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Hello :)

(I would be hearts but fan fiction restricts us from making hearts) D:

Basic Info:

1. I'm a girl, incoming high school junior :D

2. I'm a poetic, artistic person that's a little bit strange - aren't we all? I love drawing and day dreaming. I really hate school projects, talking on the phone, earthquakes - I have a deep fear of them! And we had earthquakes here 2x today!

3. Why talking on the phone? I'm really socially awkward so that's why I don't like doing webcamming. I'm okay with texting because you can have all the time to think up things to say that don't sound too horrible or lame.

4. I love music. I have no preferrence and I love almost everything but the songs on the radio. I don't like songs that imply sex or artists that use their sex appeal. I love real music. I like music from the 1950's all the way to now. I love Tokio Hotel, Paul Sanka, Red, Natalie Merchant, NIN, Nirvana, The Police, Lana Del Rey, Placebo, Deep Blue Something, Lenka, Sia, I am Ghost, Evanescence, Slipknot, Flyleaf, etc

5. I hate bullies and ignorance. I hate it when people easily judge you or don't like you by your sexuality, race, gender, appearance. I'm the kind of person that is a mother and cares for people. I'm very friendly and I like to talk to people. I love to cook food from Japanese bento food to pasta. I love baking cookies and tarts and all that sorts. I'm Asian and I'm always being teased by Asian Stereotypes and my eyes and height.

6. I have many friends but online is a place for me to express myself so I don't tell them of my other life here XD. OF course I have Facebook and they know me there but here and other sites I can just be happy saying whatever things and being anonymous. :D

I must admit:

My favorite book/show/etc pairs are pairs that aren't meant to be D:

My favorite pairs are Peter Pan/Wendy. It still breaks my heart that they aren't together even though they love each other and that Wendy moved on and took everyone from Peter. I mean yeah I know I'm 16 but who doesn't love the story about a boy that takes away a girl to a magical place? :D

Another couple is Amon/Korra! I'm in love with them. Their personalities clash yet they both compliment each other. I don't like Korra with Mako because she becomes one of those girly girls and she's supposed to be the tough, awesome main girls! Although I have to admit I like the idea of Korra with Iroh the II and Tarrlok...

Marshall Lee/Fionna I love this pair as well. Same thing like Korra, I don't like it when tough characters get all girly with guys. Fionna doesn't belong with Prince Gumball. She needs someone that can protect himself! I wish the show creators make another genderbent episode and give MARSHALL LEE a VOICE.

I'm in love with the myth of Hades and Persephone. Not many people know this but Hades out of all the gods punished people out of good, not vanity and he never cheated on his wife unlike the others.

Rumpelstiltskin/Belle I love this couple. They're from ONCE UPON A TIME. I love how the show portrayed Belle; an intelligent, headstrong girl that doesn't cry. Though I think Mr. Gold is hotter than Rumpelstiltskin...

At the moment really busy with projects and deadlines. So my updates will be a little each story will get different dates, like in between 2-4 weeks...

My tumblr account:

You guys check it out :D I just made it the day before. rightnow gradually pasting my previous chapters of stories. but my tumblr will answer your faq, give you sneak peeks, show you guys my story art, be updated more, ect :)

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