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Welcome to our profile page!

"You can't have rice fields without water."



This is a collaboration account between the four girls residing in different sides of the world We're fairly new to working together like this, but we will surely get used to this!

This was formerly named as Sodium Neonate, but since then, we have recently added two more girls in our group. For now, our collab penname are now called as Harishikan!

[ Profile is currently under a major revamping! ]

RI - Hiiiii! My name is Riri or Ri I am the little short "Ri" part of Harishikan, along with my other best friends; Ruka, Shii, and Ika. I am also a writer on here by the name of Riri-chi. Out of the four of us, I'm the southern gal! ;) Y'all are quite the crowd, aye? Haha, well let me tell you more about myself. I'm a fragile, short Asian girl who loves to write and hopes to pursue her career in journalism. I really love anime and my favorite happens to be Shugo Chara as well as Sailor Moon. Utau is my favorite and so is Sailor Venus! I love to dance and play volleyball. I have a fetish for strawberries (oh yes, I'm Ikuto... you better watch out.) and Jordans. /shot I love to write songs on the piano, but most importantly, I am a strong believer in Christ. At the end of the day, I'm still me and I love who I am. My friends are always there for me and I can't thank them enough. I'm an angel... with a bad side. _ So don't test my waters, but generally, I'm nice. ;)

RUKA - Hello I am the "Ha" of Harishikan. I go by the name Haruka, shortened into Ruka! Add any honorific you want You may know me as Haruka Sumairu, that-one-girl-with-the-weird-one-shots-in-the-Rimahiko-section. c: I'm Asian; Filipino, to be exact! I'm also the youngest in the Harishikan group I'm by the "super-sunny!" beaches in this part of the world, and I love taking pictures of sky. You may or may not know, I'm actually a shy person, online and in real life! I'm also quite the spazz, too. So when you come talk to me, I'll jump up and down in happiness. \(o)/ I also love making new friends, and I dearly treasure the ones that I have

SHII - Hi hi. ヾ(ω)ノ Shii-chan nau! XD Um hello this is Shidonii. n.n Shidonii is a super girly girl who is obsessed with the color pink and unicorns. She is the kawaii sparkly princess of an enchantingly shugoi land called "Shidoniiland". Shidonii wishes she could go back to being fourteen years old, and stay that way forever, because she doesn't want to become an icky adult. :C Shidonii loves japanese music and despises the drunken drug obsessed nonsense that's on the radio these days, and she absolutely loves S/mileage and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Shidonii is the Queen of Procrastination. Um um what else jdfhhrgkhgrhshahdf NEVER STOP BEING SO KAWAII DESU OKEI? 。(ω):。 BYEBYE

IKA - What's up, y'all? ... No, I ain't Southern, lol. Rikan is my name, or my internet handle to be more specific; and I'm the part of the Harishikan as 'Ika' or 'Ika-rin.' I'm the oldest among the four girls, another full-blooded Filipina (Besides Ruka), and the only girl who has a disability to hear (but I'm aided, so I can hear!). Even though I'm the oldest, I sometimes don't act like my age, haha! xD Like the three, I have a love and hate relationship with Shugo Chara, since it's the one that brought us together! Aside from Shugo Chara, I do know a lot of anime/manga titles, therefore I'm quite an otaku. My hobbies vary, since I love to try out new things. I'm rather quiet and a loner in real life, but when you get to know me, I'm quite unpredictable and colorful. I really love my best friends a lot, and I'm glad I've met them I hope one day to improve my hearing and speech, and meet these awesome sisters. :)

Harishikan? Is there something behind this group's name?

- Basically, it's a combination of Haruka, Riri, Shidonii, and Rikan. It all started all the way back in the late August... It's a long story, but in short, Haruka and Shidonii were the masterminds of this whole group idea. We were insipired by this JPOP girl group called S/mileage. c:

Message from Harishikan member Ika: (12-05-12) We're having our first collaboration sooner or later! It will be in honor of Mother's Day! So stay tuned!

Message from Harishikan member Ri: We'll definitely update soon, y'all. Okay? We're still coming up with ideas and brainstorming. In the mean time, check out our main accounts, which are in our favorite authors on this account too. A few of us update from time to time so you can enjoy our stories there while you wait for our magic to unfold on this account. EVERYDAY WE'RE DRYIN'. /shot

Message from Harishikan member Shii: I THOUGHT IT WAS EVERYDAY PON :C jhfjsghdh We really do need an idea for a oneshot. OTL IT NEEDS TO BE FLUFFY DESU

Message from Harishikan member Ruka: (none)

Thanks for visiting! :D

- Ruka, Riri, Shii & Ika.