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Author has written 9 stories for Bleach, Naruto, Fairy Tail, Fate/stay night, DC Elseworlds, Spider-Man, Marvel, One Punch Man/ワンパンマン, and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Wondering why I put the famous Avengers Logo as my avatar? Well, because I like it. The Avengers film really left a mark in me so I decided to have it as my avatar.

So, welcome to my profile. And now that you're here, check the whole thing if you'd like, there's a reason why I didn't leave it empty.

Name: I have a lot of names and nicknames, but let's go with badliar 2312 for now

Age:Definitely older than 18. Still under 30 though.

Location: This miniscule speck of the pale blue dot in the vast Milky Way Galaxy that we call Earth.

Sex:sure!... oh! you mean my genitalia? hmmm... I am a Male.

Height: 6.0 ft. (Final height. I'm not getting taller anymore after all.)

Hair: Unruly Black Hair

Eye Color: Black

Appearance: I think my face couldn't be considered as handsome, but it's not to the point that I can be called ugly either. My friends said that I'm above average somewhat, but I'm inclined to believe in the contrary, don't want to get my head up in the clouds, you know?

As for my body, I'm quite skinny, and combined with my somewhat tall physique, I kinda look like a skeleton.


Tasty food

Anime and/or Mangas

My families (though they can be quite a handful at times)

Video Games

Sci-fi/Comedy series

Movies that are good.


Flamers (In my opinion, if you don't like a story, you either ignore it, or you criticize it with proper logic that makes sense. Hating it without a proper justification isn't something very constructive to the hater or the writer.)

Racists. (No specific races are objectively superior to the other. Every one of them had their specific, characteristic flaws, and every one of them also had their specific strengths.)

Narrow-minded people.

Fanatics (Either to their religions or their beliefs.)


People who forces others to believe what they believe. (This speaks for itself. No one likes to be forced into doing or participating in something they simply don't want to be a part of.)

Story in-progress (published)

Naruto: Unorthodox Change of Fate.

This story has been rebooted and deleted. See the story below instead.

Naruto: Superhuman Maelstrom.

A reboot, or a rewrite of Naruto: Unorthodox Change of Fate. The Mysterious Man (Those who have read the previous story for at least five or six chapters would know who he is) did not interfere with the battle with Madara and Hashirama, he instead interfered five months before Naruto was supposed to be born, doing something that created the superhumans, including Naruto.

The result of what he did? Naruto was born at least two months earlier than in canon with a physiology that allowed him to become similar to Superman.

Oh yeah, in this story, Superman!Naruto has never been more genuine. Even if he's not a full Kryptonian, his powerset is very similar.

Along with that, there were other superhumans as well, whose existence altered some events in canon, whether directly or indirectly.

However, Kyuubi still broke out of Kushina's seal, although it was for another reason entirely, and the Yondaime still died in defeating the Bijuu, but Konoha did not get attacked as the Kyuubi Incident is contained, and in the aftermath, Naruto is adopted by a Medic-nin ANBU who helped Kushina giving birth to him named Taji.

In this story, the youngest child of the two Uchiha children that Mikoto had. Itachi's sister, was born a girl, not gender-bendered mid-way in the story. She is called Satsuki Uchiha, and I've already set her to be one of the women that would be with Naruto.

It's a story which will pair Naruto with more than one women, but there won't be too many, perhaps four or five women.

This is also a story where the focus will sometimes change, mostly it would be on Naruto, but there will be times where the focus would change.

Bleach: Deathberry Chronicles, Reprise.

Short explanation, but here goes;

This is a time-travel fic, it began at the Dangai where he trained to achieve Final Getsuga Tenshou, but instead of that, His hollow side and Zangetsu performed the unthinkable, they merge with him.

And the amount of energy that leaked from Ichigo's body at the merging and the Reiryoku from the Dangai interacts and created a rift that made Ichigo go back in time to when he first manifested his hollow mask at the Shattered Shaft beneath Urahara's shop.

From there, things got more problematic as Ichigo becomes something more than just 'Shinigami'.

There will be some Romance elements, and as commanded by my perverted mind; it will be a harem for Ichigo.

Chronicle: Naruto Uzumaki

After I watched the movie, I couldn't do anything to prevent the imminent plot bunny and the story potential that invades my mind, the story take place when Naruto opened the Forbidden Scroll as ordered by Mizuki, but Kage Bunshin no Jutsu isn't the only thing that he found, a mysterious Crystal that glows radiant blue was the other thing that he unlocked from there.

I'm playing with the idea of what exactly the Crystal gave to humans, particularly to humans who has chakra coils, and not to mention a Bijuu, like Naruto...

So yeah, it's gonna be fun. :)

There will be romance, as usual, but the pairings are still tentative.

Fairy Tail: The Ancients' Call.

An AU Fairy Tail fic, however, it's still set in the world of Fairy Tail that we all know and love, along with all its characters.

What makes it different is the lore of the universe...

And it deals with Natsu Dragneel, Igneel's adopted child who was taken when he was in his early years at Fairy Tail and was somehow changed... by an unknown method and for reasons unknown...

His disappearance caused quite a stir in Fairy Tail, some even blamed themselves for what happened, for they didn't notice that he was missing until it was too late.

Several years later however, Lucy Heartfilia, a relatively unknown Celestial Mage arrived at Hargeon town on random chance, and met someone that will turn her fate, along with the fate of the world into an unknown path...

...Natsu's bright and cheerful life with his friends' in Fairy Tail will be darkened, as the cruel Gears that determine everyone's fate will turn for the worse...

But, there's a saying; in the darkest of darkness, the faintest source of light shines the brightest... Hope will never be lost... as long as Natsu's resolve remains strong...

As for romance, I am inspired by Repiece's work; Time is the Path to Strength, so in other words, Harem for Natsu.

Fate:Heaven's Works.

The spiritual successor of my one-shot Fate: Strange Prototype.

This fic tells us the story of one Shirou Emiya who had been trained by a mysterious figure to the point where he could keep up with the mythological heroes of the old times summoned in the competition called the Holy Grail War.

He is one of the seven humans participating in a bloodbath between heroes of legend in a town called Fuyuki, and with his knightly Servant by his side, he will become the hero that he is destined to be.

But, as with the world of Magi, this Holy Grail War is not as it appears to be.

As it is the world made by Type-Moon, the harem element shall be inevitable.

The Dark Knight, Son of Krypton.

A story inspired by the DC Elseworld story, Superman: Speeding Bullets by J.M. DeMatteis and Eduardo Baretto, where the infant Kal-El and his ship landed not in Smallville, Kansas but in the backyard of Wayne Manor, north of Gotham City.

Though the premise is similar, the plot doesn't follow the story of Superman: Speeding Bullets. I intend to make this story of Kal-El as Bruce Wayne/Batman as a part of a bigger world, a DC Elseworld of my own, and as such, this story will also incorporate some universe-building elements, but not so much that it would overtake the plot.

As the title suggests, the Man of Steel will become The Dark Knight, but the Paragon of the House of El that is also known as Superman in other worlds will also show up in this universe.

For the pairing... well, considering that this is a DC Elseworld of my making, the pairing for Kal-El, is still up in the air.

Stories in mind (unpublished as of yet)

Naruto: UCOF (Unorthodox Change of Fate) Sequel. (Cancelled)

One Piece: Newfound Strength. (Has been freezed for now.)

Let's just say that I'm somewhat inspired and going to bring a One Piece story that follows Luffy's adventures if he had eaten another Akuma no Mi, a Devil Fruit of my creation.

The fruit gave Luffy the ability to absorb any kind of energy, including kinetic energy that is produced from a physical attack, or electrical energy from a lightning bolt, and through it, he can convert it into a staggering amount of physical strength.

It's destructive power can rival Gura Gura no Mi, but Luffy won't immediately achieve that level. Why? Because to gain power, he has to absorb energies and make it his own (similar to Sebastian Shaw from X-men) the ability will also have a positive effect on his metabolism, his mental adaptability, and his brain functions.

To give a bit of an example of how his ability would work: If Luffy got hit by a cannon, Luffy would absorb the energy from the momentum of the cannon, 70% of it's power will be absorbed for immediate use, meaning; it won't go to his permanent energy reserve, while 30% of it goes to his permanent energy reservoir, the more energy he absorbed, the more destructive his power can be, and there's almost no limit to his strength, as the more energy he absorbed, the stronger he becomes.

The American comic book character counterpart would be the Hulk, but instead of getting stronger by getting even more angry, Luffy will get stronger by being an extremely durable punching bag.

And his fruit is a top tier fruit in the Paramecia class due to its destructive ability that can be equaled to a Logia user, again, similar to Gura Gura no Mi.

Quite interesting no?

The fruit's name is Dura Dura no Mi, Dura is a japanese vocalization of DRR, which can be likened to a vibrating sound, why do I name it that? Because whenever Luffy unleashes his power, everyone present can hear the vibration that came from his body due to the amount of energy coursing through him, if it were in a comic book, the SFX would be DRRRRRR!.

And if you're thinking that I got the name from the light novel/anime series, Durarara!!, then you're 100% right.

There will also be romance, and, as the pervert overlord in my head said, it will be a harem for Luffy.

Yet-to-be-titled Mass Effect story. (Tentative titles: ME: Human Interference. OR, ME: Vanguard/Galaxy's Vanguard. OR, ME: Forward to Infinity. OR, ME: Humans Are Really Kick Ass. OR, ME: Humanity Conquers All. OR, ME: Reapers Have Zero Chance of Success.) I'm really considering the latter three as the official title :)

Humans are Aliens. That was this story' first title, but as the setting grew and grew within my mind, I come to believe that the title is no longer sufficient.

Anyway, the main idea of this fic is that in 2650 of Citadel Era (Counted from the inception of the Citadel Council and not from year 1 of Anno Domini (A.D.)), the First Contact between humans and Turians happened with the Turian patrol fleet destroying the starships sent by humans after they reactivated and passed through the Relay 314

The human ship managed to destroy some of their own ships however, leading to a tactical retreat that made the Turian government send a larger fleet to 'discipline' Humanity by coming to the other side of Relay 314, which is the Arcturus System, and exercise disciplinary action.

When they arrived there however, they found out that humans are much more advanced than their initial thought. As their response fleet was more than enough to handle the Turians... should they choose to do so.

Now, that was just the starting point. From then on, it's full on AU, where even the beloved main character of the trilogy, Shepard, is not even a Commander and with a history that is not restrained to the canon choices of her origin of either Earthborn, Colonist or Spacer and service record of either Ruthless, Sole Survivor or War Hero.

Yes, in this story, Shepard is a she, a woman, and her rank is not a Commander either, but something higher.

And you might know it as well, as this rank would be quite familiar to the ears of all gamers, even those who have not played the series would know of it.

As for the pairing... It's still as uncertain as what the title is going to be.

However, this is now a fic that will certainly happen, should life decided to be kind and let me do so. It will be a mixture of Sci-Fi, Adventure and Fantasy, so expect your suspension of disbelief to be stretched quite strenuously.

Favorite Anime/Manga(& their characters)




-One Piece

-Mahou Sensei Negima!

-Air Gear

-Fairy Tail

-To Aru Majutsu no Index

-Hayate no Gotoku



-Highschool DxD

-Shingeki no Kyojin

(There are many more, but these are the ones that instantly pops into my mind when i think about my favorite anime/manga.)

Favorite Video Games

-Mass Effect Series

-Infamous (1&2)

-Assassin's Creed Series

-Red Dead Redemption

-Batman:Arkham City


-Grand Theft Auto (from III and onwards.)

Fics and Fanfiction Authors that I like:

(see fav. stories and authors)

Gintama Characters that I like:

-Gintoki Sakata



-Hijikata Toushiro


-Zura(Zura ja nai, Katsura da!)

-Takasugi Shinsuke


Naruto Characters that I like:

-Uzumaki Naruto

-Kushina Uzumaki(Hot Mom)

-Minato Namikaze(Badass Dad)

-Itachi Uchiha

-Rock Lee (no ninjutsu or genjutsu, but still one of the most badass characters in Naruto.)

-Maito Gai (same as Lee)

-Anko Mitarashi (no question)

-Kurenai Yuuhi (obvious)

-Mei Terumi (even more obvious)

Bleach Characters that i like:

-Ichigo Kurosaki

-Rukia Kuchiki

-Kenpachi Zaraki

-Gin Ichimaru

-Ulquiorra Cifer (I always like villains with cool, somewhat charming attitude.)

-Orihime Inoue

-Nelliel tu Odelschvank

-Tia Harribel

-Zangetsu (badass oldman in shikai, cool bishonen in bankai.)

-Yoruichi Shihouin

One Piece Characters that I like:

-Luffy D. Monkey (particularly after time-skip)

-Sanji (the guy only use his legs in every fight.)

-Roronoa Zoro (three swords... and there are no words.)


-Nico Robin

-The Strawhat crew in general

-Portgas D. Ace

-Shirohige/Whitebeard/Edward Newgate

-Akainu (his no-nonsense ruthless attitude and his lava powers really makes him one of the greatest villain in One Piece, besides, Teach is too cowardly.)

Air Gear Characters that i like:

Ikki Minami (The crow... even though he is undeniably stupid he is one of the coolest guys in manga world.)

-Kazuma "Kazu" Mikura (the guy becomes so badass in the latest chapter, one of the best character development in mangas.)

-Agito/Akito/Lind (1 word: F@*K!)

-Bucca (PUMP UP!!!)

-Onigiri (especially in the chapter when he fought Nike.)

-Kururu Sumeragi (no explanation needed... right?)

-Ringo Noyamano (again, no explanation needed.)

-Simca (again, no explanation needed.)

-Spitfire (even in death he still lives.)

-Aeon Clock (the poor guy never gets Ikki.)

-Sora Takeuchi (tbh, i was surprised when he was revealed as the Big Bad, because he act his part really well, but still... he's still my favourite.)

-Kilik (the opposite of Sora, hard exterior, soft interior.)

Rest of the Rest:

-Negi Springfield (the kid gets massive power-up after every fight, and he's a hero who use Darkness as one of his main power.)

-Nagi Springfield (like the Yondaime or Isshin, one of those badass fathers.)

-Jack Rakan (words aren't enough to express his awesomeness.)

-Fate Averruncus (Like I said, I always like villains with an unbreakable cool attitude)

-Evangeline A.K. McDowell

-Tatsumiya Mana

-Kaede Nagase

-Natsu Dragneel

-Gray Fullbuster

-Erza Scarlet

-Kamijou Touma (seriously the guy is just so heroic and badass at the same time.)

-Accelerator (former villain turned anti-villain, he is like the Vegeta of the series, complete with game-breaking powers too.)

-Misaka Mikoto (finally! one of the few female main characters in anime that's capable of kicking so much ass.)

Random thoughts...

Some tidbits... a collection of random thoughts from my screwed up head, might give an insight to how my mind works...

-Know your own limits so that you can overcome them.

-Sometimes, the things that you take for granted are somethings that will make you feel sad when they're gone.

-No one is free, whether they know it or not, all of us are bound by something, whether it's by our job, our family, our friends, our greed, our desire, or ourselves...

And I think that this is a good thing, why? Because if we have nothing that binds us, we have nothing that we can give to ourselves, whether it's from being promoted in your job, successfully raising a child, sharing our moments of happiness and triumph along with sadness and failures with our friends and families, or to share your live with someone that you love who reciprocates your feelings...

We are not free, and we are happy about that fact.

-There is no scarier person than someone who goes deadly silent when he is angry, because you can never expect what he's going to do to you.

-Rule 63/Gender Bending, when it works, it is very welcomed, and in some cases, it can be quite awesome. But if it does not work, then it's not something that can be unseen.

-The way I see stories, whether it's fanon or canon, is by perceiving them as parallel universes. For example: if a fic strays too much from the materials of the canonical source, I can rationalize it by thinking that it has become a parallel universe of a sort.

-(A little rant incoming!)George R. R. Martin, the writer of A song of Ice and Fire, the series of novels that are the basis of the TV Series Game of Thrones... is a magnificent bastard.

On one hand, I really hate him because he keeps on killing the fan-loved characters or make them suffer so much hardships. But on the other hand, I also really like him because he's able and more than brave enough to kill his characters so easily and sometimes in a manner that would make the readers cringe...

And also, his tendency to kill the 'main' characters is also the thing that make his books sell. He raise the stake and suspense to the point that every page turned could mean a loved character's death. (Eddard Stark comes to mind... That poor honorable oaf...)

I both idolize and loathe the man because of the same thing that he does in his books. It's... a complicated feeling for me.

Like I said, a magnificent bastard.

But above all, he's a very good writer. While I don't want to follow his footsteps exactly, especially his tendency to bring so much suffering and death to his characters, his ability to bring a world and its inhabitants to life is what I really like about him.

-(A little rant incoming...)I like characters that could keep his feet firmly planted in the middle of the scale between 'Idealistic' and 'Cynical'. And I like a world where things aren't too tipped into either side of the spectrum. It makes the world and the character more realistic.

For example, if you want to see an idealistic character living in an equally idealistic world, you can see them in superhero comic books during the Golden and Silver Age. The most glaring example are Superman and Captain Marvel from DC Comics of that era.

On the other end of the spectrum, a cynical character living in a cynical world can be seen in comic books during the Dark Age and Modern Age of comic books. The most obvious examples would be The Punisher from the Marvel Comics, and Spawn from Image Comics.

Do a little bit of a switcheroo, like putting an idealistic character in a cynical world and a cynical character in an idealistic world, would make things somewhat interesting, I would admit. But I personally think that a character whose alignment cannot be determined between those two extremes is more interesting than the aforementioned switcheroo.

While an idealistic character would say; "I shall uphold the values of good and kindness in this bright and beautiful world that we live in. And in time, other people will follow my footsteps. For they are the brightest and the most reliable people that anyone can ever ask for.", a cynical character would say; "This world is a wretched place that houses criminals like they were the goddamn Pope in Vatican. If they won't play by the rules, then I won't be doing that either. A scum for a scum. A killer for a killer."

But a character who stays in the middle of the two extremes living in a world that's also located in the middle of 'Idealistic' and 'Cynical' would say; "This world is neither completely good or completely evil. Though there are those that might say I'm upholding old, outdated values... They are good, virtuous values that most people had forgotten to uphold as this world grows more and more cynical by the day. Somebody has to stand up for these values. But if the evils that I fight threatened the innocents, then I shall not be afraid to give them the proper punishment. I might be a man believing in the inherent goodness in every individual... But that doesn't mean that I have to be soft to those that just won't listen."

'Idealistic' and 'Cynical'. These two extremes are meant to be played with. They can be used as it is, but that alone would be boring and somewhat cliche.

-If a work of fiction has some elements of great mysteries to them, such as A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones' Others/White Walkers and Shingeki no Kyojin's Titans, the giant walls that they're enclosing themselves to, -hell, almost all of the unanswered mysteries to be honest-, I will be more interested in the mysteries, even if they mostly stay behind the scenes, like the Others/White Walkers from ASoIaF/GoT.

This is the reason why I like where Shingeki no Kyojin's story is going. The mystery behind the Titans, what they are or were before and why some people can change into one through yet unknown means are really fascinating subjects to ponder.

And let's not talk about the Walls that surrounded the supposedly last remaining members of the human race and why a large number of you-know-what, -for those of you who have gotten far enough into the manga, you should know what I'm talking about-, are inside them and supposedly, the walls were made out from the you-know-whats.

-A little monologue that I made, which might or might not be used in one of my stories, seeing that it's not written in a chapter of any of my stories, but I think that it's worth to be written somewhere, and so, I have decided to write them here.

The situation is as follows: A character, the protagonist, is asked by another character: "What do you think of whenever you're in battle? When you find yourself in a situation where you have to kill so many people even though it's not your call?"

And his answer to that question is this...


"I hear the sound of drums being pounded to make a rhythm that invigorates my very being. I always find my heartbeat synchronizing with the beat of the drums as my enemies fall before me one by one until there are none of them left."

"The thought of them having their own lives and families waiting for them never crosses my mind until the battle's already over. I live on those moments for the purpose of postponing the day of my death, making theirs earlier than planned, and to enjoy the feeling of death marching upon me yet never actually reaching me."

"I could not think of anything else but the sound of those drums during those moments... No matter how destructive it is, no matter how pointless it is, a battle is the land in which I feel truly alive. Because of the knowledge that for every breath I take, it might also be my last."

"And for that... I know what I am. A monster. And surprisingly... I am fine with that."

-Do you know the most sadistic punishment that one can give to an unrepentant psychopath or sociopath or an insane person who had directly or indirectly killed many people for some twisted, meaningless cause or for his own amusement?

Give them ability to empathize, sympathize, ability to relate to other people in large amount that would rival those of a saint along with sanity and a sense of compassion but make them retain their memory of what they did.

While this certainly require some sort of telepathic powers and thus constricted solely to the land of fiction, most likely in the genres of 'superhero', 'sci-fi', 'supernatural', and 'fantasy', in my opinion this will be something that will give a sense of poetic justice, if a bit sadistic.

The sadistic part comes when this person inevitable come to regret everything they did and view themselves as a monster. However, that is just the first part. Since their minds would become just like that of an average, sane, mentally balanced person, it would collapse due to the sheer amount of guilt and regret that they now harbor against themselves.

In other words, we do not kill them... We would either let them kill themselves through their mental breakdown or let them break themselves into an empty shell of a person as their guilt and regret consume them from the inside out.

It would be a poetic justice no? A mass-murderer lost the drive that made him commit such an atrocity because he went sane, but due to his intact memory and good mental health, all his crimes came crashing down upon his mind that it broke him.

Imagine such a situation with The Joker. It was how I came up with such a punishment, considering the insane clown's high body count and countless other crimes, give him sanity, ability to sympathize and empathize but keep his memories, make him as sane and compassionate as a person close to that of a saint and he would break.

It would be satisfying punishment to be exacted upon a criminal if it were real, considering that there are many, many people in the worlds of fictions or even in this world that we live in who are just so cold-blooded and remorseless.

But this is still just a dream.

I guess that's all...

Thank you for reading this till the bottom of the page, I really appreciate it.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

To My Death I Fight by BahamutReishiki reviews
It's been seven months since Ichigo managed to defeat Aizen during the Winter War. Just recently settling into new life as a normal human, he is shocked when he finds out he has been accepted into the prestigious Honnouji Academy. Unwilling to go, but not having a choice in the matter, he reluctantly decides to attend but wonders just what the next year will bring.
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