, until he submitted to her, until he realized her as the human she strove to be, she would not let herself free. Or at least, that was her plan, she really did not count on that pesky time-lapse. AruAni. Reincarnation!AU. Rated T for mild Language. One-shot.
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It's been two years since Rin Shion started living alone, and after the accident, she had hoped she would be left in peace. So when conceited, rich, and cocky Len Kagamine gets dumped into her life, how exactly does this 'peace' change? RinxLen as the main couple, but there is some MikixPiko occasionally. FINISHED. I WILL BE BACK TO EDIT/REVISE THIS ONE DAY I SWEAR.
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Hello reviews
Nice to meet you. How are you? But not all greetings are as simplistic as that; not all greetings need to be as simple as that. In fact, some greetings don't need many words at all. Multi song-fic of Rin and Len, or in other words, a story containing references to a few of the Kagamines' songs. Not romance, technically, but it's there if you hold a magnifying glass and squint.
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Title really doesn't relate to story, much. Rin is completely head over heels. She didn't how. She didn't know when. But she knew, for sure, that the boy she used to protect had turned into one really fine looking Prince Charming. Rin/Len. T for vague suggestions. Happy Birthday to Kagamines fanfic. Oneshot.
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Vocaloid - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 2 - Words: 9,593 - Reviews: 48 - Favs: 38 - Follows: 34 - Updated: 7/29/2012 - Published: 5/19/2012 - Len K., Rin K.
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Title's pretty self explanatory if I do say so myself. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NekoOtakuStar! T to be safe...
Vocaloid - Rated: T - English - Humor/Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,102 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 2 - Published: 12/16/2011 - Len K., Rin K. - Complete
HAPPY HALLOWEEN MY FELLOW FF READERS/WRITERS! Basically, it's about various Vocaloid couples on Halloween and the many different ways the holiday can start love. NOT horror, mind you, I'm not giving myself nightmares. First chap is RinxLen
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It wasn't that they didn't remember. It wasn't that they wanted to be apart. It was simply that they thought the other was dead. Song-fic. Rin/Len. My own interpretation of what happened as well as a small twist. Enjoy.
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