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Up until recently, I have been using the name emcee31. This has become impossible to use. The site rejected my password, and e-mailed me a temporary one, which it also rejected. At each try, they gave me an increasingly impossible puzzle to work out. This is a last ditch stand. If it stays up for a week, I’ll transfer further details.

I'm a retired teacher, born 1931. I have tried to write one Harry Potter fanfic (What Harry Thought) but it wasn't going anywhere, so I've decided my métier is reading rather than writing.

I've finally, with a lot of help from Snapegirlkmf, uploaded 4 chapters of Harry the Hufflepuff, but I feel the muse has gone into hibernation. If any of those who have expressed interest would like to share some ideas of where it could go from here, I'd like to read them, and if possible implement them.

I used to be able to check how many story alerts I had, and how many visited my profile. Someone seems to have hidden these links. Does anyone know where they are?

ADDENDA September 2011:

I was introduced to Isaac Asmiov’s ‘Robot’ science fiction about 1967, so my memories may not be watertight. One of the first books – I think it was I, Robot introduced the thee or four laws of Robotics. I think three at first, then a fourth was introduced when a Robot had a baby Robot. (It’s fiction, so he could get away with anything.) About a thousand years on in the series, the first self-conscious Robot, R. Daneel Olivav, was juggling several hats to save the human race: he was a stern Dictator, hoping humans would have the guts to unite against him, and when that didn’t work, he spent his spare time disguised as the leader of the revolutionary movement he started. It became impossible to keep the fundamental First Law of Robotics “A Robot may not harm a human being”, so he had to come up with am even more fundamental Zeroth Law: A Robot may only kill a human being if this prevents more human beings being killed. So, if Asimov could create a zeroth law to accommodate an idea which came later that the first enumeration of the laws, I feel I couldn’t be in better company.

I expect many of you won’t agree with my ‘twins’ method of making the plot up as I go along. It’s rather evident that the ’19 years Later’ scene was written quite early in the piece, and was used as a guide to who would not be killed, and who would marry whom. In my defence, I would like to cite David Weber, the author of the Honor Harrington series, who originally intended for Honor to die at the first battle of Manticore, and that her children would continue the saga; but couldn’t bring himself to do it, so she survived. I prefer this approach to that of Charles Dickens, who ignored the pleas of thousands of readers not to kill Little Nell.

As for my weirdness, it might indicate a drop of Potter blood in my veins. The hair of the back of my head refuses to sit down, and, like mice and men, my best laid plans oft gang a’glee. I would expect to be sorted into Hufflepuff, and would expect to enjoy reciting the breviary with the Fat Friar. Although it was only this year that I was suspected of using hallucinogens, but twenty years ago I was accused by a kid in the schoolyard of having a ‘beer-gut’. Until that moment I had only tasted one mouthful of beer, and decided that if you had to drink beer to become grown up, I’d opt to be another Peter Pan, thank you all the same. Luckily my weirdness seems to amuse more people than it annoys, so we’ll leave it in place for the time being. On a couple of occasions, when the natural leaders in my class appreciated my weirdness, I really enjoyed those years more than the ones when only the hufflpuffers cottoned on to my, shall we say, brilliant wit? I might as well say it, as I doubt many others will.

Advice from Midnight Rising

Prime rule: Show, don't tell. How could Harry tell Cedric to be kind and
open minded? Give examples. Let the characters interact! You need much more
dialogue...That, more than anything else fleshes out your characters and makes
them real. How a character says something can give clues as to how the
character is feeling, and allows the reader to get into a characters' head and
heart. You also need more action; what did Hooch say when Neville broke his
arm? Was he grimacing in pain? How you incorporate these things are often the
difference between a good fic and a boring one. Hope you find these comments
helpful as to how to add more zip to the story.

From Alba Angelo: Throw in a spunky original character and give them some weird talent to give it some zip.

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