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AND THORKI... *pukes rainbows AND unicorns*

I FINISHED reading The Outsiders in my reading class and im in...LOVE! Ponyboy is amazzzing!And Johnny! And Dally! :P and the slash for that shiz...is da BOMB. DallyxJohnny is soooo adorable. and Dally x Tom Shepard...






ZEUS: but, like, with clothes on...





Yayyyy! for new profile pics :D

Meh name is Kamryn. I love SLASH of ALLLLLL types. i recently re-discovered Fright Night (2011). i love Ed/Jerry! That pool scene= SQUEEE!! My dad was just like O.o...the fuck? i've probably never laughed harder :D

and Charly/Jerry, Charly/Peter...and dats about it for that. . . yup.

and im an avid reader. Percy Jackson and The Olympians will forever be one of my faves. As will House of Night, Vampire Academy (Dimitri/Adrian), and thousands more that i dont feel like remembering right now. IM OBSESSED WITH STAR WARS AND BATMAN! Batman/Joker Batman/Superman Batman/Robin(DickGrayson)

Robin(DickGrayson)/Superboy/Kid Flash

STAR WARS: Obi-Wan/Darth Maul Obi-Wan/Anakin Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon



. . . i think i have a Robert Downey Jr. obsession... :D

so now for my description...:

i am around five foot somethin..lol im tan (BUT I DONT WANT TO BE!!)

i have brown eyes and black/brown/red hair... my profile pic is pretty old so im not even sure what color hair i have there... lol i change my hair quite a lot... pretty soon im getting half of my head shaved and am dying the shaved side bright green... Just cuz! :DDD lol OH!!!!!!! and i love giving myself Sharpie tattoos! thats not weird right? yeaaa, like i care. :PPPP


Behind her, a dark form rises. The Jabberwocky's vast wingspan darkens the clearing. It swings its reptilian head, whips its pronged tail, extends one deadly claw and adjusts its vest.

Taking in the daunting size of the creature, Alice can barely contain her fear. The Hatter takes her hand.

MAD HATTER: Listen for my voice.

ALICE: But this is impossible

MAD HATTER: Only if you believe it is.

His words spark a memory of her father.

ALICE: "Sometimes I believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

MAD HATTER: An excellent practice, but just at the moment, you should focus on the Jabberwocky.

She smiles.

MAD HATTER: Oh Frabjous Day! Callou! Callayl

He bursts into an enthusiastic dance of unbridled joy.

ALICE: What's he doing?

CHESHIRE CAT: Futterwacken.

At the end of his dance, the Hatter grabs Alice and kisses her passionately.

Chessur puts a comforting arm around the disappointed Mallymkun.

The White Queen leans down to the still bleeding neck to catch a drop of its blood into a vial.

WHITE QUEEN: And blood of the Jabberwocky.

She approaches Alice.

WHITE QUEEN: Alice. You have our everlasting gratitude. And for your efforts on our behalf.

The Queen hands the vial to her. Alice takes it.

ALICE: Is this the way home?


Alice lifts the vial to her lips.


ALICE: What?

MAD HATTER: Stay with us.

She gasps at the idea...the crazy mad idea. She looks at him and her gaze travels to the strange and wonderful beings she's met in this strange and wonderful place. But then, thoughts of her mother and sister and unfinished business intrude on her fantasy.

ALICE: I wish I could. But there are questions I have to answer.

She glances at the White Rabbit.

ALICE (continues): And things I'm late for doing.

She drinks the potion, shuddering at the taste.

MAD HATTER: You won't remember me.

ALICE: I will!

He abruptly kisses her one last time. He whispers.

MAD HATTER: Fairfarren, Alice.

ALICE: Fairfarren, Tarrant.


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