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Hey, everyone. Welcome to my profile and all that. I'm a guy in high school who loves writing fanfiction and other kinds of stories. I write for three main fandoms, listed below. Read that on your own time. As for now, let's get all that boring stuff out of the way. Read on for how I handle requests, when I update my stories and post new ones, what my favorite color is, why the sky is blue, and why I'm still talking.

My Primary Writing Topics-

(In no particular order)

Adventure Time

Gravity Falls

Phineas and Ferb

What I Write-

I like to describe locations and simple moments. I like moments where Phineas and Isabella laugh over their too-bitter coffee. I like moments where Dipper explores the mystical nature of Gravity Falls. I like friends laughing together.

This is what I write; it's simple, full of description, and I hope to capture a warm atmosphere in my work. Something to read while you listen to someone like Gregory Alan Isakov. (Amsterdam, in particular.)

I hope you enjoy it.


I want to make this one particularly clear. I accept requests, but I am not obligated to do them. Sometimes I don't think I could work with the idea, or I'm just not happy with my work. That's just how it is; as for Gone In a Flash, however, I accept requests 99.9% of the time; that means I write them and post them. I just want to make it clear that I accept requests, but if you don't get something you requested, don't get mad at me for it. I told you beforehand.

When Do I Update?

I update my stories very frequently. I intend on writing on here for a while, and I will not vanish like I did two years ago, ten chapters into Gone In a Flash. Explanation? I got bored, and I was too immature to let my readers know. I'm genuinely sorry for that, and I will never do that again; at least, not without letting you guys know. Don't worry, I have no intentions of leaving any time soon!

When does each story get updated you ask? Gone In a Flash is updated very frequently, while one-shots are just one-shots. I will post a story with a continuing plot eventually; I just have to start work on it. Many more chapters for Gone In a Flash are on their way, along with new one-shots. I post one-shots whenever inspiration suddenly hits me, while Gone In a Flash is updated consistently.


Pacifica and Dipper- That episode was so cute. Shut up!

No Ferbella. Sorry guys, can't really get behind this one. Doesn't matter to me if any of you like it, more power to you! Just never, ever, ever expect it on here.

Ferbnessa- Huehuehue. Yes.

Candace and Jeremy- I mean, they're cute and it's canon.

Buford and Baljeet- Sure! Depends on the story, though. I personally like them together as frenemies, but it makes sense in certain stories. Might put hints of it in my stories on occasion.

Perryshmirtz- Ew. No really, ew.


Phinabella- My main focus in my stories. Canon, cute, and perfect chemistry; what else could you ask for? Maybe more moments? Now? Thanks.


3/29/15 This is where major news and updates will be posted on this profile. When a new story is posted, or something amazing occurs, I'll post it here. I'll let you all know about when I won't be able to write because I'm out of town, when a new chapter for something is almost done, and hint at new stories. Woot woot.


This is where ongoing stories will be talked about, and what their current status is.

Gone In a Flash- Updated frequently; next chapter up within the next couple of days!

That's about it. Thanks for visiting my profile! I really, really appreciate all the reviews, follows, and favorites. Thank you all so much for them! Reviews help to get more chapters and stories out!

Thanks for visiting!


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Gone in a Flash reviews
*PLEASE SKIP TO CHAPTER 11.* (I wrote the first ten chapters a long time ago. I will revise them.) A collection of drabbles and oneshots for the TV show, "Phineas and Ferb." The stories will include romance, humor, etc. They will mostly revolve around Phinabella. Chapters will come from my ideas and requests, so please put your requests in the reviews! Thank you!
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