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Yo, what up, im cokebottle20, better known as Chibbles (dont ask). i watch tv and anime, and usually my fanfics are just me and mah friends in a similar situation. i enjoy writing one-shots, where me and mah friends die (so what if that's messed up, live with it.)

I watch a lot of TV and Anime, so here's a list of my favorite characters from shows I watch (in order that i remembered them) with a short discription:

Falling Skies: Ben (part skitter dude, son of main character)

Walking Dead: Glen (asian pizza boy)

Terra Nova: Mira (badass chick who leads the sixers)

Person of Interest: Finch (dude from lost, still awesome)

LOST: Ben (dude from above, leader of others, plays chess)

Flashforward: Demitri (asian fbi agent, supposed to die, didnt)

Jericho: Hawkings (black fbi agent, has a nuke in his basement

Doctor Who: 10th Doctor (eccentric main character seasons 2-4)

NCIS: DiNozzo ("very" special agent, cinepiliac)

NCISLA: Hetty (card throwing, shotgun weilding, car racing, epic old lady)

Torchwood: Harkness (bisexual immortal leader)


Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Flan (froghead, sarcastic, immortal illusionist)

Death Note: Matsuda (rookie agent)

Black Butler: Tanaka (old man with tea, says "ho,ho,ho)

Gurren Lagann: Leeron (androgenous, flirty mechanic)

Soul Eater: Excalabur (fools!)

Afro Samurai: Ninja Ninja (imaginary black ninja, smokes pot)

Deadman Wonderland: Mukuro (traitor bastard)

Hetalia: America (arrogent, selfish, incopotent leader of allies)